Time & Attendance for Holiday and End-of-Year Hiring

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Any time new people enter into the fold of your workflow, no matter what your professional environment is like, you typically want them to be able to jump in as seamlessly as possible. That includes your time & attendance software. Take our Time Theft Test and learn more.

Guidelines for Leveraging Collective Knowledge and Insight

Conversation Matters

Drawing out those insights requires bringing knowledge workers together in meetings that are expressly designed to take advantage of collective knowledge. Over the years, as I have designed such meetings, I have come to rely on seven principles that work together to make the most of collective knowledge in conference settings as well as in-house meetings. how others think about the issue of the meeting, and.

Points-Based Attendance Policy – how to customize for your company


Try a points-based attendance policy that allows for the occasional emergency but still keeps productivity (and your bottom line) front-and-center. How a points-based attendance policy works. Generally speaking, a points-based attendance policy works like a points-based driving system, where you receive points for each infraction. If you clock in late or leave early, you are given points depending on how late or early your time punches are.

How to Hold Productive and Enjoyable Meetings


The right words are coming more easily than usual, and you’ve almost completely lost track of time. Just as you’re approaching peak productivity, a calendar reminder blinks onto the middle of your screen: MEETING IN 5 MINUTES. Why Meetings are a Drain. They’re a waste of time.”.

Can You Bring Your Mother To a Meeting With #HR – Ask HR Bartender

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Employees often get very nervous when asked to a private meeting with human resources or their supervisor. Can you have someone sit in on a meeting between you and your supervisor? I’ve been asked the question several times.

Five Simple Rules for Making Distributed Meetings more Effective

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Most of us today spend more time in meetings with people who are somewhere else than we do with our colleagues down the hall. And while most of the “rules” for leading face-to-face meetings also apply equally well to distributed meetings, the situation is clearly different.

Should You Implement a Floating Holidays Policy?


Floating holidays are a more flexible alternative to providing employees with a standard list of company-recognized holidays on which employees have paid time off. Floating holidays allow employees to decide which days they need to take off, whether it be for an actual holiday, or simply to meet their own needs. . If you’re intrigued by the prospect of floating holidays, here are some guidelines on how to create your own policy: .

Meet Your 2019 Campus Recruiting Goals With These 10 Strategies


Here’s the latest data on which communication method each generation prefers, plus guidelines for how to use each channel effectively and build a holistic candidate engagement strategy. Here’s how to increase turnout and meet more candidates at your next career fair.

Science Reveals The Best Times To Network, Quit Your Job, And Host Meetings

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Ever considered that there is a best time to network? Thanks to best-selling author Daniel Pink’s latest release WHEN: The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing , he dissects the science behind the best time to do just about anything. Figure out what kind of meeting it is.

Shortlister Spotlight: Meet Brenda, Applicant Care Associate


Meet Brenda! She also likes to make the most use of her commute time reading articles on Medium or a book on her current reading list. As a part-time student and also working full time, it can be difficult to manage both without feeling like one end is falling off your plate.

6 Steps to Career Success During the Holidays


The holidays are a great time to reconnect with old friends and visit loved ones, and if you’re job hunting or looking to advance your career, the many parties during the season also provide an ideal stage for networking. To help your career this holiday season, follow these simple guidelines.

Meet Your 2018 Campus Recruiting Goals With These 10 Strategies


Use these guidelines to maximize hiring event success. Campus Career Fair Prep to Make the Most of Every Event : Between identifying campus events that pay off for your team, promoting attendance to the right student audience and selecting business representatives who will provide a positive candidate experience, career fairs can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned recruiting departments. Ensure your interns accept full-time offers by using these tips.

Top HCM Leaders Write, and Here’s Why


Knowing what your point is and how to best deliver it ahead of time can be a confidence booster – and confident people get noticed and recognized! How to get started, and some guidelines. Using hashtags and images: a great idea when you’re attending industry events.

Enough Already with the Strategy Launches – It’s Time for Transformative Gatherings


I recently attended an empowering evening with thought leaders in Ann Arbor called Hello Sunshine x Together Live. Specifically, she mentioned the concept of Transformative Gatherings – meetings that galvanize a team by creating moving, magical, and mind-changing experiences.

Top HCM Leaders Write, and Here’s Why


Knowing what your point is and how to best deliver it ahead of time can be a confidence booster – and confident people get noticed and recognized! How to get started, and some guidelines. Using hashtags and images: a great idea when you’re attending industry events.

5 Reasons You’re Over-Thinking Your Leadership Decisions

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How much time each week do you spend making decisions? Likely, many of the choices you make are almost automatic, requiring little thought: attend that meeting or not? Even if the choice doesn’t meet your standards, does it meet the standards of the person making the request?

What is Civic Time Off? Behind the New Fringe Benefit


However, participation in things like voting, volunteering for a candidate, attending a school board meeting, and canvassing can be tough to schedule around a full-time job, let alone the multiple jobs that many Americans have these days. One way that a variety of companies, from small businesses to behemoths like GM, create time for their employees to accomplish activities like these is by offering civic time off, or CTO for short. So, what is civic time off?

7 Steps to Completing an Effective and Strategic HR Assessment

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Looking to streamline your time and attendance process? Start on January 21, 2015, with a free interactive webcast, Beyond Time and Attendance: The Transformative Power of Workforce Management. Consider a project kick-off meeting to invite team members to buy into the initiative. Collecting the data can be the most time-consuming part of the assessment. Work with your internal teams and provide specific guidelines and deadlines based on your requirements.

Employee Performance: The 6 Influence Areas

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And we spend a lot of time talking about how to achieve higher levels of employee performance via manager one-on-one meetings, coaching sessions, and career development. Not only policies, procedures, and guidelines, but organizational structure.

50 Employee Behaviors Worth Recognizing and Rewarding


Perfect attendance or a certain % attendance goal. Attend a training session. Attend a lunch and learn. We spend a lot of our time at work, which is why it’s essential to treat our workspace with respect. Attend an exercise class.

Dear ReWorker: Can a New Manager Require Exempt Employees to Clock In?

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If employees miss time, they have to make it up. As long as they put in over 40 hours per week, the timing of their daily arrivals and departures didn't matter.

SHRM13 Why Your Talent aren't Talent - Jon Ingham's Strategic HCM

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Five Simple Goal-setting Guidelines. There were some great sessions going on, and it was wonderful to catch up with and meet lots of great HR people too, though I ended up working in my hotel room more than Id wanted. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Bio-Contact. Consulting. Speaking.

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The Department of Labor Just Announced New Protections for Parents of Special Needs Children

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The Department of Labor just released an opinion letter that says that IEP meetings are covered under FMLA and that any such meetings are protected time (as long as you otherwise meet the qualifications for FMLA). Managers are required to allow eligible employees time off (unpaid) for IEP meetings. The most important take away is that when a parent says, “I need time off for an IEP meeting,” the answer is, “I hope everything goes well.

50 Employee Behaviors Worth Recognizing and Rewarding


Perfect attendance or a certain % attendance goal. Attend a training session. Attend a lunch and learn. We spend a lot of our time at work, which is why it’s essential to treat our workspace with respect. Attend an exercise class.

New overtime law: How it works and what changes for employers


Non-exempt employees must be paid time and a half for any hours they work that exceed the standard 40-hour work week. This article is meant to provide general guidelines and should be used as a reference. Morale may also be impacted if a more regimented timing system is introduced (i.e.

Employees: You Need to Read This

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Employee handbooks are time consuming and expensive to produce. EEO policy, anti-harassment policy, PTO and attendance policy , I-9 policy, etc.). Do HR people want to spend their time creating, printing, and filing a bunch of documents?

The Reinvented Performance Appraisal Coaching

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Talent development executives have known for some time that existing appraisal systems embody the following characteristics: idiosyncratic rater effect. time-consuming. time relevant, not quarterly or full-year snapshots.

The Importance of Project Governance


Very few companies have the luxury of dedicating full time resources to HCM implementations, and many of the people playing critical roles on the project team have been seconded and asked to help out on the project while still doing their regular job. The following is a list of suggested governance guidelines that will provide an effective framework when starting out: Project scope will be watched throughout the project and any deviations will be managed via a documented change process.

21 HR Tools for Employee Engagement & Workforce Planning


Intuit QuickBooks Payroll is a full-service payroll solution that is designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses. Fast, easy payroll services save time and allow for seamless direct deposit, which employees love. Scheduling Meetings. Tracking Time and Attendance.

No ADA Violation for Ramping Up Productivity Demand for Traffic Camera Job

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But what happens when the essential functions of a job change over time, turning a formerly qualified individual with a disability into an employee who is unable to perform the essential functions of her job? Inability to Meet Standards. her violation of its attendance guidelines.

Calling in sick: What to do when employees lie


The fact is, your organization may not depend upon one employee’s day-to-day attendance. Start with your time-keeping records. Your time management report can show patterns of absenteeism or poor attendance. Does Gloria tend to take sick time on Fridays, Mondays or days surrounding holidays? But, even if it is a one-time occurrence, you still need to talk to the employee. Has Gloria exhausted all of her allotted vacation time? It’s time for a chat.

How to Learn From Experience

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Learning from experience requires setting aside time to learn, but equally important, it requires being in conversation with peers with whom learners can reflect on their own experience and contrast that with the experience of others. Think of it as gestation time.

It Just Shouldn’t Be This Difficult! – Eliminating Barriers to Recognition


— Sharing appreciation and gratitude for others should be simple to encourage frequent, timely praise and recognition. When was the last time you used a fax machine? We’ve seen systems where committees of HR and business leaders meet quarterly to choose winners for $100 awards!

How Can Your HRIS Improve Employee Wellness?

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The overall wellbeing of your employees can affect not just attendance but also productivity, morale, and retention. Many companies provide wellness incentives and guidelines to encourage their employees to engage in healthier behaviors.

2016 Unofficial HR Tech Conference Party Guide #hrtechconf


My favorite time of the year is now upon us. It’s the Annual HR Technology Conference time. I eat, attend sessions, demo products, and meet with HR folks. I’m recharged, refreshed, and just in time for dinner and the night life all over again.

The Compliance Downside of Big Data


As a result of having attended the #IBMInsight conference in Las Vegas in October I am a data convert. However, at the same time having worked in the compliance arena for as long as I have, I try to be conscious of issues that might arise as we progress in HR. Before engaging in the use of big data for selections purposes it is important to understand the guidelines. Any selection procedure, regardless of how automated, must meet the validation requirements.

6 Tips for Boosting Morale in the Workplace and Combat Employee Apathy


are streaming back into the office, slightly agitated and groggy from their time-off spent with family and friends during the holidays. Managers should fight for education and training budgets so they can send their employees to training, conferences, attend online classes and more.