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The Red Hot Market for Learning Management Systems

Josh Bersin

We just released our newest research on the corporate Learning Management Systems market and the numbers are astounding. The market is well over $2.5 Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management.

Employee-to-Employee Learning: Should We Foster More of It?


Advances in technology and changes to the ways we access and share knowledge are reshaping workplace training and development. Training magazine’s 2013 Training Industry Report shows how this reshaping is taking place: · 44% of training hours at U.S.-based

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Benefits of Skills-Centric Learning Management Systems (LMS)


Employees benefit by a skills management system because they’re provided with: • A better understanding of quality proficiency related to their jobs. • A learning and development plan that takes into account their job-based skills requirements. • A record of their learning and development achievements. Recognition of their skills and opportunities to use them in other assignments in the organization. MANAGEMENT BENEFITS. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS.

How To Create Online Training Software In A Foreign Language


It may sound cliché, but the world is moving toward a true global economy as sharing information and services gets easier with the prevalence of Internet use. Taking these steps before development begins can save time and money throughout the rest of the process.

How Online Training Can Keep Your Office Safe


In addition to ensuring employees approach their jobs with the necessary skills and job knowledge, employers also have a responsibility to keep the workplace safe for staff members and management alike. As a result, safety training can often take on a classroom or lecture format.

Are shorter attention spans hampering your best efforts In L&D?

“According to scientists, the age of smartphones has left humans with such a short attention span even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer” The Daily Telegraph, 2015. There’s been a challenge to the belief that attention spans are shortening. “I

How Can Social Learning Benefit Your Company?

HR Daily Advisor

In yesterday’s Advisor , we heard from Randy Emelo and Becky Simeon, PhD, about the movement toward social learning and how it has dramatically changed corporate learning. Today, the positive effects of social learning systems. Learn More. For the Advisor.

Encourage Employee Development Through HR Technology


The primary motivator for the emerging millennial workforce is the freedom and flexibility to not only develop their skills, but also their interests. Employers may not initially see the value in encouraging personal development in their employees. eLearning

Learning New Lessons from Your LMS


“Be open to learning new lessons, even if they contradict. the lessons you learned yesterday.” Because when a company utilizes an LMS system, it allows anyone to create, track, manage and distribute learning materials of any kind.

They like us. They really like us: SumTotal, Skillsoft and Customers Win!


As part of Skillsoft, we’ve been able to expand our shared vision to help customers cultivate high-performance cultures and meet the demands of the Learning Age. We are thrilled that industry experts and customers have recognized our ability to align technology with the most important needs driving today’s market. Skillsoft was honored as well, with a Gold award for the “ Best Use of Blended Learning ” in its work for customer Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Communications for an LMS Implementation


In the introduction to the Change Management Strategies Series I mention three major factors effecting change. These include an organized implementation plan, communication, and management buy-in. Who is responsible for steering the implementation? The Midway Point.

3 updates from readers

Ask a Manager

Shortly after the fruit fly incident, our offices were moved from the auxillary building into the main corporate building, which provided a new environment. Part of this move involved the boss losing his private office, and being partially demoted (his job duties were restructured and although he retains the title of “manager” for now, he no longer has any actual manager duties). Probably for the best.

Join Us at the TMA Employee Engagement & Retention Conference this July in Washington DC

David Zinger

The Talent Management Alliance is hosting a conference at The Venable on employee engagement and retention in Washington DC from July 21st to July 23rd 2014. Here is the direct link to the conference if you would like to go there now: entitled: What Science Says Leaders, Managers, and Employees Can Do in 7 Minutes to Fully Engage, Achieve Results and Build Relationships.

Employee Engagement: An Action Plan

Brandon Hall

Engagement is a popular topic since most business leaders recognize the value of a highly engaged workforce. But the reality, for most companies, is that engagement is complex and an employee’s perception can differ greatly from their employer’s perception.

What It Means To Be The Best LMS For User Experience

According to e-Learning Industry, Looop is currently the world’s best LMS for user experience. But what does this mean and why is user experience such an important consideration when buying a Learning Management System? The term user experience comes from Software Development and has infiltrated everyday language as more and more people wrestle with ‘digital’ in the context of 21st century business. Learning for the sake of learning is a luxury, for most.

Training Scheduling Software: Key Features & Benefits to Improve Your Training Operations

Training Orchestra

Training Scheduling Software, also known as a Training Scheduling System or Training Management System has quickly become a primary component in the learning technology ecosystem. That’s a significant investment for any training organization.

How to Engage and Retain New College Grads


If you’re in the throes of onboarding new college grad employees, congratulations! You already know that, for the vast majority of new grads, there will be a skills gap between company expectations and university curricula. Where are the gaps? Track the learning.

3 Tips to Help Employees Prepare for Conversations About Their Performance

HR Daily Advisor

As an HR professional, you know that a conversation about performance provides an equal opportunity for managers and employees to talk about what’s going well, what needs to improve, and how things are going in general. After all, the process is just as important as the result.

Training and Development Survey Results—How Are You Preparing Your Workforce for Success?

HR Daily Advisor

A great many employees indicate that professional development is a key to retention—so it’s important to know what’s happening in the real world! The results of our Training and Development Survey are in. of the response pool). Here are the detailed results.

Investment in Employee Development: 5 Reasons Why It’s a A Whip Smart Business Decision


We all like the sweet smell of business functions performing optimally at their 100%, right? But then, even with the best resources, and top technologies & techniques, it’s almost impossible to near 100% efficiency. Employee training & development.

Technology as Enabler of 2016 HR Trends: Personalized Learning and Transparency


Recently, I published an article on some of the major disruptions happening in the workplace and the role that technology has played (is playing) in enabling or inspiring innovative HR programs. Personalized learning and development. Transparency as the New Norm.

Cutting through the noise: CLOs make sense of constant disruption

HR Times

It’s overwhelming at times…shifting career patterns, scalable learning, digital learning platforms and the legacy learning management system (LMS), rapidly evolving employee expectations, regulatory demands. Achieving scalable learning. Posted by Amy A.

Blackbaud's Journey to Build an Effective HR Data Management Plan

Cornerstone On Demand

An Economist Intelligence Unit found 82 percent of organizations planned to either begin or increase their use of big data in HR before the end of 2018. For example, Infinger's team was was responsible for providing training and certification to customers for all of Blackbauds products.

Data 221

Technology As Enabler Of 2016 HR Trends: Personalized Learning And Transparency

SAP Innovation

Recently I published an article on some of the major disruptions happening in the workplace and the role that technology has played (and is playing) in enabling or inspiring innovative HR programs. This article serves as an extension (or part 2) to that piece: Technology: The Enabling Force Awakening HR as a Strategic Partner In 2016. Continuous feedback is feedback given to an employee by his/her manager (or peers) on their performance on a regular and frequent basis.

5 Resources That Will Take Your Employee Engagement to the Next Level


Employee turnover is costly—human resources departments and the companies they serve know this. Yet, seeing the estimated number really makes the problem hit home. According to the Work Institute , turnover costs American companies $325 billion annually.

Reassessing Your Technology Needs for Tomorrow’s Organization


A New Year calls for many changes in our lives, and if you’re like me, one change that’s at the top of your list is reorganizing your closet. You want something that your company will utilize, but one that will also complement the other systems within your current technology landscape.

System 256

The Rise of the People Strategy Platform


“Now, more than ever, the corporate strategy for large companies hinges on the people strategy.”. This was a key takeaway from a summit of HR leaders and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) experts, who met to discuss the future of HR and the trends shaping it.

Is There Really a Skills Gap?


A prosperous future for the world’s economy rests on the foundations we lay through our education and skills system, so it comes as sorry news to hear complaints we’re facing a skills shortage, or ‘skills gap’. Where is the skills gap? The post Is There Really a Skills Gap?

Competency analytics

Analytics in HR

Who wouldn’t want all the competencies in the world? A top computer programmer works 10x faster and better than a second rate programmer [1] ; a great primary school teacher can transform a child’s experience of learning. Challenge 3: getting the right people in the right place.

Technology is a Must-Have for Modern Onboarding

Rallyware for Human Resources

Software Gamification for Onboarding and Training. The era of globalization changes the face of businesses throughout the world. But now that our employees are scattered around the globe, new problems appear. A sink-or-swim approach is a thing of the past.

5 Reasons Your Employees Leave (And 1 Big Reason They Stay)


Is it because they don’t have the chance to grow? Many of the statistics cited in this article will disagree on what the biggest reason is (since survey responses change depending on where, when, and how a survey is applied).

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #245: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

John and Stacey discuss Stacey’s work on her upcoming book on the HR Tech Environment. Paycom Announces Further Enhancements to Learning Management Software Link ». The Jobs of Tomorrow: LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report Link ». The book?

5 Reasons Your Employees Leave (And 1 Big Reason They Stay)

SAP Innovation

Is it because they don’t have the chance to grow? Many of the statistics cited in this article will disagree on what the biggest reason is (since survey responses change depending on where, when, and how a survey is applied).

Paycor Expands Leadership Team to Provide Customers with the Industry’s Best HR Technology


CINCINNATI, March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Human Capital Management company Paycor today announced it is expanding its seasoned executive team with the appointments of a Chief Product Officer and a Chief Technology Officer. Previously, Bergstrom spent seven years at Ultimate Software, where he most recently held the role of Vice President of Product Management after serving in several manager and director roles. Join the Conversation.