International Women’s Day: Addressing Gender Pay Equity

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Yet, despite political attention and federal regulations—the Equal Pay Act was established in 1963 !—there I’m a strong believer in Equal Pay for Equal Work – no one should be paid any more or less based on their identity; they should be paid by their contribution and skills.”.

The Internal Mobility Metrics You Should Be Tracking (HR Zone)

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SEE ALSO: The perfect strategy guide for internal mobility in 2020 In order to improve internal mobility, HR professionals need the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of their programmes.

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Gender inclusion in the workplace: Going beyond diversity


Diversity vs. Inclusion: why they’re not the same. It’s not by chance that when we talk about diverse teams and diverse workplaces, we, ultimately, mention diversity and inclusion (D&I). Let’s face facts: diversity is at first glance more easily measurable.

4 Steps to Embed Diversity & Inclusion Into Your Organization


In the last few years, the HR world has seen a shift in perspective when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Creating a More Diverse & Inclusive Workspace. While often pushed together, diversity and inclusion refer to two different things.

What Makes a Workplace Diversity Program Successful?

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Facebook publishes an annual diversity report —a way to catalog the efforts the company is making toward diversifying its staff, and to report on its progress. Diversity initiatives are policies and practices designed to improve the workplace experiences and outcomes of target group members.

Using adaptable organization network analysis to reveal patterns that drive inclusion

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Posted by Tiffany McDowell , Maya Bodan , India Mullady , and Devon Dickau on April 21, 2020 Amid efforts to emphasize inclusion in addition to diversity, many corporations have struggled to accurately track and measure the sometimes-ambiguous concept of “inclusion.”

2020 and Beyond

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The new generation wants to be part of a company with a mission that they find personally meaningful, and they want to be able to contribute to that mission while developing their own skills in a positive, diverse, and supportive environment, Jordan says. Do you have diversity?

As CEO Statesmen Gather in 2020

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Earlier this month, JUST Capital released a list of 180 companies that prioritize fair pay, equal treatment, strong communities, and a healthy planet in order to inspire other leaders and support more inclusive metrics for success. Nearly half a century ago, in 1971, corporate leaders came together at the first World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss a revolutionary concept.

2020 and Beyond

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The new generation wants to be part of a company with a mission that they find personally meaningful, and they want to be able to contribute to that mission while developing their own skills in a positive, diverse, and supportive environment, Jordan says. Do you have diversity?

High-volume hiring: How you can make it work


A bonus: diversifying the job boards you’re posting to also leads to a more diverse range of candidates. But if you follow the ideal candidate profile method mentioned above, you might trip over your unconscious biases and miss out on great candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


Minimum Wage By State And 2020 Increases. What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace? Diversity Insight. HR Metrics: How and Why to Calculate Employee Turnover Rate? Diversity. Diversity and Inclusion. The Best Jobs of 2020. Diversity.

Top 10 HR Trends to Watch in 2020.


This can be achieved by defining relative metrics like resignation rates, and compare it with performance or appraisals Evaluate the correctness of the raw data so that the implementation of suitable data metrics will furnish proper analysis. Select the Right Metrics.

8 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in the Workplace


Woodson believed deeply that equality was only possible with the acknowledgement and understanding of a race’s history, and dedicated his life to the study of African-American historical research. This attitude persists despite the efforts of diversity initiatives.

Let’s get real about unconscious bias

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But not all unconscious bias training programs are created equal. Do not select someone simply because they took a course on diversity, see this topic as “their passion” or have personally experienced bias. All of these metrics are directly related to the company’s competitiveness.

How to avoid communication breakdowns with Dr. Leeno Karumanchery


Culture, Comms & Cocktails · Episode #32 - Leeno Karumanchery, MESH/Diversity. On this episode of Culture, Comms, & Cocktails, we have Dr. Leeno Karumanchery, Chief Diversity Officer at MESH/Diversity. They’re not all created equal.

McQuaig's Top 5 Trending Topics Of 2019


2020 marks the start of a new decade, not just a new year, and before we dive into the HR and talent topics of the future, let’s take a moment to look back at the past. 2: Diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords. 5: 5 employer brand metrics you should be tracking.

10 Features to Look for in Corporate Training Solutions

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It has grown into an all-in-one tool where companies can monitor the growth of their employees, employees can track their own metrics and learn at the same time. Images, videos and audio files are equally important to keep the training module engaging and diverse.

Gender Fluidity and HR: Moving Beyond M/F Labeling (i4cp login required)


Is HR adjusting by expanding beyond the typical M/F labels in policies, practices, and metrics? The colleague’s approach comes off equal parts condescending, judgmental, and nervously leery.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #257: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

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Air Date: March 12, 2020. Mercer’s When Women Thrive 2020 Global Report Link ». And this just goes to say that good business metrics have to be followed and when they are numbers start to drop right.

6 Best Steps to Prepare Employee Development Plan


Modern approaches are made use by the HR department Company dynamics, metrics, standards, job demands communication, legality related issues and other sensitive topics are conveyed. Employees make up a company’s workforce.

Most Important Developments for 2/21


As discussed in, “Early careers recruitment: What are the opportunities from digitalization, STEM and Diversity & Inclusion?” But businesses cannot simply insert a woman into a board of directors and claim to stand for gender equality and diversity.

6 Areas Where People Analytics Can Help HR Get Ahead

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According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Global Talent Trends paper, 55% of talent professionals say they still need help putting basic people analytics into practice. Recruitment functions can use analytics tools to assess the effectiveness of their current processes against specific metrics.

13 HR Conferences to check out in Q1 2020


We wanted to run through 10 great HR conferences in Q1 of next year that you’ll want to put on the calendar (and start convincing your boss to allocate $$$ to): HCI 2020 People Analytics & Workforce Planning Conference. When : March 23 – 25, 2020. HR West 2020.

An In-Depth Look at HR’s Role in Employee Engagement


The Power of Equality: How to Empower Your Employees and Drive Impact. This article by Tony Prophet, Chief Equality Officer at Salesforce, and Nellie Borrero, Global Inclusion and Diversity Managing Director at Accenture, shares research-backed information about keeping employees happy.

The Future of Healthcare With Dr. Paul J. Chung of the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine

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How we define health and the metrics that we choose to measure it are decided upon, formally and informally, by the stakeholders who get to sit at the table. Make necessary care for simple-to-complicated, mild-to-moderate health problems equally available to all.

When Men Schmooze, Women Lose — How Male Bonding Tilts the Playing Field and Hurts Business

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IBM also studied companies that have been proactive about moving toward gender equality in leadership and found that a critical step in that effort was using the same metrics when evaluating the performance of men and women and applying them equitably.

Women-Centric HR Policies Pay Dividends for Companies

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Gender equality in the workplace is a hard and ongoing battle. Workplace diversity is one of the main challenges for Human Resources. With the changing socio-political climate, it has become mandatory for organizations to offer equal opportunities to all.

A Discussion with Melbourne, Australia’s, Thomas Leen: “Building Trust is the Foundation to a Healthy Work Environment”

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Right size, Trust, Diversity and Cultural awareness are some of the key factors. Research out there shows that a diverse team is more productive. People tend to associate diversity with gender, but there is more to diversity than just gender.

The Future of Healthcare With Dr. Sanjiv Lakhanpal, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Center for Vein Restoration

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In the years since, I have been able to collaborate with a diverse group of world-renowned physicians, researchers, educationalists and other clinical providers. As a part of my interview series with leaders in healthcare, I had the pleasure to interview Sanjiv Lakhanpal, MD, FACS.

Have We Finally Outgrown HR?

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The discussion spanned career paths, the future of work, diversity and inclusion, and a host of other topics germane to leading people teams in today’s world of work. The scope of responsibility was rarely given the respect equal to its importance in building a successful organization.

4 Weeks To Davos: The Trillion-Dollar Cost Of Illiteracy

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On its site, UNICEF says, “When all children have access to a quality education rooted in human rights and gender equality, it creates a ripple effect of opportunity that influences generations to come. It is expected that 112 million workers will enter Africa’s labor force by 2020.

From Employment Opportunity to Employment Value

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They do so in at least four ways: Inclusion and Diversity. Inclusion and Diversity. To execute effectively on a diversity and inclusion strategy, the best organizations focus on the workplace, the workforce, the community, and the marketplace.

Global 100 Organizations: Setting The Gold Standard for Sustainability


Toronto-Based clean energy magazine, Corporate Knights just released their 2017 Annual Global 100, which identifies companies that have scored exceptionally well based on specific sustainability and diversity KPIs.

The Importance of Creating a Gender Inclusive Workforce


By many metrics, this is still an ongoing struggle - by recent studies, women still only hold around 21% of executive roles. Let’s take a step back for a minute and remind ourselves why the evolution of a diverse workforce is imperative to a business thriving.

45 HR Trends and Predictions to Watch Out For in 2019


This prediction is based on the renewed focus on diversity in the workplace. Diverse organizations work better. Less is equal to more. Big is equal to beautiful. By 2020, segmentation by skill set will triple in organizations.