[Infographic] Skills of the Future: 10 Skills You’ll Need to Thrive in 2020

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The post [Infographic] Skills of the Future: 10 Skills You’ll Need to Thrive in 2020 appeared first on Hppy. Technology may be the leading driver for innovation today, but many professionals think people still mean everything to a successful business.

Webinar: Motivating the Workforce of 2020

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By 2020, for the first time in history, five generations will be working side-by-side toward shared goals. How can leaders devise strategies today to adapt to the diverse needs of the workforce of 2020? CST for a live one-hour webinar , where we will discuss: Unique motivations and characteristics of the five working generations of 2020. In the meantime, download the corresponding white paper: “ Motivating the Workforce of 2020.”.

Leaders 2020: Next-Generation Executives And Winning Digital Organizations


To read more about the Leaders 2020 study, click here. Employee Engagement Future of Work Human Resources Leadership Lines of Business decision making digital business digital transformation diversity Leaders 2020In the digital economy, the imperative to change along with continuous innovation, rapid decision-making, and continuous changes in a global marketplace is setting new expectations for both organizations and individual leaders.

What will society believe about talent in 2020?

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What will society believe about talent in 2020 Talent.


Future Friday: The Independent Contractor will NOT rule by 2020

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As we get into 2016, and 2020 is a mere four years away, the likelihood of there being a major shift in the direction of a high percentage of independent contractors seems less likely to me. Unfortunately at this time I don’t see this change occurring by 2020 or 2025 or even 2030.

The 2020 Workforce: Misconceptions Between Management and Employees

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Oxford Economics and SAP recently released the report “ Workforce 2020: The Looming Talent Crisis ” aimed at understanding the opportunities and challenges of the evolving workforce.

HR Roundtable: What Will HR Look Like In 2020?

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Editor’s Note: It’s an annual tradition for TLNT to count down the most popular posts of the year. This is No. 30 of 2015. Our regular content will return on Jan. 4, 2016. Happy Holidays! . Best Practices HR Insights HR Management HR Trends Uncategorized Best of TLNT Featured

HR Roundtable: What Will HR Look Like in 2020?

TLNT: The Business of HR

The attendees gathered to discuss a very forward-looking topic – What will HR look like in 2020 ? We took a different route for the June HR Roundtable in Cincinnati by trying to be prognosticators!

Think We Have Skills Shortages Now? Just Wait Until We Get to 2020

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Skills shortages in 2020 will rise to an entirely new level. Editor’s Note: Readers sometimes ask about past TLNT articles, so every Friday we republish a Classic TLNT post. And I’m not talking about STEM skills , although they’re critical.

Top 5 skills that will be in high demand through 2020


Earlier this year, The World Economic Forum released its Future of Jobs Report, which revealed some of the top skills that will be in high-demand by 2020. Human resource professionals are charged with ensuring their company’s talent meets the needs of the organization.

Can We Predict HR Trends Happening in 2020?

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If We Ask the Right Questions We Can The "Uberization of work" is coming. That''s the latest work world prediction. As with years past, the transition between 2014 and 2015 has been marked by a barrage of assessments about HR''s past performance and a flurry of predictions about the future of work. According to my newsfeeds: Blogs

5 Ways To Determine If You'll Be Leading an HR Function in 2020.

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Here's five things to look inward at and determine if you've got what it takes to lead an HR team and be a viable partner to the business leaders who will hire you in 2020. The world is changing, and the people paying the bills want different things from HR. Remember, I'm talking about leading HR, not participating in running it: 1. You've got a mack daddy processor upstairs. Meaning you can take large amounts of information in and make quick, accurate decisions. Not IQ.

Workforce 2020 Study: Latin American Companies At Risk

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Human Resources #Forbes future of business Future of Work Latin America workforce 2020Regardless of how successful companies in Latin America are today, research shows many may be unprepared to meet the challenges of the future workforce.

These Tech Trends Will Transform Work by 2020

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This year will go down in history — but it may be nothing compared to the next four. Before the next race for the White House, we're poised to witness a big jump in technological advancement: the widespread rise of social media, artificial intelligence, an extreme increase in devices and sensors, advanced digital avatars and more.

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The Cadillac Tax Delayed Until 2020, Maybe Beyond


The move shifts the effective date of the tax from January 1, 2018 to 2020 and marks one of the most significant changes to the Affordable Care Act since its passing in 2010. Those numbers are likely to be adjusted for inflation closer to 2020. The Cadillac tax’s delay gives employers a momentary breather and time to plan their 2020 benefits offerings. Last month, Washington presented employers with a welcome surprise—a delay of the oft-maligned Cadillac tax.

Officially Announcing My Candidacy for the 2020 Presidential Election #ACatInEveryPot

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Apparently, we will now campaign for four years to become the President of the United States for four years. Makes sense. I like the Canadian system of campaigning way better than what we have here! 90 days or less and we’re done! Doesn’t that sound like a smart law? Until then, I’ll have to live with what we have. So, since I’m a U.S.

HR 2020 Transformation: Interview with #SHRM16 Speaker Scott Hamilton

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In January I participated in the first DisruptHR Orange County event. If you aren’t familiar with DisruptHR, it is a Ted-esque style event with speakers in the HR/Recruiting world speaking for five minutes with 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds.

Are You Prepared for the 2020 Workforce?

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webinar: 69% of Leaders are “very prepared” to meet the changing demands of the 2020 workforce – 93% of Laggards say they are not prepared. Culture and engagement have never been more prevalent.

Reverse Mentoring: Everyone’s A (Digital) Winner


In the “ Leaders 2020 ” study, Oxford Economics surveyed more than 2,050 executives and 2,050 non-executive employees in 21 countries across multiple industries during the second quarter of 2016.

The Talent Development Mandate: How Digital Leaders Succeed


According to Leaders 2020 , a recent study conducted by Oxford Economics and sponsored by SAP, the majority of leaders around the globe are not developing talent because of lack of training and lack of contact. Learn more insights from the Leaders 2020 study by Oxford Economics and SAP.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Future Of The Agile Workforce


And it pays to be a digital leader, as we learned in the recent Leaders 2020 research conducted by Oxford Economics and supported by SAP. What if I told you that your employees don’t think you’re very smart?

David Zinger talks about Employee Engagement with the Engagement Zone

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EZ: Where is employee engagement headed as we move towards 2020? Employee Engagement David Zinger David Zinger employee engagement educator employee engagement 2020 employee engagement interview Engagement Zone future of employee engagement speaker

#SAPRadio: A Wild Ride For Finance? The Experts Look Toward 2020

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David: It’s incredibly liberating to be a finance professional in 2020. This excerpt from “Coffee Break with Game-Changers: Finance 2020 – Life or Death by Digital” on the Voice America talk radio network was adapted for the Digitalist Magazine. Read Part 1: Will Digital Transformation Kill Finance? , Part 2: Role Of The CFO – Scorekeeper or Coach? , Part 3, Can You Look Ahead at the CFO’s Job Description in 2020? Last in a series.

Why Technology Alone Will Not Solve Poor Collaboration


According to the Oxford Economics study, “ Leaders 2020: The Next-Generation Executive ,” sponsored by SAP, approximately half of workers believe mid-management (48%) and senior management (58%) are proficiently facilitating internal collaboration.

How to attract millennials to your workplace


By 2020, Millennials will make up 50 percent of the workforce as baby boomers continue to retire. Is your business ready for the boom of mobile use by 2020? • Have a social media presence.

Embrace Digital Transformation With Change


According to Oxford Economics’ Workforce 2020 research sponsored by SAP, the labor supply is becoming globalized. In 2020, 40% of the global workforce is expected to be freelance. In 2020, there will be five generations working together.

Building authentic leaders in the workplace


Last month we discussed how finding superstar talent within your organization could help you prepare for the workplace in 2020. Today we are sharing tips on how to build authentic leaders for your organization.

#SAPRadio: Can You Look Ahead To The CFO’s Job Description In 2020?

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Bonnie : How will the job description of CFOs change in the future, say in 2020? This excerpt from “Coffee Break with Game-Changers: Finance 2020 – Life or Death by Digital” on the Voice America talk radio network was adapted for the Digitalist Magazine. Part 3 in a series. Technology is putting tremendous pressure on finance to operate in real time. As a result, the way finance has always been done may well become obsolete.

How to Engage and Retain Your Millennial Workers

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In 2020, that number will hit 50%. Millennials make up 35% of the work force. Engagement Retention & Engagement Talent Management millennials

Census Bureau Releases Updates on Race Categories for 2020 Census


As previously reported , the Census Bureau was considering adding a new race category of Middle Eastern or North African to the 2020 census form. Currently, individuals with ethnic origins in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa are classified as White in the census data.

New Study: 5 Ways High-Performing Companies Manage People

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The new findings are from the “Workforce 2020” survey of over 2,700 executives from 27 countries worldwide, which I’ve written about before. Human Resources #Forbes business performance future of business Future of Work leadership workforce 2020

Study 21

[Infographic] The Role of a CHRO in 2020: The Future of HR

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As everyone in the industry knows, the look and function of Human Resources is changing drastically – and the leader of an HR department, typically the CHRO, is leading this charge into the future. Big data, people analytics, and local employee performance are just some of the changes in store for the future of HR

HR – Are you Really Ready for Five Generations in Your Workplace?


Thought Leadership Mike Ettling Multi generational workforce Oxford Economics Workforce 2020By Mike Ettling, President of the HR Line of Business at SAP. Originally posted on SAP Community Network) It’s graduation time, and with it comes this reality — this year the first of the post-Millennial generation – the iGeneration — are off to college. Which means more of us are soon to experience five generations […].

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Human Capital Management: 3 Simple Solutions

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According to the SAP/Oxford Economics Research Workforce 2020 study , there are a number of critical gaps in corporate infrastructures that need to be addressed immediately. Human Resources employee engagement employee retention future of business Future of Work workforce 2020

Overcome the Millennial Challenge: How to Adapt Employee Feedback to a New Generation


Millennial employees will be nearly half the workforce by 2020, meaning businesses need to change how they listen and act on feedback to retain them

It’s Almost 2020 and Companies Still Don’t Care About Diversity


Remember all those articles you read five years ago about diversity being a pivotal focus of the 2020 workplace? How is it that we are almost to 2020 and still don’t recognize that training creates awareness, not change.

Workforce 2020: How Ready Are You?


Workforce of the Future 2020 Workforce Forbes Mike Ettling Oxford Economics


5 Ways to Cultivate Your Work Culture & Engage Your Employees

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By 2020, Millennials will form 50% of the global workforce. Creating an amazing work culture that clearly shows who you are as a company all starts with leadership. When leaders create a work culture that matches what they envision, it starts to become part of the company DNA.

Overcome the Millennial Challenge: How to Adapt Employee Feedback to a New Generation


Millennial employees will be nearly half the workforce by 2020, meaning businesses need to change how they listen and act on feedback to retain them

Did you miss our 2020 Career Predictions with Josh Bersin?


Don’t worry if you missed it, The post Did you miss our 2020 Career Predictions with Josh Bersin? Did you catch our biggest webcast of the year so far featuring Bersin by Deloitte’s Josh Bersin and Dani Johnson, and Fuel50’s Anne Fulton? appeared first on Fuel50. CareerLabs anne fulton bersin by deloitte career predictions dani johnson josh bersin mike martin webinar