Lessons from Canada’s Equal Pay Act


A nationally led, proactive strategy changes that conversation and creates a common pathway to closing the gender wage gap. . The post Lessons from Canada’s Equal Pay Act first appeared on Trusaic. 3 minute read .

Australia Enacts Gender Equality Bill


The Australian state of Victoria, which includes the City of Melbourne, recently signed and enacted their first ever Gender Equality Bill. Covered employers must develop and implement “Gender Equality Action Plans” every four years.


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A Pay Equity Strategy Should Start at Home: Recommendations for Sharing Equal Work


A new article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “ Gender Equality Starts in the Home ” is a reminder that many of the household labor and childcare disparities observed by Hochschild still exist. Pay equity, diversity and inclusion Arlie Hochschild Covid-19 COVID-19 Pandemic David G.

How Serious are OFCCP Equal Pay Penalties? Very.


The Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) just won a significant equal pay victory against WMS Solutions, LLC, a staffing company focusing on asbestos abatement. Such an audit is an essential part of a cohesive pay equity strategy.

Swiss Require Equal Pay Audits with Third Party Verification


Starting July 1, 2020, the Swiss government offers a free analytical tool—“ Logib ”—that affected companies can use to conduct the audit. Depending on the results of the equal pay audit verification, Swiss businesses may avoid having to conduct the audit multiple times.

Has 50 Years of Equal Pay Legislation Done Enough to Level the Playing Field? Not Even Close.


Passed just over fifty years ago, and in effect forty-five years ago, the UK’s Equal Pay Act 1970 established the principle of equal pay for “equal work”. On one hand, the Equal Pay Act 1970 formed the cornerstone of a cutting-edge pay equity reporting regime.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Begins and Ends With Data


A recent discussion hosted by the law firm Baker Mackenzie provides employers with some critical insights concerning data collection, privacy, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. 2 minute read .

Massachusetts Gender & Racial Wage Gap Persists, Despite the Equal Pay Act


The most populous state in New England, and the home of the diverse metropolitan city of Boston, seemed poised to take a leadership role with the 2016 passage of The Massachusetts Equal Pay Act ( MEPA ). 3 minute read .

The Right And Wrong Measures Of Diversity and Inclusion


This is achieved through what’s known as “diversity and inclusion initiatives,” which involve strategizing and re-structuring a company’s mission to allow for more diversity in the workplace from top to bottom. Next, create a well-rounded strategy.

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Building Workforce Diversity

TalentCulture - Recruiting

The evidence overwhelmingly supports the business case for workforce diversity. So why are companies still failing to achieve their diversity goals? Diversity has become a higher priority on the corporate […].

Ninth Circuit Rules in Favor of Oregon Professor Equal Pay Claim


Equal pay litigation is continuing to surface as more legislation comes forth requiring pay transparency from employers. In May 2020, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard an oral argument on the issue of whether Freyd was underpaid relative to her male colleagues.

A Diversity Boost

HRO Today

In today’s increasingly diverse world, the case for corporate D&I initiatives that deliver real progress is stronger than ever. If it’s not real, it won’t feel authentic to your candidates and your employees, no matter how well you source diverse talent,” he explains.

A Quick Look Back: TalentCulture’s Top 5 Posts of 2020

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Time to look back on TalentCulture’s Top 5 posts of 2020! Not surprisingly, many of our most-read posts of 2020 were influenced by the […]. The post A Quick Look Back: TalentCulture’s Top 5 Posts of 2020 appeared first on TalentCulture.

New Jersey State Agency Encourages Pay Equity Audits


Allen Equal Pay Act (the “Allen Act”). The Allen Act represents a high watermark for state equal pay legislation. not in court or arbitration), the state is saying that it will not treat the decision to conduct an equal pay audit as an admission of an equal pay violation.

How to Transform your Diversity Recruitment Strategy


As migration and commute become more accessible, diversity is slowly coming to the forefront of corporate discussion as a major problem for many industries. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as diversity issues crop up in a variety of ways, including reliance on nepotism.

A Modern-Day Book Burning: Why Is Diversity Training So Controversial?

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It’s an understatement to say the past several months have been a troubling time for those of us committed to racial equity and broader diversity, inclusion, and belonging. The post A Modern-Day Book Burning: Why Is Diversity Training So Controversial?

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Benefits and Challenges

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The positive impact of diversity and inclusion is no longer debatable. According to Deloitte, diverse companies enjoy 2.3 Gartner found that inclusive teams improve team performance by up to 30 percent in high-diversity environments. What is diversity and inclusion?

2020 D&I Trends to Watch Out For

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Diversity initiatives are crucial for finding and supporting top talent from all backgrounds and abilities. Having a diverse team can propel a company’s performance and foster creativity and innovation. To put it simply: building diverse teams matters.

Pay Black Women What They Deserve: Equal Pay Day 2020

Thrive Global

August 13th was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, a designation focused on raising awareness of the severe pay gap between Black women and their white male counterparts. The date of August 13th, 2020 is symbolic, representing on average how much longer it would take a Black woman to earn the same amount that her white male counterpart made in the previous year. Despite the nation’s intense focus on equity, Black Women’s Equal Pay Day 2020 received very little attention this year.

Diversity Sourcing Strategy: 3 Tactics of Highly Diverse Companies


In my last blog, I wrote about the importance of diversity and inclusion, the relationship between diversity and business performance , and some best practices for implementing the two in your company. And while the evidence for diversity improving business performance is clear. The question remains – how do I source and recruit diversity? Understanding diversity’s importance is one thing but implementing it into your company culture is a lot more challenging.

More Governments are Encouraging Pay Equity Through Transparency


Allen Equal Pay Act is currently in force and requires employers with public contracts to submit pay data reports to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Additionally, Puerto Rico’s Equal Pay Act Regulations take effect on March 14, 2020.

Pay Equity Laws Abroad are Rapidly Evolving. U.S. Employers Should Take Note


In Spai n , effective 2019, employers with 50 or more employees must develop and release equality plans which track compensation metrics by gender. In March, Trusaic discussed the Australian state of Victoria’s new gender equality bil l.

EEOC Issues FY 2020 Enforcement Data, Component 2 Looms


With FY 2021 approaching quickly, we thought it would be best to reflect on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) discrimination allegations data for FY 2020 to gauge where the agency will be focusing its efforts. Pay equity, diversity and inclusion

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Expand Gender Board Law to Underrepresented Groups


On September 30, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that sought to reshape corporate boards in California by mandating gender diversity. The expanded board diversity law will levy similar six-figure penalties on organizations that fail to comply.

Groups 130

International Women’s Day: Addressing Gender Pay Equity

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Yet, despite political attention and federal regulations—the Equal Pay Act was established in 1963 !—there Next week, we’ll suggest actionable strategies leaders and organizations can employ, from policies to technology and legal assistance.

2021 Employer Branding Strategy

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That said, employer brand strategy has experienced some monumental shifts in the last few months, and become more recognized as a core component of workplace effectiveness. Employer Brand will need to better align with and amplify DE&I and CSR strategy.

One-way video interview biases: potential risks for diversity


So, as any other recruiting solution that you use to improve diversity in your business, if you don’t use video interviews the right way, there will still be some stumbling blocks. What is your biggest achievement in content marketing strategy?

How to Improve Your Diversity Recruitment Strategy

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Today, with all the equality movements and the support that’s going to different minority groups, it’s hard to imagine that any company would allow itself not to make the workplace more diverse and inclusive and continue discriminating against certain genders and nationalities.

World Cup Champions U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Fights for Pay Equity


As issues of gender and racial inequality took center stage in 2020, leaders in leagues such as the NFL, NBA, and NWSL made headlines for their stances in support of movements pushing for a more just and equitable society. 3 minute read .

Top 15 Employee Engagement Strategies for 2020


Which needs Employee Engagement Strategies. Now while discussing the Employee Engagement Strategies, let us understand the 3C components that establish its need. But, to achieve this, the engagement efforts need to be aligned with your overall business strategy and vision. Lack of proper strategy will not bring the desired result. There is no one size fit all strategy but a combination of initiatives that you have to customize as per your organization structure.

LGBT Rights Decision: What it Means and What to Do


It was a momentous and watershed moment in the history of the Supreme Court of the United States when the opinion was announced on June 15, 2020 that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBT employees from sex-based discrimination. Pay equity, diversity and inclusion Bostock v.

Workplace diversity: Is HR doing enough?


While 2020 shed light on many of the challenges facing HR leaders, nothing was more clear in the last day of the Spring HR Technology Conference & Exposition than the fact that one of HR’s biggest obstacles will be tackling inequity. Create a database of diverse talent.

4 Ways to Practice Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your Workplace

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Diversity and inclusion have been growing priorities in HR, with more companies striving to create a fairer workplace. D&I, which emphasizes hiring and fostering diverse talent, has been a common focus to hire and retain employees from diverse backgrounds.

5 Excellent Tips For Managing Workplace Diversity

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Workplace diversity and inclusion is a fundamental topic in business circles. First and foremost, it’s necessary to understand what workplace diversity is. Employees in a company may be diverse, but not included in office processes. Begin by recruiting to promote diversity.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


November 17 , 2020. The need for companies to solidify their strategy and action to support diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is greater now more than ever. Hear from our Diversity Council. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mission Statement.