Certified Nurses Are In Demand


This day celebrates the educational and professional accomplishments of nurses who have earned certifications in their specialties. These dedicated nurses contribute to patient care and wellness in many ways, and their certification shows their advanced knowledge and skills.

Oracle Joins Industry Leaders in Blockchain for HR Initiative

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

trillion in business value by 2030, blockchain has the opportunity to transform nearly every industry—and HR is no exception. Having one single source of truth for career credentials and skills certification will help drive HR and the future of work into a new frontier.

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Blockchain’s role in the future of HR

LACE Partners

trillion by 2030. The employee profile could be associated with the Smart Contract and be stored in the Blockchain, allowing for more rapid background checks, onboarding, and certification compliance in addition to payments.

Labor Laws in Qatar

Global People Strategist

No more No-Objection Certificate (NOC) needed from one’s previous employer. The best part about the new reforms is that employees do not need a No-Objection Certificate any longer.

The Changing Face of Medical Staff Services


As the industry changes, certification is going to become the norm, not the exception,” says Judy Gaman , CEO at Executive Medicine of Texas. Primary care shortages are projected to be upwards of 33,000 caregivers and doctors by 2030,” says Dan Pelino , co-founder and President of Everyone Matters and author of “ Trusted Healers.” The Changing Face of Medical Staff Services Nov. 19, 2019. Dionne Austin Director of Credentialing Programs.

3 Home Health Care Agencies with Top-Notch Employee Training Programs


Because of this, few job seekers are interested in pursuing home health care roles and as a result, the industry is projected to see a shortage of 151,000 paid care workers by 2030. All caregivers have the opportunity to participate Senior Helper University, an ongoing learning program and receive credits toward official Senior Helpers Certification. And Comfort Keepers’ continuing education program enables employees to earn more than 70 professional certifications.

How to Build a Future-Ready HR Leadership Development Program

Digital HR Tech

Workforce of the Future – The Competing Forces Shaping 2030. In this report, PwC takes a futuristic look at four potential worlds that may exist in 2030. Companies Care in the Green World of 2030 – The CEO drives the people strategy for the organization.

L&D Leaders Weigh in on the Current State of Workforce Reskilling and Upskilling

Rallyware for Human Resources

million in 2030. million in 2020 to 3 million in 2030. In today’s world of work, there is a need for reskilling and upskilling at scale, and major companies such as Verizon, Accenture, PwC, and Amazon are investing heavily in employee learning and development.

Blockchain Poised to Improve Future HR Operations

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

Not to mention that employees today are constantly learning new skills and competencies — and not every single one translates specifically to a certificate or degree. By 2030, 30% of commercial activities will be supported by blockchain.

Breaking Down Blockchain: Where Does HR Go From Here?

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

In the case of learning, for example, that value exchange refers to course credits, skills, certifications—anything that equates to knowledge gained.

Reskilling, Upskilling, and New Skilling: What’s the Difference? Why Does It Matter?


It’s a retraining effort that may include earning a new degree or certification to complement a company’s corporate learning and mentoring programs. A 2018 study by Dell Technologies predicted that 85 percent of jobs in 2030 don’t yet exist.

Workhuman Introduces a Charter of Workplace Rights; Urges Organizations to Advance Toward More Just, Inclusive, and Innovative Human Workplaces


We have also committed by 2030 to have net zero CO2 emissions and we want to operate in a net-zero CO2 supply chain by 2050. The certification helps companies stand out among their competition as an Employer of Choice who attracts, retains, and develops top talent.


Workhuman® Ranked One of the 2020 Best Workplaces in Europe by Great Place to Work®


Through our certification programs, we recognize outstanding workplaces and produce the World’s Best Workplaces list, published annually by Fortune, as well as a variety of other Best Workplace rankings in more than 60 countries.

Now is the Time to Start Upskilling your Workforce


McKinsey Global Institute predicts that, by 2030, approximately 14 percent of the workforce will have to change careers because of automation and artificial intelligence. There are countless options for doing so, but UpSkill America has identified six models of upskilling: apprenticeships, pre-employment training, high-school completion/equivalency, employee training, certifications and/or college degrees.

Nursing Professional Development is Crucial to Nursing Shortage


Globally, there will be a shortage of 15 million healthcare workers by 2030. They help nurses earn certifications and complete advanced degrees. These schools offer multiple degrees, certifications and specialized training.

HRO Today Association Update: TAlent Acquisition—TAke Note

HRO Today

So, it’s no surprise that a McKinsey report from 2017 predicts that robots will take over 800 million jobs by 2030, affecting one-fifth of the global workforce. This includes a provider certification program to help make the selection and partnering process easier and more successful.

Fragrance of Influence…

Thrive Global

Prior to this time, I had received my General Certificate of Examination (Ordinary Level) with 5 credits and a pass, and I was confident that with the result I would not have any challenges gaining admission to the university to study my desired course, Law.

Study 58

External Hiring vs. Internal Recruitment: How Companies are Doubling Down on Upskilling Employees

Rallyware for Human Resources

million unfilled jobs by 2030. By December 2015, the company had handed out 117,000 digital certificates of achievement (‘badges’) to 53,000 employees.

The Types of Employment: A Quick Reference Guide


Employers must make sure they complete the appropriate labor certification documents and meet other DOL requirements when requesting visas for workers. Contingent workers are predicted to outnumber employees, possibly by 2030. In a labor market that’s become more complex, employers could have as many as six or seven classifications of workers onboard at any given time. Working alongside full-time, part-time and temporary workers are seasonal and contingent workers.

Skills Gap, Automation and Globalization Require Worker Development


McKinsey Global Institute predicts that as many as a third of American workers may need to learn new skills and change jobs by 2030. There are many changes in licensing and certification requirements. Discussions of the relationship between the skills gap, education, automation and globalization took place at the National Governors Association meeting in Washington last month. US governors looked to the future.

Marie Unger of Emergenetics: “The power of purpose-driven work”

Thrive Global

For example, a report by the McKinsey Global Institute that estimated automation will eliminate 73 million jobs by 2030. I’ve read that Deloitte estimates that by the year 2030, more than two-thirds of jobs will be soft-skills intensive roles. The power of purpose-driven work.

Change the Perception of Working in Home Health Care to Attract Quality Candidates


With an expected shortage of 151,000 paid care workers by 2030 , home health care providers need to focus changing the perception of working in the industry to attract top talent. And while home health care-related positions require certain certifications, your job description should also highlight preferred competencies, rather than specific required experience. The home health care industry is growing, with U.S. home health care spending expected to reach $5.7 trillion by 2026.

External Hiring vs. Internal Recruitment: How Companies are Doubling Down on Upskilling Employees

Rallyware for Human Resources

million unfilled jobs by 2030. By December 2015, the company had handed out 117,000 digital certificates of achievement (‘badges’) to 53,000 employees.

What If We Could Eat Our Way to a Healthier Planet?

Thrive Global

Meanwhile, organizations like the Regenerative Organic Certification let consumers know which products are not only good for their personal health, but good for the planet, too. Climate change, and related issues, dominate the headlines, our news feeds and infiltrate our daily conversations.

In-demand Manufacturing Skills Require Higher Education


By 2030, there will be a worldwide shortage of 7.9 Full-service education designed to allow employees to seek opportunities to complete their education, take advanced coursework or earn certification will attract and retain employees who can lead manufacturers with strong skills.

How Can Job Seekers Thrive In the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Career Metis

In the US almost 40% of jobs will be replaced by 2030. Research firm Oxford Economics concludes that robots will replace up to 20 million manufacturing jobs by 2030. And it is definitely not enough to just sit on your qualifications or certifications and be set for life.

Reskilling Your Workforce for the Future: An HR’s Guide

Digital HR Tech

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, “ By 2030, … as many as 375 million workers—or roughly 14 percent of the global workforce—may need to switch occupational categories.”

Ahead of the curve: Leveraging automation to add value to your employees


workers and they predict that as many as 20 million jobs could be displaced by the year 2030. Amazon currently offers a 16-week certificate program that allows employees from their distribution centers to learn new skills while keeping their current jobs. The Robot Revolution.

Nicole Burke of Gardenary: “Celebrate every little success”

Thrive Global

My hope is that by 2030, everyone’s growing a least a little bit of their own food, that Garden Consulting is one of the most profitable professions and that everyone has the word, ‘gardener’ in their bio. Celebrate every little success. What you focus on GROWS.

5 Key Characteristics of the Digital Workforce

Digital HR Tech

According to the McKinsey Global Industry Report, 23% of work hours in the US may be automated by 2030, and 15% of global work hours. To learn more about the digital workforce, check our Digital HR Certification Program , or subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of the latest developments. There’s a lot of talk about digital HR and the digital workforce.

Training Leaders of 2020: Kristy Bloxham on Getting Ready for the Future of Work

Rallyware for Human Resources

The Future of Work: The top three predictions for 2030 . We will see a significant rise in skill-based certificate programs being accepted within the job market. In the business world, where a workforce with up-to-the-minute skills is the ultimate future-proof strategy, there is an extremely high need for effective L&D programs. Even though the L&D market is full of tools with hundreds of learning types, including microlearning , video-based learning, social learning , etc.,

Caitlin Collins: “Inclusion for neurodiversity”

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For example, a report by the McKinsey Global Institute that estimated automation will eliminate 73 million jobs by 2030. Caitlin holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters of Science degree, both in Organizational Psychology with a certification in Training and Development.

Traditional Physician Recruitment Strategies that Still Work

Hospital Recruiting

By 2030 the numbers jump from 40,000 to more than 100,000. Who’s completing coursework or a certification program? It’s estimated that by 2025 there will be a shortage of up to 35,000 primary care physicians in the US. With shortfalls projected to rise and few remedies in sight, the need to recruit physicians successfully has never been more critical. In an age of recruitment by algorithm, many look at hiring as an exercise in mathematics.

New Chamber Network Brings Employers Ways to Help Build Future Workforce


By 2030, California will face a “skills gap” of 1.1 Interns participate in an Intern Readiness Certification program that prepares them through a series of professional and soft skills training. The California Chamber of Commerce and the Linked Learning Alliance have launched a new California network of employer associations committed to advancing youth opportunities and reducing youth unemployment.

Odalys Simmons of Goodwill Industries of Central Florida: “Resilience”

Thrive Global

For example, a report by the McKinsey Global Institute that estimated automation will eliminate 73 million jobs by 2030. And I’m at times hesitant to recommend someone pay for a course or certification, because that may not always be a good short-term investment. Resilience.