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Understanding Employee Satisfaction

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The success of any company is a result of the contributions of its employees. However, the quality of an employee’s work is highly dependent on the amount of satisfaction they feel about their position and their employer.

5 Components for Building an Inclusive Workplace

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Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to join the dance. Most HR managers understand the numerous benefits of a diverse workforce, hiring people from different […]. The post 5 Components for Building an Inclusive Workplace appeared first on TalentCulture.


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HR Generalist Job Description: Everything You Need to Know


An HR Generalist job description differs from company to company, depending on the seniority level, the organization size, and the HR operating model. However, some responsibilities, competencies, and qualifications of a Human Resources Generalist role are common across all companies and industries.

The 5 Steps You Can’t Forget in Your Staffing Plan

Essium HRM

Having a solid staffing plan is crucial for success. It allows you to optimize your workforce continuously and act proactively, letting you ramp up or down with greater ease and at the proper time. An effective staffing plan doesn’t happen by accident.

The HR Playbook: How to Decrease Costs & Increase Engagement

Learn how to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing employee morale.

Hiring Overlooked Talent May Help Ease the Worker Shortage


Employers’ complaints about the labor shortage aren’t new. Business owners have griped about not having enough workers since the European Peasants’ Revolt in 1381. Fast forward to the pandemic, and those cries for more workers have escalated.

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Managing multiple recruitment agencies? Here’s how a Vendor Management System can help


Innovations in modern recruitment technologies are continuing to happen at a torrid pace as organizations seek out technical advantages to strengthen their hiring strategies in the face of pending economic uncertainties.

my manager posted a “wall of shame” of people who didn’t volunteer to work more

Alison Green

This post, my manager posted a “wall of shame” of people who didn’t volunteer to work more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

How the Department of Defense Is Using AI to Unearth Talent in the Military Reserves


Just like so many other organizations, the U.S. Department of Defense struggles to match internal talent with critical project needs and roles. There are nearly 1.2

Blog: 10 HR Considerations For an On-Demand Workforce

Accurate Background

What is one consideration HR must make when moving towards an on-demand workforce? To help you with what to consider when moving towards an on-demand workforce, we asked HR leaders and successful small business owners this question for their best insights.

Connecting the Dots Between Your HR Systems Strategy and Strategic HR

Speaker: Stacey Harris - Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner, Sapient Insights Group

Join Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, as she shares groundbreaking research on how organizations can move the needle by 2025, reaching critical business outcomes through a strategic approach to HR processes and system strategies.

Job Descriptions that Attract Diverse Job Candidates


Attracting diverse job candidates is essential to finding high quality talent for your positions. That’s because trying to find the right person to fill a vacant position is challenging, especially in our current job market.

Employee motivation: Definition and how to improve it


Employee motivation can serve as a major driver of organizational success. But keeping team members motivated still proves elusive for many organizations today, and not without reason.

ATS vs. CRM: what’s the difference?


Applicant tracking system (ATS) and candidate relationship management (CRM) software both help automate, organize, and optimize the recruitment and hiring process but knowing how, when, and why to integrate each of these tools into a talent acquisition strategy is key to maximizing their value. To compare an ATS vs CRM, let’s start with defining each, and then delve into the similarities and differences. What’s an ATS?

Top Actions for Addressing Staffing and Onboarding Issues in Healthcare

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For the first time since 2004, hospital labor shortages have replaced financial challenges as the top concern for hospitals in 2021, based on data from the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).

10 Steps to HRIS Success: A Guide to Buying HR Software

10 Steps to HRIS Success is an easy-to-follow handbook to help you select the best HRIS software for your company. Download this eBook now to learn how to define your department’s needs and systematically compare those with available HRIS products.

CFOs and CHROs Identify Top Factors in Building Sustainable Growth


Despite the ongoing pandemic, labor shortages, and supply chain delays, a majority of midmarket companies enjoyed a rebound in 2021, according to AchieveNEXT’s global survey of CFOs and CHROs.

How to Effectively Transition From Traditional HR to People Operations: By Department


It’s a reasonable question to ask: Is People Operations (People Ops) just a trendy rebranding of the traditional HR department? If that’s all it was, it would be just as logical to breeze right by the topic and use your time differently. However, People Ops is so much more than that.

Presidential Medal of Freedom Awarded to Trusaic Chief Equality Officer


Today, our Chief Equality Officer, Megan Rapinoe, will receive the highest civilian award from President Biden – the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Next Company Event Memorable… Without Going Over Budget 


There are several ways in which you can make your next company event memorable.

Psychological Safety & Employee Wellbeing: Building a Healthy & Accountable Work Environment

Speaker: Tracie Sponenberg - Chief People Officer, The Granite Group & Melissa Doman M.A. Organizational Psychologist, Mental Health at Work Specialist, Former Clinical Mental Health Therapist

In this webinar, Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer, and Melissa Doman, Organizational Psychologist & Mental Health at Work Specialist, will discuss methods for developing and maintaining employee wellness and psychological safety in your workforce!

How Forward-Thinking Professional Services Firms Are Moving Boldly to a Cloud-Based Future


Moving to the cloud is clearly a change in technology—but a change in philosophy? For professional services firms, a philosophical shift in how they approach their operations and processes may drive greater digital transformation and ultimately benefit the business.

Makin’ Magic with Amy Lynn Durham

HR Hardball

Listening to podcasts can be entertaining, educational, informational or entertaining ~ sometimes they are all of the above.

DecisionWise Digest July 8, 2022


Tidbits. What do diversity, equity, and inclusion really mean within an organization? How do we move beyond superficial quotas to a point where our natures have truly changed such that all voices are valued and cherished? We absolutely see the substantive case for diversity and inclusion.

How to Keep Staff Happy (and Reduce Turnover) 


Studies show that turnover costs are astronomically high. In fact, employee turnover costs can range from 30% to 400% of an employee’s annual salary to replace. If employers did their best to improve the happiness of their employees, they would keep more money in their pockets.

All You Need to Know to Retain, Engage, and Energize Your Workforce.

The Great Resignation and tight labor market make recruitment challenging and retention crucial. This eBook explains exactly how team building can improve employee onboarding and help you retain, engage, and optimize the performance of your teams.

Remote workplace challenges: How the US and UK compare (and what to do next)


After dramatic events of the last few years, remote and hybrid work is commonplace. And all the signs are that it is a trend that will continue.

Job Hunting? These 29 Companies Are Hiring in July

The Muse

See who’s hiring this July and what roles they’re trying to fill. Finding a Job

Newsletter: July 8, 2022


Tidbits. What do diversity, equity, and inclusion really mean within an organization? How do we move beyond superficial quotas to a point where our natures have truly changed such that all voices are valued and cherished? We absolutely see the substantive case for diversity and inclusion.

5 Ways You Can Make Virtual Meetings More Enjoyable  


It’s undeniable that work practices like meetings have evolved in recent years. Nowadays, you can hold a group gathering without meeting each other in person. You can set up a meeting using a laptop or computer. This means you can discuss important matters with other people wherever they may be. .

The HR Compliance Playbook: How to Improve Speed-to-Hire

Every global growth to-do list should begin with compliance. Navigating international jurisdictions can be complex and time-consuming, but with solid, up-to-date compliance procedures, companies can maximize efficiency, speed-to-hire, and mitigate risks.

Your stereotype of star employees is wrong


We humans are naturally drawn to people similar to us. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Nor does it mean that you are racist, ableist, ageist, or any other – ist. It just means you are human.

#SHRM22 Recap Part 1 — Care for your People

HR Without Ego

Someone asked me on LinkedIn the other day the age-old HR dichotomy: “Is HR’s job to protect the company or the people?” ” My response? “You protect the company by taking care of the people. When you take care of people, they feel valued, seen, and appreciated.

Brilliant in the Basics Episode 3: People and Their Data


Video Employee Experience Impact