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How to Find Budget Dollars for Employee Recognition

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I thought about this as I was planning my agenda for this year’s WorkHuman Conference , pioneered by Globoforce. Check out the promo code at the end of this post for a discount.). I saw that one of the sessions this year was titled “Show Me the Money: 5 Unexpected Places to Find Recognition Budget” and reached out to the speaker Rob Schmitter , solutions architect at Globoforce, to see if he would give us a sneak peek. Employee retention depends on engagement.

Celebrate Your Employees: Employee Recognition At Its Best

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Research shows that it can be better to express gratitude than to receive recognition. Not only do recognition and gratitude have positive impacts on the health and well-being of employees, they can also increase engagement. Companies who have employee recognition programs have engagement levels over 71% higher than companies without recognition programs. The programs motivate employees and boost satisfaction. Making employee recognition work.


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Globoforce Announces Enhancements to Conversations, and Life Events


September 12, 2018 | Globoforce Press Release. Product upgrades support continued performance development and positive community experiences and rewards. Conversations and Life Events are part of WorkHuman ® Cloud, a product suite that enables a shared, social experience at work creating a more connected culture and community at work. About Globoforce. Follow: Twitter @Globoforce.

Employee Recognition Myths

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Employee Recognition Myths. Recognition at the workplace motivates employees and boosts their productivity. Employees are more likely to take initiatives and deliver on KPI’s if their efforts are valued and their contributions are appreciated. Studies have revealed that 64% of the employees resign as they feel unappreciated and disengaged while 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated.

The importance of employee recognition


The importance of employee recognition is often overlooked – are you aware of the impact? Employee recognition is essential for motivating, retaining and fully engaging our employees. Now, employees expect – and respond – to the same approach when it comes to recognizing their contributions within the workplace. This means the days of annual appraisals and salary as the sole driver for employees are behind us. Source: Globoforce.

Reality confronts traditional “Employee Recognition Myths”

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Reality confronts traditional “Employee Recognition Myths”. Recognition at the workplace motivates employees and boosts their productivity. Studies have revealed that 64% of the employees resign as they feel unappreciated and disengaged while 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated. While this is important, recognition coming from peers can be a potent engagement source. ENGAGE. RECOGNIZE.

Why Grassroots Gratitude is the Employee Recognition of the Future


It hurts when you feel like you’re the salesperson of a not-so-terrific product. Here’s how: Gratitude, Appreciation, Recognition… Engagement. Empower employees to get in the driver’s seat. Whose job is employee engagement? To quote Kevin Kruse’s post on Globoforce , “tomorrow’s great companies are being built on a culture of individual empowerment, and peer support.”. Peek at our collection of Everyday High Fives to give coworkers the right stuff.

How to Start a Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program + Employee Recognition Ideas


You may have heard how beneficial peer-to-peer recognition is in giving color to employee performance reviews. But an established peer recognition program increases employee happiness, engagement, and collaboration, making the office a more enjoyable and productive place for everyone. If you’re interested in creating a peer-to-peer recognition program, this guide will get you started. The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Recognition. Productivity.

Talent and HR News Weekly Update: Employee Recognition Trends


“People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition praise and rewards.” This week’s curated articles will get you thinking more about employee recognition and its link back to productivity, retention and more. 1) Trends in Employee Recognition from HR Trend Institute Employee recognition programs, once considered a “nice” but non-essential component of human resources, have changed dramatically over the past five years.

Cafe Classic: What the Oreo Cookie Can Teach Us about Employee Recognition & Rewards

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If so, then you likely experience many of the same stressors of global organizations in catering to local employee needs for appropriate compensation, benefits, recognition and rewards. It’s all too easy for HQ to think they know what employees want (in any capacity). The cookies were too big, too sweet and not at all appealing to Chinese consumers. This is a powerful lesson for HR pros creating global employee recognition programs, too.

Trends in Employee Recognition Show Growing Importance in Results-Driven, Culture-Oriented Approach

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WorldatWork’s latest “Trends in Employee Recognition Report” is out. Key highlights from this year’s report: 1) Prevalence of recognition programs in organizations continues to grow. 89% of organizations offer some sort of recognition program with an average of 4.6 different types of recognition programs in each organization. Recognizing loyalty through years of service celebrations remains the number one most common recognition program. Recognition

Using Technology to Improve Engagement and Boost Productivity

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Last year, the multinational professional service firm Deloitte conducted a survey that revealed that developing workplace culture and increasing employee engagement are the top priorities for Human Resource leaders. However, in spite of this employee engagement still continues to be a big problem. Recently, a Gallup study found out that only around 30% of employees say they are completely engaged in their workplace. What Exactly Is Employee Engagement?

China Gorman on the Role of Trust in Changing Cultures and Creating Great Places to Work


Strong, supportive, successful company cultures are built on a strong foundation of trust, pride and camaraderie in relationships at work. As a Senior Recognition Strategist and Consultant at Globoforce, I have the opportunity to meet and work with fascinating people every day. In June, we announced that China has taken on the role of Chair of the Globoforce WorkHuman Advisory Committee. Employee appreciation is a key driver of trust. by Andrea Gappmayer.

5 Ways to Avoid Job Burnout

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That alone is enough to keep me up at night. Reward yourself- Sitting back and seeing all the companies that give employee recognition makes me smile. For example, Globoforce is doing great things to bridge that gap for companies and employees. I buy into this whole idea of making work “More Human” and as I’ve followed Globoforce and their efforts in this arena, it really makes sense. I spent a long weekend at the beach by myself.

The Power of Thanks * Read All about It in Our Latest Book


Appreciation, recognition and praise are powerful means to engage and energize today’s modern workforce. ” In 2014, I worked on many inspiring and challenging projects, but one I am particularly proud of released today – our newest book, The Power of Thanks: How Social Recognition Empowers Employees and Creates a Best Place to Work. A consistently executed culture of recognition inspires: Greater employee engagement and loyalty. by Derek Irvine.

Cafe Classic: The Power of Positivity at Work

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Have we done enough to prove engaged, happy employees are more productive and more inclined to deliver on needed success metrics? Inspiring one another at work. Attract and bolster employees, making them more loyal and bringing out the best in them. Recognition

What’s Happened to Worker Productivity?

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According to recent numbers from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), measures of worker productivity are in a slump. Over the past year, productivity (defined as output divided by hours worked) has declined 0.4%. There are technology and tools that are supposed to help us be more collaborative and productive. One argument is that all of that innovation and technology aren’t doing much to help productivity. Both likely have positive impacts on productivity.

5 Reasons Surprise Matters (and how to embrace it)


Lots of reasons, but at the top of the list is the people I get to work with every day – both my colleagues at Globoforce and the customers who enrich every project I’m involved in. The panel will showcase four of the speakers/authors, giving us a chance to unpack in more detail their thoughts around important concepts in a WorkHuman workplace – Surprise/Happiness; Romance/Meaning; Play/Productivity; and Failure/Risk-Taking. by Lynette Silva. Recognize This!

Why Friends at Work Matter

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Several studies have hit the blogosphere in recent months on the importance of friends at work. It seems a “soft” topic, yet it’s friendships and deep relationships at work that drive key business factors – productivity, retention and wellness. Productivity. Last summer, LinkedIn published the results of their “Relationships @Work” study , commenting: “Relationships matter because they help us feel connected, making us more motivated and productive. Recognitio

How to Alleviate Bad Days at Work

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When’s the last time you had a bad day at work? asked just this question of employees worldwide. The survey defined a bad day at as: “A day where you feel lousy on the job. You’re unhappy at work and when you come home, you definitely don’t feel like having more of those days.”. Since a bad day is influenced by numerous factors both internal and external to the workplace, it’s unsurprising that nearly all of us have had a bad day at work. Recognition

The Power of Positivity at Work

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Have we done enough to prove engaged, happy employees are more productive and more inclined to deliver on needed success metrics? From the article: In a research article published in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science [Kim} Cameron and his coauthors [at the University of Michigan] found that a workplace characterized by positive and virtuous practices excels in a number of domains. Inspiring one another at work. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.

5 Human Truths in the Modern Workplace and How to Address Them


Our workplaces, relationships and interactions need to reflect our humanity to help us all deliver more productively and achieve success together. I had the pleasure and honor of speaking again this year at SHRM’s 2015 annual conference. My topic – “The Power of Thanks: Bringing Workplace Gratitude to the Next Level” – involved a wide range through the history of humans at work, most of which was hard labor. Most at SHRM could not. by Derek Irvine. Recognize This! –

3 Ways to Help Employees Understand Their Worth

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How often do you talk about pay with your employees? " The lack of communication around compensation leads employees to make their own assumptions about their worth — and how their paychecks stack up to their peers. A recent study from compensation software company PayScale found that among 71,000 people surveyed, an incredible 83 percent believed they were paid below market rate — even though 66 percent actually earned at or above market value.

Thanks, Workday, for the Recognition… and the Reminder


I like to think I’m a pretty experienced practitioner in recognition. With nearly ten years at Globoforce, I’m probably as close to a professional recognizer as it gets. I’ve given out hundreds of recognition awards, and I’ve definitely received my fair share in return. As the creators of the world’s most effective program for employee appreciation and engagement, we do a LOT of recognizing in our organization. Recognition never gets old.

The Amazing ROI of Rewards and Recognition In Your Organization

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If employee engagement is a boat then rewards and recognition is the well-oiled engine required to steer it to its destination. Treat your employees well and they’ll return the favor by being more productive. Increased Employee Engagement. Rewards and Recognition

Survey: 93% of Managers Need Training on Coaching Employees


Over the past few months, we’ve run a series of posts covering findings from the latest SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey. The Proven Links Between Retention and Employee Experience ). Recognition programs tied to organizational values are perceived to outperform other programs on every metric evaluated. 1% of Payroll: The Magic Number for Social Recognition Investment ). Do managers need training on how to coach employees?

How to Destroy Employee Motivation


I stayed on because I was dedicated to our team and our product mission. Kim and I were in two different offices, separated by at least 1,500 miles. When we were at our group planning meeting, Kim could have made more of an effort to meet with me in person and demonstrate her commitment to me. Have you ever had an employee who disengages from his or her work, resulting in poor performance? Earlier in my career, I worked for a tech company in the Boston area.

3 Programs Adopted By Award-Winning Workplaces


Having your company named as a best place to work is certainly a highlight for any HR team working to create culture that naturally attracts top talent (especially when 51% of employees are actively looking for a new job ). Blessed with a super cool product? The 2016 SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey report shows where to focus your efforts for the best results. We then looked at the types of programs prevalent in those award-winning organizations.

[New Report] How to Make a Business Case for Social Recognition


Don’t you wish you could convince your stubborn colleagues of the business value of praise and recognition? Just last year, Harvard Business School published a study on the connection between praise and productivity. Approximately half of the participants were told to ask friends and family members to send them an email just prior to their participation that described a time when the participant was at his or her best.”. SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey).

Report 108

The Hidden Potential of Teams


Companies are not only organizing themselves differently on paper – they are looking at how the rise of teams impacts the ways in which people work together. In his column for The Huffington Post , Globoforce CEO Eric Mosley writes that one of the five megatrends impacting business in 2017 is team engagement. He explains, “Team engagement is a critical component of the employee experience, higher in importance than both individual and company engagement.

Cafe Classic: Influencer Networks - A Hidden Key to Recognition Program Success

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Editor's Note: We sometimes get fuzzy the difference between recognition and compensation as implements in our rewards toolbox. I know readers of Compensation Cafe know this, but let me state the obvious – compensation and recognition are very different. Recognition

6 Surprising Data Points About Recognition


Every two years, WorldatWork surveys publishes a report on trends in employee recognition. Last year’s report confirmed that recognition is still an important HR tool, with 89% of organizations having a program in place. Organizations are also recognizing employees more frequently. The response, “more recognition than 12 months ago” rose 9% from 2013 to 2015. It’s clear that recognition has a profound impact on retaining talent.

Data 107

Integrate Zoho People with third-party apps effortlessly

Zoho People

Your employees may also not enjoy having to log in to ten different applications to get a single job done. At Zoho People, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to make integrating with other applications as seamless as possible for our customers.

Cafe Classic: Are Your Employees Volunteers or Robots?

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Editor's Note: Derek Irvine with some Classic advice on employee engagement and how to inspire - rather than "wring out" - the commitment you need. I’m passionate about helping organizational leaders create and strengthen cultures of recognition. Likely also no surprise to readers of this blog is an objection I often hear when speaking about the importance of recognition done right in driving key business goals. That’s recognition enough!”.

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Driving Employee Engagement Requires Baseline of Competitive, Fair Pay

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In the last week, a couple of research reviews have crossed my desk, both summarizing decades of research, surveys and analysis in the complex and many-layered topics of employee recognition, engagement and retention. Key findings of the report include (quoting): Employees who receive recognition are more likely to be engaged at work. Workers who receive recognition are less likely to quit. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.

What Recent Research Says about Incentive Efficacy

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I caught an interesting bit of research out of the UK recently, which considered the relative impact of different types of incentive programs on employee attitudes. Profit-sharing plans could be beneficial, primarily in terms of reported employee well-being, but only when participation levels in the program are high. Stock ownership appeared to be negatively related to job satisfaction, potentially attributable to perceived unfairness by certain employees. Recognition

A Paycheck Is Not Recognition for a Job Well Done

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That’s recognition enough.”. Pay and recognition serve very different needs, but they are in a symbiotic relationship when it comes to fulfilling those employee needs. All the recognition in the world won’t help resolve an underpaid employee’s base needs in terms of Maslow’s Hierarchy. And pay raises, consistently and appropriately given, won’t meet the higher-order employee needs, either. Employee recognition (91%).

The Risks of Unmotivated Employees

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Far less often do we consider the impact from the other end of the spectrum – employees who are disinterested and unmotivated, yet continue to show up to work. . For these employees, compensation is sufficient to keep them coming through the door, but is otherwise ineffective in leading to performance. A recent report in the Wall Street Journal highlights a study by Aon Hewitt that looked at this group of employees. Follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekIrvine.

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Student Loan Assistance Can Increase Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is one area where employers and employees have a symbiotic relationship. What benefits employees, truly benefits their employers when it comes to engagement. However, about 31 percent of businesses see employee engagement as one of their fop five challenges, according to the 2018 SHRM GLOBOFORCE Employee Recognition Survey: Employee Experience as a Business Driver. Student debt can affect employee engagement.

What It Really Means To Humanize Work


As Derek Irvine, Vice President, Client Strategy and Consulting at Globoforce , pointed out in a quick historical office tour stretching from the Ancient Greeks to the knowledge age, we have “2,000 years of experience in removing humanity from the workplace.” His company, a leader in employee recognition solutions, took the bull by the horns and hosted the first ever WorkHuman Summit (full disclosure: I was among the speakers) last week in Orlando.