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When we design employee surveys for our clients, it’s common for them to ask us about benchmarking and how it can help their company. This is a good question, because benchmarks are a quick way to see if your organization is on the right track. Employee Engagement

A Complete Guide to Employee Engagement for 2020


An Engaged Employee is the Holy Grail for any business. With enumerable aspects linked to Employee Engagement, it has become a matter of critical interest for any organization to drive growth and opportunity. So what is Employee Engagement?

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8 Reasons Why Your Employee Engagement Survey Scores Are Stagnant - DecisionWise


WARNING : If you’re reading this it’s possible your employee engagement survey scores are stagnant or underperforming. Are your employee engagement survey results stagnant? You’re NOT taking action on the employee survey results.

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Why Business Transparency is Key for Employee Engagement

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When it comes to employee engagement, this particular business practice has been proven to be essential, at a global scale. Quantum Workplace 2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report. Involve employees in decision making.

Employee Engagement in NHS Healthcare


Deploying collaborative technologies to drive better staff engagement and improve patient outcomes. Engaging those at the frontline of the NHS to be dedicated, committed and evolved with their roles is key to its success. Defining employee engagement within the NHS.

7 Survey Lessons For Employee Engagement


According to Gallup, companies with highly engaged employees have 3.9 times the earnings per share (EPS) growth rate compared to organizations with low engagement scores. He shares the following lessons on the subject of employee engagement.

5 Ways To Benchmark Your Digital Learning Strategy


The digital economy is opening up tremendous opportunities for forward-thinking companies and their employees. However, many organizations aren’t moving fast enough to provide leaders and employees with the skills to compete and win in a digitally transformed world.

A Design Conundrum: Employee Engagement and a 2-Day Employee Value Proposition Workshop

David Zinger

How do you view the connection between employee engagement and the employee value proposition (EVP)? Last year I was invited by an Asian client to propose a two day workshop on an employee value proposition. Applying the 10 principles of employee engagement to EVPs.

The Employee Experience Imperative: Q&A with David Johnson

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Today on the blog, he’s offering a deep dive into one of the most significant issues facing employers today — the employee experience — including common pitfalls and suggestions backed by the most up-to-date analyst research. Lower employee turnover.

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5 Ways To Help Your Employees Manage Stress

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The ‘24X7-always-on’ lifestyle, along with mounting work pressure, often results in extreme stress, burnout, and anxiety in employees. This directly affects their productivity and engagement. Employee burnout is becoming a huge problem globally. Listen to Your Employees.

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3 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of October 2018

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The top articles of October feature a piece on employee engagement 3.0, What’s more, employees who are addicted to their smartphones aren’t giving you the performance you need from them when they try to work and fiddle with their phone at the same time. 1: Employee Engagement 3.0:

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6 signs you’re a great leader

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Take, for example, an employee who does than the bare minimum. In the 2019 CEO Benchmarking Report , CEOs said that “Getting the most out of my people” was a top challenge. Another related top CEO challenge was “Aligning my employees with our [business] strategy.”

Engaging the workforce

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More than 8 in 10 (85 percent) of the executives responding to our Global Human Capital Trends 2016 survey rated engagement as an important (38 percent) or very important (48 percent) priority for their companies. What is employee engagement? Why does employee engagement matter?

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Engaging the workforce

HR Times

More than 8 in 10 (85 percent) of the executives responding to our Global Human Capital Trends 2016 survey rated engagement as an important (38 percent) or very important (48 percent) priority for their companies. What is employee engagement? Why does employee engagement matter?

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Time for a Change: 3 Ways to Give Your HR Processes an Upgrade This Fall

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It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, but your organization will see positive benefits when you move key processes to the cloud or rethink how you recruit, hire, train, and promote employees. Focus on the individual employee experience. Employee Engagement Talent-Centric

Alamo Colleges District Created an Award-Winning Employee Learning and Development Program—You Can Too

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Learning and development play a critical role in organizational success, creating a smarter and more efficient workforce, boosting employee engagement and building future leaders. LearningElite identifies and recognizes industry leaders who've achieved best-in-class levels of performance, providing valuable benchmarking data for other organizations. Have Alamo Colleges always had success with employee learning programs?

Hacking the Return to New Normal: Start, Stop & Continue


Done every quarter or so, this is a remarkably useful and freeing exercise, enabling me to clear away the clutter, identify and prioritize things that really matter, and continue doing what I know is useful and productive. .

The Best Companies To Work For Now Focus On Human Potential And Leadership Effectiveness


The 100 Best Companies To Work For is an honor granted to a select few businesses based on an annual survey of millions of employees. A “great place to work” is no longer simply one where employees trust each other, have pride in their work, and enjoy their colleagues.

A Handful Of Expert Tips To Sustainably Increase Workplace Productivity


Over the last few years, employee productivity has become one of those ubiquitous business buzzwords like company culture and employee engagement. Instead feeling sure about your schedule can free you up to start your day with a meditation, journaling, or exercise.

How to Measure the ROI from Your HR Software


An up to date benchmark on the efficiency of your HR processes. Whether those benefits were in terms of cost, efficiency or resources, the business case points you towards the data you need to gather and analyze as part of your ROI exercise. Employee engagement.

A New HR Paradigm

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The standard benchmarking and employee surveys HR has relied upon for decades help measure HR activity and understand the workforce, but only provide a snapshot of what’s going on at a given time. Social media can be scraped for clues about employee engagement.

Is radical transparency right for your business?


When business leaders can share what prompted decisions to be made, what the consequences will be, and who will be impacted by those consequences, it gives employees the confidence to keep moving forward and embrace change. Your employees might think management has a lack of awareness of their workload and workflow or, worse yet, is oblivious to the time and effort required to do their jobs. Checking into a hotel room is always an exercise in trust. Benchmarking.

The problem with employee wellness programs


Employee wellness programs are morally questionable and misguided. Instead, companies should focus on less intrusive ways to encourage wellness, and let employees manage their own health. What are employee wellness programs? sick days ) and increase employee productivity.

How to Drive a Culture of Performance Management

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Employees are the backbone of the organization and their happiness directly correlates with happy customers. Many CEOs cite misalignment of talent process as a top concern in managing the future workforce, especially as their staff view the traditional annual performance evaluation process as a time consuming, excessively subjective, and irrelevant exercise. To keep employees happy, engaged, and productive, organizations need to continuously innovate and modernize.

Boosting Your HR with a Gamification Program


Here are four reasons HR should learn from game designers to improve their HR performance: Gamification Creates Engaging Training Programs You won’t debate the fact that fun makes learning more enjoyable. Employees will be more involved in their personal development if they have fun. This makes employees more autonomous and encourages them to take initiatives. Employees feel useful and more compelled to stick to their employer, which in turn reduces turnover.

15 HR Analytics Case Studies with Business Impact

Analytics in HR

It was one of the first examples of the now very popular employee churn analytics. In addition, special managers were trained to retain the high performing employees who had a high flight risk. Relating engagement with store income. Employee attrition at Experian was a problem.

Announcing On-Demand Surveys! Coming this Spring


The Engagement Multiplier survey gives you insights into a lot, but do you ever wish you could take a deeper dive into a specific area of your business? Or, maybe you have a situation like this – one we frequently see, with some variation: After a year of using Engagement Multiplier, this client had reached Engaged Status consistently for 3 out of 4 surveys – terrific! How to Create Great Job Titles That Support Your Staff & Boost Engagement.

The problem with employee wellness programs


Employee wellness programs are morally questionable and misguided. Instead, companies should focus on less intrusive ways to encourage wellness, and let employees manage their own health. What are employee wellness programs? sick days ) and increase employee productivity.

HR Strategy: Creating an Engaged Ecosystem in the Workplace


Strategic office design can boost employee well-being and office culture by providing convenient, comfortable places to focus, collaborate and socialize. The important thing is to use your office environment to support your goals and your employees’ needs. To read more about workplace design for engagement, check out Steelcase’s Designing for Engagement PDF. Do employees trust each other? Are employees emotionally invested in their work? Got Engagement?

How to Stop the ‘Good Idea Fairy’ from Co-opting your Strategic Marketing Plan: 11 Defensible Steps


recruiting job applicants, employee engagement) where marketing could play a role? A SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities) is a valuable exercise for planning and decision-making. When setting goals, mine your own analytics as well as industry benchmarks.

20+ Wellness Tips for the Workplace That Rejuvenate Employees and Boost Productivity


20+ Wellness Tips for the Workplace That Rejuvenate Employees and Boost Productivity. See our 121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas Your Team Will Love. Here are some ways to incentivize workplace wellness programs and boost engagement. Exercise gear .

The Importance of Performance Management in Fast-Growing Companies


Performance management is all about making sure your employees are happy, engaged and working towards your collective company goals. Most employees will endeavour to do their very best in their work, however some employees need more encouragement and motivation. If employees know what is expected of them, and what it is that constitutes excellent performance, then it becomes easier for managers and their reports to be on the same page. of each employee.

8 Technology Tips For Keeping Remote Employees Motivated and Engaged

Career Metis

Nowadays, more and more employees are working from home. From a lack of personal interaction to a decrease in communication, remote employees can start to feel isolated. How can you keep your employees engaged with you and with each other?

Your Guide to AI Talent Acquisition


AI helps us be more targeted and engage more of the right people.”. AI-powered engagement scales and delivers a consistent message, making sure your brand resonates. All these aspects of onboarding contribute to employee satisfaction and retention. Improved employee experience.

Benefits Administration: A Guide for HR Leaders


Why Employee Benefits Matter. Believe it or not, your benefits package can have a serious impact on your ability to recruit, engage and retain talent. Choose the right benefits and your employees might never want to leave. Dental insurance is a favorite among employees.

Get A Head Start – HR Events in 2018 for Ireland, N.Ireland & UK


Why Attend: In a fast-changing global work environment, where employers are faced with ever-increasing demands for flexibility from clients, contractors and employees alike, the effective management of your contracts of employment has never been more important. Employee Status.

How much do hiring and onboarding cost?


Hiring and onboarding new employees are important steps to grow any business. To answer this question, we’ll need to first understand the difference between these two important employee stages. Workplace culture exercises. How much does onboarding a new employee cost?

How to Lead in Today’s Changing Workforce


Listen to Jim Link, CHRO at Randstad, lead by moderator Shannon Pritchett speak about his work passions and insights around 1) Generational strategies, 2) Re-imagining today’s workforce structure, and 3) New leadership competencies for GenZ. Bennett Sung.

Why Qualtrics – Alexis Lopez – Principal Analyst, People Operations – Provo, UT


During the interview process, I learned that Qualtrics was about to conduct their first external benchmarking exercise and that the new compensation analyst would get to lead this exercise and build out the salary structures. What attracted you to Qualtrics in the first place?

How to Motivate Employees – The Complete Guide


How to Motivate Employees – The Complete Guide. In the past, the topic of how to motivate employees was a non-starter with most business leaders. After all, the logic went, why should you have to motivate employees to do their jobs? So what does motivate employees?