The Ethical Benchmarking of HR analytics

Analytics in HR

In this article, we discuss the state of the art of ethical benchmarking of algorithms and provide advice for practitioners in the field. The answer to the question of how we can assess the ethicality of HR analytics lie in benchmarks.

Eight Concerns With Employee Engagement Benchmarks - DecisionWise


When we design employee surveys for our clients, it’s common for them to ask us about benchmarking and how it can help their company. This is a good question, because benchmarks are a quick way to see if your organization is on the right track.

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2018 Employee Engagement Driver Benchmark Results - DecisionWise


At the beginning of each calendar year, DecisionWise updates its rolling three-year global benchmark study database (2015-2017) with the results from the previous year. The post 2018 Employee Engagement Driver Benchmark Results appeared first on DecisionWise.

Industry Verticals, Organizational Cultures, and Benchmarking


On the other hand, it’s not unfair to say that Manufacturing or Transportation organizations are more likely to be matter-of-fact in their employee communication styles as well as in their employment policies in general.

The Wellness Council of America’s (WELCOA’s) 7 Benchmarks to Building a Results Oriented Wellness Program

Speaker: Ryan Picarella, President, WELCOA

The Seven Benchmarks are an important part of building a results-oriented workplace wellness program. By following this proven methodology in your organization or with your clients, you can provide a credible framework which can be tailored toward organization specific values, mission, vision and goals for wellness. Organizations that are dedicated to the health of their employees are given a structure to help their organizations through the Well Workplace Process.

Raising the bar in benchmarking

Analytics in HR

Even the legendary Chinese general Sun Tzu was a sucker for benchmarking. In this article I’ll explore the origins, future, flaws, and benefits of benchmarking. . The origins of benchmarking. The term benchmarking (in its current meaning) originated in the eighties.

3 Ways to Approach Benchmarking Hybrid Jobs

Compensation Today

Have you ever found yourself staring at lines of market data, wondering how you are going to benchmark your HR/Accounting Assistant, Recruiter/Front Desk Receptionist or Medical Coder/Billing Specialist? Benchmarking hybrid jobs is more complicated than simply “splitting the difference.'

Key hiring metrics: Useful benchmarks for tech roles


So, to help you determine how effectively your company hires for tech roles, we’ve created benchmarks of key hiring metrics based on anonymized data from millions of candidates processed in our system. How does your tech recruiting process compare to that of other companies?

Creating Benchmarks throughout Your Program


Evaluating Your Wellness Program to Optimize Benchmark Success. In recent years, value on investment (VOI) has been trending as the measurement of success for a wellness program. It’s no wonder, as wellness companies continue to fervently promote the next best thing in wellness.

CultureNext Employee Engagement and Recognition Benchmark Study

Maritz Motivation

The findings of the Employee Engagement and Recognition Benchmark Study were revealing, including: How does your org. Find out with industry benchmarks in this new #research study: [link] The Employee Engagement and Recognition Benchmark Study also found that well over 75 percent of respondents have both a strategy and documented plan, and that only 6 percent of respondents have neither a strategy nor documented plan to engage employees.

How to Build Pay Grades and Set Salary Ranges

Speaker: Jennifer Ferris CCP & Paige Hanley CCP

Setting pay ranges and grades can give you a competitive advantage in an ever-changing market by enabling clear job progression as well as competitive pay. Choose benchmark positions and slot non-benchmark positions into your pay structure.

Benefits of Benchmarking


Leveraging solid benchmark data over time allows you to understand trends in the benefits market and how they apply to your company. The post Benefits of Benchmarking appeared first on Mercer PeoplePro Blog. Entrepreneur Health & Wellness Hr Human resources Small business advice Small business hiring small business incubator Small business news Start ups

Health Care Benchmarking for small business


With so much at stake a benchmarking study makes perfect sense for small & emerging businesses. The post Health Care Benchmarking for small business appeared first on Mercer PeoplePro Blog. Affordable care act Bench marking report Entrepreneur Health & Wellness Health benefits programs Healthcare benchmark study Human resources Small business administration Small business adviceHealth benefit programs represent one of the biggest budgetary expenditures.

5 Tips for Using and Interpreting Talent Benchmarks


Organizations can use talent benchmarks to help guide talent development and selection initiatives. But to be most effective, these benchmarks must be well-constructed, accurately interpreted, and used strategically

Survey: Companies Tailoring Wellness Benefits


As companies develop their wellness offerings, leaders may wonder how their benefits compare to those from other companies, what initiatives are trending, and what areas to focus on in the future. Corporate Wellness

Webinar Recap: HR Buyer Trends Insights and Benchmarks Survey


In this webinar (watch it below) HRmarketer founder Mark Willaman and Maren Hogan, CEO of Red Branch Media discussed the results from the HR Marketing Institute’s “HR Buyer Trends Insights and Benchmarks” survey.

The Beginner’s Guide to Benchmark your NPS Score like a Pro!


Well, I assume you are no exception. Well, it’s just not you, but our customers too, who have similar doubts as to this. Well, for the good or bad, such instances are few and far between. Well, then let’s consider two scenarios before taking the plunge.

Key hiring metrics: Useful benchmarks for tech roles


So, to help you determine how effectively your company hires for tech roles, we’ve created benchmarks of key hiring metrics based on anonymized data from millions of candidates processed in our system. How does your tech recruiting process compare to that of other companies?

Why Benchmarking Sucks

SAP Innovation

Benchmarking has its roots in the Total Quality Management philosophy. The benchmarking process is simple: Determine who is best in class at something and copy them. Benchmarking is usually aimed at a business process or operations.

HR COE People Management Benchmark Quiz


How well does your HR team manage and develop people? The path to achieving excellence in recruiting is a continual journey that evolves over three phases. To find out what phase you’re in and get a customized action plan. TAKE OUR QUIZ TO FIND OUT: Quiz will load down below shortly.

Intent Industry News: ABM Benchmarks, Data Strategy, B2B as B2C, and More

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

The roundup includes articles that cover ABM benchmarks, the push for stronger data strategies, treating B2B marketing more like B2C, challenges for the modern marketer in the B2B industry, and an obsession with intent data. Live Webinar: ABM Benchmarks for 2020.

How To Benchmark an Elf's Job

Compensation Today

Some fine print: We matched each job using a similar benchmark role. Well, Santa,” we informed him, “just because that’s how the market values that role, doesn’t mean you have to value it at that level.” There’s some art to consider as well.

Success in the Cloud: 2019 Oracle HCM and ERP Cloud Benchmark Reports

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

As organizations embark on their cloud journey, or are well underway and looking to expand, they need to develop a deeper understanding of the value they have achieved, or the potential value they could derive, from their cloud investments.

Top Employers and other benchmarks

Strategic HCM

One of things I've been meaning to post about is Top Employers and other forms of benchmarking. Other employers will be happy with the trade-off in validity vs reliability and they might want to engage in process benchmarking ie going to and studying one organisation in-depth.

Creating a successful wellness program: Here’s what sets the best ones apart

HR Morning

In the past few years, there’s been an explosion of employers – of all sizes and from all business sectors – looking to start wellness programs to contain their long-term health costs. And when wellness programs are conceived and carried out properly, they’ve been proven to get results.

Compensation Management: Salary Benchmarking and Beyond


This process is called compensation benchmarking. How is compensation benchmarking done? The first step in compensation benchmarking is to build a list of salary ranges for current and future job roles. Compensation benchmarking is designed to maintain fairness for both the employer and the employee. It’s a central element of a well-structured compensation plan. What are some other means to evaluate compensation without benchmarking?

How does your organization stack up?

Bersin with Deloitte

HR leaders often wonder how their organization stacks up against competitors as well as other organizations of similar size and type. Such benchmarks are critical inputs in strategic planning and spending decisions. Posted by Beth Ann Finis and Melissa Cavanaugh on July 19, 2019.

The Fear of Reporting Wellness Program ROI

CoreHealth Wellness Technologies

It can be difficult to determine exactly what to measure with your wellness programs and how to report results and unfortunately, it’s not always a simple answer - but it can be made easier. This is Part 4 of a 10-part Must Have blog series about Wellness Technology.

Qualtrics XM Institute launches new CX benchmarks

Qualtrics HR

Or perhaps you want to know what the average CX rating is for companies like your own to help benchmark your own performance? The ratings are a cross-industry, open-standard benchmark of customer experience. Do you want to find out how your industry ranks for customer experience (CX)?

4 Free Scorecards to Improve Your Corporate Wellness Program

Cornerstone On Demand

When it comes to maintaining an effective wellness program for your company, the American Heart Association says it best, “For greatest impact, workplace health programs must be engaging, comprehensive, evidence-based and heart-focused." Unfortunately, most wellness programs today fall awfully short of being comprehensive. Some are great for large companies (1,000+ employees) and others for “beginner" wellness programs.

The problem with employee wellness programs


Employee wellness programs are morally questionable and misguided. Instead, companies should focus on less intrusive ways to encourage wellness, and let employees manage their own health. What are employee wellness programs? The problems with employee wellness programs.

Guest post: The 2017 Paid Time Off Benchmarks Report [Free Download]

Take It Personel-ly

Human Resources Leadership Business business outcomes business tips Canada Employee Engagement Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial excellence HR hrblog Humanbiz Management sick leave small business Success time off vacation wellness Workplace workplace wellnessWhat we learned surveying 200 Canadian businesses about paid time off The concept of taking paid time off from work, whether due to illness, a personal emergency, or to go on vacation, seems simple.

Employee Benefits Benchmarking: Choosing the Right Plan Types


The March 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report is now available. PPO seems to consistently remain the popular option as it allows the most freedom in provider access, flexible movement of care, networks size, and out-of-network coverages as well.

NGA Sets Benchmark for Client Satisfaction in Digital HR

NGA Human Resources

NGA is our benchmark provider for any future HR projects.” NGA services client in Spain Both the CSat results and the NPS are significant. The 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSat) results for NGA Digital HR Services have been analysed and they’re extremely positive.

Health Insurance Benchmark Report | HMOs, PPOs, and HSAs


That’s why we’re here to offer our SMB benchmark report– this is fresh Zenefits data, pulled from over 4,000 customers (small businesses with under 100 employees) on what health insurance packages they’re currently offering. Download our full benchmark report below!