The Importance of Letters: Why a Coaching Certification Matters

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Obtaining a certification is valuable in any profession, and coaching is no different. In such a rapidly growing industry, showing your commitment to your career through further training and certification is crucial to remain competitive. By Diana Fritts.

Got Coaching? How ATD’s Coaching Certificate Can Help

ATD Human Capital

According to ATD Research, only 27 percent of organizations currently include coaching as part of their talent development efforts, even though it’s widely known that coaching and providing feedback are the top ways to improve performance.

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Coaching Questions for a Coaching Culture

Center for Coaching

Powerful questioning is a coaching competency taught during coaching certification. The question, “What are your possible courses of action?” Coaching certification is the way to learn powerful questioning. Coaching Program Coaching Resources Coaching Skills Coaching Stories Skills Tools and Techniques coaching coaching certification Coaching Culture Coaching Questions for a Coaching Culture empowered powerful questions probing questions

How to Build a Coaching Certification Program


Coaching is one of the most effective skills any leader can have in their wheelhouse, and it is the building-block upon which more advanced leadership development can be built. That’s where coaching comes in—and harnessing the power of questions to reveal people’s potential. At Namely , knowing how beneficial coaching would be to our leaders, we set a company-wide goal to certify all of our leaders in coaching.

Five Questions to ask yourself before you hire a Coach

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I’ve had two one on one coaches, an energy coach, multiple online reiki sessions, joined two group programs, hired an in-person reiki specialist and life coach. Life coaches are better suited for ‘tune-up’ style advice. #5:

The Reinvented Performance Appraisal Coaching

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Basically, organizations are realizing that getting everyone up to speed on coaching skills is not just “a nice way to give feedback and develop people” but a major component for more realistically assessing performance and organizational success.

Diversity, Inclusion / Regard, and Access to Coaching at CCC

Center for Coaching

We found this to be our experience at the Center for Coaching Certification. Of course, we want to continually improve so when we receive emails pointing out a mistake or with a suggestion, we review it and make changes as appropriate. Since 2011 we have published a book each year, Coaching Perspectives , with chapters written by graduates. The coach authors are themselves a diverse group.

How to Make Sure You Choose a Right Online Course?

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Online courses run the show at the educational market today. When choosing online courses , you doubt: with such a wide choice of training programs available, most are looking and being promoted the same way. Asynchronous online courses are a bit different.

Unconscious Bias. Identify and Move Past

Center for Coaching

The challenge of course is that if it is unconscious, how can it be identified? Working with a coach to explore unconscious biases through reflection and questions. For many, working with a coach is the greatest tool for identifying and moving past unconscious biases.

The “Power of Positive”: A New HR Method from Sports Coaches

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When, earlier this year, Boston Celtics’ new addition Kyrie Irving (and was at the time a point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers) stated during the course of a podcast that he is a firm believer that the Earth is flat, social media and news outlets went into a frenzy.

Crisis and Opportunity: Starting Your Own Business after a Career Setback

Center for Coaching

Of course, you are left with a question: What do you do now? One way to figure that out is with the support of a coach – find one that has completed their coaching certification. . Start by learning about coach training. by Julie Morris

How to Pass the SPHR Exam the First Time


Several people I coached for this winter test window had taken it one or more times unsuccessfully in the past. In running, that means I should run the pace, distance, course, etc. General Certification HR Certification HRCI Human Resources Certification Institute PHR SPHR sphr exam

Creating a Coaching Mindset in Organizations


Leaders today invest in coaching more than ever before. In fact, between 25 to 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies hire executive coaches. Coaching is seen as a key strategy in doing this. Leaders hire coaches because they want their teams to think and act like coaches.

How to Pass the SPHR Exam the First Time


Several people I coached for this winter test window had taken it one or more times unsuccessfully in the past. In running, that means I should run the pace, distance, course, etc. General Certification HR Certification HRCI Human Resources Certification Institute PHR SPHR sphr exam

2019 was great. 2020 will be awesome!

Digital HR Tech

Behind the courses, resources, and excellent learning experience is a team of highly competent and motivated young professionals and subject-matter experts. We need to know where HR is heading and create courses that enable you to stay at the forefront of innovation in this field.

Four New Skills to Keep Senior’s Minds Sharp

Center for Coaching

After becoming a professional coach you will find there is a greater interest than ever for coaching during the transition to retirement. If you prefer to study in the comfort of your own home, take a look at community college and university websites, which may offer online courses in your preferred subject for free or with a senior discount. For Coaches. The tips shared here are great for trained coaches working with seniors.

The Exhaustive List of HR Learning Resources (Part 3/4)


Now that you’ve read through Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog post series on Free HR Learning Resources, we’ve put together a list of even more HR courses you can take online to upgrade your skills and stay on the pulse of the HR industry. Coaching and Developing Employees.

10 Things That Higher Ed Professionals Need to Know About MSCHE Accreditation 

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Schools that only offer diplomas, certificates or licenses are not eligible to participate. Copies of Course Syllabi — These confirm that your course of instruction is educationally sound and aligned with the school’s stated mission and goals. .

How to Get a Job as a Group Fitness Instructor?

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Have you ever considered a job as a yoga instructor, spinning coach, or as host of a Zumba class? Group fitness instructors will need a certification before they are eligible for jobs at most places of work. Maintain a current CPR/AED certification.

8 Key Considerations Before Changing Careers


Research what training you’ll need to gain (certifications, degrees, etc.) 8) Work with a career coach: Because a career change is such an important decision, it’s worthwhile to work with a career coach from GetFive who can provide insight and expertise to support your journey.

How A Career Break Can Benefit Your Résumé

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Consider boosting your qualifications by taking a course at a nearby college or enrolling in a certificate program. Online learning platforms like Udemy have more than 50,000 instructors teaching an endless array of courses in over 60 languages.

Build Your Own Yellow Brick Road…

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There are times in our career when we make conscious decisions to change direction that support our lifestyle choices and there are other circumstances when we need to make a course correction out of necessity. In 2020, I am celebrating 5 years as a coach and completing another rebrand.

How to Reinvent Your Career After 40

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Will you need to go back to school or get additional certifications? Invest in yourself by taking classes, attending conferences or hiring a life coach. So, chart your course, buckle up and prepare for takeoff!

Effective Leadership via Innovation, Collaboration and Mentorship

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Of course, this came as no surprise to me. It was like being infused with rocket fuel to hear her talk so proudly of her coaching clients, her ongoing endeavours, and her projected 2020 goals!

Have You Ever Had to Recalibrate ?Your Personal GPS?

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Events occur in our orbit that encourage course corrections or a change in direction. We often talk about turning lemons into lemonade and that too creates a powerful visual image to describe a change or course correction.

Peer to Peer Learning: Why It Should Be Part of Your Training Strategy

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Of course, mentors with more tenure work well too. If there is a way to formalize peer to peer learning, using a learning management system (LMS), an internal certificate/certification program, or even simple corporate badges – these can all help mitigate quality issues.

HR On-Demand and Augmented Reality


That is of course until the proverbial s%!^ I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do, I binge watch. I admit it. I’m far too busy with life, work and family to watch things when they happen live.

Job Crafting: Shape, Mold, and Redefine Your Job

Workplace Psychology

Of course, this was nothing new. As a result of my being able to work on my own project and select my own teammate, and as validation for my efforts and achievements, I was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the CNMI Mental Health Planning Council and even received a Letter of Appreciation from the Executive Director at the Crisis Prevention Institute. Embed from Getty Images.

Why You Do What You Do


We just read an excellent article published by TTISI; they’re the folks who created and supply the behavioral and motivational assessment that we use in our leadership training and coaching programs.

Turning Age into Advantage: Tips for Job Searching for Professionals 55-plus


Of course, once you meet someone in person, they can see your physical characteristics, and unless you’ve found the fountain of youth, they can guess in which decade you were born. Enroll in an online course. Get a certification.

2019 was great. 2020 will be awesome!

Analytics in HR

Behind the courses, resources, and excellent learning experience is a team of highly competent and motivated young professionals and subject-matter experts. We need to know where HR is heading and create courses that enable you to stay at the forefront of innovation in this field. .

Learning to Trust Yourself and the Timing of the Universe

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If you’ve been following me over on Instagram (@charlotte_ferreux), you’ll know that I recently completed my certification in becoming a yoga instructor. I’ve had a lot of people wondering if this new path means that my career will also be changing course.

How to Streamline Talent Management

ATD Human Capital

If you like thinking strategically and are being challenged to be more integrated with others in your workplace, ATD’s Integrated Talent Management Certificate Program is for you. Peer coaching and consulting also help participants apply the lessons of the program on the job.

7 Side Income Ideas for Human Resource Specialists


As an HR specialist, you have the perfect insider insight into the typical applicant onboarding process, which means you have the skills needed to help coach job seekers on how to write an effective resume. Online Career Coach.

Influence Is a Choice You Have to Make

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During my certification process, my presentations were videotaped. The very next thing I did was hire a speech coach. Working with a coach, mentor or trainer isn’t easy. I have worked with many coaches – business coaches, speech coaches, vocal coaches, athletic coaches and more. One thing I learned over the years in working with these coaches is that they are the fast and effective secret to getting better at anything.

Job Search Tips After a Long Absence from the Workforce


Of course there can also be injuries or health care concerns that require extended leaves, along with a host of other personal reasons. If you need help, consider working with a career coach from GetFive for personalized guidance.

Boost your employee engagement rates implementing Paradiso Performance Management Software and virtual training initiatives


Performance Management Software, on its side, helps to control everything from recruiting, continuous performance review to feedback and coaching by tracking the performance of individual employees, teams and organization overall.