Wed.Jul 06, 2022

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Understanding Employee Satisfaction

Intoo USA

The success of any company is a result of the contributions of its employees. However, the quality of an employee’s work is highly dependent on the amount of satisfaction they feel about their position and their employer. Organizations that fail to account for the contentment of their staff may suffer from negative repercussions stemming from a lack of motivation and engagement.

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ATS vs. CRM: what’s the difference?


Applicant tracking system (ATS) and candidate relationship management (CRM) software both help automate, organize, and optimize the recruitment and hiring process but knowing how, when, and why to integrate each of these tools into a talent acquisition strategy is key to maximizing their value. To compare an ATS vs CRM, let’s start with defining each, and then delve into the similarities and differences.


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The 5 Steps You Can’t Forget in Your Staffing Plan

Essium HRM

Having a solid staffing plan is crucial for success. It allows you to optimize your workforce continuously and act proactively, letting you ramp up or down with greater ease and at the proper time. An effective staffing plan doesn’t happen by accident. Instead, it takes time and effort to create, ensuring critical facets aren’t overlooked by mistake.

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my manager posted a “wall of shame” of people who didn’t volunteer to work more

Ask a Manager

This post, my manager posted a “wall of shame” of people who didn’t volunteer to work more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I work in a small unit (20 people) that provides direct patient care and is part of a very large healthcare organization. Like a lot of healthcare units, we’ve struggled with staffing for the past few years.

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Investing in HR Software: How to Get Internal Buy-in

Buying HR software is a major decision. That’s why finding the right provider based on your needs and ensuring key decision makers are on board is vital. Download Paycor’s guide for tips to address common concerns across your buying committee.

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New Proposed Rule on Independent Contractors Sent to White House

SHRM Resources

A new U.S. Department of Labor proposed rule on which workers are independent contractors is expected soon, as the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs received it for review.

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How to Effectively Transition From Traditional HR to People Operations: By Department


It’s a reasonable question to ask: Is People Operations (People Ops) just a trendy rebranding of the traditional HR department? If that’s all it was, it would be just as logical to breeze right by the topic and use your time differently. However, People Ops is so much more than that. A business with a People Operations mindset shifts their business and HR processes from seeing those who work there as resources, or cogs in the proverbial wheel, to valuing them as the people who breath

How To 36
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Presidential Medal of Freedom Awarded to Trusaic Chief Equality Officer


Today, our Chief Equality Officer, Megan Rapinoe, will receive the highest civilian award from President Biden – the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This monumental moment for Megan speaks to the tireless efforts she has fought for in the name of pay equity, the LGBTQIA+ community, and gender/racial civil rights. . On behalf of Trusaic, I am honored to be working with such a genuinely kind and determined person.

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ACA PCORI Fees Due End of The Month

ACA Times

The annual Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) fees are due July 31, 2022 , this year. . Employers and insurers offering self-funded health insurance plans should submit the fees ahead of the deadline as it falls on a Sunday this year. Applicable organizations should submit their PCORI payments via the Electronic Federal Tax System , along with the completed Form 720.

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Job Descriptions that Attract Diverse Job Candidates


Attracting diverse job candidates is essential to finding high quality talent for your positions. That’s because trying to find the right person to fill a vacant position is challenging, especially in our current job market. In the past, companies mostly competed against similar industries for talent; however, that has distinctly changed. Today, workers are expanding their interests and education along with examining how to transition into different fields.

Diversity 214
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Secrets to the Switch: Choosing the Best HR Software in 2023

Speaker: Patrick Sayers - President, Newcastle Research

Does your organization need more productivity (and less pain) from your HR software? With the increase of technology-dependent remote work and highly sophisticated cyber threats on the rise, it's critical to successfully implement an HR platform that can help your organization see actionable information in real-time to hit all your key workforce KPIs.

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CEOs aren’t going back to the office, citing convenience, productivity and gas prices


Workhuman’s April Human Workplace Index (HWI) survey is cited in this HR Dive article delving into the return to office debate and how organizations view remote & hybrid work. The post CEOs aren’t going back to the office, citing convenience, productivity and gas prices appeared first on Workhuman.

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Next Company Event Memorable… Without Going Over Budget 


There are several ways in which you can make your next company event memorable. But to ensure you don’t go over budget, you need to work out how much all of your necessary costs will be, how much you can afford to put towards your event, and how much money you will have leftover for creating the wow factor. You’ll need to consider necessary costs like site rental, electricity, tech rentals, marketing for your event, and catering.

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Best Ways to Combat Duplication and Enhance AP Process


Accounts payable duplication is wide-ranging which covers any part of the AP method that is unnecessarily produced from POs to supplier documents. Critical for companies, it may refer to duplicate invoices and payments that occur often than people even think. And in such circumstances, duplicate submission takes place before the due date. It generates enormous extra work pressure for the entire AP team.

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How To Expand Your Business Without Compromising On Quality

New to HR

When it comes to expanding a business, many owners are faced with a difficult decision: do they scale up their operations and risk compromising on. The post How To Expand Your Business Without Compromising On Quality appeared first on New To HR.

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2023 HR Technology Trends: What's New and What's Next

Speaker: Ben Eubanks - Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

The world of HR has changed so much in recent years, and so have the technologies and tools that support HR and talent leaders. But frankly, keeping up with the ever-changing HR tech landscape can feel like another full-time job. That's why we're sharing with you this webinar session with Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer for Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

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Clint Padgett – Project Success

Episode Information. In this episode, Clint has a conversation with Deborah Borg, Chief Human Resources and Communications officer at Bunge. During their talk, the two chat about how video conferencing can serve as “the great equalizer,” when to deploy verbal communication versus written communication as a leader, and why being intentional about creating moments for remote employees to connect is so important.

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How Managers Can Handle Sensitive Topics with Employees

Tandem HR

Recent news, including Supreme Court decisions, can spark uncomfortable and emotionally charged conversations in the workplace. Employees may naturally want to express their thoughts and feelings, which won’t stop because they’re at work. Leaders and managers want to be prepared to address these sensitive topics. The following are some tips that you may find helpful.

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EXCLUSIVE REPORT: $4.6 Billion and Three New Unicorns: Q2 2022 Global WorkTech VC Keeps Pace with 2021 Record


Work tech VC investment neared $5 billion again in Q2 2022 with 96 deals in 19 countries. The full report is available to WorkTech Market Insiders, Members, and subscribers. See […]. The post EXCLUSIVE REPORT: $4.6 Billion and Three New Unicorns: Q2 2022 Global WorkTech VC Keeps Pace with 2021 Record appeared first on WorkTech by LAROCQUE, LLC.

Report 129
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6 HR Documentation Best Practices

Best Of HR

What is a best practice for HR documentation? To help you with your HR documentation, we asked HR professionals and industry leaders this question for their best strategies. From keeping it professional to recording and tracking employee goals, there are several best practices for HR documentation. Here are six HR documentation best practices: Keep It Professional.

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The HR Leader’s Guide to Recruiting & Hiring

62% of Paycor survey respondents say we’re in a permanent talent shortage. By 2030, we’ll see more jobs than workers (BCG).

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How the Right Talent Management Software Can Help With Remote Workers


Remote workers are woven into the fabric of today’s workforces. It’s time to ensure that your talent management software works for remote workers, too. For many companies, remote workers are now woven into the fabric of the company’s workforce and operations. More than two years ago, a global COVID pandemic prompted a sudden mass exodus from traditional office spaces to home offices.

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Performance Management System: Definition, Importance, Types, Components & Examples


Performance management system in human resource management handles various important HR functions like goal setting, feedback, rewards, performance reviews, etc. Read on to learn about the importance, types, components, and examples of modern-day performance management systems.

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The State of HR: 5 Important Lessons from the SHRM Conference

Netchex HR Blog

The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) annual conference is a big deal. Like, a really big deal for HR professionals and companies of all sizes. This year’s event was as big as ever, especially on the heels of a COVID-hindered few years. Held in New Orleans over four jam-packed days (June 12-15), the event included: Over 16,000 HR professionals and business executives in attendance More than 600 exhibitors—from payroll and HR software to pet insurance and gift giving Over 200 educati

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5 Reasons to Incorporate Rebates into your Incentive Program


When it comes to increasing channel revenue, OEMs look to incorporate rebates into incentive programs to drive motivation and loyalty through two key parties: channel partners and consumers. A good indirect incentive program is designed to motivate more channel selling behaviors by partners like dealers, distributors, and contractors. A customer rebate program is designed to motivate more purchases by reaching out directly to consumers with attractive purchase incentives.

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Upskilling HR: Future-Proof Your HR Career

Speaker: Jeanne Achille - CEO, The Devon Group

Is your HR department running around barefoot like the shoemaker's children? If so, you're on a collision course with the ever-changing realities of the workplace, which necessitate strong HR tech skills. In this webinar, we'll look at why HR should invest in learning to ensure organizational resiliency and employee retention. Consider it self-care as we discuss how to future-proof your own career through the opportunities provided by upskilling.

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Remote promotion, how to land a promotion working remotely


Worried about being skipped over? Don't think you can be promoted because you are remote and your peers are local to the Home Office? How to secure a remote promotion in a post-COVID and remote world. The post Remote promotion, how to land a promotion working remotely appeared first on HRNasty.

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How Railz Financial uses Collage HR to manage, grow and engage their distributed team


Railz Financial Industry: Financial technology Location: Toronto Company size: 56 Employees Railz is the only financial data-as-a-service solution that connects, normalizes, and provides insights and analytics on financial data from top accounting service providers. __. Shawna Stewart has spent a great deal of time working with various HR solutions and platforms in her career.

Payroll 52
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FlashPoint Celebrates 20 Years of Developing Leaders


A Brief History of the Evolution of FlashPoint. Throughout our 20-year history, FlashPoint has been no stranger to change. We have seen tremendous disruption to how organizations treat talent—the human side of business. Throughout the history of FlashPoint, we’ve worked hard to anticipate and adapt to change, and we are grateful for the clients, past employees, and friends of FlashPoint who have added to our legacy over the years.

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Boost Experience Demo | PlanSource


Return to Resources. Demo Video: PlanSource Boost: Modern Integrations. A Boosted experience through modern integrations. PlanSource Boost is a groundbreaking program that provides organizations with industry-leading benefits technology and carrier API integrations that modernize the benefits experience for employees and HR teams. Watch this video to explore everything coming with the Boosted experience.

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Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template

When it comes to benefits, communication is critical. To help you easily explain your offerings at open enrollment, Paycor created an open enrollment sample letter (and a few tips). Download this free Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template today.