Mon.Feb 22, 2021

Develop Leaders by Loaning Your Belief

The People Equation

“Me? A leader? No way. Not interested.” ” If you’ve ever entered into this kind of conversation with someone you believe has leadership potential, you’re not alone.

Remote working: What will happen to remote work in 2021

Get Hppy

It is no secret the world has witnessed a remote work revolution due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, it was estimated about 2.9% of employees globally worked from home permanently. However, this figure increased up to 88% due to the pandemic.


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27 Great Companies to Explore on The Muse—and They’re Hiring Now!

The Muse

See who’s hiring this month and what roles they’re trying to fill. Finding a Job

What Hireology’s Document Collection Feature Can Do For Your Healthcare Facility


The consistently fast-paced environment of the healthcare industry means your team is moving a mile a minute — but it’s also a business that relies on thorough documentation, which can saddle your staff with time-consuming and manual processes. .

CFO’s Guide to Building an HR Team with Limited Time, Budget and Resources

Building the ideal HR team doesn’t happen overnight—especially when CFOs have limited time, budget and resources. But our new guide can give you advice on where to start and key focus areas you need to know. Download our guide today!

4 Internal Linking Benefits for SEO and Conversions

Take It Personel-ly

Internal links are anchor tags that redirect to pages of the same domain. Simply put, they are small bridges between the webpages of your website. Should you successfully execute a strategy that reaps all internal linking benefits, you will be smiling all the way to your web traffic analytics tool.

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Where the U.S. Currently Stands on Ban the Box Laws


On a federal level, legislation intended to ban the question about criminal records on all job applications was introduced in Congress in 2012 and was tabled, but with no vote taken. While the U.S

update: my new team is taunting me because I have a nut allergy

Ask a Manager

This post, update: my new team is taunting me because I have a nut allergy , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. Remember the letter-writer whose new team was taunting her because of her nut allergy ?



Originally published April 4, 2017 I like to read and re-read blogs on leadership. They are helpful reminders on what I need to keep doing (or not doing) and where there are opportunities for personal growth.

Empathy in Leadership isn’t a nicety; It’s a Necessity!

Brigette Hyacinth

Yesterday, I was speaking to Jill (not her real name) who had been on extended sick leave. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. She returned to work but was hurt that not one of the Managers called to see how she was doing.

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3 Guiding Principles to Support the Human Dimension in Learning

Speaker: Dr. Amy Titus, Managing Director in Human Capital at Deloitte Consulting

Join Dr. Amy Titus, Managing Director in Human Capital at Deloitte Consulting, for her exclusive session where she will be discussing the 3 guiding principles for the future of learning, and how these can affect the design of work in organizations.

PeopleStrategy Delivers the Benefits of Technology to Those in Need Through Its Laptops of Love.


In 2016, PeopleStrategy CEO, Randy Cooper along with his wife, Lisa, and son, Kiefer, created “Inspire Reuse,” a program through which they donated gently used household items to better serve those in need within their local community.


Education Innovation Delivers Work Preparedness


Education innovation is creating an environment that will prepare many adult learners for innovation and changes in the workplace. The pandemic has changed how businesses get things done. It also has changed how students experience education.

9 Workplace Wellness Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Digital HR Tech

The ongoing pandemic is changing many things for employers and employees alike, including workplace wellness trends. Free healthy food in the office fridge and on-site fitness classes might not be the most relevant benefits to offer this year.

Is Moving to a No Income Tax State Worth It?


If you’re one of the millions of people who have moved or are thinking of relocating since the pandemic hit, you may be tempted to move to a state with no income tax. Sure, everyone wants a lower tax bill, but don’t assume that living in any of these states will make things easier.

How to Select the Right Training Software for Your Company

Creating a training program for your organization can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are many platforms that offer lots of solutions. How do you decide which one is right for you? Learn about the features to look for and questions to ask before making an important investment in your company’s future.

How The COVID-19 Shutdown Is Overwhelming The World’s Workers With Stress/Anxiety

Kevin Sheridan

Quite simply, since the beginning of the pandemic, the workplace has become incredibly intense, forcing many workers to “be close to a nervous breakdown,” in the words of one employee I recently interviewed: Limited sleep. A loss of appetite. Unable to take time off.

start-up founder with no work experience, my boss says I killed the business, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, start-up founder with no work experience, my boss says I killed the business, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

Employees Don’t Quit Their Job; They Quit Their Boss!

Brigette Hyacinth

Employees might join companies, but they leave managers. Too many managers view their position as one of entitlement rather than one of responsibility. Managers define culture, and culture under-girds the lasting health, success and sustainability of an organization.

TREND NOTE: UK-based Orka Raises USD $40.8 Million for Job Board Marketplace with Integrated On-demand Pay


UK-based Orka announced a $40.8 million round of venture capital for its job board marketplace with integrated on-demand pay capabilities, targeting regulated industries and shift workers. According to Aptitude Research […]. The post TREND NOTE: UK-based Orka Raises USD $40.8

Brand Health Report: Tech Talent Ranks the Most Innovative Companies They'd Love to Work for and Why

Hired surveyed more than 4,000 tech workers to find out which companies rank as their most desirable employers and how other organizations can compete for their attention. Download this report to learn what tech talent values most in a potential employer and how to improve your employer brand.

Beyond the 3 Pillars of Effective Employee Wellness Programs

Corporate Synergies

One of our experts reevaluates what makes effective employee wellness programs and shares how to keep them engaging and enduring. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently found more than half of US worksites have programs focusing on physical. Read More.

15 First Steps For Building A Sustainable Organization

Forbes Coaches Council

To become truly sustainable, businesses need to create their plan and stick to it. Here's how coaching professionals recommend achieving sustainability. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership

Leadership story: Stakeholder value is shareholder value

Stories Incorporated

Reading Time: 5 minutes. Stitch Fix’s early focus on creating value for all stakeholders, especially its vendor partners, benefitted Stitch Fix in a very tangible way when the pandemic hit.

??HR ALERT?? If your employee handbook is missing a “Pregnancy Accommodations” policy, fix that ASAP!

The Employer Handbook

pregnant woman by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project. If you missed The Employer Handbook Zoom Office Hour on Friday, head on over to The Employer Handbook YouTube Channel — be sure to subscribe while you are there — and check out the replay.

Extending the Reach of HR: Supporting and Sourcing Remote Talent

Speaker: Karen Lim, Alliance Academy

The concept of Global HR is becoming more common as more companies become permanently remote. As companies expand their talent-bases beyond borders, HR reps will bear the responsibilities that come along with it. Adapting to different cultures, distances, and legal implications whilst preserving core company values is essential. Once you can do this, the world becomes your oyster. Join Karen Lim of Alliance Academy, and learn to thrive in a remote-first mindset.

Tips for Leading a Successful Business

Take It Personel-ly

There is a lot that goes into seeing a business succeed in today’s world. You can’t just say a few things, sign a few papers, and hire a few workers. It takes someone who is willing to do whatever it takes. Most look at leading as the best job to have, but that isn’t always […].

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5 Tax tips to save money in 2021

Commuter Benefit Solutions

The post 5 Tax tips to save money in 2021 appeared first on Commuter Benefit Solutions. Money Savings


Seven effective tips for maintaining optimal well-being while working from home

Take It Personel-ly

The pandemic has led to the prevalence of remote working. When we are staying back at home, our lifestyle can become even more sedentary than it used to be during office times.

No Degree? No Problem.

HR Hardball

When our oldest son, Jack, set off for college last year (University of North Texas) we prayed he would somehow find a new passion for school that had escaped him the last two years of high school.

Five Reasons Leaders Invest in Language Training

Communication is the lifeforce of any company. Without it, productivity, employee happiness, and ultimately your business suffers. Investing in language learning better positions global business leaders to see gains in organizational effectiveness as a result.