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Employee Recognition Should Be Pervasive


Sixty percent of best-in-class organizations consider employee recognition extremely valuable in driving individual performance. This statement comes from the Aberdeen Group’s recent report, “ The Power of Employee Recognition. ”

The 5 Perfectly Good Job Applicants You Won’t Consider


Wednesday, June 11, 2014 :00am. The 5 Perfectly Good Job Applicants You Won’t Consider By Maren Hogan. Today’s guest blog post is from Maren Hogan, marketer and community builder in the HR and Recruiting space.].

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3 Ways to Approach Pay or Play

CheckPoint HR

With 2014 well under way, many employers are looking forward to 2015 and considering their approach of employer shared responsibility penalties. Employers need to decide whether or not they will sponsor health coverage that complies with the Affordable Care Act.

Don’t Just Assess Your Team’s Performance; Cultivate It


3 tips for increasing the competencies, capabilities, and satisfaction of your team. It's a good time to consider our roles as managers in helping people achieve their potential.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Are You Willfully Ignoring the Future of Your Organization?


Guest blog post by Rebecca Rodskog, a workforce crusader and the Founder of FutureLeaderNow, LLC. “If If you are deliberately trying to create a future that feels safe, you will willfully ignore the future that is likely.”. Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

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How to Find Time to Think Strategically

45 Things

We often lament we’re busier than ever at work, running from meeting to meeting, firing off e-mails and trying to get something done without an interruption every five minutes. In other words, who has time to think anymore?

Succession Failing in Three Easy Steps


Change is good. If it''s a change for the better. Are you with me? The world of work is changing so rapidly that I''ll be honest.sometimes I barely have enough time to process the changes taking place, let alone evaluate whether or not they''re actually good for my company.

8 Considerations When Selecting a Professional Employer Organization


As employment laws, tax laws and health care reform continue to change at a rapid pace, it can be difficult for business owners to keep up. Establishing a co-employment relationship with a reputable professional employer organization (PEO) may be the greatest investment you can make toward realizing success and shielding your company from compliance and liability issues.

Some Noncompetes Are Worse Than Others

True Faith HR

from [link] Interesting story from the Sunday New York Times: Noncompete clauses are now appearing in far-ranging fields beyond the worlds of technology, sales and corporations with tightly held secrets, where the curbs have traditionally been used.

Designing Equitable Performance: How to Create Fair, Inclusive Assessments

Speaker: Aubrey Blanche & Sahra Kaboli-Nejad

We are all susceptible to bias and strive to mitigate it through reading, taking classes, and participating in trainings - yet, it seems like these aren’t driving the change we need. Women tend to receive vague, personality-based feedback, where men tend to receive performance related feedback. Work completed by Black men is more likely to be rated as lower quality than White men. And Black women face these overlapping biases in even more extreme ways. So what can we do to address the inequities in the system? Look at the system itself - are we designing an equitable performance system that benefits everyone? Join Culture Amp’s Global Head of Equitable Design and Impact, Aubrey Blanche, along with Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Lead Sahra Kaboli-Nejad, to discuss how we can re-evaluate our performance management systems. We will discuss the benefits of designing a system at every level (individual, manager, and organization) to help mitigate bias and ultimately create a system that finally succeeds at what it is supposed to do - improve performance.

3 Things You Must Do After a Demotion

45 Things

Anyone who says they weren''t a bit humiliated by being demoted is probably kidding. After all, acknowledging you''ve been unwillingly moved down the ladder can smart a bit, no matter how tough your ego may be.

What If?


What if. - my assumptions turn out to be way off base? - my experience hasn''t prepared me for the " next big thing " in the world of work? - my career path turns out to be a dead end? - my plans to improve my organization''s performance fail? - my team loses confidence in my ability to lead them? -


The MUSTS of Talent Management

Cielo HR Leader

Culture and engagement have never been more prevalent, as organizations are shifting from strictly seeking hard skills to placing soft skills, personality and character traits on equal ground.

Personalize Your Invoice Template and More With AccountSight


Personalize Your Invoice Template and More With AccountSight. Manual and Project based invoicing. Helpful features such as PayPal link in invoice, and notifications for both invoice delays and customers have opened your invoice email


Workplace Mask Policy & Return to Work Templates

Paycor’s comprehensive checklist and customizable letters will help you re-start your business and welcome your team back to a new normal.

Recruiting to Win – Delivering on the Employee Value Proposition


By Christa Degnan Manning, Senior Vice President of Global Workforce and Talent Strategies at HfS Research. Originally posted on SAP Community Network) “Employer Brand,” the “Employee Value Proposition,” and the “Candidate Experience” are trendy topics in HR circles these days, and while some may put down the terms as marketing-speak, marketing is a valuable metaphor for reorienting HR […

Empty Hotels

Dave's Weekly Thought

"The life of the artist is, in relation to his work, stern and lonely. He has labored hard, often amid deprivation, to perfect his skill. He has turned aside from quick success in order to strip his vision of everything secondary or cheapening.

TLNT Summit 2014 – Activate Unwavering Employee Engagement

Cielo HR Leader

Bringing together a number of world-renowned organizations and the brightest minds in talent management, workforce development and planning, the TLNT High Performance Workforce Summit 2014 was held on May 28-29 in Atlanta, GA.

Personalize Your Invoice Template and More With AccountSight


Personalize Your Invoice Template and More With AccountSight. Manual and Project based invoicing. Helpful features such as PayPal link in invoice, and notifications for both invoice delays and customers have opened your invoice email


Even During COVID-19, I-9s Have to Be Done Right, on Time, and in Person

Help make sure you can get your remote hires onboarded quickly, even when you don’t have a physical office location or trained HR in the area. Download this free e-book, and you’ll be on your way to simpler Form I-9 and Section 2 completion.

Repatriation or Resignation? Planning for Successful Overseas Assignments


Without proper planning and support, an employee's exciting opportunity abroad may end in a disastrously disappointing homecoming


Good Reads For Women (Week of 6/9/14)

Inpower Coaching

Here are the top shares of the week, along with some good links we caught this week that we think make good reads for women! Enjoy and feel free to post other links we should explore in comments below. InPower Editors. Most Shared of the Week. The Growth of Women-Owned Businesses by State – My Life. 19 Phrases that Dehumanize Women – Shriver Report. What Women Know about Leadership that Men Don’t – Harvard Business Review.

Paid Time off Policy: How to Avoid Getting Burned by Summer Vacation Requests


Are you prepared for an influx of summer vacation requests from your staff? Whether you have a few employees or a few hundreds, balancing paid time off (PTO) schedules can be a nightmare. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to manage vacation days so that your team is satisfied and your business doesn’t suffer. Communicate. Many times companies flaunt their PTO programs to attract quality candidates. But once new employees have settled in, handbooks and policies are shelved.

SuccessFactors Q2 2014 Release: SuccessFactors Mobile


By Enric Gili Fort, Director, Product Marketing at SuccessFactors. Originally posted on SAP Community Network) A couple of weeks ago I attended a mobile conference in downtown San Francisco. Many companies that have made a name for themselves thanks to their mobile apps and a mobile-first approach were there either as speakers or attendees. And throughout the sessions and […]. 1405 Release Employee Engagement hr Mobile Apps SuccessFactors

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Repatriation or Resignation? Planning for Successful Overseas Assignments


Without proper planning and support, an employee's exciting opportunity abroad may end in a disastrously disappointing homecoming


Agave Nectar Just As Bad As High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Revolutionary Wellness

Oh agave nectar, your sweet self has been flooding the “health” market for the past couple of years now. Due to your low glycemic index rating, you have been put in almost every health section of grocery stores around the nation.

Think Twice When You Screen Those New College Graduates


Smart and ready to prove themselves, new graduates can infuse fresh thinking and new insight into a company. Employers know that not all graduates are created equal. Making sure a recent graduate is a good fit for a business can be tricky. In 2014, approximately 57% of employers say they plan to hire new college graduates, up from 53% last year 1. The fact that more companies are hiring from the talent pool of 1.6 million students graduating with bachelor’s degrees, is positive news.

Recruiting for Peak Performance: San Francisco 49ers Rely on SuccessFactors to Simplify and Win


By Susan Galer, Communications Director at SAP. Originally posted on SAP News Center) American football is one of the most lucrative sports in the world, generating approximately $9 billion last year. However, filling stadiums with happy fans requires a full team effort from employees on and off the field. That’s according to Sean Kundu, Director of Human Resources […]. Recruiting 49ers Playmakers Program SuccessFactors Susan Galer

COVID-19: Returning to the Workplace in a New Reality

COVID-19 has created a new set of risks that require a new way of working. Download Gallagher’s latest COVID-19 report for insights into encouraging resiliency in your people, building confidence in your organization, and preparing for the future of work.