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How To Optimize Your Hiring Process For 2023 | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

Hiring top talent in the current competitive job market is no easy task, and it can be difficult to stay one step ahead of the competition. With thousands of companies vying for access to the same pool of potential employees, recruiters must employ innovative strategies if they want to succeed. By taking an intentional, well-strategized approach, your business can reduce wasted time, budget, and resources.

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Manage Your Workforce with Better Scheduling

HR Bartender

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes (Editor’s Note: Today’s article is brought to you by our friends at HRdirect , a trusted source for employee-related compliance, administration, and motivation tools. They serve as a one-stop shop to make employee management easier. Enjoy the read!) A few weeks ago, I published an article about the differences between staffing and scheduling.


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How HR Can Create a Comprehensive Talent Strategy

Analytics in HR

Talent strategy (often referred to as talent management strategy or talent acquisition strategy) is essential if organizations want to ensure they have the right talent in the right place to meet their long-term financial, marketing and operational goals and objectives. Therefore, being able to recruit, develop, engage and retain the right people at scale should be a top priority.

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Using Technology to Support Work-Life Balance for Nurses


Using Technology to Support Work-Life Balance for Nurses eydie.pengelly Thu, 03/16/2023 - 11:07 Main Image Background Color Teal Body To say that it’s a challenging time in the healthcare industry is an understatement. Traditional systems for addressing patient acuity, nursing workload intensity, and staffing levels are inadequate to meet today’s healthcare challenges.

UKG 98
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Prevent Toxic Work Culture and Protect Your Peoples’ Physical and Mental Health

The U.S. Surgeon General's warning about the role of the workplace on mental and physical health states that employers have an opportunity to turn workplaces into “engines of mental health and wellbeing”. Discover what it takes to foster workplace wellbeing and how to prevent a “toxic work culture”.

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To Hire The Best Talent For Your Organization, Don’t Confuse Culture Fit With Attitude

HR Tech Girl

Companies are always on the lookout for talented people. In this interview series, we talk to seasoned HR professionals to pick their brains for ideas and insights on finding the right talent for our organizations. Marni Helfand As the Chief Human Resources Officer and General Counsel for The Planet Group , Marni Helfand oversees all legal and HR functions for the company and has been instrumental to its growth.

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Top Things You Need to Know About Direct Sourcing

Recruiters Lineup

Direct sourcing is a procurement strategy that involves businesses sourcing goods or services directly from their suppliers, rather than through intermediaries. In recent years, direct sourcing has become increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes, as it offers a range of benefits such as cost savings, greater control over the supply chain, and improved supplier relationships.

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California Court Says Drivers Can Be Independent Contractors

SHRM Resources

Ride-hailing and delivery companies can continue to treat their California drivers as independent contractors, a state appeals court ruled on March 13.

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Find Out Why Automation Is the Secret Weapon

Essium HRM

Automation is a potent tool for recruitment agencies of all sizes. It creates opportunities to streamline operations, reduce costs, eliminate stress, and improve the candidate experience. Often, automation can feel like a secret weapon that propels your staffing firm toward success. If you’re wondering how onboarding automation technology makes a difference, here’s what you need to know.

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How Automated Task Lists Streamline Onboarding | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

There are many significant events in the employee journey that all of your people will experience — getting recruited or applying, interviewing and hiring, onboarding, employee orientation or training, performance reviews, promotions or transfers, and eventually offboarding. Gallup research shows that an effective employee onboarding process is among the most impactful of these events, leading to: Higher job satisfaction and loyalty Higher performance Lower turnover Less stress Even with these r

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The 26th Annual HR Systems Survey

The 26th Annual HR Systems Survey, conducted by Sapient Insights Group, is now open for participation through July 1, 2023. Your voice is the future of HR technology! This survey is valuable for anyone supporting their organization's HR systems and practices, interested in sharing their vendor experiences, and giving back to the HR community. All responses are confidential and only used in aggregate results.

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Talent Marketplaces: The Future of Staffing in a Highly Competitive World


The world of work is rapidly changing, and talent marketplaces are at the forefront of the shift towards a more flexible and dynamic staffing model. These platforms leverage technology to connect businesses with highly skilled workers on-demand, making it easier for companies to quickly find and hire the talent they need without the overhead and bureaucracy of traditional staffing agencies.

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4 Ways to Recognize and Address Employee Burnout


Employee burnout is a real phenomenon. And it’s the result of several different workplace environment contributors. As an employer today, you’re likely concerned about other similar dilemmas, including “quiet quitting” and turnover. There are steps you can be taking, however, as a business owner or HR manager, to reduce the risks of employee burnout.

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WorkTango Employee Spotlight: Leslie M., Senior Account Executive


At WorkTango, we believe in the power of employee appreciation. We couldn’t do what we do without the incredible employees who stand behind our mission to improve work lives. So, for our next feature in our Employee Spotlight blog series, we’re highlighting one of our Senior Account Executives here at WorkTango: Leslie M. The Account Executives are some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people we have here at WorkTango, and since it’s Women’s History Month, we wanted to showcase Leslie as

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HR Superstars Podcast: Unapologetically Human w/ Holly May, Global CHRO at Walgreens Boots Alliance


Holly May is a seasoned HR professional with a background in total rewards and business partnering in diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has held CHRO roles at Starbucks, Abercrombie and Fitch, and now at Walgreens Boots Alliance, where she has championed the importance of mental health strategies in the workplace. Below is a transcript of our interview on the HR Superstars Podcast : Adam: Early in her career Holly considered herself to be pretty private.

CHRO 213
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Ace Your I-9 Compliance: How HR Can Navigate the End of I-9 Virtual Review

Speaker: David Secunda, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkBright

Did your company inspect I-9 documents virtually? Hot off the press from ICE, you have until August 30th, 2023 to document a physical inspection of those documents! If you’re not sure what exactly this means for your organization or are struggling to physically review I-9 documents with remote employees, join WorkBright for a 60 minute deep-dive and Q&A on the end of I-9 virtual review.

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Hiring Guide: Interviewing, Selecting, Rejecting – Download Now!

Intoo USA

Whether you’re new to hiring or need a refresher, our guide, How to Hire the Right Person for Your Team (and Kindly Let Down the Rest) is a reference you can count on. From interview strategies, to selecting the right person for a role, to rejecting a candidate professionally, INTOO’s guide will help make the process easier and more efficient, while ensuring your organization is viewed as an employer of choice.

Hiring 211
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Microsoft’s Massive Upgrade: OpenAI CoPilot For Entire MS 365 Suite.

Josh Bersin

Microsoft is betting the farm on OpenAI and ChatGPT with the biggest upgrade to Microsoft 365 in decades. The new release, entitled Microsoft 365 Copilot, delivers Generative AI tools and chat embedded in every module in the suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and Viva. They call it “ Your Copilot for Work.” And. Read more» The post Microsoft’s Massive Upgrade: OpenAI CoPilot For Entire MS 365 Suite. appeared first on JOSH BERSIN.

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How Leaders Can Create a Pocket of Excellence in a Toxic Workplace

The People Equation

Being a leader is tough enough, but downright demoralizing if you feel like you’re swimming upstream against the currents of a toxic workplace. If you want to stand apart and make a positive difference at work it might seem like you’re living in this weird, misshapen house where some of the doorways don’t lead anywhere, a few of the rooms don’t connect to other rooms and. are those people actually using tin cans as a way to communicate from one floor to the other?

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How to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace


Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a hot topic in the workplace. Many businesses are starting to understand the benefits of a more diverse and equitable workforce, and when launched and managed well, DEI initiatives help engage employees and promote workplace happiness. But how do you ensure your well-intentioned plans yield results? Diversity in the workplace is more than hiring a few people of color and putting one woman on your leadership team.

Diversity 201
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Employer Guide: End of I-9 Virtual Review

Attention employers! If you virtually inspected I-9 work authorization documents during the COVID pandemic, you are required to physically inspect those documents before August 30th, 2023! WorkBright has consolidated all the information you need to properly manage this unprecedented scenario in an end of I-9 Virtual Review guide. They've got you covered on: Understanding whether this applies to your organization Deadlines for virtual review and physical inspections Overview of the reconciliation

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4 Job Ad Mistakes That Will Put Candidates Off Applying (and How to Fix Them)


A job ad needs to be specifically crafted to attract the right people and pull talented team members towards your organization. Get this wrong, and you could dissuade prospective employees from applying in the first place, and even hurt the reputation of your business. The key is knowing what job ad mistakes others make when writing job ads, and taking steps to avoid them.

How To 171
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Employee Development: 5 Flexible Approaches That Work


Over the last three years, flexible and agile work models have been at the forefront of workplace disruption. Emboldened by work-from-home standards enforced during the pandemic, companies across numerous industries stopped requiring employees to be present at the office everyday. Now, many of these organizations are enjoying improved productivity and performance.

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Parental Burnout: How Employers Can Combat It in the Workplace


While many employers and employees are familiar with job burnout, how many are working parents and are feeling the burnout in their professional and personal lives?

Company 119
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Prioritizing Professional Development for HR Leaders


Professional development is essential to the personal and professional well-being of today’s human resources leaders. And yet, far too many of them are out there right now spending countless hours advocating for more professional development in their organizations—while not getting access to those growth opportunities themselves. It goes without saying that the HR leaders of today (and tomorrow) need the necessary people skills and industry knowledge to be effective.

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The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing HR Operations: How to Select Your New HR Software

Speaker: Patrick Sayers, President of Newcastle Research

Are you tired of struggling with outdated HR software? Are you interested in unlocking your organization’s productivity potential? It’s no secret that with tech-dependent remote work on the rise, it's more important than ever to successfully implement an HR platform that can provide actionable insights to help you hit all your key workforce KPIs. But with so much variation, how can you find the most optimal HR software platform for your team?

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The Role of HR Learning and Development in Organisations


Learning and development or L&D has always been one of the primary functions of the human resources (HR) department. However, the role of HR learning and development has become even more crucial as the world continues to emerge from the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. L&D in the Face of COVID and the Great Resignation When the pandemic hit and companies had to shift to remote working arrangements, employees realised they could be just as productive (if not more productive) working fro

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8 Ways to Empower Employees Through Financial Education


These days, many people are dealing with stress from all kinds of personal financial concerns. This can harm workforce wellbeing — especially when people aren’t sure how to manage these issues or who they can trust for advice. That’s why organizations are increasingly offering workforce financial education. But which strategies are most effective in helping […] The post 8 Ways to Empower Employees Through Financial Education appeared first on TalentCulture.

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What Is It About Kindness?


I’ve been sharing a fair amount of content about kindness recently. It seems to resonate more than usual though. Sure, it’s a great topic to discuss, particularly if you’ve made a significant commitment to make kindness part of your professional, personal and volunteer lives. But something is different lately. The reaction is not what it once was. The level of engagement has amped up considerably.

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The Future Of Staffing In A Hybrid World

Forbes Leadership Strategy

How do you staff your team in an increasingly hybrid world? I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Buffington, founder of Gordian Staffing, who shared his perspectives on the future of staffing.

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Report: Insights on Global Fertility at Work

Fertility is not only a global healthcare concern, but also an important workplace issue. To better understand how fertility impacts the workplace, Carrot Fertility surveyed 5,000 people across the U.S., UK, Canada, India, and Mexico. Carrot asked questions to get a sense of how people around the world feel about fertility topics at work and how they want to be supported in their fertility and family-forming journeys.