How Has COVID-19 Changed the Nursing Career?

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According to the American Nurses Association , over 500,000 long-serving nurses are expected to retire by 2022. Because of these changing dynamics, as well as the increased access to public healthcare, it’s expected that there will be more than 100,000 nursing jobs open per year by 2022 — significantly more than any other profession. Similarly, executive orders have been passed allowing nursing students to work before their official graduation or certification.

How Insurance Companies are Safeguarding Their Competitiveness

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Besides that, a truly smart training platform will connect the best performers with those who struggle for peer coaching and support. For this purpose, the car insurance company has created Hagerty University: We have a unique offering called The Automotive Enthusiast Certification Program that supports employees in their pursuit of automotive knowledge, skills and experiences. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 51 million insurance jobs are projected to become available by 2022.

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Diversity in the Workplace – Do You Have What Women Want?

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A study by the Society for Human Resource Management determined that by 2022, employee retention will be HR’s dominant challenge. women to connect in the workplace and coach and mentor each other. be working towards our certification as a woman-owned business, which will officially. #MeToo Movement Sheds Light on Gender Diversity Gaps In Employer Brands. More than ever, workplaces are being held accountable for how equitably women are. treated.

Important AI Facts and Why You Need to Know Them


Banks that invest in AI could increase their revenue by an average 34% and their employment by 14% by 2022. Along with these certifications, there’s self governance approaches to take with AI.

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