Learning Corner With Jeffrey Pfeffer: Why It’s Important to Include Age in Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

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At Stanford University, during the 2018-2019 academic year, virtually every meeting of the faculty senate included a report—or two—on the university’s diversity efforts. Clearly, diversity and inclusion are becoming a priority for all types of organizations.

How AI & Machine Learning Are Redefining The War For Talent


By 2022, nearly 80% of organizational skills will have to be reprioritized or revisited due to digital business transformation.”[1]. Taking A Data-Driven Approach to Improve Diversity.

Why Your Enterprise Needs To Be Intelligent


The robots aren’t cleaning my house, but they are cleansing my sales pipeline, automating back-office finance operations like invoice matching and receivables, and improving accuracy in demand planning, product design, and revenue forecasting.

A Proud Stroll Down Memory Lane On International Women’s Day

SAP Innovation

From my perspective, few have fought harder to make this a day worth celebrating than Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) founder and equal rights pioneer, Billie Jean King. Her win signified that, while women and men are not the same, they are equal in capability and deserved equal rights. Together with SAP, we feel we are on the precipice of a golden era of medical advancements to help women live long, productive, and healthy lives.