HR Trends: The Key Reads of July 2022

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HR Trends for July 2022. Even as companies struggle to stay afloat, many are budgeting for even larger salary increases for 2023 compared to 2022 to retain employees and help them with their own rising costs. . Welcome to our summary of July best reads on HR trends!

California SB 1162 Signed Into Law: Takes Effect Jan. 1


Yesterday afternoon, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 1162 into law. It is now one of the most aggressive pay equity laws in the country. Effective January 1, 2023 , a mere three months from now, organizations around the country will have sweeping new reporting requirements to comply with.

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Forbes recognizes Zoho Recruit as the best recruitment software for 2022

Zoho Recruit

We are excited to announce that Forbes Advisor has listed Zoho Recruit as the best recruiting software of 2022 for staffing agencies. The post Forbes recognizes Zoho Recruit as the best recruitment software for 2022 appeared first on Zoho Blog.

Top 2022 Employee Complaints and How to Address Them


This article will look at some of the top complaints from employees in 2022, and help companies find constructive solutions to address them. What’s your biggest 2022 HR challenge that you’d like to resolve. What are the top employee complaints of 2022?

The HR Biweekly Payroll Calendar Template

Paying employees accurately and on time is a must for every business. But with new compliance regulations and hiring challenges popping up everywhere, keeping track of pay dates can be tricky. To help, Paycor is providing a downloadable biweekly payroll calendar complete with 2022 pay dates.

The Healthcare Employee Experience in 2022: A Data-Driven Perspective


“Poor staffing ratios put extra stress and burden on the staff and patients. It’s unfair to compromise on giving quality care when there isn’t enough help available.”. Frequent pulls to other units, causing my own unit to be short staffed.

In-demand IT Skills That Will Ensure You Get A Job In 2022

HR Management

We have gathered up a few in-demand IT skills that will help you get a job in 2022. Use this list to help you understand in-demand IT skills in 2022. The post In-demand IT Skills That Will Ensure You Get A Job In 2022 appeared first on HR Management App.

DecisionWise Digest September 30, 2022


UPCOMING WEBINAR: October 12, 2022 | Register below. Tidbits. Brilliant in the Basics. We do extensive work with surveys here at DecisionWise. A survey is an excellent tool for assisting leaders in gathering and utilizing employee feedback of all types. However, surveys have some limitations.

8 Technological Solutions To Improve Employee Experience In 2022

Vantage Circle

Most HR professionals and business leaders can confidently say that investing in the employee experience. is well worth the effort. But how exactly do you improve the employee experience? Smart office technology is no longer a luxury but rather a need.

Compensation Analysis: The Definitive 2022 Guide


The post Compensation Analysis: The Definitive 2022 Guide appeared first on Decusoft. Conducting compensation analysis is a lengthy, necessary project.

Attract Top Talent with 2022's Global Workforce Trends Report

In 2022, employee retention, work-life balance, and global team engagement will be top-of-mind for companies. This requires more diligence than ever, as being aware of the upcoming workforce trends will help boost retention and attract top global talent.

Watch Out California Employers: SB 1162 On Track To Become Law


Newsom has until September 30, 2022, to sign the bill into law. California’s latest pay equity legislation, SB 1162 passed the State Assembly Appropriations Committee late last week. . It’s good news for the Golden State as it continues to lead the way in equal pay initiatives.

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HR Trends: The Key Reads of September 2022

Intoo USA

HR Trends for September 2022. Welcome to our summary of September’s best reads on HR trends! This month, the challenges and importance of DEI initiatives and rising popularity of “work-from-anywhere” policies were hot topics in the HR industry. .

HR Tech Awards 2022: Winners Announced


2022 HR Tech Award Winners. Below is an listing of winners for 2022 attached to their appropriate category. The post HR Tech Awards 2022: Winners Announced appeared first on Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

10 Best Recruitment Podcasts You Need To Listen To In 2022

HR Lineup

Luckily, we did thorough research and recommend below the 10 best recruitment podcasts recruiters need to listen to in 2022. The Recruitment Brainfood Podcast is one of the best talent acquisition podcasts you should consider in 2022.

The HR Playbook: How to Decrease Costs & Increase Engagement

Learn how to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing employee morale.

7 Proven Strategies to Update Superficial & Outdated Hiring Practices


Diverse Hiring global hiring recruitment trends 2022 recruitment challenges 2022 talented candidates HRtrends great brand image engage passive candidates

3 Key Employment Issues Affecting Healthcare in 2022 and Beyond


3 Key Employment Issues Affecting Healthcare in 2022 and Beyond Aug. 23, 2022. Bryan Barajas Senior Director of Marketing. Healthcare systems are still reeling from changes spurred by the pandemic, progression in healthcare technology, and evolving patient needs.

5 Challenges Human Resources Is Facing in 2022 — and How to Overcome Them


Unfortunately, these disruptions are set to continue throughout 2022. According to HireVue , 55% of employers have reported higher turnover in 2022 than in 2021. Gallup’s 2022 survey also reveals that 17% of employees are actively disengaged, increasing 1% from last year.

Webinar: Employee Experience Trends for 2022


Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2022. DecisionWise COO, David Long, and VP of Consulting Services, Charles Rogel, will summarize the major topics of 2021 and provide predictions on what to expect and plan for in 2022 as it relates to employee engagement.

Connecting the Dots Between Your HR Systems Strategy and Strategic HR

Speaker: Stacey Harris - Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner, Sapient Insights Group

Join Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, as she shares groundbreaking research on how organizations can move the needle by 2025, reaching critical business outcomes through a strategic approach to HR processes and system strategies.

Medical Staff & HR Alignment in 2022 and Beyond


Medical Staff & HR Alignment in 2022 and Beyond Jun. 21, 2022. Here are some of the benefits demonstrating why medical staff services and healthcare HR should make efforts to align their efforts in 2022 and beyond. . Dionne Austin Director of Healthcare Solutions.

Meet America’s Top Recruiting And Staffing Firms 2022

Forbes Careers

Forbes partnered with market research company Statista to identify America's best executive, professional and temporary staffing recruiting firms.

Recruiting Challenges Healthcare Faces in 2022

Hospital Recruiting

In the aftermath of the pandemic, institutions are working hard to return to normal. American industries bemoan The Great Resignation.

DecisionWise Digest September 16, 2022


UPCOMING WEBINAR: September 21, 2022 | 11 AM MST. Tidbits. Sacrifice is worth it, but only when you fully understand what you are giving up and the why behind the sacrifice. It is always better to win the war than merely a few battles intermixed amidst the frenzy. .

Psychological Safety & Employee Wellbeing: Building a Healthy & Accountable Work Environment

Speaker: Tracie Sponenberg - Chief People Officer, The Granite Group & Melissa Doman M.A. Organizational Psychologist, Mental Health at Work Specialist, Former Clinical Mental Health Therapist

In this webinar, Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer, and Melissa Doman, Organizational Psychologist & Mental Health at Work Specialist, will discuss methods for developing and maintaining employee wellness and psychological safety in your workforce!

Hiring Reimagined: Sterling’s 2022 Benchmark Report Provides Optimistic Outlook for HR Professionals

Sterling Check

Above all, our 2022 benchmark report’s aim was to produce valuable insights which could help HR professionals successfully navigate today’s rapidly-evolving hiring process. There’s no debate that the hiring process has changed dramatically in the past two years.

HR Challenges, Issues, & Solutions – Year 2022


The post HR Challenges, Issues, & Solutions – Year 2022 appeared first on PCS PRO Staff. For two years (since March 2019), the health crisis wreaked havoc on the whole world. While this happened, nations, governments, the business sector, and populations were adversely affected.

9 HR Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Keka HR Blog

However, in 2022, hybrid work will be the norm. In 2022, businesses will look forward to providing greater client happiness, which is a non-negotiable goal. One thing that is known about projected HR trends for 2022 is that the current framework will be greatly improved.

INTOO is Certified™ by Great Place to Work® for 2022

Intoo USA

INTOO USA is proud to be Certified by Great Place to Work ® for 2022. The prestigious award is based on anonymous feedback from our current employees. This year, 89% of employees said it’s a great place to work—32 points higher than the average U.S. company.

Retention Roadmap: Ways to Reduce Talent Turnover in 2022 and Beyond

Employees are now embracing lifestyle over work – with many migrating to other jobs to find opportunities that better align with their priorities. How can you retain your top talent? Get tips to keep your global employees happy, engaged, and productive.

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for the HR Generalist


The year 2022 has arrived at our door whether we are ready or not. Here are five goals for 2022 that will help keep the light bright within your organization.

5 Burning Questions for HR Leaders in 2022 and Beyond


POPULAR: 7 Tech Trends to Upskill Your Recruiters in 2022 and Beyond. Are our staff welfare programs fit for purpose in 2022 and beyond? . The post 5 Burning Questions for HR Leaders in 2022 and Beyond appeared first on Manatal Stressed, pressured, overworked, and under-loved.

Eight HR trends to embrace for 2022


From innovative recruitment to building a skills taxonomy and re-onboarding, CIPHR’s HR leaders – chief people officer Claire Williams, head of people Gwenan West, and head of talent Bradley Burgoyne – share their thoughts on what’s to come in 2022.

HR Trends: The Key Reads of August 2022

Intoo USA

HR Trends for August 2022. Welcome to our summary of August best reads on HR trends! This month, quiet quitting and employee monitoring were hot topics in the HR industry. . Quiet quitting: a misnomer for how some workers are reacting to burnout.

HR Secrets: How to Secure Executive Buy-In for Your HR Initiatives

Speaker: Steve Pruneau - Chief of Consulting Operations and HRIS solution architect at Free Agent Source Inc

During this informative webinar, Solution Architect Steve Pruneau will share his thoughts on how to get management support and assist your organization in reducing self-inflicted waste and dysfunction.

Special Edition From the 2022 APA Congress


It was the biggest week of 2022 for payroll and the Source is on the scene. The post Special Edition From the 2022 APA Congress appeared first on DailyPay.

Newsletter: August 5, 2022


Tidbits. Why run an employee survey? Is it just to find the problems? It is important for managers and leaders to find and recognize great performance. Listening is one of the most powerful tools we have for building meaningful and lasting connections with others. .

DecisionWise Digest September 2, 2022


Tidbits. The keyword in this quote is the word “prolonged.” It takes time and patience. . Good decision-making is impossible without reliable information. How reliable are your feedback loops? . Getting past the messenger can be hard.

3 Ongoing Healthcare HR Challenges to Address in 2022


3 Ongoing Healthcare HR Challenges to Address in 2022 Mar. 15, 2022. But many of these challenges remain unsolved and will follow us throughout 2022. Take steps to overcome the HR challenges you’re facing in 2022 to put your people first. .

Enhance Employee Wellness to Retain High-Performing Teams

Speaker: Eric Torigian - Managing Director, Advisory Services, CHRO Solutions

During this informative webinar, Eric Torigian, Managing Director at CHRO Solutions, will explore how organizations are emphasizing employee wellness, how that has helped workers attain a healthy "life balance", and how, as a result, this has contributed to corporate success.