Consumer Forecast: More Spending In 2022, Cutbacks In 2024

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A recession is likely around 2024, but for 2022 and 2023 consumers look good and will keep the economy growing. Consumers in America will keep spending in 2022 despite inflation running higher than wage gains.

Apple Poised to Enter Health Insurance Market in 2024


But in 2024, there may be a surprising new player disrupting the health insurance industry—Apple. As an HR professional, you know how important healthcare is to your team. And the rising costs of health services and coverage don’t seem to be slowing down.


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Will You Be Leading an HR Function in 2024?

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Will You Be Leading an HR Function in 2024? . . I'm up on this topic over at my monthly column at Workforce magazine. Hit the link below to go to the digital version and take the quiz. Branding in HR Career Advice HR Insider

The Recession Will Begin Late 2023 Or Early 2024

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Recession is very likely in America’s future, but it will take its time arriving. A long time to prepare will be valuable to those with foresight. Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Business /business leadership business

New Jersey Minimum Wage to Reach $15 per Hour by 2024


In New Jersey, the minimum wage will increase in increments beginning in July 2019, reaching $15 per hour by 2024. Skipped 0 keywords that link to this page. --> The post New Jersey Minimum Wage to Reach $15 per Hour by 2024 appeared first on The Time Tracking Blog. ‘Landmark legislation’ a new chapter for New Jersey employees and business owners. Today, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law a bill raising the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Obama For President 2024 (Michelle)

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After three columns on our iconic servant leader Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the sheer forces of gravity of our day to day news and analysis is driving us back down to Earth, or what might become our own, well-deserved Hell.

HR’s Checklist to Hiring Software Developers

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By 2024, the global software developer population is projected to reach 28.7 An average of about 189,200 roles for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers are projected to open each year over the next decade.

Alyne Profiled as Key Player in Third-Party Risk Management Report


Markets and Markets has profiled Alyne in their global forecast to 2024 which provides an in-depth study on the Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Market.

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A $15 Minimum Wage is Coming to New Jersey. Here’s What Employers Must Know


On Thursday, January 31 st , New Jersey lawmakers officially passed a bill that would increase the minimum wage of New Jersey by 2024 through a phase-in process


Hybrid working: where did it all go wrong?


It’s late 2024. Everyone is in the office today. And every day. Occasionally someone remembers the great hybrid working experiment. How it started so well, and then crashed and burned. It was a shame really, people would say, around the … Continue reading → Other Stuff

California Limits Testing for Marijuana: Where Does This Leave Employers?


Beginning January 1, 2024, California employers will be limited in testing employees for marijuana. At least one such organization will be ready to meet the January 1, 2024, deadline. [2].

3 Privacy Concerns for Facial Recognition


Estimated CAGR from 2019 to 2024 is 16.6%. The market for facial recognition access control technology is growing exponentially. In anticipation for the volume of popularity, it’s important to address the privacy concerns that accompany the technology.


Most interesting HR stories of the week

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Amazon could ‘run out of people to hire’ by 2024. This is according to a leaked internal memo , where an official warns “Amazon will deplete available labour in the US by 2024”.

Midterm Elections: Time Off for Voting and Legal Compliance for HR Pros


The November 8 election will affect all 435 seats of the House of Representatives and a third of the 100 Senate seats, meaning this will shape the political agenda for the next two years and then the 2024 presidential election.

How Can Gamification Enhance the Corporate Training Experience?


What’s even more impressive is that the market is expected to grow to $40 billion by 2024! Gamification is one of the biggest trends in eLearning today, making the entire learning process much more engaging and effective. In fact, the value of the worldwide gamification market stood at $6.8

Everyone’s Looking for STEM Grads — For Sales!

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by 2024, creating nearly a half million new jobs. With the forecast for rapid growth in STEM-related occupations , today’s STEM jobseekers, especially those in technology, enjoy a vibrant career marketplace. Narrowing the focus just to technology, the future outlook is even better. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts employment in computer occupations will increase by 12.5% HR Insights Talent Acquisition Featured STEM

Non-Residential Construction Forecast: Slowing 2023-2024

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Nonresidential construction will suffer in late 2023 and into 2024, with recovery sometime in 2025. Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Business /business leadership business

California Doubles Down on Pay Equity with Passage of AB 316


Depending on how the plan is received by the CDHR, the organization may need to revise it and put it in place before January 1, 2024. The CDHR must include classification details for gender and ethnicity pay equity also before January 1, 2024. .

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Download the Free New 2023 California Employment Laws White Paper!


It’s that time of year again — for planning fall and winter holidays and vacations, and anticipating and preparing for new employment laws. The California Legislature recently finished up its legislative session with a rush of activity, ultimately sending hundreds of bills to Gov.

2022 State ballot initiatives impacting employment law

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1, 2024. Question 2 asked voters whether, beginning July 1, 2024, the state’s minimum wage should be raised to $12 from $11, and the provision allowing employers offering health benefits to pay a minimum wage of $1 an hour less scrapped.

We'll Always Have Paris

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The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has announced some of her proposed measures and plans for the future of the French capital: notably, diesel vehicles will be completely excluded from circulation in the French capital from 2024, and the ban will also be extended to all fossil fuel vehicles in 2030.

10 Ways to Attract and Retain Healthcare Talent


is facing a healthcare talent shortage, leaving many vacancies unfilled — more than 1 million by 2024. The U.S. Try these 10 ideas for hiring and retaining top-quality healthcare staff. The post 10 Ways to Attract and Retain Healthcare Talent appeared first on HealthcareSource Blog. Employee Engagement Talent Acquisition Employee Retention Healthcare Recruitment Hiring in Healthcare Recruitment

Ireland Pay Gap Reporting Regulations Released


By 2024, the requirements will apply to employers with 150 employees. Last year, Irish lawmakers passed the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021.

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What Is a Smart Office?

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According to recent research, the global smart office market will reach nearly 50 billion dollars by 2024. But what is… The post What Is a Smart Office? appeared first on Asure Software. Uncategorized smart office smart office products smart office software what is smart office

Illinois Becomes Second State to Require Pay Data Submission

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The first submission is due by March 23, 2024. On March 23, 2021, Illinois governor, J.B. Pritzker, signed into law S enate B ill 1480 , amending the Illinois Equal Pay Act of 2003.

Meeting Healthcare Needs with Advanced Scheduling

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In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), healthcare occupations are expected to continue to have the fastest employment growth among all industries through 2024. Healthcare in the U.S. has been a hot topic for some time with congressional showdowns, insecurity around costs, and the steps that providers and organizations take to meet the rising tide of need. As a whole, the healthcare industry is growing.

15 Communities to Follow to Advance Your HR Career

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In fact, they’re projected to grow by 9% through 2024, faster than the national average. Human Resources careers aren’t going away. With all that competition, staying ahead and advancing your HR career is vital. There are many ways to do it, but nothing has more of an impact on your career than networking. As social media becomes more engrained in our lives, it presents opportunities too good to pass up.

California Passes Legislation Bill 2188 Protecting Employees’ Off-Duty Marijuana Use

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The bill takes effect on Monday, January 1, 2024, and makes it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee based on the person’s use of marijuana off the job. In short, California Legislative Bill 2188: Takes effect on Monday, January 1, 2024.

New 2023 California Employment Laws


Importantly, AB 2188 doesn’t go into effect until January 1, 2024. The COVID-19 notice requirements were set to expire on January 1, 2023, but AB 2693 extended the notice requirements to January 1, 2024. It’s that time of year again!

2023 FSA, HSA, Retirement Plan Contribution Limits


Under the grace period option, an employee has two and a half months after the end of the plan year to incur eligible expenses — for example, with a plan year ending on December 31, 2023, an employee would have until March 15, 2024, to use funds.

The most interesting HR stories of the week

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trillion by 2024 – a fifth larger than China’s), but there’s an uncomfortable truth this masks. A third of the workforce earn less than $15 per hour…. America might well hold the crown as commanding the world’s largest economy (experts predict GDP of $25.3

Best Employee Benefits in Professional Services

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the professional and business services will continue to grow at above-average rates through 2024, meaning employers will continue to compete for skilled workers. Professional services organizations — accounting firms, business consultants, law firms and so on — are always looking to find top talent.

Diversity Visa Lottery Period Has Begun

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Every year, the Diversity Visa (DV) makes 50,000 immigrant visas (green cards) available to applicants from countries that typically have low United States immigration rates. The applicants must meet certain requirements, but do not need a sponsor.

Projected 2023 Contribution Limits for FSA

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Plan Type 2022 Plan Year 2023 Plan Year* Health FSA / Limited FSA $2,850 $3,050 FSA Rollover Limits for 2023 into 2024 $570 $610 Dependent Care FSA $5,000 $5,000. The IRS is expected to release its indexed limits for 2023 in late October/November 2022. However, to aid in Open Enrollment Planning, BRI is providing the projected limits which have been calculated in the same manner the IRS uses.

How Healthcare Employers Can Leverage Brand Reputation to Improve Recruiting and Retention


million jobs by 2024. How Healthcare Employers Can Leverage Brand Reputation to Improve Recruiting and Retention Feb. 18, 2020. Antique Nguyen Marketing Specialist. Talent recruitment and retention remain among the top challenges facing healthcare organizations in the new decade.

What Employers Need to Know About Colorado’s Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) Program

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Employees are eligible to request paid leave beginning January 1, 2024, after they have earned $2500 in wages from working the previous year in Colorado. Starting January 1, 2024, employees will need to have the request for leave approved by the Colorado FAMLI division.

BHAGs: You're Afraid. Elon Musk is Not.

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Musk says the company hopes to have the first launch by 2022, and then have four flying to Mars by 2024. Maybe not by 2024, but you can't have a BHAG without making it seem impossible.

Island Time: Rhode Island Legalizes Recreational Marijuana


All eligible records will be expunged by July 1, 2024. Rhode Island recently became the nineteenth state to legalize cannabis for adult recreational use. The Rhode Island Cannabis Act was signed into law on May 24, 2022 and became effective immediately.

A Major Tech Hub, Charlotte Sees Rising Demand for Tech Talent


Honeywell, a Fortune 100 commercial and consumer products and engineering multi-national conglomerate, will relocate its global headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina, in Mecklenberg County, creating 750 new jobs by the end of 2024. This blog is one of an ongoing series that examines the technology talent gap by major metro area serviced by Genesis10. Coming up we will also be looking at Austin, Des Moines and Kansas City, among others.

Retail: Seasonal Hiring


Traditional retail shopping will remain strong, fueling the need for workers: 72% of US retail sales will still occur in brick-and-mortar stores through 2024 47% of consumers say they shop in-store to test products and 38% like to walk away with an item after purchasing. Welcome.