Iman Abuzeid: CEO and Co-founder of Incredible Health on Raising VC Money and Disrupting Healthcare

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At the same time — my co-founder’s (a software engineer) sisters are nurses and were saying: “I’m experienced and qualified but it still takes me three months to find a job.” The market overall is experiencing severe labor shortages: By 2024 we are going to be 1 million nurses short.

Traditional male-dominated careers still find few takers in women

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It has taken generations and a prolonged fight by women to get to equal representation rights at the workplace for women. percent through 2024. Of course, women’s basketball, football, and similar leagues have women administrators and coaches.

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Reimagining Education: What About Your Grandchildren’s Grandchildren?

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Still others have the opportunity to create “ pandemic school pods ” with private tutors and sports coaches to continue learning. If only a select group of young people have access to athletic training and development now, what does that mean for professional sports and the Olympics in 2024?

What this Weekend’s Fastest Marathon of All-Time Taught us About Business

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When researchers from Australia crunched data from marathon world records over the past 60 years, they concluded that there was a 10 percent likelihood that the two-hour mark would be fall in May of 2032, and just a 5 percent chance it would happen by 2024.”

The Key to Hiring Top Software Engineers Isn’t More Money


With demand for technical workers soaring , and an expected job growth rate of 17% by 2024, hiring software engineers is no easy task. Megan strongly believes that providing “a quick ‘no’ is better than no response at all.”

Use This Step-by-Step Guide to Find Employee Personas


Personalization is forecasted to be a USD 3000 million industry by 2024. CEOs started delivering talks at universities where their ideal candidates were already enrolled, which brought brand awareness while internship programs cemented loyalty early.

The Trap of Getting Back to Normal in the Pandemic

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Indeed, some of the states to open early onward have already reimposed some restrictions , showing that as I predicted way back at the start of the pandemic, we will be facing rolling waves of restrictions and shutdowns, and need to focus much more on virtual interactions.