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Key Human Resources (HR) Pillars: Your 101 Guide

Analytics in HR

A department : The HR department manages all HR activities, including recruitment, onboarding, compensation, development, performance management, and employee relations. HR as the workforce : Human resources are essentially the employees of the organization. Confidentiality of any surveys is key!

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Human Resources Generalist: Required Job Duties and Skills

Heyyy HR!

Employee relations: HR Generalists are responsible for maintaining positive employee relations. They listen to employee complaints and seek solutions to resolve conflicts. They also conduct employee evaluations and provide feedback to employees.


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Outsourcing HR Functions: Is it Worthwhile?


Hiring a large team means that you should pay their salaries, benefits, workers’ compensation and create a large workspace to accommodate them. Below are HR functions that should be outsourced. Employee relations – The HR department should ensure that your business complies with all labor laws.

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15 Job Titles for Human Resources: A Comprehensive HR Job List

Analytics in HR

HR Specialist Job description An HR Specialist is someone who performs specific HR functions like recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits, or employee relations. It is common for an HR Specialist to be involved in recruitment and employment, training and development, and employee relations.

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Employee complaints: What to address and what to ignore

Business Management Daily

Discrimination. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission processes about 80,000 job discrimination complaints each year. Many employee complaints are not things that require formality and involvement from the HR department. Still, offering a chance to present these gripes and annoyances can build better employee relations.

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How to handle compensation during uncertain times


When businesses go through a crisis resulting in abnormal (or interrupted) operations and significant economic challenges, many companies look to their compensation budgets as an obvious means of cutting costs. Creative compensation strategies for struggling businesses in crisis. Hiring freezes. Pay reductions. Other considerations.

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Conducting an HR Audit – Review, Identify, Improve

CCI Consulting

Essentially, HR audits are an efficient tool used to improve processes like recruitment, retention, onboarding, training, salary and compensation, payroll, performance management, and many more common practices within an HR department.