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Ask the Evil HR Lady: How do I prevent salary harassment?


Q: I have an employee, Heidi, who continually asks others for their salary info. Some people don’t want to discuss it and tell her that, but she won’t stop asking! I want to give her a supervisory directive to quit bugging people, but I also know she has the right to discuss this. What is the correct terminology I should use here? You’re right that Heidi absolutely has the right to tell all her coworkers her salary.

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9 Inspiring Diversity and Inclusion Statement Examples

Analytics in HR

Diversity and inclusion statements help your organization show your stance on DEIB and how you live it at your workplace. It’s a great way to showcase your diversity and inclusion mission to your employees, candidates, business partners, and everyone involved with or interested in your company. It’s also an increasingly important tool to attract talent from diverse backgrounds to your company.


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Hiring In a Recession: 3 Strategies for Business Resilience


The global economic climate is in a precarious state, with experts now predicting a 70% likelihood that the U.S. will enter a recession this year. No doubt, this news is unsettling for business owners. But it’s important to remember that recessions are a natural part of ongoing economic cycles. They can even present opportunities for […].

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HR Goals and Objectives 2023

HR Lineup

Human resources (HR) plays a crucial role in the success of any organization. As the department responsible for managing and developing the workforce, it is essential that HR goals and objectives are aligned with the overall strategy and goals of the company. With the fast-paced changes in technology, globalization, and shifting workforce demographics, HR professionals must be adaptable and proactive in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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AI & DEI: With Great Opportunities Comes Great HR Responsibility

Speaker: Jen Kirkwood - Partner, Responsible HR & AI at IBM and World Economic Forum Executive Fellow

The promise of AI for today’s organizations is real, yet in a frenzied state of experimentation, many stumble to get to a full-scale enterprise. As companies race to discover what generative AI can do, HR must lead conversations about how to balance cutting-edge innovations with integrity, trust, and diversity. Globally, organizations are at a critical intersection of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and AI acceleration.

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Inflation and Salaries - what HR managers should know | HR Cloud

HR Cloud

Human resource (HR) managers face a difficult balancing act when it comes to salaries: On one hand, no employer wants to pay more than necessary for talents and positions. On the other hand, staff must feel that their salary is competitive in order to stay motivated and happy with their current career choices. Staying up-to-date on inflation and salaries can help HR managers make sure they are offering competitive salaries while keeping costs in check.

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The Complete Guide To Employee Check-Ins

HR Lineup

Employee check-ins are a crucial part of any business, as they provide managers and supervisors with an opportunity to assess employee performance, provide feedback, and identify any issues that may be impacting productivity or job satisfaction. These check-ins can take many forms, from formal evaluations to informal conversations, and can be conducted on a regular basis or as needed.

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Temporary Worker


Temping is a quick and flexible way to get a new person into your business. Whether this is to fill a gap in staffing, help clear a backlog of work, or assist with a new project, a temp candidate can be an immediate and effective solution. In fact, the number of temporary workers in the UK rose by 63,000 in 2022 , showing how valuable the impact of temporary staff can be for businesses up and down the country.

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A Guide On How To Calculate The Employee Turnover Rate

Vantage Circle

Continued focus on (employee) turnover is of critical importance, because of the direct relation of turnover to improvements in labor costs and guest satisfaction. ~ Finley Peter Dunne. "Employee turnover" is a word that makes HR practitioners' hearts skip a beat. But no matter how disappointed an HR gets after hearing the word, it is a natural, inevitable phenomenon that occurs in every organization.

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Solidifying a Supply Chain of Talent


Quick look: Employers focus primarily on growth strategies for their companies. Therefore, unexpected challenges like the Great Resignation aren’t typically on their radar until faced head-on with the problem. Now, maintaining a steady pipeline of talent is an integral part of strategic growth and business leaders are looking at ways they can benefit from the help of a PEO.

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Early Tenure Turnover: Stop the Revolving Door of Hires

Speaker: Dr. Craig Ellis, Head of I-O Psychology, HighMatch

Are you facing a revolving door of hires, especially within their first 90 days of employment? In this webinar, Dr. Craig Ellis, a leading industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologist, offers insights and strategies to unravel the mystery behind early tenure turnover. Identify the root causes of early attrition to mitigate turnover’s impact in the first 12 months.

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The Retail Industry’s Evolving Employment Landscape

Sterling Check

Over the last few years, the retail industry has undergone significant change which has had a major impact on employment levels in the sector. From the rise of e-commerce, technological innovation, and the Covid-19 pandemic, retailers have experienced fluctuating hiring demands. Despite these fluctuations, the industry, which currently employs over 20 million people domestically , has experienced a 2.7% growth in employment.

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Add Self-Evaluations to the Performance Review Process | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

We’re all familiar with semi-annual or annual performance reviews — managers rate direct reports’ performance, discuss their ratings with their employees, and then it’s all over until the next evaluation. But time and again, research finds that traditional employee performance reviews aren’t meeting employees’ or managers’ expectations and often, they’re causing more harm than good.

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10 vital HR metrics to track for your business

Business Management Daily

Human resources analytics, a relatively new discipline, is growing at an extraordinary rate and is quickly becoming an essential competency for HR professionals, according to Dr. Michele Rigolizzo, an assistant professor at the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University. She teaches human resources courses and a new STEM-designated Master of Science in Human Resources Analytics online business program.

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5 Step Guide: Create a Winning Employee Development Plan (Checklist)


Employee development is essential to an organization’s success, although numerous businesses fail to establish effective strategies. According to research, just 24% of employees believe their present position allows them to utilise their talents and competencies. This lack of staff involvement and growth can result in lower productivity, greater employee turnover , and an inability to assume leadership responsibilities.

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Bridging the Gap: The Intersection of DEI Initiatives and Employee Benefits

Speaker: Jaye Johnson, CBP

Unlock the secrets to transforming your organization’s employee benefits into a strategic tool for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). During this informative session, we will discuss common pitfalls in traditional benefits and then delve into the essence of DEI in employee-centric benefit offerings. This involves not only defining DEI in the workplace but also understanding the pivotal role that employee benefits play in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

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Heads Up: These Employees Have Zero Interest in Learning and Career Growth


We often hear that learning and development is one of the keys to retaining employees, because they value it so much. But what about those employees who have virtually no interest in learning? In our new learning research, we see that employees who score themselves as low on the belonging spectrum are eight times more likely to say they aren’t interested in any type of workplace learning.

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What is People Analytics? | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

Data-driven decision-making is not a new concept in business — but it hasn’t always been easy to apply it to human resources. It’s not always obvious which HR metrics are most important to track, not to mention which software option is the right analytics tool for your organization. From our desire to identify and track these metrics and use them to inform better HR outcomes, a new term has emerged: people analytics.

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WorkTango Employee Spotlight: John D., Principal Infrastructure Engineer


Here at WorkTango, we’re on a mission to make (work) lives better, and we couldn’t do what we do without the incredible team behind our powerful employee experience software. For our next feature in our WorkTango Employee Spotlight blog series, we are highlighting John D., our Principal Infrastructure Engineer, who has been with the company for almost 5 years!

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DecisionWise Releases 2022 Employee Engagement Top Performer Award Winners


Annual Employee Engagement Award Recognizes Organizations That Have Achieved Outstanding Levels of Employee Engagement. UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023/ / — A global leader in helping transform organizations through employee feedback for 20+ years, DecisionWise released today the winners of its 2022 Employee Engagement Top Performer Award.Organizations were selected based on the results of employee engagement surveys conducted in 2022.

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Delivering DEI Training That Drives Real Change

Speaker: Jeffrey Hall, Chief Creative Office of WILL Interactive

Great DEI training improves engagement, retention, and teamwork. Poor training does little. What content areas are right for our organization? How can you construct training around empathy-building, relatable stories for a positive disposition to hard topics? We’ll cover the latest research on how to make training that actually delivers attitudinal and behavioral shifts.

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4 Ways to Support Women in the Workforce


Happy 2023! Often, as the new year rolls in, people proclaim that the new year consists of 365 days of new opportunities, and that is a valid statement. Unfortunately for many women employees, the new year continues workplace challenges that did not end on December 31st. Let’s take a look at the new year in a mathematical view. A typical calendar year is 365 days, and the average person working a full-time job will work approximately 260 of those 365 days which is 71.2% of the year.

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IRS Memo Signals Importance of Proper Employee Classification in ACA Compliance

ACA Times

The Department of Labor (DOL) and IRS recently issued an updated memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding the way the two agencies identify and enforce employee misclassifications. The agencies make clear…. The post IRS Memo Signals Importance of Proper Employee Classification in ACA Compliance first appeared on The ACA Times.

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5 Ways to Reduce Regrettable Turnover and Keep Valued Employees


Each time your organization loses a great employee, it hurts. Though some regrettable turnover is inevitable and expected, when too many of those losses start stacking up, the entire employee experience can topple over like dominoes. The impact of employee turnover—particularly regrettable turnover—can be felt throughout a company, from dips in productivity to wounded team morale.

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Everyone’s Talking About Their Layoffs: Why Employers Should Be Listening

Intoo USA

The current era of radical candor has changed the way we talk about layoffs. At one time, when someone was laid off, they kept it a secret except to those closest to them. Being laid off carried with it an aura of shame, which was unfortunate, given that being let go from a company is no fault of the employee’s. For anyone who’s been on LinkedIn in the last couple of years, it would be obvious that those days are gone.

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Are There Gaps in Your HR Policies?

Putting the right HR policies in place can help your organization grow smoothly and help your company culture thrive. Use this essential HR checklist to cover the basics and make sure there aren’t any gaps in your HR functions.

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Is DX evolving in the workplace? Our survey says yes


When businesses move to this new post-COVID era of remote and hybrid work (or are we still mid-COVID?), work processes are bound to change. And one significant adaptation is the introduction or increase of digital capabilities – with 28.2% citing DX as a change triggered by the shift to hybrid / remote work. What does that mean? Increased DX means an evolution of the workplace.

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Changes in Management HR Should Consider In 2023

HR Digest

It’s no news that the business world will experience changes in management in 2023. And HR is going to have to keep up. The new year is here, so it’s time for HR professionals to start thinking about how they’ll be ready for the future. HR leaders are always looking for ways to improve their employees’ lives and the company’s bottom line.

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5 Examples of Inclusive Recruiting Practices


Having a diverse team is good for your bottom line. Companies with a more diverse workforce experience 36% more returns than non-diverse ones. Plus, 76% of candidates and employees from different backgrounds prefer to work for co.s focused on inclusive culture. If you want to build your DEI hiring strategy, here are 5 examples of inclusive recruiting practices to start with: 1.

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Different leadership theories and how they are applied?


Leadership theory is the application of different theories in order to understand effective leadership. Each theory has been developed by those who have studied leadership behavior and examines what qualities make a good leader and how they apply to different situations. The following list includes some of the most common leadership theories, including their main characteristics.

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Managing Your Recruitment Agency Spend in 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by a juggling act of internal recruiting, agency relationships, and direct hire spend? You’re not alone. In today’s competitive talent landscape, building a dream team requires strategic orchestration. Recruiting agencies and search firms provide invaluable services, but managing them effectively alongside your internal team can pose unique challenges.

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Recruiter Advice that You Should Ignore

Evil HR Lady

This morning I got sucked into watching Facebook reels. The offspring inform me that these are just old TikToks, and I should go straight to TikTok, but I’m an old lady who likes Facebook and always regrets clicking on reels, and yet I still do it. Anyway, a lovely woman described herself as an ex-corporate recruiter and would tell you the secrets to job hunting.

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I dated someone who was using me to get back at his ex-wife … who turned out to be my boss

Ask a Manager

This post, I dated someone who was using me to get back at his ex-wife … who turned out to be my boss , was written by Alison Green and published on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I have a question about something that happened to me a number of years ago. From time to time, I remember everything that went down and I wonder to myself if I reacted the right way or how things could have been different.

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5 Ways to Create Productivity and Success in Your Remote Team


Three years into a post-COVID world, it looks like remote work is here to stay. Some organizations have employees who work remotely full-time, while others spend part of the time remote and part of the time in the office. Either way, a remote workforce presents particular challenges that require careful management. Here are some best practices to mitigate the risks and challenges for remote workers. 1.