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Her work is regularly featured at as the Employee Benefits expert, ADP Thrive,, PayScale’s Compensation Today, Dale Carnegie Institute, HR Gazette, HR Magazine, Social-Hire, and US News Careers. Tess C.

Seven Steps to Meaningful Diversity and Inclusion Metrics


In the world of business, metrics hold a special place—and rightfully so. A lot of D&I practitioners may gleefully note that there is no lack of metrics in the diversity and inclusion space—but which will move the needle on performance? Recently, i4cp assembled a collection of some of the top D&I metrics used by high-performance organizations—those considered leaders in profitability, revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction over a five-year period.

The Most Important Metric


This from a Letter to the Editor in the August 15th CIO magazine:I believe the most important metric to a successful organization might in fact be the "laugh metric." Pause and count the number of times you hear laughter - jolly, heartfelt laughter - in your organizations during the course of the day. I would bet my salary that the financial performance of any given company is directly

The Happy-to-Grumpy Metric


There''s a nice article on metrics in last month''s (June 2007) CFO magazine. The article brought up my favorite financial ratio - the "Happy to Grumpy" ratio which Wells Fargo uses to measure actively engaged employees to the actively disengaged. Says Wells Fargo''s CFO Howard Atkins, We want to measure what drives our results, and that includes team-member engagement. That measure might not get

HR Metrics Guru


In the August issue of HR Executive Magazine, Jac Fitz-enz, HR metrics guru was asked what is the most underused or underappreciated HR metric. His answer: Turnover. As he explains it: "Most people know their turnover rate, but not how it is affecting them. It doesn''t make much difference how many people are leaving, per se. The issue is, who is leaving, at what point in their tenure, for

Tyler, the Creator is in full bloom

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What are the metrics to say something is massive or niche? That’s the beauty of existing now, and that’s why I feel like Tyler wins, because the metric is based upon his own personal success, not how it looks in one of these particular dimensions.”

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One problem with measurement

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As I flew to Texas over the weekend I read an article in Wired magazine about one of the problems with measurement. metrics motivation intrinsic motivation measurementMeasuring something may decrease the intrinsic motivation to do something.

Wellness Programs: On Life Support?


In my second posting on ideas presented in Human Resource Executive magazine, a brief news story entitled “Are Wellness Initiatives a Waste of Time?” Included in the list of reasons for why firms’ struggle to demonstrate true business impact of such programs is the absence of objective metrics, […]. Uncategorized SuccessFactors wellness metrics workforce analytics

Is Your Time and Attendance Data Relevant to Your HR Objectives?

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Your managers can quantify that time and attendance and make performance reviews more objective, tying pay raises to metrics. Take, for example, what Wired Magazine calls “ The Internet of Me ” –– this fancy title is all about personalized relevance.

Strategically Managing Manufacturing Skills Gaps With Learning Analytics


According to Training magazine’s most recent Training Industry Report, “total 2017 U.S. This kind of strategic planning can’t be accomplished with isolated metrics like learning completions or learner satisfaction scores.

How You Can Become a Simply Irresistible Organization

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The articles talk about developing outstanding products, killer marketing strategies, and focusing on metrics and numbers. Also be sure to check out Josh’s writing on , LinkedIn and Chief Learning Officer magazine.

The Bamboo Project Blog: Is An Online Identity Necessary and What Should You Do to Maintain It?

The Bamboo Project Blog

A few days ago, I posted on transparency and an excellent article in WIRED magazine on The See-Through CEO. Contrary to the woman you refer to in your post, some of the most desired attributes employers look for cannot be measured with typical markers and metrics.

A New Definition of Employee Engagement: Think Of It Like Your Health

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Use whatever metrics you want to measure it, but keep in mind that no one data point totally captures the essence of engagement. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think magazine models are pictures of health. What exactly is employee engagement?

Hireology Ranked #602 on 2018 Inc. 5000 List


magazine after they have fully vetted all applicants. Hireology’s integrated hiring and talent management platform empowers small and medium-sized businesses to build their best teams through a proven hiring process and insight into hiring success metrics.

HRO Today Releases Annual Worker Confidence Report

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Philadelphia, PA – March 13, 2019 – SharedXpertise, publisher of HRO Today Magazine , in collaboration with Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing, has released the Worker Confidence Index Annual Report for 2018.

Four Questions Strategic HR Pros Ask to Drive a Culture of Ethics in Financial Services


How to Link Workforce Metrics With Business Outcomes, Part Four. But it’s “more than all those carefully drafted corporate values statements and ethics codes—it’s the way things really work,” writes Dori Meinert in this HR Magazine article.

How to Scale Culture: Notes from #GDSummit


Pick up any magazine or read any news article and you’ll quickly see that culture is purely about ping pong tables, free beer in the office fridge, and dog-friendly work spaces. Therefore, innovation can be used as a valuable metric of engagement.

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4 Secrets to Creating an Innovation Culture


Mission-, not metric-driven strategy. Metrics — sales, profitability, market share — were the outcome of the strategy. This is the exact opposite of many companies, where achieving metrics are the definition of strategy. Originally published at Home Business Magazine. Thirty years ago I “retired” from corporate life and founded what’s now known as the Eureka! Ranch in the basement of our home.

Measuring quality of hire


There are ways for human resource managers to find the best hires and prevent turnover by using quality-of-hire metrics. These metrics are variables that set one employee apart from another. However, metrics such as company enthusiasm often cannot be quantified.

To be effective, leadership development should change

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1 Mike Prokopeak, “Follow the Leader(ship) Spending,” Chief Learning Officer Magazine, March 21, 2018, [link]. Problem-based Leadership Development Series: Part 1 of 3. Posted by Noah Rabinowitz on April 8, 2019.

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20 Employer Branding Experts You Should Add to Your LinkedIn Network


Her work with T-Mobile has helped the company build and maintain a consistent, organization-wide approach to employer branding and to identify and track the necessary metrics to understand its success.

The Best Way to Prevent Bullying

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Get the authoritative HR publication by BLR®, HR Decisions Magazine. HR Decisions Magazine offers a fresh look at the strategic issues that challenge human resource executives in today’s ever-changing business arena. Check out our bimonthly HR publication, HR Decisions Magazine.

the business impact of a winning culture [infographic]

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But did you know that recent research shows a winning culture also impacts key company performance metrics? CTA: Visit ‘a’ Magazine for more ideas on how to build a winning culture within your organization today.

Global 100 Organizations: Setting The Gold Standard for Sustainability


Toronto-Based clean energy magazine, Corporate Knights just released their 2017 Annual Global 100, which identifies companies that have scored exceptionally well based on specific sustainability and diversity KPIs.

How To Replace Your Outdated LMS: A Chat With David Wentworth of Brandon Hall Group


You recently wrote in Training Magazine that fewer organizations are deploying an LMS than before. These types of metrics need to be built into the learning from the beginning. Is the learning and development process in your organization a chore?

8 leadership myths debunked


By focusing solely on operational, financial or administrative metrics, such leaders fail to acknowledge that disrespectful relationships or a cut-throat environment decreases productivity. Find more leadership tips when you download the e-magazine The Insperity guide to leadership and management. There are persistent leadership myths that permeate our culture and quietly influence how we conduct ourselves in the workplace and beyond.

Better Internal Communications for your Workforce – Now is the Time


Also, today’s internal communications pros don’t launch new programs or content without first mapping goals and developing a strategy to measure success with data and metrics. If you’re new to the goals/data/metrics trifecta, you’re not alone.

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do businesses even need leaders?

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Every business magazine focuses on it; political republics, democracies and, unsurprisingly, dictatorships are based upon it. Given the innumerable number of blogs on the web, it might seem hard to believe, but 80% of blogs are written on the topic of leadership.

The 5 Most Effective & Tactical Solutions to Recruitment Marketing


At a minimum, you should be tracking the following metrics: Average completion time of the application. Magazine’s top 100 Leadership Speakers in the world, as well as Inc.’s This guest blog has been provided by Kevin Sheridan, best-selling author and innovator in the field of Employee Engagement. So many organizations are searching for new and more effective means of recruitment marketing.

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3 Practices for Effective Bonus Administration


HR Magazine recommends linking employee recognition tactics such as bonuses to your company values as closely as possible. Instead, use the method recommended by Small Business Trends : link bonuses to a specific outcome or metric, like profit revenue.

Opinion: Next year’s gender pay gap reports will be the true test for UK employers


“Any efforts that employers make in the next 12 months to tackle gender pay inequality won’t impact the numbers until 2020 at the earliest” We also know that the data collected is flawed and that the metrics are of limited use. She was previously deputy editor at People Management magazine.

Use These 18 Job Boards to Keep Compliant


Since the changes to the OFCCP guidance in 2014, there is more focus on the metrics behind good faith efforts. This is why having hard metrics to support your good faith efforts as well as your source of hire is extremely important.

Measuring Office Space for the Agile Worker

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by Bob Fox, Fox Architects and Workspace Design Magazine. Is there only one metric? For as long as I can remember, the square footage of space has been the primary metric in the real estate and construction world. The standard metric concept assumes each person “owns” and occupies his/her individual workstation real estate, but this approach says nothing about the performance of workers who are more agile, or who are working remotely and moving among different locations.

Is worker confidence on the rise?

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Worker confidence increased a bit in the last quarter of 2017, according to a recent annual study by HRO Today magazine and Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing. The metric currently stands at 103.2 The Worker Confidence Index (WCI) measures U.S. employment security from the perspective of the employees themselves, based on approximately 3,000 online interviews per quarter. .

The Myth of Being a “Highly Selective Employer”

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I read something interesting from Time magazine and college admissions at highly selective colleges. Which I can argue is another very subjective metric in most organizations, but at least it’s a start. We all think about it, don’t we? We all want to believe in this notion that we only hire the best and brightest. We only hire the highest quality candidates. We are ‘highly’ selective!