Organizing the Perfect Workshop

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A workshop is one of the most efficient ways to learn new skills, polish or improve an existing skill, or bring back to memory a forgotten skill. Unlike a seminar or a lecture, where the emphasis is usually on pushing information to the audience, a workshop relies primarily on the audience actively practicing a skill. Most probably, a good deal of you have already been to a workshop (or at least a seminar, or a lecture). How can you organize and lead the perfect workshop?

5 Happiness Workshop Activities That Boost Team Success

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Now take a moment to imagine: what would work be like if, instead of feeling negative and stressed, you felt more positive, creative, productive, resilient and engaged? One way to maximize the happiness and productivity of your team is to specifically set aside time to apply research-based strategies. At Happy Brain Science, we have curated many activities that we facilitate in our workshop The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work.

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Entelo Launches Brand New Diversity in Recruiting Workshop


Our data supports these trends, as we are seeing: The highest spike in diversity recruiting searches our product has ever seen. We are extremely proud to announce today that we are launching our first ever Diversity in Recruiting workshop to support you.

Hireology CEO Leading Three Workshops at NADA Show 2019


The annual show brings together automotive industry leaders, manufacturers, exhibitors and other key players to learn the latest tools, tactics and industry trends, see the hottest new automotive products and technologies, and make important connections with one another. At this year’s show, Hireology co-founder and CEO, Adam Robinson will lead three educational workshops focused on helping dealerships attract and hire quality employees.

Wellbeing Workshop: Mental Health at Work


With Mental Health Awareness week fast approaching, here at Hibob we thought what better opportunity to host a ‘Wellbeing in the Workplace’ workshop and breakfast, all the way up in East London’s very own cosy and calming Shoreditch Treehouse. It results in higher productivity, being more resilient. The post Wellbeing Workshop: Mental Health at Work appeared first on bob.

Top 5 HR Risks for Small Business – Breakfast Workshop


As a Small Business Month partner, we are holding a breakfast workshop specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses in NSW. Register now for this free and informative workshop on Thursday, 11 October 2018 at 7:30AM to 8:30AM.

A Design Conundrum: Employee Engagement and a 2-Day Employee Value Proposition Workshop

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Last year I was invited by an Asian client to propose a two day workshop on an employee value proposition. Because of other circumstances I was unable to deliver the workshop. Workshop Overview. The annual economic toll of this lost productivity around the globe is over $600 billion dollars. The workshop will help you address the real issues and challenges you face in engaging, retaining, and developing staff. The workshop will help to improve where you work.

5 Ways to Build a Highly Engaged Company Culture

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Employee Engagement & Retention employee motivation employee productivity management workshops management training employee engagement happy employees employee retentionBy Greg Barnett.

5 Tips for Holding Effective Staff Meetings

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Employee Engagement & Retention Team Development team work employee motivation employee productivity managing management workshops management training employee engagement happy employeesBy Jillian Phipps.

Different Ways Hobbies Can Help Employees Be More Productive at Work

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Also read: 5 Happiness Workshop Activities That Boost Team Success. Hobbies can help employees in many ways, including in maintaining a high level of productivity at work. Better time management will easily translate to better work productivity too. The post Different Ways Hobbies Can Help Employees Be More Productive at Work appeared first on Hppy. Employee engagement Productivity

Take coffee breaks with your team to improve productivity


Time-waster or productivity booster? Face-to-face interaction is one of the main things that predicts productivity , (to sum up the research findings of some very intelligent Social Scientists at MIT’s Human Dynamics Lab.). Taking mental breaks gives you clarity, and according to MIT – if you spend breaks with others your productivity will soar. My hobby – coffee snobbery – keeps me productive.

What to Say When Your Inner Critic Challenges Your Productivity

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And for some of us, productivity is getting the same treatment. If we do not squeeze every second of value out of our gradually increasing daylight hours by doing something “productive”, we somehow feel like failures, quarantine notwithstanding.

Virtual Client Retention Strategies leverage Sincerity not Scripting

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Ponder how clients have more on their minds these days than buying your products and services. Developing virtual client retention strategies always is mission-critical. Especially in moving “yesterday’s” business and client acquisition models forward. Where? Towards what’s next: tomorrow and future-forward.

LightStarters: New Design Process Improves Product, Productivity, and Customer Satisfaction

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The framework, named LightStarters , places fierce focus on customer-centric product design, reduces meetings, helps teams collaborate better, delivers a higher quality product for customers, and does it all faster and more efficiently than ever.

To retain Customers focus on People Value instead of Products

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Retain customers by focusing on people value instead of just on products and services. When customer experience is on the receiving end of increased employee churn rates, the only constant customers rely on is product and service performance integrity. And I am talking about more complex performance scenarios, rather than acquiring customers only because you offer the lowest price for commodity products. When customers complain about products and/or your people?

Why Happy Employees Are More Productive


Happiness and high productivity go hand in hand. A study by the University of Warwick found that happiness makes employees about 12% more productive. Why Happiness = High Productivity. Let’s dive into the five main reasons why happy employees are more productive. Recognize employees’ hard work, which can boost happiness, engagement, and productivity by 14%. Forbes, “Employees Need Purpose More Than Pay to Be Happy and Productive” [link].

Will Customers evaluate Your Storytelling Credibility?

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Mismatched stories create disbelief, instead of confidence, in your products, services and outcomes. Engage me to speak or conduct a workshop at your next corporate or association event. Babette Ten Haken’s One Millimeter Mindset keynote storytelling for customer retention speaking programs and workshops focus on innovative strategies and tactics for business growth, workforce profitability and professional development.

Leveraging Data and Story to engage Decision Makers

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Clearly, data is frequently used by sales teams to justify initial purchase of your organization’s products and services. Do you anticipate the unasked questions which engage decision makers in productive and profitable conversations? How comfortable are you incorporating story into your data to engage and retain decision makers? However, what’s the story behind all that data? Does your data, on its own, drive client engagement and customer experience? .

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7 Productivity Drains That Impact Your Business


Are you running out of ideas as to how to boost workplace productivity? You’ve armed your staff with state-of-the-art gadgets and software, signed them up for the latest workshops and webinars, and outfitted their workspaces with the most modern furniture. In your quest to improve the effectiveness of their productive effort, you think you’ve done all you can to improve productivity. Does your company culture encourage productivity? Paper Hampers Productivity.

This may be the key to increasing employee productivity: Financial education at work

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Financial stress contributes to lost productivity, increased absences and healthcare claims, higher turnover and costs associated with workers who cannot afford to retire on time, the report also found. ———————————————————— When employees spend time worrying about their personal finances, productivity is what takes the biggest hit.

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Top 13 Remote Work Tools For Better Productivity


It has evolved to become much smoother, more dependable and most importantly, employees find it increases their productivity levels. 86% of the workforce finds itself more productive when working from home. These remote working tools top leading product comes packed with plenty of handy features that make work from home and team collaboration a smooth sail. The post Top 13 Remote Work Tools For Better Productivity appeared first on CuteHR.

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Why Selling Pressure impedes Service Delivery Quality

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In taking my storytelling speaking programs and workshops to organizations and associations like yours, I constantly hear about how you are trying to do more. Babette’s programs are forged from her own background leading teams simultaneously requiring left-brain mindset for clinical research and e-commerce, as well as right-brain thinking for new product development, market research and sales.

The Story of Why You Prefer working in Departmental Silos

Babette Ten Haken - Professional Development

Babette Ten Haken’s One Millimeter Mindset Storytelling for STEM Professionals and Left Brain Thinkers speaking programs and workshops are created for organizations and associations, like yours, who want to catalyze employee stakeholder success and customer retention. She continuously facilitated outcomes in teams comprised of both left-brain and right-brain thinkers in new product development, market research and sales. Well, isn’t the answer to the question obvious?

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Want to Be More Productive? Help Your People Adapt and Feel Better

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Last week I did a workshop for a client who recognized that her people needed extra support to accommodate and resolve some of their stresses about security, managing numerous and new priorities from both home and job, and staying even-keeled enough to get their work done. The majority of your team members are likely to be more stressed right now than you’ve ever known them to be. You’re probably more stressed too.

Time Saving Tips That Will Help Increase Your Productivity

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Last month, I was leading a workshop on managing conflict. But whimsical distractions can quickly gnaw away at your productivity. Consider your peak productivity times It’s typically best to schedule office hours outside of your peak productivity times. Use your most productive times of the day to do your most intense work. One question came up time and time again: “How do I say 'no' so I can get my work done?”

Time Saving Tips That Will Help Increase Your Productivity

Dr. Nadine

Last month, I was leading a workshop on managing conflict. But whimsical distractions can quickly gnaw away at your productivity. Consider your peak productivity times It’s typically best to schedule office hours outside of your peak productivity times. Use your most productive times of the day to do your most intense work. One question came up time and time again: “How do I say 'no' so I can get my work done?”

Time Saving Tips That Will Help Increase Your Productivity

Dr. Nadine

Last month, I was leading a workshop on managing conflict. But whimsical distractions can quickly gnaw away at your productivity. Consider your peak productivity times. It’s typically best to schedule office hours outside of your peak productivity times. Use your most productive times of the day to do your most intense work. One question came up time and time again: “How do I say 'no' so I can get my work done?”

What’s Happened to Worker Productivity?

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According to recent numbers from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), measures of worker productivity are in a slump. Over the past year, productivity (defined as output divided by hours worked) has declined 0.4%. There are technology and tools that are supposed to help us be more collaborative and productive. One argument is that all of that innovation and technology aren’t doing much to help productivity. Both likely have positive impacts on productivity.

WEBINAR: How to organize your intranet content to enhance productivity


Together with the team from Optimal Workshop , we share the secrets to achieving a superior IA for your intranet. For your intranet to succeed, content must be well organized, well structured, and intuitively labeled. In other words, your intranet needs good Information Architecture (IA). IA is the organization of content that allows users to understand where they are, and where the information they want is located on their intranet.

Keynote Speaker at SHRM Columbus 2019 HR Symposium on October 24th

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The team that was the most collaborative, connected, and productive. Discover how to build high levels of trust both internally and externally with third-parties to instantly create great working relationships, reduce conflicts and maximize productivity. Honored to be the keynote speaker at 2019 HR Symposium for the Columbus, Georgia SHRM Chapter on October 24th 2019. The theme is: RIDING THE RAPIDS OF HUMAN RESOURCES.

Are Happy People at Work Really More Productive?


Happy people at work are 12-20% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. Employee happiness significantly improves productivity. Improving employee happiness is vital to retention, productivity, and overall company success. Negative emotions detrimentally impact productivity at work. And major stresses, like divorce or death, can affect productivity for up to two years. Encourage your employees to take regular meditation breaks to boost productivity.


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I will host a group Zoom workshop for program overview and interview for all who are qualified and interested within the next 5 – 10 days. So this week, many families started to be in “closure” mode: Schools close so kids study from home. Offices close so parents work remotely. My family is not an exception: my husband and I get work done and our 10-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter now have home school in our one apartment.

Learning And Leadership For Business Agility, Low Office Productivity, A Look Into Facebook’s Go-To Management Manual And Overcoming Resistance To Change #FridayFinds

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Angel Diaz-Maroto, Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Agile Leadership Educator at Agile training and coaching firm Agilar, will also be running a workshop for the Scrum Alliance’s Certified Agile Leadership program. Only 7 Percent of Office Workers Are Productive (but Most Are Miserable). A recent FlexJobs survey of 3,100 professionals found that only seven percent reported they were most productive when working in the office.

How to Keep Your Team Happy and Productive

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Happy employees are more efficient and productive, and they tend to stick around longer than their unhappy counterparts. This is why it is important to learn effective strategies to keep your team happy and productive! Happy employees are more productive. Happy employees are more efficient and productive, and they tend to stick around longer than their unhappy counterparts. The last stat is the kicker: Happy employees are 50% more productive.

Kevin Crawford: “How we experience life is product of how we process it”

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How we experience life is product of how we process it.”. During this challenging time throughout the globe, I encourage people to always bring your best self to the forefront. Show kindness, respect, and set aside anxiety. Anxiety is most counterproductive things to have in your life. Prepare yourself for potential outcomes, and exude a sense of calm and restraint.

Top 7 Ways To Help Employees Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed At Work


Whether it’s the push to complete work projects by year-end or the desire to meet the unrealistic expectations that surround the holidays, stressors from personal and professional life can intersect, impacting employees’ productivity, motivation, and health. Symptoms include a lack of energy, being mentally distant from the job, feeling cynical or negative about work, and being less productive. This time of year, it’s common to feel overwhelmed at work.

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Workplace Wellness Programs Linked to Increased Productivity: Here’s Why


Are you looking for ways to help your team members become more productive? While you likely know that workplace wellness programs offer many benefits to organizations and individuals (such as reduced absenteeism and health insurance costs), the impact of these programs on an employee’s productivity may surprise you. Researchers studied a wellness program and found that all employees who participated improved productivity an average of one full workday per month!

How to Work Smarter and Be More Productive

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In a new book, The Secret to Peak Productivity: A Simple Guide to Reaching Your Personal Best , Myles outlines her strategy to better organization and productivity using a what she calls a "personal productivity system." In my workshops, people hope to uncover a big secret about being more productive and getting organized.

Stand Up-Sit Down Meeting Energizer

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If you’ve ever hosted a day-long meeting or workshop, you know that even the best gatherings sometimes experience a dip in energy. You may also enjoy Adult Learning and Training Workshops – It’s Not an Oxymoron. Training Delivery ProductivityTo reboot the vigor in the conference room, here’s a quick and easy meeting energizer that helps revitalize people without being too cheesy. It works best with a group of at least ten people.

Change: A Love Story

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For a week, we worked remotely at our very different jobs from my mom’s workshop, surrounded by heavy machinery, spiders, and kayaks. Thriving in the New Normal Wisdom coping with change Coronavirus moving product: immunity thrive zp challenge