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Leave This Seminar With the Compliance Answers You Need


Don’t be after you attend CalChamber’s popular “Leaves of Absence: Making Sense of It All” seminar. Navigating the different leaves available to California employees is always a hot topic for California employers,” says Erika Pickles, seminar co-presenter and CalChamber employment law counsel.

Know What’s New for 2016 by Attending CalChamber’s Employment Law Updates Seminar


For clear explanations of your employer obligations, take a seat at one of CalChamber’s 2016 Employment Law Updates seminars in January. You’ll find a lot of compliance guidance packed into this annual half-day seminar in locations throughout California. agrees: “I regularly attend CalChamber’s Employment Law Updates seminar and always learn something new. 2016 Employment Law Updates Seminar. General 2016 employment laws seminars

Seminar Makes Sense of Leaves of Absence Compliance


Find clarity and guidance when you attend CalChamber’s upcoming seminar in Sacramento (May 6) and San Diego (June 16). Ready with answers, their conversational and engaging instruction lets you ask questions throughout the seminar. This seminar is approved for HRCI credit hours (California), as well as MCLE credit hours. The post Seminar Makes Sense of Leaves of Absence Compliance appeared first on HRWatchdog by HRWatchdog.

Ideal Seminar If You’re New to Human Resources or Want a Refresher


From hiring through termination, build your decision-making confidence at one of CalChamber’s popular HR Boot Camp seminars. Our employment law experts Erika Frank and Jessica Hawthorne explain core fundamentals of the employment life cycle, in addition to discussing compliance requirements, policies and best practices — with the opportunity to ask questions throughout the seminar. This seminar is approved for both HRCI and MCLE credit hours.

Sick Leave Continues to Cause Confusion


It’s January; time for the annual road trip up and down the state to talk with employers about California’s new laws at CalChamber’s Employment Law Updates seminars. General employment law update paid sick leave seminarAlthough the weather may differ between the north and south (this week it is rain in the north and sunshine in the south), one storm that all employers continue to weather is how to comply with California’s paid sick leave (PSL) law.

It’s the Small Things That Make a Great Leader

TLNT: The Business of HR

Over the past few weeks, I get these notifications of leadership development seminars that promise to make you a terrific and dynamic leader: Uncategorized FeaturedLeadership development is slowly becoming like late night TV ads.


CalChamber to Offer HR Boot Camp Seminars


Seminars will concentrate on an HR workout for these core strengths: Hiring, including I-9 verification and criminal background checks; Employee access to personnel files; Wage and hour; exempt/nonexempt classification; Meal and rest break requirements; Basics of leaves of absence, pregnancy disability leave (PDL), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California Family Rights Act (CFRA); Discrimination and harassment prevention; Discipline and termination; and.

Training Employees In-house Has Powerful.

About Human Resources

There are serious advantages to offering training internally rather than sending employees to offsite seminars and classes. Find out how to train in-house

Upcoming Seminar in Sacramento and Huntington Beach Just Makes Sense


Make sense of it all when you attend CalChamber’s upcoming seminar in Sacramento (April 14) and Huntington Beach (June 23). This seminar is approved for HRCI recertification, SHRM professional development and MCLE credit hours.

Join me for a free ACA / ADA / FMLA event next month!

The Employer Handbook

We’re presenting two free , live seminars to help you tackle your ACA, ADA, and FMLA issues. Do employee-leave issues and ACA woes have you feeling like this ? Well, next month, my friends at Kistler Tiffany and I have got your back.

Get the Feedback You Need By ‘Mentioning the Unmentionable’

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A manager at a constructive conversations seminar I was giving shared a great example of what I believe is one of the most powerful communication devices for getting to heart of an issue.

EEOC Offers EEO Training Courses Across the Country


According to its seminar brochure, the training courses cover the following topics from the experts who enforce the laws: Affirmative Action Diversity Workplace Discrimination Sex Discrimination


Voice of Lumesse

With minimal training, a lackluster onboarding program, and a throw back to when you were just a number in a 500 person deep Econ seminar at University, Career & Succession Onboarding Performance Club Culture Company Culture Culture HR Onboarding Performance

New to Human Resources or Want a Refresher?


Build your HR muscle at one of CalChamber’s upcoming HR Boot Camp seminars throughout Northern and Southern California. CalChamber’s HR Boot Camp seminars start in February.

Tell Your Company’s Succession Planning Story

HR Bartender

So when the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) asked me to participate in their succession planning seminar , I jumped at the opportunity. Before I share with you a couple of takeaways from the seminar, I want to talk a little about the seminar itself.

Should Your Ultimate Goal Be a Union-Free Workplace?

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You should expect a bevy of marketing communications trying to sell you seminars and packages on how to remain “union free.”. By Howard Mavity.

A Snapshot of Workforce Analytics Coverage in Events and Webinars


By Kouros Behzad, Director, HR Solutions (Originally posted on SAP Community Network) There is always a lot happening at SuccessFactors in terms of webinars, seminars and events and you can follow the SuccessFactors calendar of events for the latest.

4 Ways to Ask for Help From Your Network

45 Things

I have some people who I think would be interested in your leadership seminars. Can you give me some contact numbers and seminar information to send them?" Is it difficult for you to ask for help? For many people it can be tough.

New Year, New Laws to Comply With


Also, don’t miss CalChamber’s annual 2017 Employment Law Updates Seminars throughout January or attend the live webinar. Employers will need to be aware of significant changes. As we head toward the new year, don’t forget there are several new laws affecting California employers in 2017.

7 Secrets to Intrinsically Motivating Your Employees

Get Hppy

In-house seminars and classes are a great way to motivate them to do this. Motivating your employees requires more than just a bigger paycheck and a hearty pat on the back. Employee motivation strategies have to be designed to meet the specific needs of each worker.

eBook 87

Inspired By People

Ultimate Software

Each hosts several networking and social events throughout the year, including organizing Ultimate’s Inter-Office Pride Days, sponsoring seminars for Girls Who Code , and hosting barbeques for veterans. What inspires you?

creating business with a higher purpose [podcast]

O.C. Tanner

12:25 – How business leaders react to Conscious Capitalism seminars. 12:25 - How business leaders react to Conscious Capitalism seminars.

What Happened to Employee Engagement? How to Offer Development Opportunities

HR Daily Advisor

If it isn’t and employee engagement falls, the course or seminar will not have much of an impact. Examples include classroom style lectures, discussions and seminars, as well as hands-on training in the line of work. by Kes Thygesen, cofounder and head of product at RolePoint.

New York Marathon

Laurie Ruettimann

I’m a woman who attended a professional development seminar to reboot my career. First, let me eat this cookie and drink my eighth cup of hotel-seminar coffee. About six months ago, I met a guy who changed my life. Sorta. He’s an executive and an entrepreneur who wants to improve his public speaking skills. I introduced myself and shared my story. Then he told me about his background. It turns out, we both run. He is a guy with bad knees.

You Understand ACA, but your Employees Don’t [INFOGRAPHIC]


Throughout the past year, you’ve probably attended (multiple) seminars, researched like crazy and painstakingly selected a new Affordable Care Act-compliant healthcare plan for your company. Sure, things kept changing and you had to re-understand what was going on, but you finally got it down. Now you really understand ACA. Congratulations! There’s only one problem: Your […]. The post You Understand ACA, but your Employees Don’t [INFOGRAPHIC] appeared first on BambooHR Blog.

Achievers at Europe’s Largest Employee Engagement Summit: London, April 20


The third Employee Engagement Summit to be held at the Victoria Park Plaza in Central London on 20th April 2017 promises to be the biggest and best yet – with Chief Executive plenary keynotes, 45 speakers, 500 delegates, 2 seminar rooms, world-class case studies and round-table sessions.

How to Get 45+ Free HRCI Credits for the PHR or SPHR


We know how hard it is to take time away from the office to attend tradeshows, workshops, seminars, and conferences. This week I connected with a wonderful person who shared something that I just had to plug here.

Learning From Those We lead

Lisa Rosendahl

Army and in the form of classes, seminars, and certifications courses.

Three Persuasive Ideas

All Things Workplace

Did you know that participants rate educational seminars higher when they are held at a resort location? If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my axe.--Abraham Abraham Lincoln. We never outgrow our need to be persuasive.

Increase Employee Retention with Career Pathing


Formal education: Offer opportunities for the employee to attend conferences, seminars and panels. As businesses compete to attract top-notch talent, the need to retain and engage existing employees becomes increasingly important. One option: help employees with their career development.

One Day At A Time

Compensation Cafe

How many of you have ever attended a compensation conference or seminar where the speaker inspired you? Or perhaps the perception was that the seminar was a boondoggle get-away and the boss doesn't take the subject matter seriously. Can I have a show of hands?

Workers Reveal Plans to Land New Jobs in 2017, Says Survey

HR Daily Advisor

Learn something new (take more courses, training, seminars): 26% (vs. A new year means new beginnings, new opportunities, new resolutions, and for some workers, a new job.

Retaining Your Team with Career Development


These solutions can be a mix of experiential learning and formal training such as: training, mentoring, rotation programs, seminars, conferences, shadowing, and more. Employee retention is a hot-button issue for organizations in most, if not all, industries. A recent study by Steelcase has shown that only 14% of US employees are “highly engaged” and “highly satisfied”.

Lawsuit highlights the risk of unpaid training time

Ohio Employer's Law

Lots of opportunities exist for employees to train, take educational classes, or otherwise better themselves—inside classes, outside classes, seminars, lectures, and continuing education requirements, to name a few.