The Gift of Dissent


If everyone thinks the same thing, then someone isn't thinking hard enough


The Antidote to Small Talk


Thomas Jefferson discovered the antidote to cocktail parties, small talk, and the otherwise meaningless business and professional networking formats we've been subjected to for decades.


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Culture Chat: The Overlooked Connection Between Collegiate Design and Workplace Culture


"As companies look to recruit the best and brightest from college campuses, they are overlooking one major factor in the attraction and retention of recent graduates— incorporating campus design elements into work environments to attract young professionals.

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What is Culture Analytics?


There are tons of data being generated, but not enough insight, and not enough action. Not the right kind, anyway

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Live Webinar: What A Resume Hides – Avoid Toxic Hires with the Perfect Interview Process

It's not just the resume. In today's world, you have to screen for specific personality traits and behaviors to avoid potentially toxic hires. A toxic hire can have a perfect resume but can destroy your team, costing your business upwards of $12,000 a year. Sign up for this upcoming webinar to learn how to hire the right person, every time. Date: 1/25/18 at 11:00AM PT.

July 2017 Newsletter


Just a monthly update on our doings - stuff we're learning and sharing

Using Culture Analytics to Solve Business Problems


If "culture change" seems to daunting right now, then how about "solving problems.&

Culture Eats Innovation for Breakfast Too


Forget about culture eating strategy (which is kind of a myth). Let's focus on how your culture might be destroying your efforts to innovate

Culture is About How You Work. Engagement is Not.


It's time we start facing some truths about the bellwether workforce measure of employee engagement - what it stands for, what it tells us, and what it's doing.or our elusive pursuit of a better workplace

The Path To Creating A High-Performing Resilient Organization

Leaders who practice 'active listening' across the organization will tap into a wealth of actionable insight that would otherwise be difficult to access. Enabling and encouraging people to communicate inclusively and transparently helps to cultivate a 'listening culture'.

Managing the Contradictions in Your Culture


Don't try to sell to everyone that your culture does all the right things equally, even when they contradict. Get clear about what the priorities are--because your people already know


Stop Talking About Millennials and Start Talking With Them


Join me on December 6th at 1pm ET for a webinar panel discussion with three very smart Millennials as we discuss how this generation is viewing the workplace differently, particularly in the context of membership organizations

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Dear HR: Do You Really Want A Seat at the Table?


We've been wringing our hands for years about getting a seat at the table, but we're still not focusing on the ONE thing that will open up a seat

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Do People Really Leave Managers?


They say people don't leave organizations--they leave managers. But what if managers are simply doing what the culture expects of them


The Complete Guide to Buying an Applicant Tracking System

With 200 + offerings in the market, choosing the right applicant tracking system can be a challenge. To help, we have developed a comprehensive buying guide highlighting what you should look for along each step of the decision process. Download the guide and ensure that the ATS you choose is the right fit for your organization.

The Difference between Our Questions and Their Questions


If the data you get doesn't help you connect the dots, then maybe you're asking the wrong questions

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The Wells Fargo CEO Doesn't Understand Culture


If the CEOs out there are so much in a bubble that they believe their core values posters describe their culture in total, then maybe we shouldn't let them speak to the press

You can't fix politics, but here's something positive you can do.


We believe very strongly that every person has the capacity to feel passion and purpose for their work, and every organization has the ability to define and authentically describe "what it's like here" in a way that will attract the people who belong in that place.


Human Cultures Need Systems Too


If you want cultures that value things like innovation, collaboration, or agility, I hope you're willing to put the hard work into building the systems and processes to support those ideas

Are You Closing Candidates and Getting Them Onboarded Efficiently?

Once you choose a candidate to hire, the real work begins of trying to get them to accept your offer. And even if they do, you still need to get them onboarded efficiently. Are you doing a good job managing these steps? Take a 30-second assessment for a free evaluation of your job offer and onboarding processes.

Purpose and Passion: Why your “true calling” doesn’t have to be just one thing


For years I thought that in order for my work to really matter it had to be my passion. Or, I had to work for an organization with meaningful philanthropic mission, or simply have work that allowed me to directly make some sort of epic difference in the world.


Candy Everybody Wants: Quick and Easy Connections At Work


I conducted training at our Daxko CSI Houston location. In a fit of spontaneity, one of the Houston team members and I started coveting a jar of candy on her desk. We got into a casual conversation about which candy we liked best: my Baby Ruth vs. her Mr. Goodbar. Find out what happened next

The Real Reason Why Change is Hard


Sure, people resist change, but the real reason most change fails is because we don't support our people to move through the basic stages of the change process


On failure and being a whole person


Contrary to popular belief, people who have never failed are not superior than those who have. Do we really want to hire someone who has never failed over someone who has?

5 Key Aspects of Accurate Human Resource Management Systems Pricing

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free Human resource Management Systems software pricing guide! Don't let price confusion keep you from selecting the best HR software for your organization's needs. Download your free guide today!

The Culture Chat Podcast: Preserving Cultures that Work in the Fast-Moving Startup World


The big question we posed Dick Burke, CEO of VisaNow : “You’re a startup that has grown rapidly. As you continue to grow and evolve, what got you here, from a culture standpoint, might not get you there. What are the risks of changing so quickly?


How WorkXO Began


We're about to hit the 1-year mark, but the story of WorkXO goes back much farther than that


Dear United: I Solved Your Problems


United is an easy target these days, and I know it's a tough nut to crack, but there's one thing they MUST do first to turn things around


The Culture Chat: Caroline Miller on Grit


In this episode, we welcomed Caroline Miller, author of many books including the forthcoming Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance and Purpose.


7 Steps to Attract and Engage More Candidates

Want to improve the candidate experience of your job application and drive more candidates to apply? This guide covers: presentation of your careers page and jobs, length and complexity of your online application, application technology, and candidate acknowledgement.

Delivering on the Promise of Employee Engagement


We're spending a lot of money on employee engagement, but not getting a good return. I think I know why

The Culture Chat Podcast: The Intentional Connection Between Culture and Employer Brand


In this month's Culture Chat Podcast, we talked to Kristy Nittskoff, CEO of Talent Savvy , about how to make an intentional connection between culture and your employer brand

Unpacking the Workplace Genome: 8 Genetic Markers


Curious about how our Workplace Genome assessment tool and discovery process works? This post explores the eight Culture Markers in more detail

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The Problem with Ideal Cultures


Most culture assessments measure your current culture and an "ideal" culture in order to create a gap that you can address. Here's why that is a huge mistake


Winning An Unfair Share of Elite Talent: Recruiting Resolutions in 2018

Speaker: Jordan Burton, Founder of Burton Advisors LLC

The difference between “good” and “great” could not possibly be larger when it comes to talent. Truly elite performers—the top 5-10% in any given domain—can deliver 10x or more the results of an average employee, and can change the destinies of entire organizations. Jordan Burton of Burton Advisors has worked as a hiring advisor to dozens of high-growth companies and their venture capital investors over the past 10 years. In this session you will learn the tips and strategies he has shared with Silicon Valley’s top names in their quest for competitive edge in the war for talent.

Dear United, It's Time To Do Something Different.


This post is the text of an email a friend of ours sent to Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines. It was so great we asked her if we could share it here. If you are listening, Mr Munoz, we think you should take a look at what we do here at WorkXO. We know that the culture analytics we provide can help - because it's not just about a change effort. It's actually about preserving and protecting some things that matter, and knowing when and how to shift the rest