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Main | KM, decisons and problem solving » February 26, 2006 Knowledge as ecology Reflecting on many years working, thinking and writing on KM, the strongest meme for me remains knowledge ecology. Sustainability, adaptation, food and energy webs & chains, stasis, climax, niche, fitness, Nardi & Day examine information ecologies in terms of co-evolution, keystone species, diversity and system flows. Ecology communicates life, diversity, organic, and open.

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Chief Diversity Officer Carin Taylor: Celebrating Our Differences at Workday


Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is a priority for most organizations. And like most priorities, it takes a team and a set of goals to address diversity and inclusion (D&I). Workday Chief Diversity Officer Carin Taylor. “As Everybody’s Diverse in Their Own Way.

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Are HR's diversity and inclusion strategies proprietary information?

Steve Boese

The story I wanted to highlight is about a big tech company fight over an employee non-compe te, but not one of the ones we expect - surrounding some star engineer working on the latest VR or AI tech - it centers around HR, more specifically, around a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer heading to Microsoft from IBM. But these companies will apparently do whatever it takes — including launching a legal fight — to hire one type of person: a Chief Diversity Officer.

10+ Slack Groups Every CEO, Founder, and HR Professional Must Join


From the latest buzz in people analytics, employee management, and diversity and inclusion to data-focused conversations, interviews with industry leaders, book launches, and more — there’s a PeopleGeeks event for everyone!

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300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


This is largely because we believe it’s a great resource for business owners (and others working within the HR function) to gather ideas from the insights and articles they share, enabling followers to improve their own business practices. Alina Roscina (Vingre) , VP Human Resources at airBaltic. Carrie Corbin , Global Head of Employer Brand for American Airlines | Culture |Diversity | Recruitment Marketing | HR Tech. Laurie Brednich , Human Resources Professional.

Six HR Leaders Inducted into NAHR


The National Academy of Human Resources inducted its 2015 class of Fellows at its annual dinner and installation ceremony Thursday night in New York. Barclay, who retired from her post as senior vice president of human resources for The Kroger Co.

3 Ways to Create Courageous Helpers


In 2006, he was only the second person to be named posthumously as a member of the New York City Fire Department. For leaders, there are fewer resources for coaching personal agency, but developing resilient teams is similar. Saturday Spark #31. By Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO.

How HR can earn that elusive seat at the C-suite table

HR Morning

Human Resources plays a massive role in how a company is constructed. As we approach 2018, great HR leaders must also be tech-savvy, champion diversity and inclusion, and know how to create a winning culture that will boost revenue.

A Discussion with Melbourne, Australia’s, Thomas Leen: “Building Trust is the Foundation to a Healthy Work Environment”

Thrive Global

In 2006 I got the opportunity to join the automotive industry where I worked for the next 10 years in roles various global roles covering Infrastructure, Operations and Cybersecurity. Right size, Trust, Diversity and Cultural awareness are some of the key factors. Be resourceful.

Future Friday: Is there a future solution for HR in crowdsourcing?

OmegaHR Solutions

Regarding the most significant advantages of using crowdsourcing the literature generally discussed costs, speed, quality, flexibility, scalability, and diversity.”. There are a multitude of resources available to you, as this excellent article, How to crowdsource anything, points out.

Insurer Puts Integrity in its Name and Appreciation at its Core


In 2006, company President and CEO Bob Ritchie created American Integrity Insurance after the 2004 multiple hurricane season significantly reduced the number of sound homeowners insurance options in Florida. Traditional employee diversions are not just offered, they’re enhanced.

Paying Attention?

Compensation Cafe

The most talked-about shift in compensation strategy in the last three or so years has been the allocation of resources to the "highest performers." But, as a change manager, I am a believer in understanding diverse attitudes and beliefs when engaging teams in a mission.

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Have We Finally Outgrown HR?

Linkedin Talent Blog

The discussion spanned career paths, the future of work, diversity and inclusion, and a host of other topics germane to leading people teams in today’s world of work. One of the more spirited exchanges was during a discussion about the term “human resources” (HR).

Slow Down To Do More: “Have a strategy for life and work and stick to it” with Jeffrey Katz, CEO of Journera

Thrive Global

According to a 2006 Pew Research Report report, 26% of women and 21% of men feel that they are “always rushed.” What are your favorite books, podcasts, or resources that inspire you to use mindfulness tools or practices?

Be ‘Agile’ or Fail: The Top Challenge for HR Teams in 2018

HR Daily Advisor

In 2018, that word is going to be “Agile” and Human Resource (HR) teams will be responsible for making it a reality across the organization. He wanted employees that would challenge the status quo, were flexible, diverse, passionate, and results-oriented.

Solve For Z: The New Problem Generation


And because recruiting and human resources are increasingly overlapping with marketing, demographic generations have crept into the HR space as a market which needs to be understood and appealed to.

Conference Twitter Primer #SHRM18


kahlrichs : National expert on Human Resources, organizational communication, generational issues, LEAN Theory, and Risk Management. Deployed to Iraq in 2006, shot in the head by a sniper. DHaspas : Graduate student at MSU studying human resources & labor relations.

Pre-employment testing: pros and cons


For example, in 2006, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), won a lawsuit against a company that screened out female applicants through a ‘strength’ test. Diverse teams produce better results , after all.

Why UK Organisations Need to Support Employee Career Progression


To dig into the CIPD Employee Outlook findings further, we reached out to Claire McCartney — Research Adviser, Resourcing and Talent Planning with the CIPD.

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INTERVIEW: Philip Morris International’s Charles Bendotti on Emerging Contemporary Workplace Culture

HR Digest

While most corporate cultures are focused on engineering the most common goal of every business, some employers are repositioning their cultures to address social inequality as well as drive diversity & inclusion. When we talk about subcultures, we of course, need to consider diversity and inclusion. In 2012 he was named Vice President, Human Resources Asia, a position he held until December 2016, and then Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

#AmericansInLondon A Collaborative Look at HR Learning in London

HR Ringleader

<patting myself on the back> Add to the reasons listed above, I could also plan visits with friends and colleagues that I hadn’t seen since working in UK in 2006, jump on an opportunity to attend #HRTechWorld being held in London the following two days, and connect with some HR leadership pals that I hadn’t seen in some time, hence the #AmericansInLondon hashtag. I have been practicing human resources for years – practicing being the operative word. I’m HUNGRY!

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


Built from the ground up with a single database, the fully integrated ADP Workforce Now suite features Human Resource Management, Payroll, Benefits, Talent Management, Time & Labor Management and HR Analytics capabilities. Take care of your most important asset – your Human Resource.

Winning The Talent War Demands Creative Hiring Strategies


Big companies can devote resources to brand and community building, shift talent between global locations, and even acquire companies to acquire their talent (as is often the case with Silicon Valley software startup acquisitions). While the company prefers students with an engineering or technical focus, it also considers other educational backgrounds that help create a diverse and multi-talented workforce. By Robert Sher , CEO to CEO.

3 Applicant Tracking Systems That Will Help You Hire Generation Z


While your youngest new hires share many characteristics with the Millennial generation, they’ve got an entirely different outlook on things such as workplace culture, diversity, and even the importance of having a job. Your organization is forward-thinking enough to attract new talent, adding to the age diversity of your workplace. But if you’re looking for more resources in your ATS search, you should check out a few from the list below. Other helpful resources.