Trends in Employee Recognition 2015

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<> Rose Stanley, CCP and Practice Leader for World at Work provides highlights from a recent survey highlighting trends in employee recognition programs. Benefits Compensation compensation hr human resources recognition total rewards

Why Tracking Employee Recognition Patterns Matters


who shared with me this terrific article on how one elementary school teacher is tackling the horror of school bullying one child at a time. As a mother, I was of course interested in this article at face value. Who is not getting recognized much at all? by Traci Pesch.

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Improving Manager-to-Employee Recognition


Surveys consistently indicate that a top challenge with employee recognition programs is getting adequate participation and involvement from managers. The result is that employees get more of the recognition they need to be at their best every day.”

Trends in Employee Recognition: Culture-Oriented/Results-Driven


— Results-driven recognition programs that focus on deeply embedding recognition into the company culture have the greatest impact on employee engagement, motivation, satisfaction and retention. 2) Top goals for recognition continue to align with types of programs offered.

Measuring Employee Recognition Program ROI

MTM Recognition

Recognition for outstanding performance has been part of human society through history. A 2017 study by the Intellective Group found that in 2015 US companies spent $90 billion on non-cash incentives. The average tenure of employees decreased by 6 months between 2014 and 2016.

The Academics of Employee Recognition


For me, when I say “I’m in the employee recognition business,” often I receive a look like I have six heads. I have my standard 30-second speech which illustrates that I help organizations achieve optimum employee engagement levels through relevant and targeted recognition programs. Like a good scholar, an organization’s employee recognition program(s) must be well rounded in science, art, and math in order to achieve its full potential. (As

Terryberry at SHRM 2015 Las Vegas – Making Employee Recognition Dreams Come True!


Hopefully everyone has made it home safely after the full-throttle SHRM 2015 Annual Conference & Expo and the extended After Party (might as well own it). You couldn’t miss Terryberry – front and center at the Expo entrance! WOW -What a blast!

Checklist for Effective Employee Recognition


When used effectively, employee recognition is an incredibly powerful motivational tool. The Cicero group has found that 53% of employees said their work relationships would improve if they were recognized more often. Not all employee recognition programs resonate with employees.

Revamp Your Employee Recognition Strategy to Drive Results


Considering this, businesses should be concerned that only 49 percent of North American employees are happy at work. Here are some tips: Start at the beginning. It’s important to take the same approach with creating a meaningful employee recognition strategy.

127 Creative Employee Recognition Award Names


At Terryberry, when we consult with a new client on setting up an employee recognition program, we are often asked for ideas on what to name the program or award levels. We always suggest thinking creatively about employee recognition award names that will fit the organization’s culture. With that in mind, we put together this page that lists 127 Creative Employee Awards Names we’ve seen and liked. Top Recognition Club Names.

With Employee Recognition, There’s No Big Without Small


At 11:30 on the Sunday night before last, I stepped off a plane after a whirlwind weekend in New York City. Now I’m back at work trying to make sense of it all. Day-to-Day Recognition Employee Recognition Company Culture

Why Peer Relationships Matter at Work


At best, we can hope for work/life blending in which we focus on letting the best of both worlds influence each other. For many of us, we spend more time at work and with work colleagues than we do even with family. Peers become a more natural support mechanism at work.

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Help Employees Have Their “Best Days” in 2015


Help employees have their best days at work in 2015 by fostering a culture of appreciation and gratitude. In reflecting on my own best days at work in 2014, it’s true that so many involve the expression of gratitude in one form or another. by Brenda Pohlman.

Pinnacle Employee Recognition Practices


She says: “We practice employee recognition on a daily basis through a peer-to-peer web based platform using both “every day” recognition as well as points based recognition. It’s employee recognition, social-media style!

Our 10 Favorite Pinterest Boards for Employee Recognition Ideas


With employee recognition, gift giving, wellness, (and much, much more) always on our minds here at Baudville, it’s helpful to see fresh finds from others that we can use! Employee Recognition

Revamp Your Employee Recognition Strategy to Drive Results


Considering this, businesses should be concerned that only 13 percent of the global workforce are engaged employees. It’s not simply a matter of sending out thank-you cards; organizations need to ensure that their employee recognition program is planned and executed to deliver certain results.

Employee Recognition On A Budget


Recognition is critical to shaping a successful workplace with happy employees who feel appreciated for their work and dedication to the company’s mission. 4 Ways To ​Recognize Employee Achievement. Being genuine with employees can be extremely fulfilling for both parties.

5 Things You Think Are Employee Recognition, But Are Not


Being in the employee recognition industry, when we ask people what their organization does to recognize their employees, we get all kinds of different answers. And every once in a while, when we ask ‘what do you do for employee recognition?’

5 tips for creating your employee recognition road map


If you’re like most employees, not a lot has changed. You probably like recognition and rewards just as much now as you did then. Employee recognition fulfills our intrinsic need to be acknowledged for our achievements, and motivates us by making us feel accepted.

What’s Holding Us Back from Using Employee Recognition Strategically?


When employees feel valued, they are happier at their jobs and they are more productive, which motivates them to keep doing—and improving upon—great work. Motivated and engaged employees are very closely related. We should be recognizing and rewarding their employees, but many of us aren’t doing it. The post What’s Holding Us Back from Using Employee Recognition Strategically?

Nonmonetary Forms of Employee Recognition

HR Daily Advisor

While we may assume that all employees would appreciate more money, it’s not the only way to provide recognition and thanks for a job well done. In fact, many employees would prefer to have their efforts recognized in other ways.

Surprise! Survey Shows How Employee Recognition Landscape is Changing

TLNT: The Business of HR

The fifth research report in an annual partnership between SHRM and Globoforce ( the 2015 Employee Recognition Survey ) was published this week. In 2013 and 2012, the SHRM/Globoforce surveys identified employee engagement and succession planning as the top HR concerns.

Employee Recognition: A Proven Strategy


It’s worth noting that employee recognition investments have very little trouble justifying their expenditures. Recognizing employees provides a variety of business benefits. It helps companies translate corporate goals into individual employee action.

5 Ways Leaders Rock Employee Recognition


We’re becoming a culture in which people expect to be rewarded for drawing breath and taking up space, which makes the job of an HR pro or business leader tasked with employee retention a difficult one indeed. When should recognition and reward be linked?

Many Thanks for 2015: Favorite Posts


— WorkHuman, The Power of Thanks, and many more exciting developments from 2015 lead to a promising 2016 to come. 2015 has been a whirlwind year of exciting launches and new beginnings. As we look forward to 2016, I’m pausing to look back at some favorite 2015 RecognizeThis!

How to Engage Healthcare Employees through Employee Recognition

Total Employee Recognition

This post is the 7th in a series of eight blog posts about engaging employees in the healthcare industry. World at Work defines employee recognition as,". the acknowledgment or special attention to an employee’s efforts or positive performance."

Compensation Cafe: Power of Positivity at Work


A reminder to join me at WorkHuman 2015 in Orlando, FL, June 9-10, to learn more about the power of thanks, positivity and connections at work and in all aspects of life. Culture of Appreciation employee recognition positive psychology positivity at work

Recognition Fun at the 'Ville! Personally Hand Written.


Employee Recognition

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The importance of employee recognition


The importance of employee recognition is often overlooked – are you aware of the impact? Employee recognition is essential for motivating, retaining and fully engaging our employees. What employee recognition is – and what it isn’t.

NSF International – An Employee Recognition Case Study


Without engaged employees, organizations will struggle to prosper. It turns out that the throwing money and perks at employees is not the answer to the employee engagement question. Employees want recognition for their contributions.

4 strategies for employee recognition that work for the millennial generation


By Deb LaMere, Vice President of Employee Engagement at Ceridian. How are your employees unique in today’s workforce? Uncategorized compensation employee engagement employee recognition millennial A big part of the job is knowing how to adjust your strategies for human capital management to accommodate the specific needs of the people working for you. What makes them tick? What makes them stay engaged, […].

10 Employee Recognition Gifts That Work


It’s these types of personal connections, research shows, that make all the difference for your employees. Remember it’s not the reward value that matters but the act of recognition itself that engages employees in the workplace and exponentially improves retention. To jumpstart your journey to World’s Greatest Boss mug-level management status, Kazoo tackled two hands’ worth of high-five-quality employee recognition gifts. Recognition and Rewards

Launching a New Employee Recognition Program: 4 Tips for a Great Start


Kicking off a new employee recognition program in 2015? Kicking off your employee recognition program is a terrific opportunity to communicate to your employees that they are valued and their contributions matter.

Customer Service Excellence is Fueled by Employee Recognition at Northwest Texas Healthcare System


Northwest Texas Healthcare System is comprised of five facilities and 1900 employees serving patients in and around Amarillo, Texas. NWTHS believes in instant, daily, monthly and annual recognition for contributions that reflect their core value of Service Excellence.

Trend alert: Employee recognition is hot and lapel pins are not


We hate to be the one to tell you this, but a lot of employees think sporting a company lapel pin is about as “in” as wearing socks with sandals. There are much better ways to reward your employees and reinforce your brand besides just handing out tchotchkes. Cross-team recognition.