Book Review of Coaching Perspectives IX

Center for Coaching

Each chapter in this book is an individual read – ideal for taking a few minutes to gain new insights and learn. It is fabulous for those coaching or mentoring because you can apply the information immediately. Coach with a Strengths Based Approach. Flow-Based Coaching.

Training Ain’t Coaching

Center for Coaching

Training and coaching are often used interchangeably. As a result, many trainers are looking to either make the change from trainer to coach or add coaching as a tool in their toolbox. Once this is achieved, the opportunity is there to improve potential with coaching.


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Coaching Skills for Leaders

Center for Coaching

There is a reason that coaching is now seen as a core competency of leaders. The Core Competencies of a coach are skills that serve leaders well. Coach training supports becoming a great leader.

The Power of Group Coaching

Center for Coaching

Why are professionals unaware of coaching as an effective way to accelerate personal development? Coaching is often viewed as a perk reserved for senior level executives and an expensive alternative to mentoring. The clear benefit that broader access to coaching can offer in organizations is only limited by accessibility since coaching is not freely available to most employees. So, what if there was an affordable way for more people to access coaching?

The Coaching Habit: A book review

OmegaHR Solutions

or even more directly “I need help in being a better coach.” Thus, when I was offered the opportunity to review a book on coaching I accepted. The book. The book is The Coaching Habit- Say Less, Ask More & Chang the Way You Lead Forever by Michael Bungay Stanier. He is the Senior Partner and founder of a company called Box of Crayons which “specializes in giving busy manager the practical coaching skills so that they can coach in 10 minutes or less.”.

Book Review of Coaching Perspectives VIII

Center for Coaching

This book, the newest addition to Coaching Perspectives , provides insights on how to approach different circumstances in life and when coaching. The awareness, techniques, and processes empower individuals in their own journey plus coaches who are supporting clients. Coaching Perspectives. Summary – The chapters of the book include: Tools, Techniques, Questions, and Dialogue by Cathy Liska. Project Managers Coach by Ruth Pearce.

Book Review – Compass: Your Guide For Leadership Development And Coaching

Workplace Psychology

[From CCL’s description of the book]: An essential book on leadership development and coaching, Compass is the go-to reference to help you—and the people you develop—provide the leadership needed in any circumstance to galvanize teams, groups and entire organizations. A vital guide for training and development professionals—both inside an organization and external consultants— use Compass as a coaching tool and a blueprint for leader development plans.

Who Wants a Coach?

Center for Coaching

The role of the Coach is different from other professionals. Examples of roles often mistaken for coaching include teaching, counseling, consulting, and mentoring. This chapter makes the distinction amongst these roles, clarifies what professional coaching is, and explores its value.

Book Summary & Review — Anxiety at Work: 8 Strategies to Help Teams Build Resilience, Handle Uncertainty, and Get Stuff Done by Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton

Workplace Psychology

According to Adrian Gostick, one of the main reasons for writing the book had to do with his (now) 25-year-old son, Anthony (Tony) Gostick, who had been struggling with anxiety since high school and had always wanted his dad to write about this topic.

Managers as Coaches: How To Get Started

Achievers - Recruiting

When you think about it, the role of a coach can be defined in the exact same way. It’s important to have managers as coaches in order to better understand the unique strengths of each individual worker. Why is a coaching perspective important? .

Flow-Based Coaching

Center for Coaching

Coaches are often asked to help organizations effectively tackle disengagement and foster a high level of engagement in work activities. Engagement is both a good source of health and well-being and a key driver of productivity and creativity. by Qing (Helen) Yan.

Coaching in Change Management: Some Lessons Learned (Part 1)

Center for Coaching

I’m a retired executive from industry and I now coachwell, I coach, advise, consult, mentor, facilitate, etc., So, let’s talk about Coaching in Change Management. Full disclosure: My experience with Change Management farexceeds my experience with Coaching.

7 Books Every Manager Should Read in 2017

Cornerstone On Demand

Here's a resolution that's both personally and professionally fulfilling: Read more books. Well, you're in luck. We compiled a list of our top books for reinvigorating your workplace and inspiring others, thinking back on our own favorites reads and interviewing entrepreneurs, leaders and talent experts across industries for their go-to recommendations. Winning Well breaks down those barriers and provides usable ideas, action plans and advice.

22 Great Books Written By Black Authors We Love

Thrive Global

While we’re all working on our summer reading lists , we want to highlight some of our favorite books by Black authors. We asked our Thrive community to share their favorites, and to explain how each book moved them. I never realized how little I knew until reading this book.”.

Why You Should Invest in Team Coaching


Coaching can empower a team to cultivate the environment where members work with intention, commitment, and connection. In his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team , he outlines five behaviors to building a functional team: Building trust. Understand team coaching.

20 Best Books for HR Professionals


Read this book to learn how to measure, analyze, and manage the best HR practices. Why it made the list: Pick up this book if you’re just getting started with HR analytics, or you know you need to improve your current practices. Read this book to get practical advice on doing it well.

The Six Cs of Transformational Coaching

Center for Coaching

Transformational coaching is a powerful experience designed to deliver a unique and breakthrough process for a client. Signing up with a coach takes commitment. A client must know what purpose a coach will serve for them. Coaching is a strategic partnership empowering the client to clarify goals, create action plans and move past roadblocks to success. As a coach, ask yourself, “How will I serve my clients? by Jane McCarthy

10 Fantastic Reasons to Become a Life Coach

Career Metis

It is mainly the reason why some people want to coach for life/business as a career! Let’s dive into ten reasons why life coaching is one of the best working paths in the world. That is why you may wonder how much a life coach can earn. Executive Coach. Career Coach.

3 Great Leadership Books

Conscious Culture Group

As an executive coach, I am often asked by my clients for books that will provide them with tools or insights into specific development topics. The right book can shape how a leader thinks and how they will lead. I hope this blog inspires you to read or listen to more books.

6 Brilliant Books I Read in 2019 on Personal Growth, Empathy, and Living a Happier Life

Thrive Global

People who follow me on Instagram know that I’ve made it a point to read at least one book a month in 2019. These books were inspiring , thought-provoking, and game-changing. If you were curious about the full list of books I read in 2019, you can read all about them in this post.

The Best New Books on Employee Engagement


Books are a great way to obtain just that from thought leaders and influencers. In fact, one study of nearly 2,000 professionals found that 42% felt more confident doing their job after reading books on a related subject. With that in mind, we’ve listed below five of the latest and greatest employee engagement books that every leader should read: 1. Authors Glenn Elliott and Debra Corey bring a wealth of experience to their 2018 book on employee engagement.

What did I Learn Reading a Book a Week in 2019?

Thrive Global

Recovering from my lowest – acute burnout in 2017- I found respite from my brain in the pages of my books & the shelves of my local book store. Pretty soon I settled in a comfortable pace, digesting a book a week. Assumption a sure-fire way to book end an opportunity.

Efficient Language Coaching – a Myth or Reality?

Thrive Global

Is it possible to coach a language healthy and consciously? I talk to Rachel Paling , a Professional Certified Coach, a Corporate & Private Language Coach and a Creator of Neurolanguage Coaching, about Efficient Language Coaching and how language learning can keep you healthy.

Key principles of effective business coaching


Business coaching is a niche that can help you find the solutions quickly and efficiently without wasting your precious energy. But how can you find an effective business coach? What is business coaching? This may include corporate, management, and leadership coaching.

Coaching Models and Processes

Center for Coaching

Coaching is advanced development for advanced results. Coaching empowers individuals to discover their possibilities, set goals, and create success. This blog series is from my chapter in Coaching Perspectives VII. The purpose is to create awareness of different coaching models and processes, plus how coaching works. A Coaching Model is an illustration of the relationship. There are a multitude of examples of coaching models and coaching processes.

Coaching a Dysfunctional Team

Center for Coaching

When this happened to me, I was unaware of how coaching serves to make such an impactful difference with an entire branch office. There are a number of dysfunctional traits and I highlight those found within the team I was working with and discuss the positive coaching process that brought us to a more collaborative team. Start Coaching. As we talked through what worked well, individuals started supporting and identifying all the positive things.

15 Books That Brought Us Meaning and Joy This Year

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And amidst all the stress and uncertainty we faced in 2020, we also leaned into books to bring us joy and inspire us to be more resilient. We asked our Thrive community to share one book they loved this year, and why it was so impactful and meaningful.

10 Retirement Books to Help Get You Prepared

Thrive Global

Heading into the new year, one of my main resolutions is always to read more books. I’m being real here and admit that I’m not going to be reading hundreds of books — but I do try to read a couple of books a week. But — which books should I buy?

Why managers avoid coaching

Business Management Daily

From subpar employees who need guidance to get their performance up to speed to high potential workers who could turn into superstars with a little help, teams benefit from managers who know how to coach. Despite the potential gains, many leaders shy away from holding coaching discussions.

5 Company Culture Books to Inspire You & Your Team


I decided to tap into that by asking my teammates to share their favorite “company culture book” (really any book that inspires great company culture). Sure enough they delivered, because it’s never too late to bring back the good old book report: Turn the Ship Around! This is an uplifting book that explains how the givers in the world generally come out ahead of the takers, despite appearances to the contrary. 2014 Zappos Culture Book .

10 People On What “Eating Well” Means to Them

Thrive Global

This is one of the topics we discuss in our new book, Your Time to Thrive , where we provide actionable tips and science-backed Microsteps that have worked for real people when it comes to prioritizing nutrition and hydration on a daily basis. As a dietitian, I try to ‘eat well’ most days.

Does your company need a “values coach”?

Thrive Global

When I first booked a consultation with a “values coach” I was apprehensive. I’d heard about other leaders who swore by them — from Bill Gates to Steve Jobs to Eric Schmidt — but I’d never had a professional coach myself. What did a values coach even do, anyway?

Managers as Coaches: How to Get Started

Business2Community Leadership

When you think about it, the role of a coach can be defined in the exact same way. It’s important to have managers as coaches in order to better understand the unique strengths of each individual worker. Why is a coaching perspective important? Key points for managers as coaches.

Success and Magic of Executive Coaching

Center for Coaching

How does that relate to coaching the executive? These are some of the questions addressed in the chapter on Success and Magic of Executive Coaching in Coaching Perspectives VIII. These are often questions that plague coaches who attempt to coach executives so this insight empowers upgrading your success. It is fairly well understood that success looks different to each of us. By Wayne L. Anderson . Wayne L. Anderson. What do executives think about?

The Many Benefits of Coaching Employees

Workplace Psychology

Coaching is helping another person reach higher levels of effectiveness by creating a dialogue that leads to awareness and action.” When an employee has the skills and ability to complete the task at hand, but for some reason is struggling with the confidence, focus, motivation, drive, or bandwidth to be at their best, coaching can help.” In the classic coaching book, Coaching for Performance (2009), the late John Whitmore described numerous benefits of coaching.