Why Millennials Want Coaches, Not Managers


Approaching these younger workers with the attitude and expectations of a coach, rather than the antiquated characteristics of a traditional “boss,” is key to maintaining their engagement.→

Tips for Coaching Leaders


How Coaching Develops Leaders. Leadership coaching is a critical component to maintaining a productive organizational culture and responding to evolving business objectives. Coachingopensource.com // cc by 2.0 //.

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Coaching Is All About Questions

ATD Human Capital

If you have been a coach, or if you have been coached, you know there are many questions to ask the person you’re coaching, such as: What do you want to talk about today? improved productivity.

The Corporate Coach

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Also known as consultants, these coaches are professionals in the field of isolating problems and fixing them, offering a valuable outsider’s approach to fixing internal problems. A coach whether one for your career or life clearly labels ''keys'' and then provide solutions on how to fix them.

How Leaders Can Get Coaching Conversations Right


Below is a quick summary of each style, and an example of how a coaching conversation can differ based on the style of the individual: Encourager. During coaching conversations, leaders should expect these individuals to want to dive as in-depth as possible and ask a lot of questions.

Employee Coaching Is a Form of Accountability

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In fact, I was conducting a training session with a group of managers recently and someone asked about having HR in the room when managers are coaching employees. My thought on this is “No, HR should not be in the room” when a manager is coaching an employee. But not coaching.

Coaching Millennials

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What makes coaching Millennials different? I believe coaching is coaching, yet as a Baby Boomer coach (1963), I need to have a more open mind, use more powerful and provocative questions and respect the differences in values and approaches that Millennials bring to the table.

Leadership Coaching Can Solve Your Disengagement Problem [INFOGRAPHIC]


Check out the full infographic below to find out why leadership coaching is the best method for solving your disengagement problems and turning disengaged employees into well balanced, goal-oriented individuals who strive to be their best.

7 Essential Coaching Tips for Busy Leaders

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Coaching has become an increasingly relevant and highly essential leadership skill in the recent years. The best leadership involves great coaching and creating a shared success story that balances the needs of an individual as well as the organization. Prepare coaching opportunities.

This is How Coaches Boost Employee Engagement [Infographic]

HR Gazette

The main culprit behind high turnover rates and flatlining productivity is disengagement in the workplace. The post This is How Coaches Boost Employee Engagement [Infographic] appeared first on The HR Gazette.

Three Ways Health Coaches Can Jumpstart Corporate Wellness


In our industry, health coaches help put this personalized experience into practice. Coaches guide employees on their journey to help them reach their health goals, providing expertise, structure, encouragement, accountability and human connection along the way. Amazon. Netflix. Zappos.

Why Employees Need Peer Coaching

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Although each of these traditional L&D opportunities have their place in growing an individual, it’s unlikely that these once- or twice-a-year activities will impact employees’ engagement, retention, or productivity. One of HR’s main priorities is to drive employee performance and growth.

Critical Competencies for Effective Coaching (And a Book) by Lisa Haneberg


Great coaching is at the heart of meaningful accomplishments. In an organizational and team context, being able to coach people means helping them overcome their own resistance, get unstuck and move forward in the direction of their goals. Great coaching catalyzes great results.

The impact of managers on workplace engagement and productivity


A shift in talent management practices and the growth of Millennials in the workplace has seen focus move to coaching and continual feedback, with the offer of a clear incentive or pathway essential to maintain motivation levels. We all know the mantra: people leave managers, not companies.

5 Things to Look for in a Performance Coach


Performance coaching is a rather new management technique where a series of conversations are used to enhance employee well-being and performance. The premise of performance coaching is that employee development and productivity can be boosted by setting aside time to analyze how both leadership and employees can take their skills and performance to the next … Continue reading 5 Things to Look for in a Performance Coach.

Start With Trust When Coaching


Executive coach and guest velocity guru Beth Armknecht Miller offers her sage advice on how to cultivate your coaching skills to motivate employees for great achievement in your organization. A coach is someone who instructs and trains a team or person.

Help Your Team Be More Productive with these 4 Tips

The People Equation

If you asked your team members what saps their productivity, what would they say? Even though you might not directly interfere with your team members’ daily actions, you may still contribute to their lack of productivity.

Productive, But at What Cost?


Failing to address disruptive behavior by high-performers can actually hurt overall productivity. What should a leader do when one of their most productive employees is also the most disruptive? There are a number of solutions to help maximize the productivity of each worker.

Studies Show That Coaching Makes a Difference in Wellness Programs

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A 2016 survey by ComPsych ® Corporation found that personal health coaching motivates program participants to meet their wellness goals. In fact, a personal coach was the top motivator, cited by 37% of participants. For example, coached participants gained less weight on average.

Three Ways Health Coaches Can Jump-Start Corporate Wellness


In our industry, health coaches help put this personalized experience into practice. Coaches guide employees on their journey to help them reach their health goals, providing expertise, structure, encouragement, accountability, and human connection along the way. Amazon. Netflix.

How To Make Your One On One Meetings More Effective


Now that we have discussed the proven one on one meeting process, as well as some strategy and tactics, let’s talk about the technology that makes these meetings more fluid and productive… 1-on-1s for your One on Ones.

How to Master the Delicate Art of Coaching Your Boss


Can, and should, you coach your boss into more productive behavior? No one gets better at their job without productive feedback, but coaching up requires a delicate touch. Here are three key steps to follow when coaching your boss. You must go to your boss with a clear, concise explanation of the issue and a potential solution – just like you would with any coaching situation. Avoid using the term “coaching.” The control freak. The interrupter.

How The Best Managers Are Really Coaches

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Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their performance. Looking back on our childhood, most people remember at least one mentor or coach who said or did something that really made an impact on their lives. Whether it was a tweak to our baseball swing, an encouraging word when the odds weren’t looking good, or just making the team feel like a real family, great coaches and mentors somehow manage to bring out the best in everyone.

Everything You Need to Know About Coaching and Mentoring your Team


Coaching and mentoring are both processes that facilitate both managers and employees to achieve their optimum potential. There is a common thread that unites all types of mentoring and coaching. What is Coaching and Mentoring? Coaching Definition Coaching is a process which facilitates learning and development so that it can bring about an improvement in performance. A coach has a set agenda to reinforce or change skills and behaviors.

interview with a budget and money coach

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Lynne Somerman is a regular reader here, and she’s also a budget and money coach. So you’re a budget and money coach! In a nutshell, I’m a budget and money coach who’s passionate about working with women entrepreneurs. A lot of people come to me saying things like “I don’t know if I can afford X” where X is to give themselves a raise, to hire an employee, or to take a risk on a new product or service.

The Trap of Non-Specific Feedback As a Replacement For Coaching.

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People are trying to coach others as much as they can, but they default to non-specific feedback that is unhelpful at best and counter-productive at worst. Odds are that you've used most, if not all, of these in the course of your day to day life coaching someone - a friend, a kid, a parent, a team member at work, and yes - someone you manage. Those non-specific words feel like coaching, but they're not. That's failure #1 if you're responsible for coaching someone.

4 reasons today’s managers should focus more on coaching employees


Human capital leaders are always making it a key focus to ensure employee retention and productivity, but here’s the secret – they can’t do it alone. Employee Engagement coaching employee productivity employee retention Leadership management skills performance managementNo matter how adept the HR professionals in your office might be, they aren’t down in the trenches with your employees every day, and they can’t be solely responsible […].

The Power Of Coaching


I’m talking about coaching your team. In this blog we review how I discovered the power of coaching during my first leadership position, the benefits of coaching and why many managers avoid coaching. When we talk about coaching, it’s not that easy.

Top 7 Tips to Increase Employee Productivity in 2017


Creating an inspiring environment that fuels employee productivity is a lot easier said than done. Understand the difference between efficiency and productivity. In a March 2017 article titled “ Great Companies Obsess Over Productivity, Not Efficiency ” for Harvard Business Review, Michael Mankins writes that “efficiency is about doing the same with less.” Business productivity, however, is tied to the product of performance.

This Company Invented a Way to Fly Coach Comfortably

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If you’re getting ready to get on a plane to go to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, you’re probably flying coach. And you’ll probably want to sleep, but won’t be able to because only small children can get comfortable enough to get good rest in coach. When company founder Todd Vance tweeted at me, I laughed at the totally bizarre-looking product, and then shared a video of it with friends.

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4 Warning Signs You’re Not Properly Coaching Your Employees


You may not be providing the coaching and support your employees truly need. But it’s equally as important to educate your team on your company’s long-term goals, such as opening a new location or releasing a new product line. This can help motivate them, improving engagement and productivity. Finding a place for them that better fits their strengths can positively affect productivity. Still not sure how to properly coach your employees?

how to coach an irritated manager to stop yelling

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Consequences of not changing it include a team who won’t respect her, great people not wanting to work for her, employees who will be afraid to give her tough news, and a generally less productive staff (since scared, demoralized people are less productive). You’re right to be supportive and to coach her on this, but if you don’t see pretty immediate improvement, it’s a serious performance issue in its own right — don’t lose sight of that.

3 Ways Bosses Can Boost Productivity of a Team

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Companies that don't boot bad bosses to the curb or at least re-train them to be better bosses might want to pay attention to new research that shows good bosses -- unlike bad bosses -- boost productivity. Good bosses ensure that teams and individuals are productive.

11 Lessons From The Small Business Coach

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The Small Business Coach series was launched in May to promote engagement with a key segment of the SAP audience: small business owners and entrepreneurs. Formatted as an advice column, the Small Business Coach fielded business- and IT-related questions from entrepreneurs around the world.