LIVE CASE STUDY: NBA Exec Refers to Demographic as Angry and Argumentative

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And being a Hawks fan is.well.difficult some times. . Crawford told Deadspin that he and his wife Deborah, who was also in attendance, were “livid” at Wilcox’s remarks, especially in the context of the Hawks’ recent past of racial turmoil.

coworker is bringing daily gifts to our team lead, coaching a combative employee, and more

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She’s had documented attendance and performance issues and has been placed on a PIP. Considering the timing of when the gift was given, it’s likely she hasn’t since it was late on a Friday night when all the department managers were gone for the week. Coaching a combative, negative employee. She has an us vs them mentality when it comes to management and often times takes a combative approach when discussing employee issues, policy changes, updates, or general feedback.

Strong Leadership Starts With Your Mindset

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We all knew kids at school who were natural leaders, they hadn’t completed a leadership training or attended any workshops, yet wherever they stood in the playground broodily looking on, other children would surround them like bees to a honeypot.

How to Rise Above Your Fear of Success

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She was so eager to secure the position, which was opportunely vacant at the time, that she paid out of her pocket to retain me as her executive coach. As the first member of her family to attend college, she had always been a high achiever and somewhat of an outlier in her family.

Alcoholism and ADA: former USC coach Steve Sarkisian files suit over his termination

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On October 12, USC fired its head football coach, Steve Sarkisian. But, an employer may choose instead to refer an employee to an EAP or to make such a referral in addition to imposing discipline, if the employer has such a program.

Going Through Your No’s Before Getting to Your Yes

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So I knew at that point that no matter what I said or did that this VP had already made up his mind that I was wasting his time, and I knew that this would not be the type of boss I would want to work with or for. Reference.

#SHRM15 Day 1 Quick Impressions

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This is my fifteenth straight year of attending the SHRM Annual Conference. If you have an opportunity, be sure to thank the many individuals who give up their time to make the conference succeed Special shout out goes to Terry Starr and the Dice team for sponsoring the SHRM15 Blogger lounge. However, I wonder if the 100 pounds he lost referred to his silent partner Teller , who was nowhere to be seen. SHRM #SHRM15 #SHRM15blogger Hank Jackson Coach K Dice

Three Proven Strategies For Hiring Great People

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They’ve attended Ivy League universities, have proven track records of success, and are flowered with rave peer reviews. Candidates are asked to describe how they handled a smorgasbord of different situations (“Tell me about a time when you were forced to make an unpopular decision.”,

8 Best Practices for Managing the Late Employee

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If the employee has personal reasons for being late or will not divulge the reasons, refer them to your HR department or employee assistance program (EAP). Everyone gets stuck in traffic, misses an alarm, or has a childcare issue from time to time. Managing the Late Employee.

what to say to an employee who’s requesting too much time off, training the person who’s taking your job, and more

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How can I coach an employee to have more professional polish? How, if at all, can I coach her to be more professional when what it seems like she needs is an injection of class/polish? What to say to an employee who’s requesting too much time off. I have a question about an employee who is requesting a lot of time off. It’s okay to to request time off on occasion, but that should be rare, not multiple times each month. It’s five answers to five questions.

Prevent Workplace Theft

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In this scenario, a poor hiring decision can be overcome through employee training or coaching. However, other times a bad hiring decision reveals itself in ways completely separate from employee performance. Time Theft: using company time to conduct personal business.

How To Help Your Employees Through Family Emergencies

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That means that the one area of your business you want to make sure you attend to consistently is employee retention. As the employer, it’s always worth you taking the time to listen to your employees and help them sort through what’s on their minds.

How To 131

10 Clever Tricks to Maximise Training for Your Sales Teams

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This will help salespeople to absorb new information and can be referred back to for reinforcement. Use Coaching Effectively. Training sessions, on their own, can be inefficient, which is why leading organisations back them up with coaching.

How to train your successor


The exact timing depends on how much time there is before the transition. Whenever you name your successor, it’s time to put a training plan into practice. The exact goals will vary by how much time you have and what your successor needs to learn. Time management skills.

5 Best Practices To Ace Your Job Hunt

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The fact that I kept finding myself being drawn into conversations with people who were looking to change their careers convinced me I needed to make my own career shift into coaching. When you are referred for a position that feels beneath you, don’t reject it out of hand.

More Tips for Artfully Handling Bereavement Leave

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Be sure your bereavement leave policy explains who is eligible for this type of leave and how much paid leave time will be available. For immediate family members, more time is usually granted. However, it’s also a difficult time and may affect employee performance.

Keeping it Simple: Driving HR analytics Value in 1 week

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I attended an HR analytics conference in 2014, and was very impressed by the HR analytics work done in excel by Elouise Leonard-Cross, then of Home Group, in the North-East of England. Other organizations have transformed themselves by using a shared reference point to co-ordinate change.

Does Performance Management Really Help Every Employee Become Their Best Self?


This launched me into a near decade long inquiry and exploration where I studied everything I could get my hands on, from productivity to psychology (and everything in between) and attended seminars ranging from personal development to business.

Interview Series – Career Experts – Emily Liou from CultiVitae

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We do this by offering holistic career coaching support. After recruiting and being an HR professional inside Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, and law firms, I wanted to coach the 99% of people getting rejected or passed up on promotions to become the top 1% of hires.

Why Communication Boosts Employee Retention (And How to Get Better At It)

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Ensure that you devote just as much time and effort to listening as you would to speaking. Invite all staff members in your department to attend meetings designed for them to share their ideas in a constructive environment.

5 Reasons Why Your Onboarding Program Should Include Self-Learning


Of course, that means spending time with the new hire, introducing them to other employees, and maybe even giving them a buddy to help them acclimate to the workplace. For example, the company might have training programs that employees attend after six months of employment.

The Benefits Of Mentoring As An Executive


Making time to work with another professional on their development opens some breathing room for executives to reflect on their situation. By supporting a protégé and coaching them through problem solving, mentors become better prepared to support themselves.

should employers pay if employees need an extra airplane seat, I got sent to a conference where I didn’t belong, and more

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I am nearly positive that they don’t fit in a standard coach plane seat and would require two seats in order to travel — for context, I have overheard one person saying this on the phone with an airline once and another one told me in passing. We’re told to take sick time but we don’t have any. ” The kicker … most of us get 10 total PTO days for the year and no additional sick time. Is there anything I can safely say to them to suggest they revisit our sick time?

Leadership: Humility and Focusing on Others


In one of the leadership workshop I attended in early years of my career, the trainer beautifully described humility as. A leader enables flow (progress) by enabling others, asking right questions, coaching others and learning in the process.

Training – It’s Not Always the Solution


In one of my former full-time roles, before formally launching develop Us, I was responsible for identifying training opportunities for leaders across the organization. Do you attend training because you want to learn and grow? Get a coach.

9 Crucial Rules to Remember When Having Difficult Conversations with Employees


Whether it’s a performance issue or employees feuding , there comes a time when leaders must break the silence. Remember that as a business leader, you’re also a coach. For example, if you have an employee who is frequently late to work, make sure you have a clear attendance policy. – Can I have a second of your time to talk about some feedback we’ve received about your behavior? Have you ever heard your car make a noise that didn’t sound right?

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

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Gillian O’Gorman Wellness Coach, Speaker & Founder of The Wellness Lounge. It was while attending my first ever personal development workshop ‘Enhance Your Life’ that I discovered this addiction.

Hiring teachers: find, attract, and pick the best educators for your school


You can fill your own needs and help meet theirs by offering paid internships and part-time or full-time teacher assistant positions. Attend teacher job fairs. What’s the legislation for part-time vs. full-time working? Check references from previous schools.

Future Friday from the Archive: Artificial Intelligence and the HR world

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Last week I attended the #Dreamforce conference, the annual conference of, while in Chicago the #HRTech Conference was held. IBM doesn’t really call it AI, they refer to it as cognitive computing. These include coaching, organizational design and matching people to work.

Clear Steps to Implement an Effective Feedback Loop


Even critical feedback (also referred to as “negative” feedback) works to motivate employees – when delivered with positive reinforcement and suggestions to do better. Businesses have the option of providing employees 1-on-1 sessions with managers and/or coaches to spark the transformation.

Here’s How to Get Employees to Use New HR Tech


Influence in HR technology comes from many places, takes many forms and continues to evolve over time. Any time you add a brand new element to an organization, it requires alignment on shared and measurable goals, and out of all your goals, there should be one goal to rule them all.

what’s the deal with write-ups?

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First, as a manager, there will be times when you need to issue a written warning. You can document the conversation by writing a memo to yourself or your own manager or HR about what was covered, or you can send the person a quick email summary of the conversation, framing it as “I wanted to summarize what we talked about, so we both have it to reference.”. It’s about coaching someone on how to meet the expectations of their role, explaining when that’s not happening.

should I ask my coworker why she didn’t hire my son, I stole from an employer years ago, and more

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You can certainly use your insider knowledge of the company to coach your son behind the scenes , but you can’t intervene on his behalf. I am having a difficult time letting it go even though it’s been so long. Since my career is taking off, I’m being expected to attend more local business events and it’s only a matter of time before we end up running into each other. Should I be suspicious of this reference situation?

The One Employee Performance Review Template to Rule Them All

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After goals are set, employees are monitored, coached, and developed. This is often referred to as 360-degree appraisal. willingly attends functions not required by the organization but that help in its overall image.

Real Accountability: How to Measure Your Company’s Diversity Hiring Efforts


Does the metric pass the SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, relevant, timely) test? Can the metric be categorized as either functional (providing insights on operations) or individual (providing feedback for coaching and performance)? Diversity boosts the bottom line.

Future Friday: Artificial Intelligence and the HR world

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Last week I attended the #Dreamforce conference, the annual conference of, while in Chicago the #HRTech Conference was held. IBM doesn’t really call it AI, they refer to it as cognitive computing. These include coaching, organizational design and matching people to work.

Need Health Fair Ideas for Your Employees? This Guide Has You Covered


Life coaches. Make an informational PDF or even just a short blurb that includes: Dates, times, and locations. How many employees will attend the health fair. As you confirm vendors, make a final list for easy reference and for sharing with stakeholders.