Coaching vs. Therapy – Referring Coaching Clients with Mental Illness

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A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, titled “Executive Coach or Therapist? It’s Getting Harder to Tell the Difference” (Bindley, 2019) again renews the debate about the blurred line between where coaching ends and where therapy begins. References.

Coaching Agreement

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A written coaching agreement outlines the parameters of the coaching relationship. It is foundational to building an effective coaching engagement. A Coaching Agreement includes exploring what the client wants from the relationship as a whole and starting each session by determining what the client wants from that session. A written and signed coaching agreement is essential before starting the coaching relationship. Refer to the code of ethics.

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Life Coaching

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Here is an example of a life coaching engagement using models, processes, and the coaching competencies. A colleague in your network refers a coachee who is retiring and transitioning to a new lifestyle and home in a retirement community.

Setting the Foundation for Engaging Coaching Clients

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The 11 Core Competencies of a Coach as defined by the International Coach Federation , ICF, are organized in four areas. Through coach training, these competencies are learned and developed. After coaching certification, these same competencies serve to engage new clients.

How to properly conduct reference checks when hiring


Now it’s time to check references. A reference check is a powerful tool to better understand the candidate and make the best hiring decision. Reference checks versus background checks. Reference check best practices. Be respectful of the reference’s time.

Stories About Starting a Coaching Business

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Imagine Katrina plans to start a coaching business. She then completes her next coach training program and joins the International Coach Federation. She is hesitant to start because she wants more (as yet undefined) resources and she is unsure she is good enough to coach.

Co-Creating the Relationship for Engaging Coaching Clients

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In the previous blog we focused on the application of the first category and first two competencies of the 11 Core Competencies from the International Coach Federation , ICF. Now we move to applying the second category and the next two competencies for engaging new coaching clients.

43 Coaching Questions That Will Make You a Better Leader


Guest contributors Terry Lipovski and Pat Lipovski, “The Leadership Brothers,” are trusted and referred international Executive Coaches. One the most common comments that we get from leaders is that they want to coach their people, but they don’t know how.

The Many Benefits of Coaching Employees

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Coaching is helping another person reach higher levels of effectiveness by creating a dialogue that leads to awareness and action.” In the classic coaching book, Coaching for Performance (2009), the late John Whitmore described numerous benefits of coaching. References.

The Role of Influence in Your Coaching Practice

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As an executive coach, the study of influence has multiple advantages for your business and for the person you are coaching. From your perspective, the proper use of influence-based concepts and techniques can help you more effectively win coaching assignments, increase your coaching effectiveness, and enhance your professional reputation. Situational Audience refers to your relative organizational power as compared to the person or group you are trying to influence.

5 Plays From The Scaling Coach’s Crisis Playbook


The word crisis as we understand it has a negative connotation and usually refers to times of turmoil and hardship: a pandemic, a stock market crash, an economic recession, or depression. But as Bill points out, the root of the word crisis actually refers to a decisive moment or turning point.

Marketing Tips for Wellness Coaches and Trainers

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Marketing Tips for Wellness Coaches and Trainers. Wellness coaching is a field that is gaining a lot of popularity today. Many people are therefore turning to the wellness centers and coaches that offer training, exercises, and support to help improve one’s health.

What is candidate coaching and why should you offer it?


Coaching for people who don’t even work for you? Candidate coaching is a modest career transition benefit afforded to a select group of finalists that gave their best through a long hiring process, but ultimately weren’t hired. Adding candidate coaching to that experience.

Are You Looking for A Coach, Mentor or Both?

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As a master coach and speaker on the topic of mentorship, I am often asked: “What is the difference between coaching and mentorship?”. There are a number of businesses promoting mentorship while at the same time introducing formal coaching programs to enhance individual performance.

How to Select An Executive Coach

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How to Select an Executive Coach Selecting an executive coach is equally as important as selecting an employee, if not more. Bill Gates once remarked, "Everyone needs a coach. The process of selecting the "right" executive coach can be rife with challenges.

GROW Coaching Model: The Fascinating Backstory

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One of the most popular coaching models in the world is the G.R.O.W. GROW is one of the earliest (perhaps even the original ) business coaching models. THE INNER GAME and THE BIRTH OF MODERN COACHING. JOHN WHITMORE, THE INNER GAME, and “COACHING”. References.

Book Review – Compass: Your Guide For Leadership Development And Coaching

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[From CCL’s description of the book]: An essential book on leadership development and coaching, Compass is the go-to reference to help you—and the people you develop—provide the leadership needed in any circumstance to galvanize teams, groups and entire organizations. References.

Macromagement, or The Case for the Coaching Management Style


One way that managers can motivate their direct reports is through the coaching management style. The Coaching Management Style is now in style . Colloquially, these managers are referred to as macromanagers. . Here’s an example to illustrate the coaching management style. .

The G.R.O.W. Model In Business Coaching – Simple, Concise, and Powerful

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Business coaching is enhancing a client’s (person in a business) awareness and behavior in order to achieve business objectives for both client and organization (WABC, Business Coaching Definition). coaching model. Many coaching models sufficiently answer question #1.

The Coaching Habit: A book review

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or even more directly “I need help in being a better coach.” Thus, when I was offered the opportunity to review a book on coaching I accepted. The book is The Coaching Habit- Say Less, Ask More & Chang the Way You Lead Forever by Michael Bungay Stanier.

Fast Company: How To Coach Your References To Help Get You That Job Offer


Don’t just assume your references will give you a glowing review. Ray Bixler joins other HR leaders sharing tips for managing your references in this article from Fast Company. The post Fast Company: How To Coach Your References To Help Get You That Job Offer appeared first on SkillSurvey. News all industries reference checkingRead Article.

LIVE CASE STUDY: NBA Exec Refers to Demographic as Angry and Argumentative

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I'm historically an Atlanta Hawks fan (pro basketball). And being a Hawks fan is.well.difficult some times. . The Atlanta Hawks have a recent history that touches on numerous HR, organizational and talent issues.

how do I ask references about a candidate’s personality?

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My question is about checking references and getting managers to talk about interpersonal skills with us. It was enough that I was sure this was at least somewhat akin to her regular demeanor at work, but her answers and resume were solid, so I moved forward to the reference check just in case. Yes, you can absolutely ask references about interpersonal skills! Anyway, as for what to say to references, it’s fine to be pretty direct. hiring references

I asked an interviewer for his own reference — and he thought it was weird

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It seems worth nothing that it was only five years ago that he became one-man entrepreneur, and in the past he had run a bakery, which is not a context where I would have asked for this kind of reference, seeing as I could just ask to visit the bakery while it was operating and observe directly.). This isn’t the kind of reference I was hoping for, but I didn’t want to push back too hard. should job applicants ask for references from their prospective managers?

Managers Are Not Good at Coaching and Developing Their People

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In their book, 100 Things You Need to Know: Best People Practices for Managers & HR (2004), Eichinger, Lombardo, and Ulrich — three internationally-recognized experts in human capital management — shared that, in general, managers are “very poor at coaching and developing their people” (p.

The real value of having a life coach.

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Virtual coaching call with a Collective Gain Coach. Photo by byrawpixel You can’t really understand the power of having a coach until you experience it. This is why most coaches offer one to two hours of complimentary coaching before you hire them.

How Coaching Can Improve Upon the Annual Performance Review


But in reality, there are other issues with an older model of performance management—issues that can be overcome by new trends in coaching if we embrace them. Using coaching to drive performance management. Yes, coaching conversations should happen more than annually.

Coaching Your Inner Monkey: Tips for Talking Yourself into Greatness


Psychologists often refer to it as ‘self talk’. All of these terms refer to the running play-by-play that is going on inside of all of our heads – the on-going chatter that impacts the way in which we think and feel everyday. But the really great news is that we all are ‘in charge’ of our self-talk and, with focus and practice we can learn to coach our inner monkeys and begin to change that self-talk into affirming, optimistic and helpful messaging.

I didn’t check references on a new hire and he’s struggling — should I check them now?

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I, along with another team member have had several coaching talks with him and the behavior continues. I inquired with my teammate about whether they checked his references. The only reference they spoke to was his friend, who referred him to the role. Would it be a good idea to do another reference check and reach out to companies (internships) he worked for to see what they have to say about his work style? references

Creating a Coaching Mindset in Organizations


Leaders today invest in coaching more than ever before. In fact, between 25 to 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies hire executive coaches. Coaching is seen as a key strategy in doing this. Leaders hire coaches because they want their teams to think and act like coaches.

An Invitation: What do you think? Ethical Challenges Series

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A coaching client invites the coach to their wedding. The coach has completed their coach training and is a member of the ICF and accountable to the Code of Ethics. . Possible Responses: The coach accepts the invitation and attends the wedding. The coach declines the invitation without explanation. The coach says they have a schedule conflict and cannot attend. The coach invites the client to discuss the pros and cons of their attendance.

Ethical Challenge: Benefitting from the Relationship What do you think? Ethical Challenges Series

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A coach also works as a trainer teaching communication skills. The coaching client hires trainers for programs inside their company. The coach has completed their coach training and is a member of the ICF and accountable to the Code of Ethics. Can the coach solicit that business? Can the coach provide the training if asked by the client? The coach discusses the potential conflict of interest with the client and asks the client how they want to handle it.

A Gift: What do you think? Ethical Challenges Series

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A coaching client offers their box seat tickets to a big game to the coach. The coach has completed their coach training and is a member of the ICF and accountable to the Code of Ethics. Possible Responses: The coach declines the tickets. The coach accepts the tickets. The coach says they will take the tickets if they can pay for them. The coach barters a free coaching session in exchange for the tickets.

It’s Time to Scrap Reference Checking – Here is Why

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One such practice that I believe has gone the way of the dinosaurs (assuming Jurassic Park science is fiction, if not insert whole different reference here) are reference checks. The question from the member was simple: “What is your position on reference checking candidates? “.

5 Ways To Improve Employee Development At Your Company


Help your managers be better coaches. Most managers have been told that they should be a great coach to their employees, but what does that really mean ? Performance coaching employees employee development mentoring professional training soft skills