A Recruiter’s Video Interviewing Handbook


To more effectively hire top talent, recruiting professionals are also integrating digital strategies, such as video interviewing software, that enhance the recruitment experience for candidates and the hiring team. Video interviewing software enables organizations to more efficiently attract, interview and assess talent, while providing candidates the opportunity to interview at their convenience. Why Should Recruiters Incorporate Video Interviewing?

HR TechStack – Video Interviewing Tools


Video Interviewing Tools. Video interview software, sometimes called video recruiting tools, allow recruiting managers and HR users to conduct video interviews with job candidates. Benefits of Using Video Interview Software. HR TechStack – Video Interviewing Tools.

Recommended Human Resources Conferences To Attend in 2015

Unbridled Talent

Recently, one of my contacts who is planning her 2015 schedule sent me a question asking for my recommendations for the top 2 – 3 conferences to attend in the US for HR professionals. One of my plans for next year is to attend more conferences in the US; ideally I’d like to attend events where there is a lot of networking, collaborating and great speakers. Since there are so many events happening all the time, it’s hard for me to assess which ones are best.

haircut drama, avoiding video chats with clients, and more

Ask a Manager

She talked about how great it was all the time. But as HR, you can coach her manager in how to do it. Do I really need to video chat with clients? However, many of the employees of this organization use the video function to communicate, and several have asked me — multiple times — to participate in the video chat to simulate in-person meetings. I typically keep a piece of paper taped over my laptop camera to avoid accidental video sharing.

Recommended Human Resources Conferences To Attend in 2015

Unbridled Talent

Recently, one of my contacts who is planning her 2015 schedule sent me a question asking for my recommendations for the top 2 – 3 conferences to attend in the US for HR professionals. One of my plans for next year is to attend more conferences in the US; ideally I’d like to attend events where there is a lot of networking, collaborating and great speakers. Since there are so many events happening all the time, it’s hard for me to assess which ones are best.

What Are Your Boundaries At Work?

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Yesterday, I came across a video by Mayim Bialik on the Meaning of Mezuzah. In this 3 minute video, she talks about boundaries in life and how they impact the way we live, the choices we make, and what we do and do not do.

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Millennial Think Tank: The Contract Employee Workforce [VIDEO]

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workforce is expected to be part-time or contract employees by the year 2020. Kelly, who calls himself a minimum-wage slave, detailed contract work he did as a youth hockey coach. The term is a few months, but she’s also done freelance work that doesn’t have any type of set time length.

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Transform your culture: Lessons from a cooperative, First Credit Union for #CeridianCXDay


Develop leaders to be coaches. Sandra has an executive coaching certificate from Royal Roads University. First Credit Union integrates “the coach approach” into all its one-to-one and performance discussions. The coach approach is all about asking the right questions and enabling employees to discover their own accomplishments and areas of improvement. But, as pointed out in a recent post on Fast Company by Renee Robertson, coaching is not criticism.

Help Your Team Be More Productive with these 4 Tips

The People Equation

Because you have ignored the one element that helps everyone focus on things that matter most: You haven’t helped them create the space to attend to those important tasks. The concept is simple: Create a system that allows people to focus for an uninterrupted amount of time.

Going Through Your No’s Before Getting to Your Yes

Workplace Psychology

So I knew at that point that no matter what I said or did that this VP had already made up his mind that I was wasting his time, and I knew that this would not be the type of boss I would want to work with or for. Attitudes & Emotions Coaching Happy & Unhappy Meaningful Work Job Loss

Do You, or Your Company, Screw Up Meetings?

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A friend recently shared a funny video about conference calls and what they would look like if they were in person. It’s made the social media rounds, but was still good for a laugh one more time. ” All the time!

How to Navigate a Successful Culture Transformation Process (Part 2)


Transformations Take Time. The transformation of habits and attitudes does not occur overnight, especially when employees have been allowed to operate in a certain way or in status quo for a long period of time. The good news is that you usually have more time than you think.

3 Steps to More Strategic Meetings

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I’d challenge you to think of the last few weeks of meetings you attended, and I’d wager that most are tactical. As leaders, how do we reach beyond this to use meeting time more strategically? I’ve been thinking about meetings.

How Staying Employed For Life Changes HR’s Approach To The Future Of Work [VIDEO]

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At the same time, employees are looking for firms that not only make products and services that they value, but also embrace and give back to the community.”. Attend SAPPHIRE NOW and join in the discussion.

Super Meetings: More Effective, Productive, And Collaborative


The IT guys are busy testing the projector and making sure the video conferencing connections are seamless. Who is keeping track of the time and correcting any deviation and unnecessary chit-chat? Who is coaching the system? 9:57 a.m.

Why Mobile Learning Makes L&D Better, Faster, Stronger

Cornerstone On Demand

But at the same time, more companies than ever reported they're unprepared to meet the challenge—particularly when it comes to new platforms and mediums, like mobile and video. What was your "aha" moment when you realized L&D needed better mobile videos?

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managing virtual teams and leading a flexible work environment

O.C. Tanner

These factors form the basis of a strong team and must be present if projects are going to be completed on time, on budget and exceeding client expectations. In addition, support tools must be provided to virtual team members through: Just-in-time training.

Employee testimonials are not stories: 8 tips for creating compelling recruitment marketing content

Stories Incorporated HR

Reading Time: 6 minutes. This video from Dell features stories from employees talking about their culture. Mag is a coach and she’d also like to attend the summer workshop. She attended the summer workshop and worked remotely.

Video 77

What Is Outplacement and How It Can Save Your Reputation


Services can include things like resume reviews, job search advice, interview training, personalized coaching, and career assessments. Outplacement coaching is invaluable, especially for people who have been out of the job market for a while. Resume and profile coaching.

Outplacement – What Makes a Truly Excellent Program?

Career Partners International

These valued members of your company have dedicated their time and efforts for years and in many cases must leave due to no fault of their own. Individual Coaching. CPI’s coaches are world class with years of experience and local market knowledge and networks.

How to Start a Side Gig--Career Clinic on November 16

The Bamboo Project Blog

who is the founder of Capture Greatness , a Philadelphia-based scholarship writing and college coaching initiative created to help first-generation college goers and students from under-resourced schools make their dream of college an educational and economic reality.

M&A Friday! This Week’s HR Deals


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Slammed! Sales Manager Boot Camp

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At the same time, sales management is one of the most rewarding jobs in business when you know what to do and how to do it. Taught by sales management guru Ken Thoreson (one of the world’s foremost sales leadership coaches), you will get everything you need to crush it in your new role. Ken will also be available for limited one to one coaching. In the course you’ll learn: Important time management strategies for sales leaders. Slammed!

5 Recruiting Strategies to Win the War for Talent

Cornerstone On Demand

Firms like Deloitte have gotten savvy by attending hack-a-thons to recruit top tech talent with resounding success. From a 360-degree office view to quick video profiles of your employees, strong social media branding and messaging will help connect you to millennial candidates. They've grown up believing they can change the world, and employers should harness this aspect of their personality by showing them the real-time results of their efforts.

HR Tech Preview: Humans and Trends of HR to Follow for 2018


Before you know it the holiday season will be all around us, next year’s plans will be socialized, and the Times Square ball drop will be a fond memory. Now is the time to connect the dots between HR strategy and employee success for your 2018 goals.

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Top 9 Digital HR Tech Trends for 2019

Digital HR Tech

At the same time, (AI-powered) technology is rapidly changing the world of work and 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day in the US alone! Video. When it comes to Generation Z, the use of video isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. Coaching.

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HR Tips for Effectively Managing Remote Employees


After all, modern technology makes it possible for employees to work from almost any location or time zone. Video conferencing platforms that increase face-to-face time during meetings. Remote employees and teams are becoming increasingly common.

Cloud Computing and HR Technology: A Revolution that Changes how HR Works


The frenzied activity of everyday tasks such as payroll and record keeping can now be handed over to automation technology which subsequently frees up time for HR workers to dedicate more of their energy to employee engagement. Automating Time and Attendance. Making sure that you are paying your employees for the amount of time that they work is obviously an important administrative task that has been handed to HR departments. company is lost to employee time theft.

Interview Series – Career Experts – Emily Liou from CultiVitae

Career Metis

We do this by offering holistic career coaching support. After recruiting and being an HR professional inside Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, and law firms, I wanted to coach the 99% of people getting rejected or passed up on promotions to become the top 1% of hires.

10 Things HR Should Have Given Up By Now


I attended an awards luncheon where the nominees were asked the question, “What would you have expected to have given up by now?” If you haven’t already, go fire whoever bought all those horrible videos to teach men and women to behave, and go figure out what you need to do instead ( hint: see paragraph on culture ). The future workforce is here, and they don’t always look like full-time employees.

Increase Employee Retention with Career Pathing


Formal education: Offer opportunities for the employee to attend conferences, seminars and panels. Provide learning materials like webinars, books, and videos. Coach, rather than manage, the employee’s growth. Money and time saved: Recruiting externally is 1.7

10 Employee Benefits Stats You Can’t Ignore In 2020


When’s the last time you evaluated and revamped your employee benefits? It might be time for a refresh. It’s no secret that employees are spending less and less time shopping for and enrolling in their benefits. Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) offers several pros and cons.

8 of the Best Executive Assistant Conferences in 2018


Executive Assistants never seem to rest, let alone take time away from work to focus on themselves. They pack comprehensive instruction into reasonable time frames and send you home eager to put your new ideas into action. This was my first time to this event, and it was awesome!”.

How to hire veterans


Reach out to a representative and ask them to coach your recruiters and hiring managers on how to look beyond the – often imperfect – resumes of veterans and how to evaluate their skills effectively. Mention coaching opportunities. Here’s one of those videos: Attend career fairs.

Employee Feedback a Key Theme at HR Tech 2016


Because helping managers and employees become skilled at delivering real-time feedback is a crucial element of ongoing performance management. Build skills at delivering real-time feedback using the app’s suggested tips and comments. Attend the Jobvite + Halogen after party!

5 Reasons Why Your Onboarding Program Should Include Self-Learning


Of course, that means spending time with the new hire, introducing them to other employees, and maybe even giving them a buddy to help them acclimate to the workplace. For example, the company might have training programs that employees attend after six months of employment.

Why You Need a Mentor, and How to Find One


Example of famous mentor relationships include Plato and Socrates from historical times and these mentor-mentee relationships: Richard Branson enlisted help from Sir Freddie Laker Frank Sinatra learned from Bing Crosby Charles Schwab received financial advice from Andrew Carnegie Robert Friedland was a mentor to Steve Jobs Joseph Campbell conducted a study of hero legends that found the mentor a recurring theme in every culture and historical period. Mentoring and coaching are similar.