Out With Comparisons, In With Confidence


Imposter Syndrome, comparison-itis, and many other terms have been coined to describe this phenomenon. When it dents our confidence, and holds us back from maximising our potential we really need to find a way put the comparisons aside and move forward. You can find lots of useful information on how to define, identify and minimise the comparisons – here are my five top tips. Make sure you stop to celebrate the little wins along the way, and of course the big wins at the end!

Carrie Murray Explains How to Combat Comparison Syndrome

Thrive Global

TG: When you notice you’re getting too stressed, what do you do to course correct? CM: Stress brings out my comparison syndrome, judgment, and self-doubt, so the worst place to spend time when I am feeling those emotions is a space that screams, “Look at me and what I’m doing!”

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Harnessing the Power of Pay Comparisons to Drive Productivity?

Compensation Cafe

The fact that our behavior is shaped by the constant comparisons we make between ourselves and those in our reference group has been well established in sociology, psychology and economics.

Salary calculator: 5 comparison tools you can use to check pay levels

HR Morning

It’s also free (although, of course, it’s funded through your tax dollars). The first comparison report is free. It’s easy to see comparison for other companies and salaries for similar titles.

Best Practices for Compensation Comparison


For employers, compensation comparison can feel a bit intimidating. Let’s take a look at some best practices for compensation comparison and determining compensation for employees. In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 best practices for compensation comparison and salary determination. Of course, it’s important that your pay range is feasible as well. Though compensation comparison can feel a bit intimidating to some employers, it doesn’t have to be.

Culture Crash Course Lesson 1: What is Company Culture?


Use this comparison to identify the biggest gaps between your current culture and your target culture– or in other words, your key opportunities for alignment. The post Culture Crash Course Lesson 1: What is Company Culture?

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A Crash Course in Job Descriptions

HR Daily Advisor

Create a point of comparison between different roles within the organization, which can help to determine the appropriate salary level and salary structure within the organization. Creating good job descriptions is critical for most organizations.

SaaS vs custom eLearning solution: How to Start an Online Tutoring Business?


Find out the target audience’s needs that match your skill, so you can help somebody to improve it by providing them a personalized new course. Define the type of courses like video courses, written format courses, etc. and then outline your course requirements.

Paid Time Off: Comparing Paid Family Leave Programs Around the World


Life with babies, children, and dependents follow an uncharted course, and can be hectic to say the least. HR compared comparison global maternity leave no paid leave paid family leave paid time off programs PTO u.s.

Recruit Better: Create an Online Realistic Job Preview

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Of course, no candidate wants to answer with a weakness, so they often come up with a weakness that can also be considered a strength. “Tell me one of your weaknesses.” is a classic interview question.

Fueling Professional Development with Personalized Learning

Cornerstone On Demand

Friendly Competition Through Gamification At shopping comparison website el MejorTrato.com , with offices in Central America and South America, training games are driving productivity.

Employability Skills Provide Your Career Future – Friday Distraction

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I’ve never seen the 1983 version , so I’ll leave the comparisons to Chevy Chase fans everywhere. On the day of their visit, her sorority is having a fun, obstacle course event for charity.

How To Use Cohort Analysis for Better Workforce Decisions


Instead of accepting an intuition-based decision, consider performing a data-driven cohort analysis, where you look at each employee’s detailed work records and perform comparisons against similar employees and employee groups.

Cafe Classic: Compare for Success

Compensation Cafe

Comparisons drive behavior. Making the right comparisons can set you up for success. Making the wrong comparisons can drive you towards failure. Of course, compensation itself can be a form of feedback , too, because all rewards don't jingle.

The 100 HR Indicators Every Manager Needs to Know


Offer acceptation rate Referral hire rate Re-hire rate Interviewee satisfaction rate (in relation to the recruitment process) #5 – Internal Movement Indicators Promotion Rate: the number of employees that have been promoted in comparison to the total number of employees.

How to Measure Employee Engagement


Most people would respond: “Of course I’m fully engaged in my job. The employee engagement score can then be used to identify engagement drivers, study correlates, and make comparisons to business metrics. Measuring employee engagement is tricky.

Organizations Must View Employee Engagement As a Long Term Business Activity

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The first time an organization conducts a survey and receives their eNPS score; they’ve established a baseline that they can use for future comparison.

Not Your Grandma’s Mid-Year Performance Review (No Offense Grandma)


They don’t give the employee an opportunity to course-correct a problem until perhaps months later. 2) Avoid comparisons to peers. Forced ranking, or social comparisons, make it more difficult for employees to accept feedback. “Summertime and the living is easy.”

How This Digital Agency Created a Global Culture of Performance


Appraisals create a toxic culture of competition and comparison, which are never good for an organization’s bottom line. Of course, a new tool or system will not replace all of an organization’s existing systems. It’s no secret that the old performance management process is out.

How To Use Cohort Analysis for Better Workforce Decisions


Instead of accepting an intuition-based decision, consider performing a data-driven cohort analysis, where you look at each employee’s detailed work records and perform comparisons against similar employees and employee groups.

Why it’s better to be Marmite!

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I know I’m not for everyone, I’ve had the Marmite comparison more than once in my career. Now that’s a comparison I can live with. Being Marmite takes guts, of course it does. I LOVE Marmite. The salty smell alone is enough to get my taste buds going me, let alone the taste.

The (De)Motivating Effects of Relative Performance Evaluation

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As we mature, the types of comparisons we make change, but we're still making comparisons: who earns more money, who performs better in the job, and so on. In the workplace, these comparisons become formalized through the organization's performance evaluation system.

7 Intriguing Employee Engagement Trends for 2019


Engaged employees demonstrate this through their interactions with coworkers, their attitude, and of course, their work. This piece also provides an in-depth comparison of the top 20 employee engagement software platforms on the market. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

Stop Lying To Candidates: Here's a Good Way To Tell Them Why They Didn't Get The Job.

The HR Capitalist

Of course, you're fearful you're going to be sued as a result of your bumbling on this conversation. PS - make sure those things are real and that the comparison of candidates nets out the way you're describing it.

Justify a Job Offer’s Salary with Data


At most large organizations, this is based on a comparison of the compensation levels for the people who perform the same role, at the same level, and in a similar geography.

Data 212

Lift Me Up


"It is very easy to overestimate the importance of our own achievements in comparison to what we owe others." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer I've been quite reflective the last week or so, thinking about my role models, close friends and colleagues, as well as the long journey I've been on to get.here.

Compliance checklist for HR professionals for year-end and beyond


In comparison, in 2013, the agency conducted approximately 3,000 audits which was the single-year record until 2018, according to The Associated Press. “Getting ahead of the compliance eight-ball before the end of the year can save time and stress.”

Make sure to acquire the LMS that really fit your needs and budget knowing these LMS pricing insights


Then, after receiving the pricing based on features and users, you can make the LMS pricing comparison. Pay Per Active Users: The users that would be taking the courses could vary with the passing of the weeks and this also influences the price of the LMS software.

Consider, Connect, Craft: 3 ways to improve compensation communication

Bersin with Deloitte

Yet, even with compensation holding a top spot at the rewards table for quite some time, it wasn’t traditionally talked about openly, nor was public data widely available to make comparisons.

The Importance of Human Resource Policies and Procedures

HR Digest

COMPARISON OF EMPLOYEE CONDUCT, ATTENDANCE, AND PUNCTUALITY. The human resource policies and procedures help in comparison to employee conduct , attendance, and punctuality. Human Resource Policies and Procedures are an integral part of present-day organizations.

Do I Need a Performance Appraisal System?

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An appraisal system will assess staff performance against a list of set objectives and will help to guide employees on a course of future development. Review Cycle and Comparison Tools. Most companies now run on an appraisal system of one sort or another.

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Anatomy of an Effective Benefits Decision-Support Initiative

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If there are multiple options, you’ll usually be told which one is best rather than getting side-by-side comparisons. Then the proprietary algorithms provide a personalized cost analysis and health plan comparison. These are, of course, only tools.

Top Skills of High Performing HR Data Scientists


Entry into the discipline requires at the very least strong data science skills, knowledge of research design principles, the ability to clearly explain technical concepts to people with non-technical backgrounds, and, of course, an interest in studying people in the workplace.

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Chill Out: It Really Doesn't Matter Where Your Kids Go to College.

The HR Capitalist

Until you figure out the following 2 things: 1-- Comparison is the thief of joy , and more importantly; 2-- By the time your kid has his second job and/or 5 years into the world of work, it's not going to matter where he/she went to school.

Here’s What Aspiring CEOs Need to Study

Business2Community Leadership

Continuing the watch comparison, the watch face is like a business’ storefront or website. Foundational courses teach you what the frameworks of business are. Data courses focus on inputs to a framework – the data itself.

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New law says wage theft is a felony for Colorado employers


Of course, with Colorado’s new law, that kind of thinking may change drastically for employers. Colorado has taken the lead in the fight to end wage theft in the United States. A new state law has passed that could better protect employees’ income and keep employers accountable.

How to Talk About Salary—And Why

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Without everything included in the total reward package, a comparison of base pay may be completely irrelevant. Transparency can virtually eliminate this unless, of course, the pay is truly not fair. Talking about salary is traditionally a touchy — and taboo — topic.

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