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Employee motivation: Definition and how to improve it


Employee motivation can serve as a major driver of organizational success. But keeping team members motivated still proves elusive for many organizations today, and not without reason. Every employee responds to different motivators, and investing in the wrong ones only depletes your company’s budget without effect. Preferences also shift over time, so what engages your workforce right now is almost certain to evolve in the coming years.

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How to Keep Staff Happy (and Reduce Turnover) 


Studies show that turnover costs are astronomically high. In fact, employee turnover costs can range from 30% to 400% of an employee’s annual salary to replace. If employers did their best to improve the happiness of their employees, they would keep more money in their pockets. However, the benefits of a happy workplace go beyond direct financial gains.

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How Can CFOs Gain Control Over Expense Management


Today, the coronavirus pandemic has posed several challenges for CFOs to handle their corporate travel and expense spending. Considering the importance of the situation, it is time for the CFOs to step out and reexamine the different expense management strategies in place in order to keep the business expenses in control and prevent fraudulent activities.

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my boss butt-dialed me and I heard an awful conversation, company wants us to provide mental health support to our coworkers, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, my boss butt-dialed me and I heard an awful conversation, company wants us to provide mental health support to our coworkers, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. 1. My boss butt-dialed me and I heard his abusive conversation with his wife. Help! I logged into Teams this morning to find a voicemail from my grandboss, presumably an accidental dial.

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Prevent Toxic Work Culture and Protect Your Peoples’ Physical and Mental Health

The U.S. Surgeon General's warning about the role of the workplace on mental and physical health states that employers have an opportunity to turn workplaces into “engines of mental health and wellbeing”. Discover what it takes to foster workplace wellbeing and how to prevent a “toxic work culture”.

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Vacation Policy Guide for HR


Every employee needs a vacation now and then. Whether it’s a two-week trip to the Bahamas or a day off for mental health, it’s incredibly important to have a consistent vacation policy in your. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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4th of July open thread

Ask a Manager

This post, 4th of July open thread , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s a holiday! . This comment section is open for any discussion you’d like to have with other readers. You may also like: my manager stole a family heirloom from me and gave it as a gift to someone else Independence Day round-up our polyamorous employee wants to bring their 3 partners to the holiday party.

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How Much Time Does A Doctor Visit Really Take?

First Stop Health

When you or a family member is not feeling well or hurt, finding quick care can be challenging. Doctor’s offices, urgent care centers and emergency rooms are three traditional options for care that are not time-friendly or convenient. Whether it’s travel time, transportation, taking time off work, cost or arranging for childcare, there are many personal factors to consider when seeking care at these institutions.

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How to Scale Your Software Company


You’ve worked hard to get your startup up and running, and after all the hard work, you feel it’s time to take it to the next level. That means it’s time to scale up. Scaling up a software company can seem overwhelming. The truth is that fast growth comes with its own challenges, and knowing how to manage and invest in the right people and resources takes a lot of effort.

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Cultivating culture through change


It's no secret that workplace culture has undergone dramatic changes in the last couple of years, and is continuing to do so as we redefine what this means to us. In today's episode, we revisit our conversations with industry experts including doctors, founders, culture officers, and business owners.

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The 26th Annual HR Systems Survey

The 26th Annual HR Systems Survey, conducted by Sapient Insights Group, is now open for participation through July 1, 2023. Your voice is the future of HR technology! This survey is valuable for anyone supporting their organization's HR systems and practices, interested in sharing their vendor experiences, and giving back to the HR community. All responses are confidential and only used in aggregate results.

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Which state laws apply to remote employees

Business Management Daily

During the pandemic, many businesses allowed their employees to work from home as a matter of safety. Now, remote work has become the norm. However, it can be tough to navigate the switch from a compliance perspective, particularly when it comes to out-of-state remote staff members. Many businesses, even very small businesses, have started to open up remote positions to a wider audience by removing geographic barriers.

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The root of all troubles

Corn on the Job

How much money did you give to create your website? Or maybe you put a lot of time and effort into creating it yourself? And the result does not meet your expectations at all, and among the visitors to your site are you and your mother, who is proud of you? So you forgot about something important. You forgot about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Even if your site is flawless in your eyes and the eyes of the target audience, this does not mean that people will find it.

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10 Best Recruiting Books Every Recruiter Should Read

Recruiters Lineup

Knowledge is never enough, so every human being is in a heist to learn something new every day. To thrive in business and your recruitment process, you need to equip yourself with key concepts that relate to your expertise. Recruiters and talent management teams should be at the forefront of expanding their understanding of recruitment best practices.

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Symptoms Of Job Burnout And 7 Steps to Recovery


Workhuman’s senior director of people analytics, Dr. Meisha-ann Martin, is quoted in this Forbes article discussing job burnout and strategies for recovery. The post Symptoms Of Job Burnout And 7 Steps to Recovery appeared first on Workhuman.

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Ace Your I-9 Compliance: How HR Can Navigate the End of I-9 Virtual Review

Speaker: David Secunda, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkBright

Did your company inspect I-9 documents virtually? Hot off the press from ICE, you have until August 30th, 2023 to document a physical inspection of those documents! If you’re not sure what exactly this means for your organization or are struggling to physically review I-9 documents with remote employees, join WorkBright for a 60 minute deep-dive and Q&A on the end of I-9 virtual review.

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13 Leading Change Management Models For Your Business

Vantage Circle

Change has been fundamental in responding to disruptions in the work and business environments. Whether for the newest technology in the market or the difficulties posed by Covid-19, it has become the need of the hour. But did you know that most organizational change initiatives (almost 70%) fail? It's possible that managers are feeling overburdened by the procedures.

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Remote working: How behavioural science can boost employee engagement and performance

HR Zone

Employees The secret to engaged and motivated remote workers.

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Melanie Hicks On How We Need To Adjust To The Future Of Work

Thrive Global

Empathetic Leadership. There is no other time in modern history where the workforce is more in need of authentic empathetic leadership. Over the past two years, employees as a whole have experienced every possible emotion from fear and anxiety to reckoning and enlightenment. They have adjusted their work lives, physically and intellectually, to adapt and still provide results for the organizations that employ them.

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4 Soft Skills To Pay Attention To When Hiring

New to HR

Hiring an employee is an investment that when done correctly, can gain a real asset for your company. But with almost every applicant boasting degrees. The post 4 Soft Skills To Pay Attention To When Hiring appeared first on New To HR.

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Employer Guide: End of I-9 Virtual Review

Attention employers! If you virtually inspected I-9 work authorization documents during the COVID pandemic, you are required to physically inspect those documents before August 30th, 2023! WorkBright has consolidated all the information you need to properly manage this unprecedented scenario in an end of I-9 Virtual Review guide. They've got you covered on: Understanding whether this applies to your organization Deadlines for virtual review and physical inspections Overview of the reconciliation

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Engagedly Developing Culture in the Remote Workforce


COVID-19 and the subsequent restrictions have forced a lot of companies to take their entire workforce almost entirely online – focussing much more on work from home than coming to the office and spending their day in a cubicle. In the absence of a personal touch and most business being conducted through Zoom , it becomes slightly difficult to build a developed business culture for a remote workforce, but not impossible.

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4 Strategies to Reduce Conflict in the Workplace

Pollack Peacebuilding

No workplace is without conflict, even if it is a healthy, productive environment most of the time. Strategies to reduce conflict in the workplace provide necessary, timely solutions that maintain a relatively tranquil business environment. To help you with your office’s conflict resolution strategies, review the following tips. Free Consultation for Workplace Conflict.

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Job Leveling Framework – What is It and How to Develop It in Your Organization


Not all companies have set a clear hierarchy of titles and roles. Establishing a well-structured organizational framework or grade level within a business helps individuals come to terms with their job roles and improve themselves to serve their responsibilities in the best way possible. HR leaders often find it challenging to evaluate and compare the importance of a job role across an organization.

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Forgetting Curve & its Impact


Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. You may have spent countless hours developing content and designing eLearning courses, but it won’t matter if your learners can’t retain what they’ve learned. This is a challenge for L&D pros. The forgetting curve shows how memory declines over time when not used. You must understand the forgetting curve and its impactful tactics to overcome this challenge.

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The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing HR Operations: How to Select Your New HR Software

Speaker: Patrick Sayers, President of Newcastle Research

Are you tired of struggling with outdated HR software? Are you interested in unlocking your organization’s productivity potential? It’s no secret that with tech-dependent remote work on the rise, it's more important than ever to successfully implement an HR platform that can provide actionable insights to help you hit all your key workforce KPIs. But with so much variation, how can you find the most optimal HR software platform for your team?

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The Essential Guide to Labor Laws for Remote Employees in the U.S.

Global People Strategist

Labor laws are regulations that govern the relationship between employers and employees. They are designed to protect workers from exploitation and ensure they are treated fairly. If you are a remote employee in the United States of America, you need to be aware of the labor laws currently available for remote employees. This guide will give you an overview of remote employees’ most relevant labor laws.

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Collaboration is key: HR, hiring managers, and optimizing your recruitment strategy


Organizations work best when people communicate and when information flows easily and effectively between relevant team members. But as companies grow, it can be harder and harder to collaborate on complex and long-lasting projects. Your recruitment and retention strategy is one of those projects. It requires regular input from recruiters, hiring managers, and HR team members searching for professionals who don’t just have the right skill set for the job but who also fit your company culture.

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Is it illegal to give an employee a bad reference? | HR blog


Can it be illegal to give an employee a bad reference? JMW Solicitors' Employment Team Partner, Marcus Dilefice outlines what is and isn't legally acceptable for employee references in line with case law and contractual policy. The position in relation to professional references is often misunderstood. Many individuals and businesses consider that ‘bad’ references cannot be given in the UK; however, this is untrue.

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Emphasis on conditions and well-being as C-suite joins The Great Resignation


Burned out executives considering joining The Great Resignation. Research commissioned by Deloitte across most of the Anglosphere (the US, the UK, Canada and Australia) suggests that nearly 70% of executives are seriously considering quitting their jobs. Contrast this with nonexecutive employees, where the equivalent number is put at 57%. Digging deeper beneath the headline, the survey of 2,100 executives shows that: Nearly three-quarters said the pandemic has negatively affected their health.

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Report: Insights on Global Fertility at Work

Fertility is not only a global healthcare concern, but also an important workplace issue. To better understand how fertility impacts the workplace, Carrot Fertility surveyed 5,000 people across the U.S., UK, Canada, India, and Mexico. Carrot asked questions to get a sense of how people around the world feel about fertility topics at work and how they want to be supported in their fertility and family-forming journeys.