Wondering How to Measure Channel Incentive Program Success? There’s an Incentive Solutions White Paper for That.

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Boiling down data to these five levels led our researchers to understand what key growth metrics power top-performing programs. To find out, download our free white paper. Benchmarks for Channel Incentive Program Success | Incentive Solutions. Incentive Rewards.

Honest, Accessible Metrics are Key to D&I Reporting and Progress


HBR writes that companies may be tempted to manipulate it to paint a picture more to their liking if the data reveal problems; that is, to create “vanity metrics.” Are diversity metrics uniform across different departments? Are diversity metrics shared with all employees?”.


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CHROs Take on Elevated Role as HR Metrics Grow in Importance


Now you are dealing with providing data to financial institutions like BlackRock, and billions of dollars will be traded on the metrics that you report.”. Savvy CHROs and their organizations want to know what human capital metrics the SEC intends to focus on.

Protecting Local Banks Through Intelligent Risk Metrics

360 factors

Risk prediction solutions track external metrics and leading indicators. This data is often combined with internal metrics to help banks reassess their risk management framework and get early warnings about emerging risks. Meaningful, Insightful Metrics for Predictions.

When Recruiter Priorities Compete: Fill Speed, Growing Req Loads, and Diversity

It’s a question as old as the recruiting profession itself: How many reqs should one recruiter handle at a time? Even in our data-driven age of hard metrics and objective assessments, the answer is: It depends. Download this White Paper to discover the key factors that go into finding your answer to the req load question.

Presentation: Exploring the Top 5 Talent Selection Metrics for HR


What if a change to your metrics paid off in improved qualify of hire, return on hire, and candidate pipeline size? Explore the top 5 talent selection metrics with Cam and Greg to learn: How to identify the value of your late-stage screening tools. Fill Out the Form to the Right to View the Webinar Recording: Exploring the Top 5 Talent Selection Metrics for HR. White Papers

5 Keys: How to Become an Inspirational Leader


According to Great Leadership , organizations with the highest quality leaders were 13 times more likely to outperform their competition in key bottom-line metrics such as financial performance, quality of products and services, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Download The Greatness Gap: The State of Employee Disengagement White Paper. By: Marci Peters. Director of Customer Service, Achievers.

How to Get Executives On Board with Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs


Key metrics can be accessed for real-time analytics and reporting. To learn more, download the Obtaining Executive Buy-In for Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs White Paper. Donald Clifton’s book How Full Is Your Bucket revealed the number one reason people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated. But there’s a proven way to address this problem: focus on employee engagement.

A Financial Institution Simplifies Incentive Process and Eliminates Manager Bias with Empxtrack Appraisal System


The metric score card had multiple categories with several parameters, each parameter was assigned a weight. Blog Case Study and White Papers Employee Appraisals Goal Setting HR Best Practices HR Technology HRMS (HRIS) Human Resources Performance Management Employee Engagement Employee Reward HR Performance appraisals Performance Review SMART Goals

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A Leading manufacturer of Industrial Machinery and Equipment Streamlines Processes and Derives Efficiency with Empxtrack Performance Management


Empxtrack also delivered robust metrics and reporting, which had been virtually non-existent at Busch. Blog Case Study and White Papers Goal Setting HR Best Practices HR Technology HRMS (HRIS) Human Resources Performance Management Employee Productivity HR Performance appraisal SMART Goals Talent Management Training and Development

ADP 44

Time to Fill Metrics: A Data-Driven Approach to Talent Acquisition


Today, we will focus on a single metric, Time to Fill, and discuss in detail how this metric can help your organization optimize the talent recruiting process and deliver better business results. HR leaders can analyze metrics in detail and evaluate the efficiency of the process at every stage, identifying the most time-consuming stages and build strategies to optimize the entire process.

HR Metrics: Using a New Model to Align Recruiting Strategy with Business Mission

HR Daily Advisor

In a press release, ManpowerGroup Solutions announced the release of its white paper, “Recruiting Strategy Metrics: From Transactional to Transformational,” which explores the need for metrics that yield strategic insights, versus ones that simply establish a baseline and measure improvements over time. Transactional metrics (such as time-to-fill, time-to-hire, and cost-per-hire) remain important, as they allow employers to establish early success measures.

Infographic: 5 Ways to Take On the Future of Talent


You’ll also learn: Why it’s time to re-think traditional HR metrics. White PapersThe future of HR is upon us, and it’s all about automation and analytics. The rise of HR technology is incredibly exciting for the industry, but it’s moving so fast you might feel like you’re perpetually playing catch up. What can you do today to get ahead in this vast new world of talent analytics and competitive intelligence?

The rise of evidence-based decision-making: why HR needs to make friends with metrics


This article is an extract from CIPHR’s free white paper, From evidence to automation: eight trends that’ll shape the HR profession in 2018. The post The rise of evidence-based decision-making: why HR needs to make friends with metrics appeared first on CIPHR. Forget ‘gut feelings’ – it’s time for HR professionals to turn to internal data and robust research as the foundation for their strategic interventions.

Infographic: 7 Building Blocks of Hiring Success


How to leverage quality of hire metrics to improve your screening tools. Fill out the form to download our recent infographic: “7 Building Blocks to Hiring Success” World Class Techniques Used By: White PapersBuilding a successful hiring process is all about structure. Just like a builder needs a blueprint, you need a repeatable, scalable hiring plan.

This Year in HR: Top Downloads from 2015, Part 1


Which metrics will shape the way we measure talent? World Class Techniques Used By: White PapersOver the past 12 months, HR professionals have looked to industry trends to find out what the future holds for their success. It’s time to close out 2015, but not before looking back at the year’s bests. So in case you missed them, we put together the top downloads of the year. Download #1: HR Pros Predict 8 Future Trends.

4 Ways to Make Pulse Surveys Work for Real Engagement


An easy way to anonymize the data is to aggregate it and display key HR metrics in a public dashboard built with business intelligence (BI) software that automatically aggregates and displays survey results. Discover how to effectively listen to your workforce by checking out this white paper, “ Taking the Pulse of Employee Engagement. ”. . . Companies have come a long way in terms of the investments they’re making to ensure they stay innovative, profitable, and protected.

5 Must-Have Metrics for Recruitment Success


These metrics just won’t cut it in a place like Silicon Valley, where skills and expertise (quality) trumps fast and cheap. Here are five indispensable metrics that will help you determine whether you are finding top quality hires who will move your business forward — In short, whether you are actually recruiting people you want to retain. Remember: For all these metrics there is a spectrum in terms of success. Must-have recruitment metric #2: Offer acceptance rate.

Stop Taking Employee Engagement Surveys as Gospel


But companies need to stop focusing on boosting engagement and start using metrics to create a better company culture. White Paper: How Culture Analytics Can Complement Employee Engagement Data Download. Employee engagement surveys have been around for decades, but executives constantly tell us that they don’t know what to do with the information they receive from them.

DOE Says Title IX Protects Against LGBTQ+ Discrimination


Schools and programs that have the metrics to back up their DEI efforts will fare better under increased scrutiny from students, trustees, employees, regulators, and the general public. A new document from the U.S.

SEC-issued Risk Alert Signals Tighter Focus on ESG Claims


A logical starting point is to identify an expert, external technology partner, who can establish ongoing, monthly monitoring of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) metrics (such as pay equity), which is critical to the “Social” component of ESG.

ESG Stocks Perform Better, But Rankings Can Vary Widely


According to the WSJ , “Shares of companies considered by Refinitiv to be poor performers on ESG metrics have jumped 26% since the beginning of this year. They’ll need to have metrics in place to prove it, or potentially face serious consequences.

5 Strategies for Effectively Advancing DEI Initiatives


Compare your progress with companies outside your own and disclose more than vanity metrics. . A study recently conducted by the Josh Bersin Academy identifies five critical strategies for helping employers achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) excellence in the workplace. .

Pay Equity, DEI, and ESG Converge in New Gender Inequality Study


ESG metrics for analyzing corporate practices were adopted by over 60 top business leaders across multiple industries in January 2021.

McDonald’s Paves the Way With DEI Data Transparency


With employers being held more accountable , and performative metrics no longer being accepted as the status quo, now is the time to implement a system. To get started, download our white paper Designing a Successful Pay Equity Program for your Organization.

SEC Increases its Focus on ESG-related Disclosures


That’s because the best way to demonstrate their commitment to improving the environment, and the lives of employees and other people in the communities where they operate is to have those efforts show up in their metrics now, rather than wait until they’re audited for accuracy.

ESG a Top Priority for Mutual Fund Managers, Investors


” Companies that have the metrics to back up their ESG efforts will fare better under increased scrutiny from mutual fund managers and investors. One such metric is pay equity , which is strongly interconnected with the social aspect of ESG, particularly issues surrounding DEI.

Company Culture 102: How to target your aspirational culture


These metrics can and should be tracked across an entire organization for the duration of a culture change initiative. Analytics for your company culture Download White Paper. “Change before you have to.”. Jack Welch. Culture change or evolution is one of the most challenging projects for a leadership team to undertake.

Do Employees Give Leaders Points For Trying?

China Gorman

In honor of next week’s WorkHuman Conference , I thought I’d draw your attention to this white paper: The ROI of Recognition in Building a More Human Workplace. Because it is a white paper, it has a definite bias towards recognition, but it also has some very interesting insights to share about the larger question of the impact of culture on employee engagement. I like this white paper.

Do Employees Give Leaders Points For Trying?

China Gorman

In honor of next week’s WorkHuman Conference , I thought I’d draw your attention to this white paper: The ROI of Recognition in Building a More Human Workplace. Because it is a white paper, it has a definite bias towards recognition, but it also has some very interesting insights to share about the larger question of the impact of culture on employee engagement. I like this white paper.

Belonging: The Small Step That’s Actually a Quantum Leap


Today we’re releasing our new white paper, “The Era of Belonging,” and, I believe, it’s our most important and impactful yet. High employee belonging has been linked to spectacular improvement in core business metrics, including: A 56% increase in job performance.

Actionable Tips for Improving the Employee Experience, Turnover & Patient Satisfaction


We recently conducted a study that focused on uncovering the key factors that impact two healthcare metrics – employee turnover and patient satisfaction (HCAHPS). By the way, get all the details on the study in our recent white paper. Because these factors are critical to healthcare organizations functioning effectively. Spoiler alert – the approach we outline in this blog works.

Congress Holds Hearing on Pay Equity, Proposed Laws


The answer is simple: by establishing ongoing, monthly monitoring of DEI metrics , including race, ethnicity, and gender pay gaps with the help of an expert, external technology partner. Last month, in the U.S.

Introducing the New Corporate Currency (i4cp login required)


What is new is their emphasis on organizational culture and capability as critical components of the business value equation, as well as the metrics, insights, and strategies that will help illuminate and optimize both.

Biden Executive Order on DEI Has Serious Implications for Employers


That pressure won’t just be coming from within the White House; as noted by the Washington Post , after news broke of the Executive Order, “civil rights groups made it clear they will press for more-sweeping change in the months ahead.”.