What a Devastating 2004 Outcome Taught Me About Post-election Blues

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In the spirit of coping with post-election stress, I’ll share what I learned in 2004. It was the height of my political activism. So, I poured my heart and soul into campaigning for the Democratic candidate, John Kerry, based on his environmental platform. .

Attack of the Prank Email


As if we didn''t have enough to worry about with employees sending in company internal memos for publication on the Internet and completing employee satisfaction surveys that are publicly available online now we have a new threat to watch out for - the prank email. With prank emails, the prankster pretends to be someone he or she is not and carries on a generally humorous email conversation


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No Thanks to Knowledge Nomads


was recently referenced in a Yahoo Group for Training Professionals. The article talks about "knowledge nomads" who although they switch jobs frequently are committed to their organizations for the time period that they are there. The article also suggests reframing the issue of turnover and retention. The author writes, "Rather than focus on An article called, High Turnover, Should you Care?,

Joel on HR


Who thought that Human Resources practitioners could learn a thing or two about HR from a software developer? 1) Joel does a good job of reminding us about reducing the irritations. Joel Spolsky, who writes a popular blog for engineers called Joel on Software has a few things to say to which we should listen up. Two things caught my interest. 2) Joel warns how incentive programs can actually

Top 10 authoring tool in 2020 delivering engaging digital learning content


Authoring tools refer to web-based e-learning and are designed for particular styles of learning, file formats, delivery platforms, production workflows and eLearning standards. One of the important factors while choosing the best authoring tool is durability.

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5 Ways an LMS Can Boost Compliance and non-Compliance Training


Successful compliance training is all about process and result. The operation must be airtight so that employees complete the learning within any mandated time frame and all records are accurate and easily accessible. While the consequences of non-compliance vary, typically they amount to a serious problem for your business. For example, if you audit training completion records using XLS, you run the risk of inputting mistakes.

What Is A Learning Management System (LMS)?


What Is A Learning Management System (LMS)? Roughly 83% of companies have ditched getting their team up to speed with pens and paper – and taken their training online. But to deliver the knowledge effectively, they need a learning management system.

Five top learning and development tools for 2021


As employees find their way in the new world of work in 2021, learning and development takes centre stage – we highlight five top L&D tools. The importance of L&D in 2021 cannot be underestimated – are you an innovator or are you reactive? and 2004.

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10 Ways to Publish Your Game Anywhere

The Game Agency

The beauty of The Training Arcade® is once you’ve created a game with your training content. You can launch the game and publish it anywhere! Here are 10 ways you can publish and deploy the game for maximum training effectiveness. Export the games as a SCORM package (SCORM 1.2 or 2004) and load into your Learning Management System (LMS). Learners can earn points and win prizes for their successful completion of the game.

Questions to Keep in Mind When Purchasing eLearning Content for an LMS


Many guides on buying eLearning content talk about the quality of the content, the experience of the developer, the number of courses the developer has available for purchase, references, and etc. This probably does not occur very often, however it is important to confirm that each attempt from the same user does not count against your user licensing. Does the provider give a demo on the content you are requesting?

What You Should Know About Leadership Development Training

Workplace Psychology

I’ve spent more than a decade working in three related and intersecting fields: Training, Learning & Development, and Leadership Development. leadership development, training & development, etc.). The Biggest Challenge Leaders In Organizations Face Today.



Free E-Learning Software[2020 Updated]


There are ample online learning management systems (LMS) available that allow people to up their skills and knowledge. Both educational institutions and businesses can use these free e-learning software for creating, tracking, and managing their training and development programs.

Organizational Change: Success Stories To Learn From


Sometimes even the most successful companies need to go through organizational change in order to continue their success. Competition – Even if your company doesn’t change with the times, you can bet that your competition will. In this article, we’ll look at three companies who have either successfully implemented organizational changes, or are currently in the process of doing so. Shell went through some major changes in 2004 , after the oil crisis.

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70 Life Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner

Thrive Global

Truth is, sharing your gifts and passions with the world is what we’re all meant to do. But not everyone has the same courage you do. Believing in yourself, believing in your vision, and believing that you can help make the world a little brighter and a little better along the way.

eBook 58

What is a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (Scorm)?


SCORM is a collection of standards and specifications that allow the description and packaging of e-learning courses. SCORM contains information on how you should use learning content in a course, how it is structured, what content should be learned, and how courses should be conducted.

People with Secure High Self-Esteem Don’t Need or Seek External Validation

Workplace Psychology

The older I get, the more reflective and observant I become. I truly believe the best gift you can give yourself is self-validation. Stephen Covey, in his classic The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (2004), talked about the Abundance Mentality vs. the Scarcity Mentality.

Overcoming Obstacles: Attitude and Approach Are Answers to Pains and Problems

Workplace Psychology

In his book, The Obstacle Is the Way , Ryan Holiday (2014) shares the wisdom of Stoicism* (a Greek philosophy) and ancient Stoics to help readers “accomplish the very specific and increasingly urgent goal we all share: overcoming obstacles. In fact, they see the.

Future-Proof Training: Getting Ready For Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

Rallyware for Human Resources

Living in the age of technology and globalization means that Shift Happens at lightspeed: “ The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004. In fact, students who are starting a four-year technical or college degree will discover that the knowledge they acquired in their first year will be irrelevant by the time they reach their third year. If changes happen that fast in education, what does it mean for the workplace?

How You Can Become a Simply Irresistible Organization

HR Bartender

The articles talk about developing outstanding products, killer marketing strategies, and focusing on metrics and numbers. A few weeks ago, I saw a post titled “ Engagement, Retention and Culture now the #1 Issues in Talent and HR.” But given some of the conversations about innovation and technology driving businesses today, I wasn’t expecting it. The #1 issue, with 50% of companies rating it urgent and 87% rating it important, is ‘engagement, retention and culture.’.

10 Top Ways To Stay Safe Online

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We’ve come a long way since 1983 when researchers began to assemble the network of networks that became the modern Internet. Today, the Internet is a necessity many of us can no longer imagine living without. Here are 10 Top ways we can practice safety online.

Giving Feedback Is Easy, Much Harder to Accept, Learn From, and Apply It

Workplace Psychology

It was quite good and I learned a lot back then and continue to use many of the counseling/coaching skills today in the corporate world. As part of the program, we were required to conduct counseling sessions with real clients and film these sessions (after securing the client’s permission) so that our classmates and professors could review these sessions and offer their feedback. 2004).

Giving Feedback Is Easy, Much Harder to Accept, Learn From, and Apply It

Workplace Psychology

It was quite good and I learned a lot back then and continue to use many of the counseling/coaching skills today in the corporate world. As part of the program, we were required to conduct counseling sessions with real clients and film these sessions (after securing the client’s permission) so that our classmates and professors could review these sessions and offer their feedback. 2004).

Getting that E-learning Course to Work When SCORM isn’t the Problem


But just in case this term is new to you, let’s get start by getting that definition out of the way. SCORM is an e-learning standard. It is the reason you can get your e-learning course from one vendor and still launch and track it from the to be integrated with one another – to “talk” to each other. Students are successfully launching, consuming and completing courses and all of that activity is correctly recorded in the LMS.

What Can We Learn About Employee Recognition from Google?


In 2004, Google created the Founders’ Award to recognize and reward groups of employees for entrepreneurial achievement. With all of its good intent, the program didn’t achieve the outcome the company hoped. Find out why Google accepted the facts and phased out the incentive, making a great business decision along the way

To Engage and Retain Employees Provide a “Mini” Job Rotation During Employee Orientation

Workplace Psychology

Have you noticed that, in many companies, employees often have no clue what many of the other employees in other functions do to support the overall organization? NOTE: The new employee orientation must be part of a larger, well-designed onboarding program (Allen, 2020). 2004).

How to Be CyberSmart in a COVID-19 World


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month , established in 2004 as a broad effort to help all Americans stay safer and more secure online. Cybercriminals have, indeed, been busy since the start of COVID, diligently working to cause mayhem while the business world adjusts to the pandemic.

New Research on Cutting-Edge Performance Management: What Are We Learning?

Compensation Cafe

Today, we're very excited to showcase this post from Gerry, where he shares the results and insights from that study (also the topic of a special WorldatWork Journal edition, as our image indicates), along with his thoughts on where its all going! For the past year, I have been leading research on cutting-edge performance management practices at the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO), University of Southern California. Expect more adoptions in the future.

Ditch the Resumes, Hire for Learning Ability, Expert Says


Accenture Global Head of Recruiting Jennifer Carpenter believes that resumes will become extinct in the near future, prompting employers to adopt superior evaluation and screening tools and heralding a shift in thinking about sourcing, assessing and defining talent. The first thing to do is toss the resume, she said. Resumes lack any information about creativity, willingness to work hard and love of learning, she said.

Mindfulness Is Your Company's Employee Engagement Secret

Cornerstone On Demand

A 2017 American Psychological Association study on stress found that Americans are more stressed out now than they have been in the last decade. We are in desperate need of training and resources, in addition to permission from ourselves and our bosses to take a break. Research has shown that mindfulness can not only reduce stress, but also build up our tolerance for stress in the future. The change in my stress levels and overall mental health has been dramatic.

Managers Are Not Good at Coaching and Developing Their People

Workplace Psychology

In their book, 100 Things You Need to Know: Best People Practices for Managers & HR (2004), Eichinger, Lombardo, and Ulrich — three internationally-recognized experts in human capital management — shared that, in general, managers are “very poor at coaching and developing their people” (p. Line managers and mid-level managers are often quite busy and they simply do not have the time or want to set aside quality time for coaching and developing their staff. 2004).

What is Organizational Learning (And Why is it Important?)


Here’s a common situation: your sales have flatlined in the last two years because you’re still doing business the same way you did when you first opened your doors twenty years ago. The sophisticated ideas and processes that you need to inject some life into your business can be summed up in two words: organizational learning. But what is organizational learning, and why does your business need to do it? What Is Organizational Learning?

What Is a Learning Management System? Four Basic LMS Functions You Need to Know.


If you know it or not, you have likely used a Learning Management System (LMS). It’s often the system that gives you security awareness training every Jan 1. While some companies may use email or Excel spreadsheets to record training, at the end of the year you have to prove what happened to auditors. Learning Management Systems provide a method to easily create, deliver, track and report on your employee training. 2018) The LMS Guidebook.

Employee Experience: Fit in with Your People to Drive Productivity

Rallyware for Human Resources

According to The Active Job Seeker Dilemma study, 83% of HR leaders believe that employee experience is a crucial part of their company’s success. They understand that employee experience is not something static, constantly invest in training (56%), workspaces (51%), and rewards (47%). Successful organizations all over the world have already understood this rule of thumb: making the employee’s journey enjoyable pays its way. Continuous learning.

Top Leadership Books To Gift To Your Colleagues This Holiday Season


As we all expected, bringing in the new year will feel different this time around. The leaders at 15Five came together to help make your gift-shopping experience a little easier this year. Check out their top picks below and select the perfect one for the leader in your life.

Positive Product Design™: A New Direction For Technology And Human Potential


“Technology has the potential to increase the tonnage of human happiness on our planet.” – Martin Seligman , father of positive psychology, TED, 2004. Positive Product Design™ changes the relationship between technology and the people who use it.

How culture investment can prepare HR ‘for any crisis’


In 2004, Mary Ruberry surprised her family and friends when she departed her HR manager job at Williams Labadie, a Chicago ad agency owned by Leo Burnett, to take an HR position at The Parking Spot—the nation’s largest provider of near-airport parking and transportation. “I

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Report: HR Really Is Becoming More Strategic


But in this report from the Cranfield Network on International Human Resource management , in collaboration with the Society for Human Resource Management and the Center for International HR Studies in the School of Labor Employment Relations at Penn State University, we do have new numbers. Specifically, in terms of leadership, 70 percent of responding organizations said HR has a place on the board now, compared to 63 percent in 2009 and 41 percent in 2004.