Empirical Data on Why Intranets Fail

Advanced Learning Institute

Have you searched for a file on your intranet and found a document from 2004? With a rigid, analytical approach we hope to use data and insights to guide the corporate intranet industry and Simpplr’s solution strategy. Written by: Simpplr Research. Intranets have been failing for years.

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Could Data Science Have Saved Greece?

SAP Innovation

It was revealed in 2004 that the official Greek deficit figures used to justify accession were incorrect , and the Greek authorities continued to submit frequently revised statistics to the EU for the next decade. Data science may have helped expose the problems earlier.

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How Improving HR’s Analytics Capability Prevents Chaos Over New Overtime Rule


However, with the mantra “never let a good crisis go to waste” ringing in their heads, the smartest of the group are realizing that now is the perfect time to move their organization forward with data-driven HR. Data inaccuracy is the first and most common problem with this tool.

Words matter! If you want more gender diversity in your applicants!

The Tim Sackett Project

New data study released by LinkedIn this week titled “ Language Matters Gender Diversity Report ” has some awesome insight to how the words we use in job descriptions and job postings have a dramatic impact to who actually applies to jobs.

How-to HR: Top 3 Happiness Inspirations from Google

HR Daily Advisor

As a data-driven company, Google makes calculated decisions for everything it does, including its HR policies. Focus 1: Thirst for Data. As a tech company, Google uses data to inform all of its decision making, including its HR processes. Strategic HR data employees HR managers

4 Ways to Build Agile Teams Using People Analytics


That’s a statement organizational network analysis pioneers Rob Cross and Andrew Parker made in this earlier 2004 post , and it still holds true today. The challenge for most HR leaders is having current and easily accessible skills data.

Participate in Bersin’s High-Impact Employee Experience Survey Now!

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Highly regarded for her work in analytics, employee engagement, organizational development, and preemployment hiring assessments, Madhura helps corporations make data driven talent and business decisions. Posted by Madhura Chakrabarti on September 25, 2018.

The 2016 #FLSA Overtime Changes: What #HR Needs to Know

HR Bartender

Even with the reduction from the initial proposal, this is still more than double what the minimum salary currently is under the 2004 regulations. I remember in 2004 when law firm paralegals were told they no longer were professionals and would receive overtime.

Educated Evaluations

HRO Today

A prominent example is a 2004 study of racial bias titled, “Are Emily and Greg more employable than Lakisha and Jamal?” The resume audit method hasn’t changed much since 2004. IRR sifts through piles of resumes using the data generated from their ratings of 40 hypothetical candidates.

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Evidence based management in HR


Although there may be merit in a number of possible solutions to a problem, evidence-based practice dictates that fads, trends and our own cognitive biases be put aside in favour of evidence from robust research and verified data along with our own individual expertise when making HR decisions.

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Who is an Applicant? Using the Internet Applicant Rule the Right Way

Berkshire Associates

Prior to this rule, federal contractors had to rely on the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP) and its Questions and Answers to determine their record keeping obligations around applicant data.

What is HR Analytics?

Analytics in HR

Whether that’s true or not is a second – but a lot of the above can be resolved in becoming more data-driven and analytical savvy. Human Resource analytics is about analyzing an organizations’ people problems using data. These questions can only be answered using data.

Would You Ask Your Employees To Get Microchipped?

Cornerstone On Demand

firm to microchip its employees, the FDA approved the technique for use in humans back in 2004. The contract should lay out the intended purpose of the microchip, if data is collected, what data is collected if any, and how that data will be used. Could you ever imagine microchipping your employees? It might sound unreasonable at first, but that's exactly what a Wisconsin-based technology company, Three Square Market , has asked of its fifty plus employees.

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New overtime rule, affecting 1.3 million US workers, finally arrives


The current rule was updated in 2004. With accurate employee time data, you can make sound decisions about employee classifications. . The DOL’s new overtime rule takes effect on January 1, 2020. Here’s what to expect and how to prepare. . It’s finally happening.

The Next Stage of Account-Based Marketing is Predictive

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

The business world coined the term “account-based marketing” back in 2004. That’s where predictive insights and intent data come into play. That’s why so many B2B marketers have been turning to third-party intent data. But not all intent data is created equal.

Company News: Talmetrix Acquires Seattle-Based Critical Metrics


Serving Fortune 1000 companies across a broad spectrum of industries, Critical Metrics has conducted over one million surveys since its inception in 2004. In addition, the company offers research and analytics solutions encompassing talent data integration, mining, reporting, and analysis.

BREAKING-ish, sorta, not really. Yeah, you knew this was coming. The DOL officially announces overtime changes.

The Employer Handbook

This salary level was set in 2004. This new proposal would update the salary threshold using current wage data, projected to January 1, 2020. Image Credit: Pexels.com ([link].

2020 trends: More employers offering paid parental leave

HR Morning

And WorldatWork survey data bumps that figure to about 52% as of March 2019. That’s according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data contained in the Congressional Research Service report Paid Family Leave in the United States. BLS data shows about 25% of U.S.

Will 9th Circuit Court Decision Influence Background Check Seven-Year Reporting Rule?


The plaintiff sued The Screening Pros, which provides tenant screening reports to property owners, for issuing a background check report in 2010 that contained his criminal history—including a misdemeanor charge in 2000 which was dismissed in 2004—in violation of the FCRA and the California Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies Act. The seven-year rule is standard in human resources as part of most background check screening processes.

Rate of California Nonfatal, Fatal Occupational Injuries Remains Stable


The Department of Industrial Relations released California’s 2017 occupational injury and illness data on employer-reported injuries. California fatal occupational injuries data remained stable in 2017.

The USDOL finally gives us the updated Overtime Rule!

OmegaHR Solutions

The salary amount accounts for wage growth since the 2004 rulemaking by using the most current data available at the time the Department drafted the final rule.

Here is your chance to impact the FLSA. Act now!

OmegaHR Solutions

They are asking a variety of questions, some of which are: Would updating the 2004 salary level for inflation be an appropriate basis for setting the standard salary level and, if so, what measure of inflation should be used? Take the opportunity to have an impact on future rules of the FLSA.

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Employee’s FMLA Retaliation Claim Will Go to Trial

HR Daily Advisor

Jessica Fountain was employed by First Data Merchant Services as an account executive. First Data has annual compensation plans that set the terms of compensation and performance goals for each account executive. By William D. Pandolph, JD, Sulloway & Hollis P.L.L.C.

3 Ways to Manage Cultural Change During a Merger or Acquisition


Here are three things you should keep in mind when you’re managing cultural change during a merger or acquisition: Strategic Cultural Change Starts With Data. Managing Cultural Change During a Merger. Building a business through mergers and acquisitions is a tried-and-true growth strategy.

You’re Not Managing DE&I if You’re Not Measuring It


What data will tell us if changes (e.g., While we can’t cover all of the possible ways to measure your interventions in this post, we have recommendations for how to use employee survey data to evaluate these behaviors and their impact on your organization.

360 Degree Feedback: A Full Guide

Digital HR Tech

Leadership and 360-degree feedback: Data sources. Goldsmith and Underhill 2001; Goldsmith and Morgan 2004; Smither et al. Credible data. The data coming from the survey are potentially used by multiple users.

The EEOC has a new Chair and a quorum. Here’s what this means for employers.

The Employer Handbook

Dhillon began her legal career at the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, where she worked from 1991 to 2004. From 2004 to 2009, she held a variety of roles at US Airways.

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #292: Viktor Mirovic

HR Examiner

Since 2004 Mr. Mirovic is the founding partner of Helius Ventures, a privately held advisory and investment firm. HRx Radio – Executive Conversations: On Friday mornings, John Sumser interviews key executives from around the industry.

Why Use a Strategic Consulting Firm For Your Implementation?


Matt has over 20 years in the HR industry and has been with HRchitect since 2004. Written by: Matt Lafata. Why Use a Strategic Consulting Firm For Your Implementation? The HRchitect Approach to Successful HCM Implementations.

What Is a Learning Management System? Four Basic LMS Functions You Need to Know.

PlatCore LMS

It provides automation that replaces rigorous and expensive manual work, saves time, and enables you to organize your content, data and learners. or 2004 or support other content types such as PDF or videos. If you have access to the raw learning data, the easier your reporting will be.

E-Verify News


31, 2004. The E-Verify electronic employment eligibility verification system will delete data more than 10 years old on an annual basis, U.S. 31, 2004, to consider taking measures to archive their data. As of Jan. 1, 2015, employers will have access to E-Verify records that were created on or before Dec. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced. For example, on Jan. 1, 2016, USCIS will dispose of records created on or prior to Dec.

Do you live in a local news desert? This map will tell you

Fast Company The Future of Work

The study contains a number of bleak data points. For one, the United States has lost about 1,800 local newspapers since 2004–which represents nearly 20% of the total number of local news publications. The United States is in the midst of a  local media crisis.

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Engage to increase retention


4] Plain, simple and backed up by hard data: As early as 2004, quantitative analysis by Corporate Leadership Council found that engaged employees are ‘87 per cent less likely to leave the organisation’. [5]

How Healthcare Providers Use AI to Find the Best Doctors and Nurses


Data from the Association of American Medical Colleges predicts that, over the next decade, the healthcare industry will face a shortage of between 40,800 and 104,900 doctors. . Data-Driven Hiring Is Transforming Healthcare Recruiting .

California Back as No. 1 ‘Judicial Hellhole’ in Nation


The data clearly demonstrate the need for a more balanced civil justice system, the report states.