Out With Comparisons, In With Confidence


Imposter Syndrome, comparison-itis, and many other terms have been coined to describe this phenomenon. When it dents our confidence, and holds us back from maximising our potential we really need to find a way put the comparisons aside and move forward. You can find lots of useful information on how to define, identify and minimise the comparisons – here are my five top tips. Make sure you stop to celebrate the little wins along the way, and of course the big wins at the end!

Carrie Murray Explains How to Combat Comparison Syndrome

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Coach Kyle kept repeating it, and I realized he was absolutely correct. TG: When you notice you’re getting too stressed, what do you do to course correct? For me, it is very easy to get lost in a comparison mindset. Comparison is the thief of joy.

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Five Questions to ask yourself before you hire a Coach

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I’ve had two one on one coaches, an energy coach, multiple online reiki sessions, joined two group programs, hired an in-person reiki specialist and life coach. Especially if you’ve gotten stuck in a comparison loop of other fancy people on Instagram.

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Progress Without Even Realizing It, According to a Life Coach

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After six years of coaching hundreds of people, you’d be surprised by how many individuals I have worked with who are not in touch with their desires at all. Comparison will never lead us to the progress we desire.

Maintaining Equanimity in a Time of Collective Weltschmerz

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Weltchmerz isn’t just awesome because it’s fun to say; the word means “mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state; a mood of sentimental sadness.”. And of course we are. I’m an unapologetic word nerd.

3 Barriers To Breakthrough To Be A Successful Female Entrepreneur

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There were a lot of factors that I had to deal with but the top 3 are what I’m going to talk to you about: comparison, impact & mindset. Comparison. Why is comparison so ingrained in us? What if we stopped the comparison?

Blue Monday?-?Banish The Blues On The Most ‘Depressing Day Of The Year’

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The wonders of the internet have the potential to introduce you to workshops and courses you would never have discovered before. Monday 20th January is known as Blue Monday. Officially the most depressing day of the year.

Unapologetically Me

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It’s incredible how easy it is to connect with people all over the world – whether that be distant family members or business suppliers, clients and of course our team. We all know how much pleasure social media can bring.

Not Your Grandma’s Mid-Year Performance Review (No Offense Grandma)


They don’t give the employee an opportunity to course-correct a problem until perhaps months later. Can you imagine if one of the coaches said—you know, I’ll just wait until after the game is over to give the team feedback on their performance? 2) Avoid comparisons to peers.

Life Is Stressful: 10 Things To Stop Tolerating

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If you are staring down a goal that seems overwhelming, keep breaking down the goal until you can say with confidence, “Of course, that’s so easy I can get that done!”. The post Life Is Stressful: 10 Things To Stop Tolerating appeared first on InPower Coaching.

Why it’s better to be Marmite!

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As a business coach, it speaks volumes to me that their brand name gets used in common parlance. I know I’m not for everyone, I’ve had the Marmite comparison more than once in my career. Now that’s a comparison I can live with. Being Marmite takes guts, of course it does.

7 Intriguing Employee Engagement Trends for 2019


Engaged employees demonstrate this through their interactions with coworkers, their attitude, and of course, their work. This piece also provides an in-depth comparison of the top 20 employee engagement software platforms on the market. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

How to Talk About Salary—And Why

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It includes private conversations, coaching, quiet achievements and public acknowledgement. Without everything included in the total reward package, a comparison of base pay may be completely irrelevant. Talking about salary is traditionally a touchy — and taboo — topic.

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How to Modernize Employee Development for Today’s Workplace


Be a Coach and Not a Manager. In comparison, a coach provides support and encouragement. While a manager tells you what to do, a coach gives you the training and support you need to find your own way. When it comes to employee development, you need to have a coaching mentality most of the time. In addition, people tend to respond better to coaches. . There is a reason why most people turn to a coach or a teacher when they want to learn something new.

Here’s What Aspiring CEOs Need to Study

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Continuing the watch comparison, the watch face is like a business’ storefront or website. Foundational courses teach you what the frameworks of business are. Data courses focus on inputs to a framework – the data itself.

Study 78

The Best Workday Integration You Never Knew About


Somewhere, at some point during the course of the day, someone has spotted great performance in the workplace. We all know it’s difficult to remember all of the good work that happened through the course of the year. A solution with Globoforce is an easy lift in comparison.

What this Weekend’s Fastest Marathon of All-Time Taught us About Business

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No one has done this on any marathon course. It was a course that was flat (but not downhill) and manufactured. Otherwise, you play into your critics and get into a comparison discussion.

Remember This The Next Time You Are Upset

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This is of course, innocent. Out of this primordial essence, the individual idea of you is created, but this idea is a pale comparison to your true self. This pale comparison is naturally insecure because it is not real. I no longer have a personal prayer.

The Science of Well-Being

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Since I am curious about this topic, I enrolled in a free course online called ‘The Science of Well-Being’. It is offered through Coursera and it is Yale’s most enrolled course (1.15 This article is a summary of what I’ve learned from this course.

Our High-Intensity Team Building Day with Shannon Waller


He brought in one of the best Strategic Coach workshop leaders to spend an entire day with us, and we’d like to share a little of what she did that has made such an impact that we’re still talking about it. Second exercise: Kolbe Comparisons.

Workers are looking – and leaving – for career development

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Small and mid-sized organizations often don’t have the budget or staff to administer comprehensive career development programs, which can require costly and time-consuming tasks like developing course content, hiring instructors and keeping track of compliance training. These platforms, most available as cloud-based services, integrate performance, mentoring and coaching, and analytics tools. You can find unbiased reviews and comparisons of many of these tools at Better Buys.

Mindfulness and Meditation Might Be Bad For Your Company.

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I say "your civilization" because as soon as we started thinking for you, it really became our civilization which is, of course what this is all about.". In the first, 109 participants were given audio instructions in common mindfulness meditation techniques by a meditation coach. A comparison group were asked to simply let their minds wander. There's a great scene in the movie The Matrix i'll use as the intro to talking about mindfulness.

3 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of October 2018

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This used to be a market of annual surveys, benchmarks, and year-to-year comparisons. Rather than forcing people to take courses, talk with a coach or read books, they deliver solutions in the flow of work to let employees improve themselves.

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4 Woefully Underused, Crazy-Effective Ways to Create Employee Training Programs that Deliver


In comparison, the average annual cost of training and developing a new employee is $1,208.”. Incorporate MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in Your Employee Training Programs. At first glance, the statistics are pretty scary.

Why HR Needs Data-Driven Workforce Planning to Avoid Talent Shortfalls


In the following graph, we see how many hires are being made, by comparison to the number of job openings: For nearly the entire history of the JOLTS data, more hires are tracked than job openings, but recently this relationship has switched.

5 Things Any Company Can Do Right Now to Promote an Inclusive Culture


To measure inclusiveness, however, “use a more creative approach in addition to tracking numbers on a spreadsheet,” says La’Wana Harris , diversity and inclusion strategist and member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Hiring managers will, of course, eventually meet each candidate in person.

What About Mom?


The cost to retrain these enthusiastic employees pales in comparison to the tangible and intangible costs an organization suffers from a long-term unfilled position because the “right person” has not come along. What About Mom?

3 ways next-generation performance management is evolving for high impact

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This antiquated, ineffective approach occurring over the course of the year does not account for changing employee development goals, evolving business strategies, and employees moving to various roles and/or teams within the organization. Posted by Terry Patterson on March 28, 2017.

Why You Can’t Afford Disengaged Employees


Measuring the emotions of your human resources can feel elusive by comparison, so its easy for someone who loves numbers to just put the matter aside. Of course not, May 22, 2019. -->. Skip to content. Press. Events. Careers. Contact Us. ACE 2019. What We Offer. Who We Are.

What is Organizational Development? A Complete Guide

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The individual is coached on behaviors that are counter-productive. This includes talent management practices like coaching & mentoring, career planning, development interventions, and management and leadership development.

How an Interviewer Scorecard Has Increased the Quality of Feedback and Reduced the Time to Hire

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An interviewer scorecard allows talent acquisition to see who does a great job — and who needs a bit of additional coaching. Some of that increase is due to a simplified evaluation form and a new interview training course, but some of it simply comes from making it a teamwide metric.

Finally Embracing Vulnerability at 40.

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As far as I can recall, I was definitely not someone who worried about what people thought, and thankfully there was no Social Media, to catch me in the act, or worse, a place for me to constantly character assassinate myself, and go comparison shopping 50 x a day.

How to Increase Quality of Hire by Only Sourcing Semi-finalists

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Of course, the recruiter needs to ensure there is a high probability that those being presented are not only performance qualified, but would also accept a fair offer if one were to be extended. Separating sourcing from recruiting never made a lot of sense to me.

Yes, You Can Have It All But Not If You Define ‘All’ The Wrong Way

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I’ve read hundreds of responses to this question, and I’ve also explored it with my coaching clients and course members, and in the media. Caprino: You stopped doing it all and say that you now have a life filled with all you want and coach other women to do the same.

Communicating Benefits: 9 Important Emails You Should Send

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Of course, sending the right emails is only half your strategy. However—regardless of whether you use a decision support tool or something more like a plan comparison document—let employees know what you are providing.