Wed.Jun 05, 2024

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Seven Proven Ways Of Improving Your Talent Management Strategies

Kevin Sheridan

Employee engagement is no doubt one of the most challenging aspects of talent management for most organizations. In fact, recent research shows that only 30% of employees are currently engaged, compared to 36% in 2020. Evidently, traditional talent management is not as effective as it could be, especially since most post-pandemic workplaces have changed both significantly and rapidly.

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Professional and business services employees are thinking twice before quitting

HR Brew

Corporate employees are quitting less. The latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary (JOLTS) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, released on June 4 , showed that the total number of quits in April was 3.5 million, hardly changed from 3.4 million in March, and the quit rate for all industries remained at 2.2% for the sixth consecutive month. The professional and business services industry, in particular, saw the biggest monthly decline, down 131,000, or 19%, to 560,000 in April.


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The future of staffing AI: Takeaways from the 2024 Vision for Innovation at Engage Boston 2024

Bullhorn Blog

As artificial intelligence becomes more mainstream in our everyday lives, the impacts of AI on the staffing industry are just beginning to be uncovered. With so much buzz about AI and its transformative potential, how can staffing firms move beyond the hype and start to see real change in their businesses? During the annual Vision for Innovation presentation at Engage Boston 2024 , Matt Fischer, President and COO at Bullhorn, and Jason Heilman, SVP Product – Automation and AI at Bullhorn,

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Legislative lowdown: New York becomes first state to mandate paid prenatal leave

HR Brew

New York is the first state to mandate that employers provide paid prenatal leave to their workforces. The new policy—an amendment to New York’s already existing sick leave provisions in the state’s labor law—was passed as part of Gov. Kathy Hochul’s FY 2025 executive budget bill. It requires all New York State employers to give workers 20 hours of paid prenatal leave annually; the leave may be used for services related to an employee’s pregnancy, such as physical exams or medical procedures.

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Onboarding, Data, Experience: Critical Components in the Modern Hiring Environment

Read the full results of the study conducted by Lighthouse Research & Advisory in partnership with HiBob to discover how to transform your talent acquisition strategy by harnessing the power of data and integration.

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Unlock the Best 15 Employee Perks in the US Companies

Vantage Circle

American workplaces have undergone a smooth evolution, incorporating the essential components of a modern workplace. At the center of this transition lies the willingness to go beyond traditional compensation packages and immerse employees in company culture. As such, employee perks in the US show an inclination to reflect the best of this culture. These perks allow companies to carve a distinct identity and support their employee engagement employee engagement initiatives by reinforcing company

Company 59

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Walmart announces more associate perks, including retention bonuses and learning opportunities

HR Brew

It’s a big week at Walmart. The retailer’s annual shareholders’ meeting is on June 5, amid what’s known as Associates Week, when the company welcomes top associates from across the country to its Bentonville, AR, headquarters for recognition and celebration. As it welcomes its high achievers, it’s also unveiled new offerings that it hopes will incentivize employees to grow their careers with Walmart, according to a company blog post.

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Building Belonging Through a DEI Wall: A Case Study of EDSI's Success


Discover how EDSI’s PA CareerLink® Montgomery County branch is championing diversity, equity, and inclusion through the innovative DEI-Wall. Learn about our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and promoting self-driven DEI education. Explore how this dynamic platform serves as a rotating bulletin of information, sparking dialogue, learning, and heightened awareness among our staff.

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Effective HRIS User Training: Best Practices and Tips


Implementing a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a significant step for any organisation. It promises enhanced efficiency, better data management, and streamlined HR processes. However, the success of an HRIS implementation hinges largely on how well employees are trained to use the system. Effective training ensures that users can leverage the full potential of the HRIS, leading to increased productivity and a smooth transition.

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Stay Compliant: Key ACA Guidelines for 2024 Summer Seasonal Staff

ACA Times

Find out the difference between seasonal workers and seasonal employees for ACA compliance purposes. Read more. The post Stay Compliant: Key ACA Guidelines for 2024 Summer Seasonal Staff first appeared on The ACA Times.

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Foundations of Diversity: Building an Inclusive Company From the Ground Up

Can you guess why top-tier companies place such a high emphasis on diversity? Because a successful business mirrors the world around it. Diverse companies create empowering environments and are 35% more likely to financially outperform their peers. This new guide offers strategic insights to build a vibrant, diverse, and innovative workforce. Learn to assess your current workforce, understand demographics, and identify barriers to inclusivity.

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Preventing Relocation Failures: Strategies for Smooth Transitions & Success

UrbanBound HR

To start employees off right in a new role, obviously, your relocation experience must be smooth. However, relocations are complex, and things can go sideways in an infinite number of ways.

Strategy 118
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How Much Does HR Make? Your 2024 Salary Guide 

Analytics in HR

“How much does HR make?” That’s the million-dollar question for anyone in human resources (or who may be keen on a career in HR). Luckily, you don’t need to guess what your boss or colleagues earn. This article provides an in-depth list of HR roles and their current salaries. With clear foresight and savvy planning, you can use this information to plan your HR career path and progression — much like this cohort of upwardly mobile workers did.

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RansomHub: New Ransomware has Origins in Older Knight


Emergent operation has grown quickly to become one of the most prolific ransomware threats

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How to Write a Job Application Email (Examples & Templates)


Jump to section First things first: Collect your candidate information How to write a job application email in 6 steps 5 email templates for job applications Your email’s first impression

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Creating a Company Culture of Care: Integrating Mental Health, Wellbeing, and DEI in Benefits

Speaker: Sean Raible

Picture a workplace where physiological safety is not just an aim but a reality, driven by thoughtful employee benefits that prioritize mental health, wellbeing, and DEI. 🤔 ✨ Achieving this vision requires more than just occasional training sessions and employee assistance programs. Moving beyond the basics, this vision calls for a holistic approach that integrates these elements into your company culture as well as your HR and benefits strategy.

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Free White Paper: Workplace Violence Prevention for California Employers


California employers have long been required to provide a healthful and safe environment for their employees — not just related to workplace injuries and illnesses, but also in reducing the risk of workplace violence. Overall, employers haven’t had any specific requirements around workplace violence other than to generally prevent and mitigate it — but that changed when California Senate Bill (SB) 553 was signed into law on September 30, 2023, establishing new workplace violence prevention stand

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What are the HRA attestation requirements?


The qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement (QSHERA) and the individual coverage HRA (ICHRA) are personalized health benefits that allow employers to reimburse their employees tax-free for their health insurance premiums and other out-of-pocket medical expenses. Employees must have a qualifying form of individual health insurance to participate in an ICHRA, but they can have any coverage that meets minimum essential coverage (MEC) to participate in a QSEHRA.

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A Complete Guide on Contract Migration

HR Lineup

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are frequently involved in mergers, acquisitions, and reorganization. Such events often necessitate the migration of contracts from one entity to another. Contract migration is the process of transferring contractual obligations, rights, and duties from one party to another, ensuring continuity and compliance with legal standards.

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Organizational Culture: Paying Your Dues

Forbes Coaches Council

While I believe the concept of "paying your dues" is outdated, the primary problem is that we don’t have the answer on what the future of work looks like.

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Performance Review Calibrations Made Easy

Every company aspires to be the best, and performance reviews are the cornerstone of that journey. However, discrepancies in how managers rate their teams can lead to unfairness.

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5 Strategies for Building an Effective Future Workforce


READ TIME: 5 minutes. Is your workforce ready for what’s next? Use these five skills-based talent management strategies for developing an effective workforce for the future. We live and work in a world where previously inanimate, unconnected machines, vehicles, and gadgets are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Artificial intelligence is getting baked into everyday home and work products, tools, and systems.

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Top 8 Workvivo Alternatives for 2024

HR Cloud

Meta recently announced that it is shutting down its employee communications tool Workplace by Meta and is recommending users take their business to Workvivo by Zoom, but are there any better alternatives for Workplace ? Workvivo has set a high bar when it comes to employee communication and engagement, yet it may still have a long way to go when it comes to delivering on the potential behind today’s employee experience platforms.

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Strategic Culture-Building with Gallup: The Long-Term Value of Recognition


Register here! Date & Time: Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 2:00PM ET Speakers: Emily Lorenz, Ph.D, Survey Methodologist & Consultant, Gallup Nina Reichert , Sr. Strategic Consultant, Workhuman Angelie Patel, Communications Manager, Consulting Practice, Workhuman Sponsored by: Description: In today’s dynamic and diverse business landscape, businesses are striving to engage and attract top talent.

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Salary Negotiation Strategies: Securing Your Worth in the Workplace

Heyyy HR!

Are salary negotiation conversations hard for you? Do you find yourself accepting the first offer when presented with a job offer? Are you confused about the salary for different roles? Do you understand that there is a difference between positions with the same job title, but different locations, industries, and company sizes? Understanding your salary and how it’s determined is crucial in today’s job market.

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Balancing Cost and Care: 3 Key Considerations for Cost Optimization in 2024

Discover essential strategies for employers to balance cost optimization with care. The top priorities for employers in 2024 are retaining talent, growing revenue and sales, and attracting talent. To achieve these goals, employers are turning towards comprehensive total rewards strategies informed by data-driven insights. Hear from industry experts on cost optimization strategies and how to leverage these approaches for a healthier workforce.

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Breaking News: Elizabeth Mc Cormick Will be Taking the Stage at HR Gumbo

The OutSolve Blog

Hold onto your seats because HR Gumbo just got a major boost of adrenaline! We’re pleased to announce that Elizabeth McCormick, the extraordinary former U.S. Army Black Hawk Pilot, is gracing our stage as a featured keynote speaker. Elizabeth brings a unique blend of military precision and motivational insight, offering transformative leadership lessons grounded in her extensive experience both in the military and as a corporate trainer.

ATS 59
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How Intuit Builds Awareness and Belonging With Annual Trans+ Summit

Great Place to Work

Here’s how the global financial tech company, No. 23 on the Fortune 1 00 Best Companies to Work For® List, is breaking down barriers for transgender and nonbinary employees. Transgender and nonbinary employees have a harder time finding acceptance at work than other LGBTQ+ employees. Almost half (44%) of adults in the U.S. say there is little or no societal acceptance of transgender people, according to Pew Research.

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Balancing Risk and Reward: GenAI in HR Strategy


“The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed.” The quote, attributed to science-fiction writer William Gibson, perfectly describes what tends to happen when technology leaps forward. Whether it’s a smartphone or the internet, what was once strange and inaccessible to many eventually becomes something everyone can’t imagine living without.

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simpleshow’s updated Explainer Engine powers up automated video creation

simpleshow video maker

Written by Tim Moss | 5th of June 2024 Imagine this: a world where creating simple, engaging videos on complex. The post simpleshow’s updated Explainer Engine powers up automated video creation appeared first on simpleshow.

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Discover the 4 Big Recruitment Challenges for 2024

It’s no secret that today’s hiring market is tough! The constant changes can make it seem impossible for HR leaders, hiring teams, and hiring managers to remain flexible and agile. However, there’s a silver lining amongst all the hiring chaos, as these changes also bring great opportunities and fresh ways for HR leaders to gain that competitive edge in the race for top talent.