Wed.Aug 10, 2022

How Effective Training Can Help Retain Staff

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In June the World Economic Forum reported that The Great Resignation is not over: A fifth of workers plan to quit in 2022.

Are Employees Motivated by Money?


Since motivation is a key driver of a company’s success, it’s important for businesses to understand what motivates their employees. Motivated employees will work harder and push themselves to reach their company’s goals.


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States Promote Pay Transparency with Salary Range Disclosures


Over the last two years, pay transparency laws have gained traction in the U.S. with no signs of slowing down. In fact, Inc. has called 2022 “ the year of pay transparency.”. What is pay transparency? Essentially, it’s the practice of openly sharing current and prospective employee compensation.

What are Hiring Incentives, and Should I Use Them to Attract Talent


Do hiring incentives really work? This question can be answered by taking a look at employees in a company. Why do some employees work harder than others? Most of us, at some time, have worked with people who did not work as hard as their abilities would indicate they could.

How HR Can Create A Connected Talent Experience in the New World of Work

Speaker: Soula Courlas, Interim Chief People Officer, PwC & Sara Blanchard, Director & National Culture Lead, Workforce of the Future, PwC

Join PwC’s Interim Chief People Officer, along with their Director & National Culture Lead, to learn how they are connecting their hybrid workforce with innovative strategies and 10KC’s all-in-one platform. The event will be an opportunity for HR and people leaders to gain actionable talent experience strategies to engage and develop their workforces.

Cisive Product Highlight: Continuous Criminal Monitoring


In this Cisive Product Highlight series, we’ll review key tools to consider when screening your workforce, as well as top benefits and features when ordering them through Cisive and our family of brands. This month’s highlight is Continuous Criminal Monitoring. What is Continuous Criminal Monitoring?

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The immigrant gap


Is a muddled immigration policy hurting the US labor supply? That’s a question many are starting to ask. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) H1B Visas HR Insights HR Trends Human Resources Immigration Sourcing Strategic HR Talent Shortage U.S. of Labor Uncategorized Unemployment Workforce Featured


18 Companies We Know You’ll Love—and They’re Hiring Now

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Check out more companies that are hiring this August, and see what roles they’re trying to fill. Finding a Job

Lead Yourself and Influence Others through Leaderfluence

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Lead Yourself and Influence Others through Leaderfluence. by Mike Kelly, Kelly Financial Planning. link] . Leaderfluence, by certified coach Mike Kelly, can help you define success, clarify priorities, set/act on meaningful goals and build the future you want.

How to give performance reviews in remote and hybrid settings


Knowing how to run a great performance review should be a tool in every manager’s back pocket. And if it’s not in yours yet, this is a great place to start. Today we’ll dive into why performance reviews matter, especially in a remote or hybrid environment. Culture


Connecting the Dots Between Your HR Systems Strategy and Strategic HR

Speaker: Stacey Harris - Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner, Sapient Insights Group

Join Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, as she shares groundbreaking research on how organizations can move the needle by 2025, reaching critical business outcomes through a strategic approach to HR processes and system strategies.

How to prepare for open enrollment 2023


While it’s tempting for small and midsize employers to cut corners on their employee benefits to save on costs, a quality and personalized benefits package is necessary to set your organization apart from others.

Five ways to develop a training programme for the workplace


Business finance writer, Sarah Iqbal discusses the benefit of introducing an employee training program and will outline the five best ways to develop a successful training programme for the workplace. Employees Finance SME Staff training

Signs of low morale and how you can fight it


If your employees are beginning to produce subpar results, their overall productivity is dropping, or your turnover rate is increasing, low employee morale might be to blame. Low employee morale can be difficult to correct once it takes root, as it often spreads throughout your organization.

Investment Law Group Leverages Risk Management


Who is The Investment Law Group? The Investment Law Group of Davis Gillett Mottern & Sims LLC is a boutique law firm that is focused on delivering value for investment managers and entrepreneurs.

ATS 74

The HR Compliance Playbook: How to Improve Speed-to-Hire

Every global growth to-do list should begin with compliance. Navigating international jurisdictions can be complex and time-consuming, but with solid, up-to-date compliance procedures, companies can maximize efficiency, speed-to-hire, and mitigate risks.

The 0.9% Additional Medicare Tax You May Need to Withhold

Patriot Software

Calculate wages. Withhold taxes. Repeat. That’s the cycle of running payroll for you. But every so often, you’ll get a curveball that changes tax rates. And if an employee earns beyond a certain amount, that curveball is the additional Medicare tax.

Health And Wellness Disruption Gets Personal

Forbes Leadership

With the traditional pharmacy leaders, Walgreen’s and CVS, expanding virtual and in-person care, while Amazon and Walmart leverage their footprints and subscription models—the frontline healthcare wars are about to get even more competitive.


4 Benefits to Support LGBTQ+ Employees in the Workplace

Best Money Moves

4 benefits to support LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace. These 4 key benefits can provide additional support to the unique challenges facing LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace.

5 Insider Tips for Better Employee Recognition


You shouldn't have to burn yourself out putting in long hours, going above and beyond to gain any sense of acknowledgment of your efforts at work. If you've ever worked for an employer who seldom (if ever) gave out compliments, you know how demoralizing it can be.

Preserving Culture in the Digital Workspace: A Conversation with An Employee Relations Expert

Speaker: KristyAnne Thompson Boyd, Head of Employee Relations & People Operations and Member of the Forbes HR Council

Recently, scheduling 1:1 time for any HR process -- or even a quick check-in -- is bogged down in a back-and-forth scheduling. So how can we reform our processes and eliminate this feeling of missing an integral part of the employee experience?

Disciplinary Action at Work: All HR Needs to Know


Disciplinary action is an essential tool for managing unwanted behavior in the workplace. As uncomfortable as it may be, it’s integral to building an environment people want to work in.

How to Understand the Onboarding Metrics That Matter

Essium HRM

Today, we’re living in an increasingly data-driven world. Since your onboarding process is a critical part of the long-term success and employee retention equations, it’s a logical target for both monitoring and continuous improvement.

How HR can help remove unconscious bias towards disabled employees

HR Zone

Employees Remove unconscious biases towards disabled staff

The Latest Issues Employers Are Asking About on the CalChamber Labor Law Helpline


Compliance Throughout the Remote Employee Lifecycle

Compliance is a constantly evolving challenge, from the recruiting stage all the way to employee offboarding. Companies must stay compliant at all stages in the employee lifecycle. This eBook offers strategies to maintain compliance, outlines common compliance mistakes, and more.

5 Reasons Why Good Employees Quit (and Ways to Prevent Them!)


Your employees are your most valuable asset. That’s because they are the greatest contributors to your company’s success: they keep the business running, build the internal culture and deliver quality customer service to clients.


Leadership Lessons From The Orange Grove

Forbes Leadership

Jack Guttman, New York real estate developer and entrepreneur, has been building authentic relationships as a leader in real estate niches for decades. His ex-father-in-law's advice has been key to his success.


Treating Employees Like Customers to Build Engagement


Employee engagement is as important to business as the products it sells or the services it provides. Engaged employees take ownership in their work and pride in a job well done. They turn new clients into long-term, repeat customers, building brand loyalty and profitability.

Marissa West’s Route To EV Normalcy And Greater Diversity At GM Canada

Forbes Leadership

General Motors Canada has pledged to diversity and is situated in the driver’s seat on Canada’s evolution toward EV normalcy. However, President and Managing Director Marissa West, predicts a few bumps in the road.

HR Secrets: How to Secure Executive Buy-In for Your HR Initiatives

Speaker: Steve Pruneau - Chief of Consulting Operations and HRIS solution architect at Free Agent Source Inc

During this informative webinar, Solution Architect Steve Pruneau will share his thoughts on how to get management support and assist your organization in reducing self-inflicted waste and dysfunction.

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise Slightly

SHRM Resources

Critical Evaluation Labor Market Data


5 Tips to Improve Employee Relationships and Engagement


As a leader, you have to think of ways to keep your team motivated and engaged. Find new ways to improve employee relationships and engagement. A recent survey brought out that in 2021 only 65% of employees felt engaged in their work.

14 LinkedIn Trends Job Seekers Should Prepare For This Year

Forbes Leadership

As more and more professionals join the LinkedIn community to connect with others, it’s become the ultimate networking platform for both employees and employers. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership