The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


A common question I get asked is: “What are the top applicant tracking systems I should consider using?” We fine-tune this list of top applicant tracking systems based on community feedback — 117,000 people read the last 3 reports and 100+ commented. This year’s report tracks 4,218 top hirers and the ATS they use. Complete List of Top Applicant Tracking Systems. The Applicant Manager.

Do Applicant Tracking Systems Miss Qualified Candidates?


You’d like your company to invest in an applicant tracking system , but the key decision maker is afraid the software will miss qualified candidates. You shouldn’t let the conversation about implementing an applicant tracking system fall by the wayside, however. A persuasive way to alleviate fears is by educating decision makers about how an applicant tracking system screens candidates and comparing it to the manual process your team uses today.


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To Succeed at Talent Acquisition, Go Beyond Your Applicant Tracking System


Research by Bersin indicated that in 2011, the average cost per hire was already $3,500 —and just three years later in 2014, that figure had grown by 28% to $4,500. Many recruiters rely on their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to tell them about a candidate’s viability, but these systems have an inherent flaw: none of their analytics are built using data from the full employee lifecycle. Worst of all, they stop tracking at the point of hire.

To Succeed at Talent Acquisition, Go Beyond Your Applicant Tracking System


Research by Bersin indicated that in 2011, the average cost per hire was already $3,500 —and just three years later in 2014, that figure had grown by 28% to $4,500. Many recruiters rely on their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to tell them about a candidate’s viability, but these systems have an inherent flaw: none of their analytics are built using data from the full employee lifecycle. Worst of all, they stop tracking at the point of hire.

How an applicant tracking system (ATS) reads a resume


This is what your resume looks like to even the most swanky Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Take a look at how our budding applicant, whom I shall refer to as John Doe, can have his name lost in translation: J O H N D O E. The post How an applicant tracking system (ATS) reads a resume appeared first on Recruiting and Hiring Resources for Employers.

Applicant tracking system features and benefits to consider


This week we spoke to startup hiring expert @HungLee about applicant tracking system benefits, features and who really needs an ATS. As a recap here are some of the questions we discussed: When should you start thinking about using an applicant tracking system ? What are the top 10 features every applicant tracking system should have? What factors determine which applicant tracking system is right for you?

Hiring Process Hurting Your Employer Brand?

ExactHire HR Trends

Even if you were to reject an applicant at this stage, your employer brand has been upheld by communicating and being truthful. It’s all you can do to keep yourself from drowning, let alone notify individual applicants that the next stage in the hiring process has been delayed! But you stay cool, and you find the few minutes it takes to update your applicants. The applicants thank you, and the marketing team does too.

Fresh Eyes On Your Hiring Process

ExactHire HR Trends

Does it really help potential applicants get a sense of why they might enjoy working with your organization? Application/Resume Submittal — Is it applicant-friendly? Does it take too much time or effort for the applicants to get their information to you? Can applicants apply from a tablet or mobile device? Are you and your hiring team able to get the information you need to properly screen applicants for further consideration?

When Should I Buy Applicant Tracking Software? – Whiteboard [VIDEO]

ExactHire HR Trends

If your organization has never used an applicant tracking system before, you might be curious about the telltale signs that it might be time to buy applicant tracking software. And that usually kind of revolves around, for those who aren’t already very large…how do I know if I’m large enough; or, how do I know when the time is right for me to need an applicant tracking tool? The post When Should I Buy Applicant Tracking Software?

Video 100

Using Hiring Software to Find Temporary Help

ExactHire HR Trends

Use Applicant Tracking Software to find temporary employees. These are two of the biggest advantages of using Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). Our ATS allows you to collect all the necessary information about candidates’ past work experience; as well as, ask “knock out” questions that use scoring and flagging filters to allow you to narrow your applicant field efficiently. HR Solutions applicant tracking system hiring tips hiring trends HR tech HR trends

Partner Q&A with JobAdder

Spark Hire

Utilizing the upcoming integrated solution, JobAdder customers can reap the benefits of Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions from within their applicant tracking system. In early 2014, we expanded to the United States with the launch of our new office in Lower Downtown Denver. Partners applicant tracking system ATS integration jobadder spark hire video interviewing

The Capabilities of HR Technology – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

Are there features in applicant tracking systems (ATS) to keep candidates engaged with the organization? By using an integrated talent management system, a simple task can be initiated during the onboarding process to have the new hire establish goals for the months ahead. Technology plays a huge role in our personal and professional lives. That being said, because there is so much technology on the market, it can be a challenge to figure out what’s available.

Why Your 2015 HR Budget Should Include Applicant Tracking Software


If applicant tracking software isn’t already one of the line items in your budget, you may want to revisit it in light of your overall company and HR strategy. If you need to convince the people who hold the purse strings why an applicant tracking system is a “must have” item for 2015, consider these five reasons: The HR strategy supports the overall corporate strategy. Metrics prove the value of applicant tracking software to the business.

Talent Acquisition 2014: A Look Back and Ahead

Brandon Hall

To wrap up 2014 and kick off 2015, Brandon Hall Group highlights key developments this year, predicts 2015 trends, and highlights several research reports that provide guidance on how organizations can improve their talent acquisition strategy and processes in the year ahead. Looking Back at 2014: End-to-end talent acquisition requires its own integrated model separate from talent management. ux of job applications.

3 Ways to Update Your Hiring Process for the Digital Age


The answer is Applicant Tracking Systems. A powerful ATS can eliminate the time-consuming task of going through piles and piles of resumes, while (at the same time) enhancing the hiring experience for each applicant. And while the resumes are going to look polished (because applicants probably had a few people give the resume a “once over” to ensure it looked good) they will only state what someone did at a previous job.

How Do I Know It’s Time to Buy Applicant Tracking Software?


Applicant tracking software is a proven way to improve HR productivity levels. ” If your organization is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it’s probably time to invest in an applicant tracking system. Companies that rely on paper or email-based processes just can’t react as quickly as competitors that have implemented applicant tracking systems. Applicant tracking systems can strengthen that partnership.

Am I Creating a Positive Applicant Experience?


Delivering a positive applicant experience is a proven way to achieve these goals, as well as to reinforce the organization’s overall brand and create goodwill. But what does it take to create a positive applicant experience? The applicant life cycle begins as individuals search for jobs of interest to them. If this is the case, an applicant tracking system may be the answer, as it allows busy HR reps to post open positions to top job boards easily.

Hiring Strategy: Should You Always Be Hiring?


Use your applicant tracking system to keep in contact with previous job candidates or potential candidates who sign up for future job information through a web form or a recruiting fair. The more potential applicants see your company name, the more likely they will be to jump at a new job posting when it appears. To learn more about how you can leverage applicant tracking systems to engage potential applicants, contact Hyrell today.

Microsoft & LinkedIn Merger is Transforming Recruiting. Are You Ready?


We all know the value propositions of LinkedIn presented by Jeff Weiner in 2014, outlining LinkedIn’s vision for the next decade. Certainly, back in 2014 , LinkedIn wouldn’t have imagined that in February 2016 its shares would drop to 43.6% To help companies better manage and nurture that precious resource, we’re introducing a new application for HR organizations called Dynamics 365 for Talent.”. There is much hurly-burly over the Microsoft-LinkedIn Merger.

With the Warming Heart of People Pools


No, it was because once they realized I worked for an HR software company that provided applicant tracking software , they immediately referenced the ATS black hole from whence no job applicant is supposedly ever seen again once he or she applies online. We ended up discussing all the other ways applicants can gain visibility with a prospective employer – their online presence and their networking acumen. “And I don’t care, go on and tear me apart.

How Do You Build a Solid Talent Brand?


HR has not typically been responsible for a sellable “brand” for applicants. So with the stage set, and the stakes high, HR needs to create their own brand that offers value to potential applicants. Applicant Communication. When a company starts recruiting for a position, a lot of the applications go unopened, or once they are opened, the applicant does not know where he or she stands in the hiring process.

Hire More Qualified Candidates by Stifling Snap Judgments


Making snap judgments during the hiring process can lead recruiters and hiring managers to erroneously eliminate quality candidates, while selecting applicants who simply aren’t the best fit for the job qualifications or the company culture. Snap judgments are often the result of various interviewer biases, such as: First-impression error: An interviewer may let a positive or negative first impression influence the outcome of an applicant meeting.

Namely Releases Its Open API


NEW YORK, October 8, 2014 – Namely, the end-to-end HR and payroll platform, has released an open API for clients, partners, and third party developers. With this introduction Namely can now act as the single system of record for all HR data within an organization. By using Namely''s open API, engineers can develop interactions between Namely and any outside system.

Representative Retention: Control Your Customer Service


The greatest disservice you can do for your business is to hire someone as a customer service representative without an overarching strategy for initial applicant screening. Representatives need to address customers quickly, accurately, and consistently while simultaneously using electronic database systems or programs, many of them proprietary and unique to your business. What is your current employee retention strategy?

Top 50 HR Twitterati


Everyone deserves to be treated well, perfect fit or not. :) #zappos — Stacy Donovan Zapar (@StacyZapar) February 23, 2014. The most underrepresented thing on most job applications: Effort. Jason Fried (@jasonfried) February 24, 2014. Laurie Ruettimann (@lruettimann) January 30, 2014. Entrepreneur and founder of popular applicant tracking system, The Resumator.

5 Ways to Keep Your Best Candidates from Losing Interest


As applicants continue to apply to your job postings, you may feel a sense of accomplishment with your recruiting strategy. How could you streamline your process to make it easier to keep up with and connect with applicants who want to work for your company? Make your application process as easy and intuitive as possible. Keep the application process simple – and save the hoop jumping exercises for the final rounds of the recruitment process once the applicant is engaged.

ATS integration with hiring tools: what you need to know


We consider an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to be the centrepiece of any effective hiring toolkit. If you’re not a Workable user, download the profile as a PDF and upload it directly into your own system. Online Interview Systems. PRO TIP: You can always use Google Hangouts for video interviewing and Bitly for referral tracking. This is why we built one from scratch and obviously consider it to be the best of its kind.

Time-to-Fill, Highest Since 2001?

Cielo HR Leader

With tools such as career portals, mobile job applications, social media, applicant tracking systems, job boards and more data and analytics at our fingertips than ever before (may be cliché, but it’s certainly true), it would make sense to assume that time-to-fill rates are steadily improving year over year—and certainly over the past 10-15 years, right? in June 2014 than at any time since 2001. June 2014: 25 days.

That's 1.73 Billion, with a "B"

Cielo HR Leader

In 2014, Facebook topped 1.1 reach of social engagement and social recruiting in 2014: There are 7.23 By the end of 2014 , the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the world’s population; by 2019, smartphones, tablets and laptops will drive 94% of all mobile traffic. times the number of job applicants as Facebook , and three times the number of job applicants as Twitter.

Retaining the Technical-Elite

Cielo HR Leader

In the realm of talent acquisition, recruitment now exists almost entirely in the digital world—job boards, email campaigns, career websites, Skype interviews, mobile applications, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), talent analytics and social media platforms, among countless others. In 1997, newspaper advertisements generated the most hires (28.7%) of all job-seeking platforms.

The Unfortunate Rise of Nickel-and-Diming in the RPO Industry

Cielo HR Leader

Applicant Tracking Systems, among others). The Oxford Dictionary defines nickel-and-diming as “Putting a financial strain on (someone) by charging small amounts for many minor services.”. For an example of businesses that nickel-and-dime their consumers, one need not look further than many of today’s airlines and the “hidden fees” often added to your bill. We’ve all been there; you paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to purchase your seat on a plane.

How Recruiters Find Talent

Cielo HR Leader

Recruiters and/or sourcing specialists mine resume databases, social media networks, applicant tracking systems (ATS), job boards and other online/offline platforms to identify prospects and candidates whose key- or buzzwords (experiences, qualifications, etc.) According to a report by SourceCon , The State of Social Recruiting in 2014 , 56% of high-performing sourcing professionals have obtained at least a Bachelor’s degree, with 18% holding advanced degrees.

10 Ways to Make Good Hiring Decisions Out of Bad Decisions


Hiring managers say the top reasons they make bad hiring decisions are a result of: The need to fill the job quickly Insufficient talent intelligence Lack of application review Failure to check references It’s unfortunate that the most cited causes leading to bad hires can be prevented. In addition, monitor and track your hiring choices on a consistent basis. Your applicant tracking system/HRIS should be able to help align best practice with operational efficiency.

The Candidate Journey Is Essential to a Great Candidate Experience

HR Daily Advisor

The speakers say to be sure to check your applicant tracking system to see if the profile is already there before using these tools. She has written articles for and HR Daily Advisor and has been at BLR since 2014. Most recently, she graduated in 2014 with a MS of Educational Technology. Hiring & Recruiting 2014 e-mail Facebook RecruitCon

Ban The Box Expands (WA, NM, CO)

ExactHire HR Trends

Ban the Box legislation can help employers increase their applicant pool by surfacing qualified individuals who might have been previously overlooked. Ban the Box legislation is aimed at helping these individuals gain employment by preventing employers from asking criminal history questions on the initial job application. Minnesota (2014). Rhode Island (2014). Increasing Opportunity (and Applicants).

The Rise of the People Strategy Platform


HR systems are built to enable operational excellence, not strategic excellence. million dollar investments in systems that manage and automate HR tasks, act as systems of record, and help HR execute on administrative activities faster, with fewer errors. HR management systems, applicant tracking systems, performance management systems, talent management systems, payroll systems.

Online HR Software – December 2013 Update

Effortless HR

It may seem quiet around here, but we’ve been busy working on new enhancements to our web-based human resources management system. The most notable update would be the addition of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). We’ve put a huge amount of effort into creating the easiest to use and most flexible online applicant tracking system in the market. When an application is completed, log in to rate & review candidates.

Using Pre-Screen Surveys to Hire Qualified Home Health Workers


percent in 2014, meaning home health agencies are constantly in need of new talent. . One of the key steps in an effective hiring process is administering automated pre-screen surveys to weed out potential bad fits before you take the time to review all applicants. . A pre-screen survey is an important tool to help automate the applicant review process.

candidate was dressed too casually, upset about hiring process, and more

Ask a Manager

One of the applicants answered questions well, had an advanced degree, had relevant experience, and seemed to have a positive attitude. If the applicant presented themselves in a casual manner during the second interview with the executive leadership panel, they would not be considered.

your job application was rejected by a human, not a computer

Ask a Manager

Christine Assaf of recently published a kind of amazing break-down of something I’ve been trying to convince people of for years: that your job application was most likely rejected by a human, not a computer.