Unemployment Discrimination Rears Head Again


With the economy slowly, but surely making its way back (at least for now), cases involving unemployment discrimination have taken a back seat to recruiting and talent management, as stories go. discrimination hiring HR profession legal issues legislative

Workplace Diversity: ‘The Era of Colorblindness is Over’

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There’s also a culture of the organization that has to be addressed to make sure that people are held accountable if they violate non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. Workplace diversity is a pressing topic among HR pros.

Federal Court Allows Discrimination Against Transgendered Employee

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Under federal law ( Title VII) , employers cannot discriminate because of one’s sex. Indeed, they’ve begun filing federal lawsuits on behalf of transgender employees who claim to have been discriminated against. HR News & Trends Legal Issues gender discrimination HR management HR News HR trends LBGT Legal Title VII transgender discrimination workplace discrimination By Eric B. Meyer.

A Report Card on my HR Predictions for 2014

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This time last year I made the following predictions on what would happen in HR compliance in 2014. The year 2014 is a midterm election year. But not in 2014. Unlike the minimum wage, if the Republicans win the Senate, there will be no traction beyond 2014 either.

President’s Order Would Ban Discrimination for Some LBGT Employees

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The White House announced this week that President Obama will soon issue an Executive Order (EO) banning certain federal contractors from discriminating against their employees on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Googling Candidates: Ray Rice Version.

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Can that lead to discrimination suits, etc? Ah yes, Googling candidates. Read enough HR Magazine or talk to employment lawyers, and they''ll tell you Googling candidates is questionable at best, as is looking at candidates on social media. . You could get sued.

When an Employee Handbook Goes Beyond What the Law Requires

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HR News & Trends Legal Issues employee handbook HR basics HR communications HR management Legal workplace discrimination By Eric B. Meyer. I’m gonna pause for a sec while you go and grab a copy of your company’s employee handbook.

For Women, ‘Assertive’ Still Means ‘Mean’


career development corporate culture demographics discrimination gender diversity HR profession We really haven’t come that far, fellow females.

The 12 Days of Employment Law Christmas (2014)

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Have a great end to your 2014, and happy holidays, regardless of your holiday of choice. 8 discriminating managers , 7 sex harassers, 6 guys-a-lying, 5 Facebook firings, 4 collective actions, 3 FMLA notices, 2 trade secrets, and a lawsuit for my company.

EEOC Adds Pregnancy Cases to Controversy


Just an update for those who are following the recent pregnancy-discrimination guidelines issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — despite the controversy some think the agency created amidst the pending U.S. EEOC Sues Oran Safety Glass for Pregnancy Discrimination , 9/26.

How to Spot and Stop Workplace Bullies


Employees should know the behavior that is expected and the discrimination and harassment laws. What image comes to mind when you hear the words “workplace bully?” ” A ranting lunatic who yells and stomps and is king of the insults?

Forced Pagan Ritual Ends in Discrimination Lawsuit for Virginia Employer

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District Court in Norfolk, Virginia, drives this point home—and reminds employers to train managers and supervisors on discrimination and sexual harassment in order to avoid these types of lawsuits in the future. She has been at BLR since 2014.

#HRPickUpLines and the #SHRM14 Expo Hall

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HRpickuplines — Matthew Stollak (@akaBruno) June 21, 2014 @CBforEmployers "You''re so smokin'', your name is listed on a material safety data sheet." HRPickUpLines — Matthew Stollak (@akaBruno) June 18, 2014 @CBforEmployers "How do you like your quotas?

DOJ’s Move to Protect Transgender Individuals


Put another way, it will no longer assert that Title VII’s prohibition against discrimination based on sex excludes discrimination based on gender identity per se, including transgender discrimination. discrimination legal issues legislative

DOL Issues Final Rule on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Protections


Department of Labor (DOL) finalized a new rule on December 3 prohibiting discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation and gender identity in the federal contracting workforce. The rule implements Executive Order 13672 , which was signed by President Obama on July 21, 2014, and directed the DOL to update the rules implementing EO 11246 – Equal Employment Opportunity to add gender identity and sexual orientation to the classes it protects. Discrimination The U.S.

Recap of #hrintelchat on pregnancy discrimination

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Yesterday afternoon, Jeff Nowak and I had a lively tête-à-tête on Twitter—aka the #hrintelchat—on all things pregnancy discrimination. Related Stories Jury verdicts are just numbers on a paper Putting paternity leave on equal footing with maternity leave, #hrintelchat More on anticipatory pregnancy discrimination. pregnancy discrimination

How to Avoid Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace


Avoiding pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is a top priority for employers. And it’s also a hot-topic these days, especially with the new EEOC guidelines surrounding the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. This could lead to a discrimination claim. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from litigation is to train all managers or supervisors—but especially the ones who are directly overseeing employees. A few quick dos and don’ts.

People Exactly Like Us


Do you support companies that have track records of discriminating against people simply because they are different? When you experience forms of discrimination, large or small, do you speak up or play it safe and remain silent?

Retaliation is not only illegal it is just stupid

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According to a report produced by The Network called the 2014 Global Ethics Benchmarking Report there has been a rise in whistleblower retaliation. First it is illegal and is as protected as an act of discrimination.

An Interactive Process Can Help Resolve ADA Accommodation Claims

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Back in 2011, the EEOC announced that it had sued Kohl’s Department Stores for disability discrimination. By Eric B. Meyer. So just how did an employer snatch victory from the jaws of defeat after botching a diabetic employee’s request to work a modified schedule? The EEOC claimed that Kohl’s “refused to accommodate a diabetic employee’s request for a regular schedule and forced her to quit.”

3 Tech Tools No HR Department Should Be Without


As a business leader, you’re expected to provide an environment free from discrimination. Does your HR department feel sabotaged by recurring, day-to-day issues that, while not difficult, are time consuming and necessary?

Tools 86

Stopping ‘Sex Stereotyping’


After the Department of Labor announced a Final Rule prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity by federal contractors and subcontractors, employers are now being urged to revisit their policies to ensure they are in compliance with the new rule. No one should live in fear of being fired or passed over or discriminated against at work simply because of who they are or who they love,” said U.S. discrimination employment law HR profession

Fastenal and OFCCP Resolve Hiring Discrimination Claims

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Fastenal has entered into a conciliation agreement with the OFCCP to settle allegations of hiring discrimination at its Denton, Texas facility. According to the conciliation agreement, OFCCP alleges that between November 6, 2012 – November 6, 2014, Fastenal discriminated against female, Black, and Hispanic applicants in the hiring process for its 8B Part-Time Laborer Job Group. Recruitment Process Workplace Discrimination Sex Discrimination Gender Discrimination

Dos & Don’ts of Screening Your Candidates Online


Discrimination : Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and state laws prohibit employers from making hiring decisions based on protected class information — information that could be seen inadvertently on a job applicant’s profile. A simple Facebook search could turn up information that, if used against a candidate, could result ina Title VII discrimination claim. Talent Management candidate screening compliance discrimination Nick Fishman online screening Social Media

6th Circuit rules in favor of nonprofit in discrimination claim brought by volunteers

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American Red Cross [pdf] , the same court applied that test to uphold the dismissal of the Title VII religious discrimination, retaliation, and harassment claims filed by two nuns against the organization for which they had volunteered. While you might think it’s cold to conclude that two nuns could not pursue discrimination claims, this case makes a broader policy statement in favor of nonprofit organizations. discrimination In Bryson v.

Drinking on the Job Won’t Get You Fired from this Company

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Alcohol at work could lead to loosened inhibitions or clouded judgment, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, not to mention workplace injuries and other potential sources of legal trouble.

Labor Complaints Against McDonald’s May Expand Franchisor Liability


Discrimination Workplace Policies In a move that may have far-reaching implications, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently issued 13 complaints involving 78 charges against McDonald’s franchisees and their franchisor McDonald’s USA, LLC as joint employers.

Civil Rights Law Opens Door for DACA Recipients to File Alienage Discrimination Claims

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In 2014, a federal court in New York pronounced that refusing to hire DACA recipients with employment authorization could constitute “alienage discrimination” under the Civil Rights Act of 1866. National origin discrimination and citizenship status discrimination are distinct in nature.

Retention and Rewards: The Double Edged Sword

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It''s time we become more discriminating and strategic in our retention efforts and stop spreading them evenly across the organization. Employee retention is a double edged sword.

The times they are a changin’ for LGBT discrimination

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Office of Special Counsel announced a landmark determination that the Department of the Army engaged in “frequent, pervasive and humiliating,” gender-identity discrimination against an Army software specialist who had transitioned from male to female. In response, the Army agreed to provide training to correct and prevent future discrimination. Congress has been slow to amend Title VII expressly to prohibit LGBT discrimination. Last week, the The U.S.

my interviewer asked me to buy make-up from her and then rejected me for the job

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I genuinely feel that I was discriminated against and do not know what to do. Icky and unethical, yes, but that’s not discrimination in the legal sense of the term. A reader writes: I have been after a position working with autistic children for four months, after researching the facility and deciding that it would be the perfect place for me.

EEOC Updates Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination


On June 25, 2015, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released an updated Enforcement Guidance: Pregnancy Discrimination and Related Issues. Young’s lawsuit alleged that UPS violated the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). The EEOC also published these Questions and Answers about the updated guidance and a Fact Sheet for Small Business on Pregnancy Discrimination. Discrimination Workplace Policies reasonable accommodation

The Hot Potatoes Of Social Screening


There are certainly both the risks and rewards of screening job candidates online, but understanding the legal considerations facing companies that turn to the Internet to check out job candidates due to privacy, discrimination and accuracy is critical. “The vacant laugh. Of true insanity.

500 Miles An Hour


Issues around human rights, discrimination and racism are evident throughout my posts. "Direction is more important than speed. We are so busy looking at our speedometers that we forget the milestones." - Author Unknown This is the 500th post on NoExcusesHR. I can hardly believe it.

On Religious Liberty Laws and Transparency

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Amazon Arizona Crowdsourcing Discrimination Glassdoor SB1062 Yelp So, Arizona Senate Bill 1062 was vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer last night, under pressure from businesses, strong voices on the Left, and even members of her own party. The purpose of SB1062, and others that all seemingly came up at the same time around the nation (I see you ALEC ), is to "guarantee that all Arizonans would be free to live and work according to their faith."