Change Success Factors and Their Role in Change Management


Written by: Scott McGrail For a change to be successfully carried out, we know that there needs to be a concise and consistent level of communication. This was highlighted in A “Quick Start Guide” to Change Communication by HRchitect’s Bill Buttimer.

Change Management: A Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail


Written by: Julia Hatton With all the resources invested in an HR software implementation project, it is imperative to develop a solid strategy for managing change. The most successful implementations include a well-developed change management plan to drive the organization towards awareness, acceptance, and adoption of your future state. Tech Trends Change Management deployment HCM HR HRchitect HRIS Implementation Julia Hatton planning Software support training

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Positive Change Management Starts With Yourself

ATD Human Capital

Cultivating this positivity can help us manage the emotions that come along with change. Change is inevitable, but suffering with the change is self-induced. This change had a ripple effect.

Effective Change Management for a Multi-Generational Workforce


Technographic Segmentation is a Better Way to Plan Change. There are many excellent models for the Change Management process, and most can be boiled down to these steps: Know why a change is needed. How many companies are changing the HRMS solutions each year?

This Isn’t Why I Went to School! Change Management and How to Deal with it On Your Clinical Team

Cornerstone On Demand

Change is scary. None of your staff went to school to be an IT professional, so on top of any changes, they are also being required to learn how to manage electronic medical records. There are three key questions they might ask themselves during any change. 6, 2015.

Four Steps to Effective Change Management for HR

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No matter the size of the organization, change is one of life’s constants in today’s business environment. With all that change going on, everyone must be an expert on managing change effectively — right?

A “Quick Start Guide” to Change Communication


Fortunately, change communication doesn’t need to be an elaborate or painful process. Follow these practical steps to apply what you naturally know about excellent change management. Spending the extra time streamlining change communication is a worthwhile investment.

Stepping Off The Global Cliff


Put focus on Change Management and Training. Throughout her career, Elissa has worked with companies across many industries from small to Fortune 500 with a focus on optimizing their Recruiting and Onboarding processes and managing large scale projects. By Elissa Montoya.

4 Steps to Successfully Managing Change — and Change Management

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“What do you know to be absolutely true in this moment

Weekly Wrap: Employees Are an Asset? Yes, MORE Workplace Trends For 2015

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I know, I know — we’re only two weeks into the New Year and you have already gotten a boatload of workplace predictions and trends for 2015. HR News & Trends Change management Engagement HR management HR News HR trends talent management trend

Five Critical Priorities HR Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2015

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How employees get their work done has changed remarkably quickly; unsurprisingly HR needs to change, too. Anyone who works in a global company doesn’t need to be told that their job has changed enormously in the past few years.

The Importance of Helping Employees Visualize Mission When Implementing Change

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…During the summer of one of my first HR internships, my HR manager told me a change management story that has stuck with me ever since. Benefits Change Management hr human resources pension retirement

The Link Between Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Organization Development, and Change Management

Workplace Psychology

I often find people confusing and commingling the terms “organization development” and “change management”, even I/O psychology experts and authors. Another issue is that two of the terms — organization development (OD) and change management — are often loosely defined.

The Link Between Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Organization Development, and Change Management

Workplace Psychology

I often find people confusing and commingling the terms “organization development” and “change management”, even I/O psychology experts and authors. Another issue is that two of the terms — organization development (OD) and change management — are often loosely defined.

What to do if a Vendor is Sunsetting Your Technology


In the world of HCM Technology, change is the only constant. One change that may throw you for a loop is when you receive notification that your technology vendor is sunsetting or changing your HCM technology. In this video, HRchitect President, Matt Lafata , and EVP of HCM Consulting Services, Jacqueline Kuhn , explore how you can proactively deal with these changes, and answer these questions: •Is there a way to anticipate the sunsetting of your product?

Video 207

The 7 Secrets of a Successful Change Management Strategy

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Changing people's habits is always tricky. You think you're a flexible person, open minded, ready to change to get the best results, right? When you go home tonight to your wife or husband, try to change the side of the bed on which you sleep.

How Integrated Business Planning Supports Change Management

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In this final blog I will discuss issues, needs and solutions related to behavioral change management and how IBP is part of the solution. Never underestimate the magnitude of resistance to change. By creating doubt one can overcome resistance to change.

How To Convince Your Employees Change is Good

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George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” Employees’ common misconception that change is bad hinders plans for maximizing performance and efficiency.

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Will 2015 Be the Year of Worrying About Employee Burnout?

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After years of asking workers to do more with less, companies in 2015 will focus on employee burnout. HR News & Trends Talent Management Best practices Change management Communications Company culture HR communications HR management HR News HR trends retention talent management

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The Truth About Change Management – And Other Lessons From An Energy Giant

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Change is a pervasive fact of life in every aspect of our external world, internal spaces, and workplaces. We weren’t ready to sit down, even in 2015, to discuss the adoption of digital technology. Change is magical when everyone works together.

Self-Management Success: Manage to Change (Part 6)

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Our last post in this series about the qualities of self-management deals with change. Not change management because that’s an organizational process. The idea behind “manage to change” lies in the ability of each individual to change as necessary.

Holacracy – Mushroom Comparisons Aside, It’s an Uphill Slog towards Acceptance

The People Equation

When CEO Tony Hsieh sent out an all-company email informing his Zappos team that they were moving completely to the Holacracy organizational structure of self-management, the story was huge. Changes in the workplace cultural landscape take decades to take hold.

The Common Denominator between Graduation & Implementation: The Unknown


This can also be said after the purchase of a new Human Capital Management (HCM) system. We can help with pre- implementations, post implementations, change management and project management. Written by: Elizabeth Capece. This time of year is full of excitement.

Here’s One New Research Report That is a MUST Read For HR

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Here’s some required reading for HR: Internet Trends 2015. You may think from the title that Internet Trends 2015 is a report that has nothing to do with Human Resources. Really. I’m not kidding.

Report 104

Economist Talent Management 2015

Strategic HCM

Consulting Research Speaking Training Writing Strategy - Talent - Engagement - Change and OD Contact me to create more value for your business jon [dot] ingham [at] strategic [dash] hcm [dot] com. Next month is the Economist's Talent Summit, always one of the highlights of the HR year.

How HR Leaders Can Get the Most Out of Their Engagement Efforts

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If you’re a human resources executive, there’s a good chance maintaining or improving employee engagement is on your list of your department’s 2015 goals. To help you get the most out of your employee engagement efforts in 2015, I suggest taking these three (3) steps: 1.

Start Your Change Management Plan With An Impact Analysis

NGA Human Resources

While a standard change management methodology can be applied to all types of projects, the change management strategy and the content of the change management plan should be built specifically for each project in order to ensure the defined approach is relevant for your context and company.

Changing is NOT Transforming!

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It would be fair to assume that both change and transformation are actually the same process. Change management anchors itself with a reference point of the past to become better at what was and currently is, while a transformation has a reference point of the future starting from today.

5 Ways You Can Proactively Work to Improve Your Employee Retention

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million people quit their jobs in March 2015 , putting it back to pre-recession levels. Recruiting and Staffing Talent Management Benefits Best practices Change management Company culture HR basics HR communications HR management recruiting & staffing retention talent management

A Successful Support Model- Part 1: A Phased Approach


You will likely notice a few areas that continue to cause issues and begin to identify system or process changes to improve things further. Written by: Julia Hatton.

Preparing the Organization and Managing Change

New to HR

The talent management industry will always be responsible for introducing workforce changes, whether it is controversial or universally accepted. Organizing change in the multiple levels of the generational workforce. Preparing employees for change through skills development.

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Is Your Workforce Flexible and Resilient Enough to Survive a Merger?

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Change Management Culture Environment HR Communications HR Insights HR Management Leadership Mergers & Acquisitions Organizational Leadership Talent Management Workforce FeaturedIs your workforce resilient enough to survive a merger?

Is Performance Management Dead? Why HR Needs to Get Behind This Problem

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Change Management High-Performance Workforce HR Insights HR Management HR News HR Trends Leadership Organizational Leadership Performance Management Talent Management FeaturedDon’t you just love it when the business media derails all your good work?

Want to Grow as a Leader? Then Deal With What Happens in the “Messy Middle”

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Best Practices Change Management HR Insights Leadership Organizational LeadershipWe’ve all made missteps in our careers. How we handle those setbacks and how quickly we bounce back from them can make a huge difference in our development as leaders.

Deloitte’s New Human Capital Survey Should Be a Wake-Up Call for HR

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Deloitte recently released its 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report , their annual comprehensive study of HR, leadership, and talent challenges compiled using data from surveys and interviews taken by 3,300 plus HR and business leaders in 106 countries around the world.

Survey 114