Who Wants a Coach?

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The role of the Coach is different from other professionals. Examples of roles often mistaken for coaching include teaching, counseling, consulting, and mentoring. My chapter on Who Wants a Coach? establishes that everyone will benefit from a professional Coach.

2 Assumptions that derail Virtual Business Presentations

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These days, all of us either are participants or spectators in far too many virtual business meetings and presentations. What is the quality of the employee and customer experiences you create? And the goal is creating an audience of virtually-engaged, active participants.

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Coaching Competencies Engage Coaching Clients

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During coaching certification , the 11 Core Competencies of a Coach from the International Coach Federation , ICF, are taught and developed. Coaching Competencies. The coaching skills from coach training are skills to develop in life in general.

Online Coaching Supplants Traditional Methods

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On-the-job training, or OJT, is a practice as old as the wheel, and it hasn’t been until recently that technology has caught up with it. The benefits of online coaching are in its versatility, flexibility of use, and accessibility.

Coaching vs. Therapy – Referring Coaching Clients with Mental Illness

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A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, titled “Executive Coach or Therapist? It’s Getting Harder to Tell the Difference” (Bindley, 2019) again renews the debate about the blurred line between where coaching ends and where therapy begins.

Coaching and a Coaching Culture Differentiated

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The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “a strategic partnership in which the coach empowers the client to clarify goals, create action plans, move past obstacles, and achieve what the client chooses.” The ICF publishes a table that explains how coaching competencies are evaluated including reasons credentialing may be denied. Bottom line, if someone is telling, directing, or advising, they are NOT coaching.

Life Coaching

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Here is an example of a life coaching engagement using models, processes, and the coaching competencies. Because you want the coachee to be comfortable with coaching and with you as coach, you offer a free introductory session.

Coaching Works. Here’s Why.

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The coaching industry is booming. In the last 10 years, membership of the International Coach Federation (ICF) has more than tripled. Estimates put the number of professional coach practitioners worldwide at more than 50,000 and growing.

Make Training More Impactful With Peer-Based Learning

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I know this will sound really weird coming from someone who designs and delivers training for a living but, all learning opportunities do not have to be training. In fact, training can have a greater impact when it’s delivered in concert with other learning opportunities.

becoming a better presenter

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Jerry Seinfeld once said, “Speaking in front of a crowd is the number one fear of the average person. This means to the average person, if you’re at a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than the one doing the eulogy.”.

Moving Toward A Coaching Leadership Style


Effective leadership techniques have evolved over the last decades, and continue to become more refined. Though the workplace hierarchy is still alive in most organizations, the way leaders relate to their reports has changed to keep up with the times and make employees more productive.

Are you too young to coach?

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When I started my coaching journey, I was met by a lot of negativity. Maybe it was due to my youthful face, but many people told me that I was too young to coach. I could easily have been put off and stayed working in my law firm. So, how do you deal with the naysayers?

Why Every Manager Should Be a Coach, Not a Boss


The difference between a leader who achieves commitment from employees versus one who achieves compliance, is effective coaching. The most effective leaders are those who see themselves as coaches and leaders rather than managers or supervisors. Coach in the moment.

From Part Time Blog to Global Coaching Company

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With a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, so many people are wondering what the future holds. The way we work has also changed, with many people asked to work from home and sadly many now out of work. The lifestyle blog and community Bodhi Babes was born!?

The Difference Between a Business Coach, a Mentor, & a Consultant

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A coach? This can be super valuable, because it saves you from having to go through a steep learning curve and make a bunch of mistakes along the way. Some of the advantages include: Getting an outside perspective. A coach takes a slightly different approach.

Facing the Challenge of Coaching for All Starts with Our Own Education

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In the first blog we highlighted the challenge and possible obstacles to expanding the reach of coaching. We got started with learning more by reviewing definitions. Let’s take that learning deeper. Facing the Challenge of Coaching.

Co-Create the Coaching Relationship

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The competencies of Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Coachee plus Coaching Presence build on your ethics and agreement with a focus on adjusting your coaching process to the coachee. Ask what the coachee wants specifically. Consulting and coaching.

Co-Creating the Relationship for Engaging Coaching Clients

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In the previous blog we focused on the application of the first category and first two competencies of the 11 Core Competencies from the International Coach Federation , ICF. Co-Creating the Relationship. Coaching Presence.

Motivating Your Client in Coaching

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Their expectations are often for me to put them on a diet like a weight loss clinic and tell them what to do for exercise because they misunderstand coaching. Something I learned in coach training is that telling the answer is far less effective than really coaching where I ask them questions and they find their own answer. When coaching them, I ask them many powerful questions to get them to think. Notice that the goal depends on someone else.

Presentations With Power: How to Build Confidence When Giving Presentations

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From sales pitches to trying to get senior management on board with a new process to enhance productivity, there comes a time when most of us will be asked to put a presentation together. Then, when starting, depending on the audience, you might choose to break the ice with a joke.

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New at Making Presentations? Check out these Tips from the Pros

The People Equation

You’ve been asked to make a presentation at a meeting and it’s not something you do every day. It’s especially nerve-wracking if there are people in the audience you want to impress. It’s scary; what if there are jerks in the audience who want to trip you up?

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Why managers avoid coaching

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From subpar employees who need guidance to get their performance up to speed to high potential workers who could turn into superstars with a little help, teams benefit from managers who know how to coach. Despite the potential gains, many leaders shy away from holding coaching discussions.

Macromagement, or The Case for the Coaching Management Style


Thanks to educational groundwork done by HR professionals, most managers today are giving timely feedback to direct reports throughout the year—leading up to the annual performance review. . Read on to learn more about what differentiates it from more traditional styles of management.

How does coaching fit into your career?

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In my previous career as a Project and Test Manager for a defense contractor, my impression of coaching certification is that it had limited use. The defense world is so rigid, it is rare to see individual employees empowered. The experience and insight with the coaching are powerful.

Coaching Postgraduates on Writer’s Block

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Thesis writing is one of the hardest tasks a postgraduate student will undertake. A good coach will support their students effectively throughout the process to make thesis writing easier. Coaches can ask questions on how they want to structure and plan out a thesis or essay.

I’m a new coach…How do I market myself?

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Start with the basics. Setting up social media profiles and a website are, in today’s world, the equivalents of listing your business in a telephone directory. The social media profiles and the website demonstrate to people that you really are in business.

Marketing Tips for Wellness Coaches and Trainers

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Marketing Tips for Wellness Coaches and Trainers. Wellness coaching is a field that is gaining a lot of popularity today. The busy kind of lifestyle people are living today exposes many people to conditions which unhealthy. link]. by Tom Jankowski, info@ptcert.co.uk.

Marketing Plan Outline for a Coaching Business

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Provided as an outline for you to write your marketing plan for your coaching business, this includes areas to cover and explanations on what to include. . Market Size and Demand – include information on the potential client base and demand for your services and sales patterns.

Peer to Peer Learning: Why It Should Be Part of Your Training Strategy

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Co-workers play a huge role in the employee experience. An increasing number of organizations include peers in the hiring process so candidates can meet some of their co-workers. Another aspect of the employee experience that we don’t talk about much is peer to peer learning.

Book Review – Compass: Your Guide For Leadership Development And Coaching

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[From CCL’s description of the book]: An essential book on leadership development and coaching, Compass is the go-to reference to help you—and the people you develop—provide the leadership needed in any circumstance to galvanize teams, groups and entire organizations.

Why The Manager-as-Coach Approach Works to Increase Employee Engagement


Managers can develop and engage employees by learning coaching skills. Let’s start with a question: When people present a problem to you as a manager, how do you respond? CoachingPhoto by Maxime Lebrun on Unsplash.

How to Convert Instructor-Led Training to Virtual Classroom

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“Just deliver the training online!” But successfully converting instructor-led training (ILT) to a virtual classroom setting takes real work. To take a deeper dive into the full presentation, please access the on-demand recording.

Your Guide to Celebrating Online Learning Week

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Start learning through Cornerstone's free online learning portal here. The skills gap is growing. Businesses with strong learning cultures are 52 percent more productive and 92 percent more likely to innovate. Want to maintain a learning mindset.

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How Career Coaching Can Help You

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Ca reer coaching helps you achieve that rewarding career by having tough conversations to get you moving. You cannot become an expert the first time you try unless you learn it from a skilled instructor. Most people who don’t think career coaching is important and who aren’t adequately educated on how to manage their careers experience less satisfying careers. With the achievement of your career, success leads to positive modifications in all areas of your life.

Why Blended Learning Works Best for Some Companies

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Classroom training is dead. ELearning is the only effective tool for today’s learners. Does it mean that older approaches are really outdated and don’t contribute to the learning success anymore? Blended learning: its essence and tips to make it work.