Did USC’s alcohol-related firing of its former head football coach violate the law?

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Back in October, the University of Southern California fired Steve Sarkisian, its head football coach. The lawsuit includes claims for disability (alcoholism) discrimination and failure to accommodate his disability. Nathan Fenno at the LA Times recaps Mr. Sarkisian’s claims here.

Firing Employee Who Made Threats: Opposition Isn’t Always Protected

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A black female employee had 5 years’ tenure with her employer when she began having serious attendance problems. She was repeatedly coached, counseled, disciplined, and suspended for tardiness and unexcused absences.

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Alcoholism and ADA: former USC coach Steve Sarkisian files suit over his termination

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On October 12, USC fired its head football coach, Steve Sarkisian. That USC violated federal and state disability-discrimination laws by terminating him because of his disability and failing to accommodate his disability—alcoholism.

Too Old to Get a New Job? Think Again.


Too often, people believe those over 50 are doomed to have an especially hard time searching for a job. Of course, age discrimination exists, but so do all other kinds of discrimination, such as race, gender, education and more. Regularly attend weekly strategy groups.

Turning Age into Advantage: Tips for Job Searching for Professionals 55-plus


Age discrimination is illegal, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. Just like any other type of discrimination, it can be subtle and hard to pinpoint. Join an industry organization and attend training events. Aging workers looking for new jobs face a slew of challenges.

#Nextchat: My Employees Can Miss How Much Work?! Managing the Challenges of Leave Under the FMLA and ADA #SHRM19

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That’s when I noticed that four of the five most recent EEOC press releases addressed claims of disability discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Can we force the employee to use paid time off first? Image Credit: SHRM.org.

Women in Leadership: #BalanceforBetter

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Director of Human Resources, SafeStreets USA , graciously took time after the event to answer the audience questions we didn’t have time to address. That aside, you will be remembered as someone committed to solutions the next time they need ideas.

HR documentation: A step-by-step guide


It’s your line of defense in the event that an employee sues your company for discrimination, wrongful termination or another issue. If appropriate, offer one-on-one coaching or devise a performance-improvement plan. Attendance issues.

Wellness: Pilates and Remote Parenting

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Our 8th grade coach loved a certain Robert Montgomery Knight, or Coach Bobby Knight. Bobby Knight coached IU basketball for all of my childhood and into my adulthood. I prefer to use the word ‘health’ instead of discriminating between mental and physical health.

11 Tips for Being an Effective Leader in 2020

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But, things can get even more complicated in case your organization is facing some tough times. According to EEOC research, there were 76,418 workplace discrimination charges in the US, which have resulted in over $50 million in damages paid to employees. 11) Hire a Coach.

Blacks Must “Own Our Health”

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While navigating the perilous waters of racial bias, and simultaneously attending to often-distressed families and communities, it can be hard to prioritize self-care. The necessary structural reforms will take time to enact.

What’s Keeping HR Up at Night in 2020?


1 issue among HR professionals in the last three consecutive HRE surveys was employee engagement; last year was the first time that retaining key talent tied for the top spot. Also see: 5 reasons to attend HRE’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

Seven Reasons AI Will Take Over HR–and One Reason It Won’t


When it comes time to hire, it’s important to fill the position with the right person quickly. While discrimination in hiring is clearly against the law, HR personnel sometimes don’t realize they are allowing personal biases to creep into the hiring process. Saves time with AI.

Three Ways to Make Seasonal Hiring Easier


Are workers full time, part time, or independent contractors? You can make seasonal hiring easier by following the same procedures you’d use for a full-time employee. Track hours and attendance for each employee, so you have documentation if there’s ever a question about whether or not laws were followed. Remember, anti-harassment, retaliation, and discrimination laws are just as applicable for seasonal employees.

employee’s reading skills aren’t good, coworkers were aghast at a change in lunch plans, and more

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Any chance you have the time to do some serious one-on-one coaching with her? I suspect the thing that might help her most is sitting with her and working on this together — for example, watching her write an email and then showing her where she’s going wrong, asking questions to nudge her to identify those spots for herself, and coaching her for how to approach it differently. A few intensive coaching sessions are reasonable, but doing this long-term is not.)

Modern Pay for Performance

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Performance management is definitely undergoing a midlife crisis; it’s time for it to reinvent itself. For the past few HR and compensation conferences I’ve attended, the question has been heavy in the air: what are you doing about your performance process?

Upcoming HR Events Ireland & UK, April 2018


Time to get your diaries out. We have the hottest upcoming HR events that you should be attending in April. Location/ Date / Time – St. Upskill yourself and your team to manage, coach and motivate staff to achieve greater levels of performance. Who should attend?

What is the Cost of Depression to You and Your Business?

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We spend a significant amount of time developing pro forma financials as guides to lead the business and the growth of our enterprises. In the US, close to 16 million full-time employees admitted to struggling with depression. And the situation is getting worse as time passes.

sHereos: How Mariah Hale of Neon Kids is providing kids with an exciting and educational gaming experience in a safe and fun group environment

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opportunity to be coached, trained and inspired by experienced gamers in a challenging and exciting safe weekly online gaming environment using. In her free time, she enjoys playing Call of. In addition to coaching kids on popular e-Sports games, the platform.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


Full-Time vs. Part-Time Employees: What You Need to Know. 10 Tips For First-Time Supervisors. The 11 Recruiting Conferences You Need to Attend in 2020. Discrimination. The Power of API Integration and HCM: Less Time Managing, More Time Strategizing.

How Better Employee Management Leads to Better Employee Engagement


Organized and smooth onboarding is a huge deciding factor in the length of time an employee decides to stay with your company. They include everything from micro-managing, failure or inability to deliver feedback (constructively, or at all) as well as things like favoritism, lack of praise and recognition or outright discrimination. If employees feel that they are an inconvenience or not worthy of their manager’s time then engagement plummets.

contacting my daughter’s employer about her affair, former coworkers keep asking if I have a new job yet, and more

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I quit my last job two months ago following a period of serious health problems that made working full-time in a stressful position very difficult. This gave me time to have a series of tests (brain scan, various heart tests, etc.) and change medications without my employer continuing to interrogate me about requested time off. The office is quiet all the time, and other than for work purposes no one really talks to each other. It’s five answers to five questions.

What is Employer Branding and How Can You Manage (and Safeguard) It?


Recently, GetFive CEO Darren Kimball saw it for himself when he attended a meeting at Glassdoor’s headquarters in San Francisco, along with a group of HR leaders. Should you take the time and trouble to do damage control, or should you simply get on with business as usual?

HR Conclave 2017: A Discussion on Impact of Performance Management System in Organizations


Question: What is the current context of coaching today and how do you perceive it is going to be in next 20 years? In addition to performance measurement, there has to be weightage to discriminate and identify top performers Thus, the need to customize Performance Management system comes in.

WIRTW #392 (the “miles and miles and miles” edition)

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Here’s the rest of what I read this week: Discrimination Employers Beware: EEOC’s 2015 Performance And Accountability Report Reaffirms Its Commitment To High Profile, Systemic Litigation — via Workplace Class Action Litigation Tipping as Employment Discrimination? —

Check your Blind Spots, Avoiding Unconscious Bias with Technology


Madeline: I love it and you know what employees and candidates they know the truth they see the truth so it’s it’s time for organizations to to be honest with themselves to .

How Running 100 km Ultra marathon helped me recover from stress and anxiety

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People congratulated me as I reached the official last checkpoint, but when I told a woman at the CP7 that I got lost for a km, she advised me to be with someone and not be alone at this point of time in the race. It was one of the most fascinating Q&A, I attended.

Compassion For Self 2020 – Part 5

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After a short period of time, it was heartening for him to step onto a scale and find that he was 25 pounds lighter. As soon as he takes something off, he puts something on, changing quickly and efficiently, masking his nervousness, his self-consciousness about his body, spending as little time in the locker room as possible. In the time it takes him to do a few sit-ups or crunches, other kids do fifty. It was a physical problem, like I would be tired all the time.

What is it Really Like to Be in HR?

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From time to time, I have people ask me what a typical day as an HR professional is like. So, I thought I'd take the time today to answer that question. One message from an employee thanking you for the coaching you gave. "It This is not surprising since you did stay late last night (5:30) and got here early (9:00), so no one has really had time to send you anything. Attend first meeting with Customer Service management team. Time to go.

WIRTW #477 (the “just another brick in the wall” edition)

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Discrimination. Should Employers Fire Employees Who Attend White Supremacist Rallies? — via Work Place Coach Blog News. Why Your Boss Makes You Punch a Time Clock — via Evil HR Lady, Suzanne Lucas.