Five Strategies to Improve Manager and Employee Relations


While managers and employees are better off as colleagues than friends, it’s still important to develop strong relationships between the two sides. Here are five strategies for improving the employee-manager relationship. This is where positive manager-employee relationships begin. These meetings will make employees feel more comfortable about asking for help and give the manager a better understanding of the unique personalities and motivations of their team members.

7 ways a PEO can help you manage your employee-related to-dos


The more time you spend managing employee issues, the less time you have to run your business. But by ignoring your employer responsibilities to employees, you could cause a rift in your workforce and create potentially costly legal battles. Your simple employee relations issue just escalated. Other employees are now complaining that Joe is very careless around equipment in the warehouse. An employee requests leave.

Isn’t It Time We Get Employee Relations Issues Out of the Closet?

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Yes, I realize that HR is tasked with investigating employee relations issues; it’s often a substantial percentage of HR’s work. Get employee relations issues out of the closet. In my experience, employee relations issues are held close to the vest by the HR/ER team.

From Shop Steward To Today’s Employee Relations Specialist – Indirect Route Into HR.

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Often, people get wrapped up in turf wars which are destructive to both sides, rather than trying to figure out roles for both sides and create a win-win employee situation. Paul is also a coach and that is noticeable in the way he speaks and shares his information with you.

Welcome to the Hoops Coaches Absolutely Losing their * Conference Room.

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I think it's time to have a room - to be named later - which includes portraits of basketball coaches absolutely losing their *. Communications Culture Employee Relations Performance ManagementCapitalist Note - March Madness starts today.

VIDEO: Dealing with Sidetracks In Coaching Conversations.

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Featured today - an interview I did with Tim Sackett for Talent Talks (a great series brought to you by Saba Software ) on Dealing with Sidetracks in Coaching Conversations. Communications Employee Relations Learning and Development Managing Performance Management

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Employees Need to Own Their Success

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She had heard the most interesting title – Vice President of Employee Success. When a person has the job title Vice President of Employee Success, that takes responsibility for achieving success away from: 1) The organization. 3) The employees. It shouldn’t be “Employee Success”.

Coaching Leaders to Make Connections

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Coaching is a very effective management tool that supports both communication and connection when used properly. The same principle applies to coaching. Effective and focused coaching will create the crucial connections that are essential to employee relations.

Have Horrible Bosses Created the Business Coaching Industry?


Call a business coach. But the idea of business coaches and that entire industry, made me think that if managers were doing their job would there even be a need for business coaches? Can you recommend a good business coach? – Like Employee Engagement.

Welcome to the Hoops Coaches Absolutely Losing their * Conference Room.

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The holidays are a good time to think about remodeling and since it''s hoops season, I think it''s time to have a room - to be named later - which includes portraits of basketball coaches absolutely losing their *. At Kinetix , we have some themed conference and breakout rooms.

Coaching for Managers 101 - Use An Observation As An Anchor

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Employee Relations Performance Management I know, it''s simple. But I got in thrown in my face yesterday, and it was a good refresher. You''re a manager. Sometimes you have to course correct with people who work for you.

AMBITION WEEK: Coaching Your Ambitious Direct Report to Not Be Hated.

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One problem that is universal related to direct reports with high ambition levels is that they can become hated by their peers - the folks they work with. So how do you coach your high ambition direct report to play nice with the lower ambition locals? Employee Relations Leadership Learning and Development Performance Management Workplace

The Only 3 Reasons to Hold a Business Meeting

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Aren’t they really telling employees, “Have all the meetings you want, just make them all 10 minutes long.”. Employee coaching meetings are another form of meeting. It can be to tell an employee they’re doing well or to share concerns.

Make Training More Impactful With Peer-Based Learning

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But at individual locations, we delivered training with the employees on site. And we learned how to identify the subject matter expertise in employees so they could share that expertise with others. Possibly even for long-term employees to help new hires. . Coaching.

The Trap of Non-Specific Feedback As a Replacement For Coaching.

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People are trying to coach others as much as they can, but they default to non-specific feedback that is unhelpful at best and counter-productive at worst. Odds are that you've used most, if not all, of these in the course of your day to day life coaching someone - a friend, a kid, a parent, a team member at work, and yes - someone you manage. Those non-specific words feel like coaching, but they're not. That's failure #1 if you're responsible for coaching someone.

How To Build a Successful Mentoring Program

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Companies want to make sure their organizational knowledge and history is passed along to new employees, who will lead the organization forward. Most mentoring programs have three goals: 1) to assist in career development, 2) to increase staff retention and 3) to improve employee engagement.

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How You Deal With an Annoying Coworker – Ask #HR Bartender

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It would not go well to tell one employee, “Stop making clacky noises with your fake nails.” Talking to one employee and not addressing all of the annoyances will come across as targeting one person. I understand in this case the employees have gone to the manager about their concerns.

Quick Shots for #HR and Business Pros – #ATD2015 Edition

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Internal coaching is growing in practice! Organizations are creating internal coaching practices as part of employee career development programs. Coaching = Connection = Engagement. It’s time for employees to set the agenda! But let the employee set the agenda.

The Importance of Articulating “Why” When Providing Feedback

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When delivering positive feedback in this way, I’ve generally felt like I am doing a good job by (i) recognizing an employee for solid performance and (ii) clearly specifying what I’m recognizing the employee for.

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Embracing Organizational “Outsiders”

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Outsiders need internal mentors and coaches to sometimes navigate corporate culture. Related posts from HR Bartender: Adding HR Headcount – Ask #HR Bartender The Lost Art of Walking Around You Can Go Home Again.

Giving Employees the Power of Technology – Friday Distraction

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The Workforce Institute at Kronos released the third book in its thought leadership trilogy aimed at developing and retaining a competitive and engaged workforce: It’s All About Bob(bie) – Strategies for Winning With Your Employees.

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9 Lessons for Running a Great HR Function


Use your values statement every day to keep measuring your candidates and employees to make sure they are on target. I once had a great group of employees that worked at a remote site. I can coach you, but I can’t make you choose to do the right thing.

Conflict In The Workplace

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At some point in your career, you will be required to moderate some form of argument or disagreement that has come between two employees. Coaching & Mentoring Employee Relations (ER) conflict disciplinary employee relations HR New to HR

Heather Kinzie’s “Leadership and Letting Go”


Coaching Communication Development WorkLife WorkLife Balance Acceptance Change Effective Leadership Employee Relations Forgiveness mentoring professional developmentI used to “ journal.” ” Doesn’t that sound distinguished and all grown up?

Can I (and Should I) Fire An Employee for Social Media Content?


In this case, I’d take a coaching approach initially. If we find out something about a candidate that would bring financial or other harm to employees, company, or customers, it’s our responsibility to keep that kind of people from getting onto the payroll. The post Can I (and Should I) Fire An Employee for Social Media Content? General Employee Relations Recruiting Social Media

Want your employees to improve? Treat them like they do on The Voice.

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It is not just singers who need coaching. All employees will improve with coaching. It is not unlike the selection process companies go through to find employees. Coach for improvement. Many employers would love to have employees improve their skills after hire.

You’re My Favorite!


Giving an employee unfair preferential treatment at the expense of another is rude and wrong, and you should be ashamed of yourself if you are doing that. My favorite employees give me freedom. My favorite employees know how, and are willing to represent me.

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Call Up The Co-Worker or Boss You Used to Hate and Tell Them You Understand.

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More from ESPN: Celtics guard Kyrie Irving said that in the wake of his outbursts at coach Brad Stevens and forward Gordon Hayward on the court at the end of Saturday's loss at the Orlando Magic and pointed criticisms of Boston's young players afterward, he called LeBron James and apologized for the way he handled criticism from James when the two were teammates in Cleveland. Career Advice Change Employee Relations Leadership Managing

You Down With O.P.P.?


Employees come in start talking need a tissue… (that’s the part I made up!). O.P.P., how can I explain it. I’ll take you frame by frame it. To have you all jumpin’ shall we singin’ it. O is for Other, P is for People scratch ya temple.

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T…What Does It Mean to You?


Employees either have heated verbal engagements in the workplace or simply choose not to socialize at all and just wanting to get through the day. First – Do not try to control your employees! Too often, employees feel their complaints fall on deaf ears anyway.

Not Blowing Sh*t Up At Work is Hard.

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Riding a bike on a freeway, now that's hard.". -- Willard Sims, Head Basketball Coach , Truman State. -. Not blowing #### up as a road warrior employee/manager isn't easy. Communications Employee Relations Managing Talent"You think this is hard? This isn't hard.

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Your Company’s “Management Culture Number”

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Having a coaching session with Bob about his slovenly attire? Every HR Department on earth has created its own form to use for the documentation process and, depending upon the style of the HR leader and the culture of the company, they’ve devised catchy names like: Employee Counseling Form.

Looking For Some Great "Tom Is Moving On" Communication Notes? Here You Go.

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Pro basketball's Chicago Bulls fired their coach, Tom Thibodeau , this week. Teams that consistently perform at the highest levels are able to come together and be unified across the organization-staff, players, coaches, management and ownership. Communications Employee Relations

Is Corrective Action a Death Sentence?

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Corrective Action is a formal process where you tell an employee, usually in a written document that is delivered in a formal meeting with a witness - that their performance is below standards and unless they improve, they likely will be removed from the company in time.

Reining in Your Overly Ambitious Employee

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It can feel like you’ve struck gold at first when you hire an ambitious employee that takes ownership over their part in your business. If you find yourself dealing with an overly ambitious employee, remember these tips. Employee Relations Management