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Software Makes Recruiting Better. Let's Embrace It

Cornerstone On Demand

A version of this article originally appeared in HR Tech Outlook. When I tell people that I work in HR, most of the time they assume I hire and fire. But in reality, the biggest thing I do is adapt.

#DisruptHR HSV 2.0 is Coming April 2019


TL;DR version: DisruptHR HSV is coming back to Huntsville! See links below for details. Early bird tickets available through March 31st. ————-. It all started with an event. A real, no-kidding live event.

What is EQ and How Do You Improve It?


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is increasingly seen as an important trait in the workforce that matters as much, if not more, as IQ. People with strong emotional intelligence tend to be happier and more successful in life, and are better able to manage stress and interpersonal challenges. So what is emotional intelligence, anyway? SEE ALSO: Managing a Multigenerational Workforce in the Age of The Millennial. What is emotional intelligence?

Is It Time to Add Flexible and Remote Work Options?

nettime solutions

Remote and flexible work options sound great in theory. After all, who doesn’t want to at least have the option to work from home, or somewhere other than the workplace? Also, with so much technology at our fingertips, working remotely can be easier than ever.

New Report Helps Attract, Retain and Reward Top Talent

The 2019 Best-in-Class Benchmarking Analysis explores what top employers are doing differently to stand out in healthcare cost control and HR management. Use these insights to build a better workplace and confidently position your organization for success.

The Wider Angle of the Employee Experience

Digital HR Tech

Employee experience is not only a top priority for organizations today.

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Podcast: Meet the Consultants – Christian Nielson, MBA


In this episode, we sit down with DecisionWise VP of Consulting, Christian Nielson, MBA. We discuss his career and his approach towards engagement, consulting, and leadership. As a Principal Consultant at DecisionWise, Christian leads a consulting team focused on leadership and organizational development. He and his team partner with organizations to identify unique improvement opportunities and bring about meaningful change.

9 Questions to Ask Candidates' References


Job seekers aim to present themselves in the best light. But the very people they offer to validate their claims might point to other useful information. Hiring


The People Refrain: Caught in the Chorus of Talent

HR Examiner

“Deloitte’s 2018 Human Capital Trends Report found over 70% of respondents citing AI, robots, and automation as important. Yet, 52 percent of candidates are not even hearing back from employers 2-3+ months after they’ve applied, according to The Talent Board.”

Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle


Blog › What Employers Can Do Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle By Insights Team on Feb 18, 2019 When you have a bill due, where do you look to pay? If you don’t have savings, you might find yourself with a tough decision. Do you go to credit cards to make ends meet or look somewhere else?…

Why (and How) to Switch to a New HR & Payroll Platform

Not all HR & payroll is the same, but it can look pretty similar. If your current platform isn’t meeting your needs, let us walk you through how to differentiate between providers and give you some tips on how to select a platform that works best for your business.

Just Say NO to Dangerous Winter Travel


The winter is upon most of us across the nation. For those in the northern half, we have had an extremely cold and blustery start to the new year. For many, getting to and from work has been a. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR courage in leadership travel winter weather workplace safety

Human Performance Deserves More Than a Review


We know that people are happier and healthier when they know their work matters — and performance reviews can be a powerful tool to help us all know how we’re doing at work. But the performance management process in many organizations is broken.

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Tell Me About a Time…Bringing Your Interviewing Game to the Next Level


The resumes are in, the interviews scheduled, and you print up the same set of behavioral interview questions you’ve been asking for the last 5 years. But know, your candidates are prepared, they’ve researched, prepped, Googled responses to every interview question imaginable.

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A Potent Human Capital Strategy needs a Potent Client Retention Strategy

Babette Ten Haken - Human Capital & Industrial IoT

A potent client retention strategy is driven by an equally potent human capital strategy. Otherwise, stakeholder churn rates negatively impact your organization’s and association’s ability to hold on to the customers you work so hard to win.

Wage Growth: The Last Employer Holdout to Attract Candidates

You get a job perk! And You get a job perk! Everyone gets job perks! While these perks may have helped get that stellar candidate’s foot in the door, this dynamic of severely low unemployment combined with a historically high job open rate continues with no immediate end in sight. Employers will do well to zero in on one lever many have been avoiding pulling: the almighty salary increase.

a client hit my parked car, is it gross to floss in the office bathroom, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. A client hit my parked car. I am an intern in a law office. The office has a parking lot, but interns are not allowed to park there because it is very small and the higher-ups want to leave the space for clients. I was picking up supplies for the office, so I parked in the lot so that I could unload my car. I parked against the wall of the garage, which is not an official spot, but many people park there anyways.

Executive Communications Tip: Start with the Bottom Line

Inpower Coaching

Every single one of my coaching clients face challenges with executive communications in one form or another.

Technologies You Can Employ to Increase Office Productivity

Take It Personel-ly

There is no secret as to how you can increase collaborativeness, efficiency, and productivity at work. In fact, it’s becoming harder to increase overall team performance these days because of distractions such as social media sites. This is why more and more companies are investing in productivity software in hopes that this will solve these […].

Six ways to do employee induction right

Effortless HR

Joining a new company can indeed be a stressful time. However, there are steps HR managers can take to turn it into a seamless experience. Here’s how. link]. Get the credentials ready.

5 Culture Trends for 2019

As we approach 2019, major shifts in the work environment will continue to affect the ways companies do business. Companies that are looking to attract, engage, and retain top talent should leverage these trends to create workplaces where employees thrive.

How GRC Helps with the Vendor Management Lifecycle

360 factors

Managing vendors is a complicated task – it goes beyond simply telling them what you need and them delivering the services. What is Vendor Management?

Rethinking HR: Laser Focus On HR Consumer Experiences


Digitalization is the new norm, prompting businesses to accelerate the transformation of their processes and models to capitalize on the opportunities that digital technology provides.

Career Advice After 40 Years In The Game


I quit my in December of 2018. Well, technically I retired, but it is still quitting. After 40 years of learning and growing within the context of my job, I am choosing to do that on my own now. On my own schedule, and choosing which assignments I want to do, and when I will do them.

STEAM Jobs List: 10 Careers that Combine Art and Math

EverFi - HR

While it is easy to separate interests and careers into purely left brain or right brain, STEAM programs have shown that art is an integral part of science and technology learning.

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Compliance Continuity: Monthly Guidance to Sustain Your Organization's Wellbeing

Natural disasters can result in evacuations, work stoppages, and other disruptions for your employees. With advanced planning, employee benefits can help sustain the overall wellbeing of your workforce before, during, and after a natural disaster.

Minimize Workplace Violence

Tandem HR

Stop Workplace Violence Before It Begins. Nearly 2 million American workers report having been the victims of workplace violence each year according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

managers need to stop sugarcoating their feedback

Ask a Manager

I hear from a lot of managers who are frustrated with an employee’s work or behavior, feel they’ve addressed the issue, and wonder why it’s still continuing. Over the years, I’ve learned to always ask these frustrated managers, “Exactly what have you said to the person about this?” … because more often than not, it turns out that the manager has only hinted at the problem, rather than being direct about it.

Why You Need to Cut Out the Leadership Ghosting

Business2Community Leadership

There’s been much discussion recently about job candidates ghosting potential employers , and perhaps even worse, employees ghosting their actual employers. But there’s another longstanding practice that creates disruption and negative feelings: Some managers ghost their own employees.

The Fair and Reasonable Renewal Rate: the Art of Carrier Negotiations

Corporate Synergies

and Luciano Franco | Director of Underwriting. Annual health insurance carrier negotiations doesn’t have to be a contact sport. A fair and reasonable renewal rate is possible–if everyone is allowed to win. As Seen In.

The CFO Playbook: 10 Metrics to Transform Your HR Team

CFOs are losing faith in HR’s ability to solve problems with data. Discover the metrics your HR team needs to measure to become more data-driven.