Going Global Webinar


Webinar Date: May 13 at 8:00am PST. In this webinar, our global experts will provide a comprehensive look into how you can navigate the complexity of global expansion and successfully establish or grow your operations overseas. Register for the Webinar. Webinar

Webinar - Wellness & Technology


Do you use technology as part of your wellness routine? Advances in technology have helped made reaching wellness goals easier and more fun. HR Health & Wellness WebinarTechnology is a big part of many people’s lives and it can help make day-to-day tasks easier.


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Webinar: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Developing a Clear Roadmap


During this webinar, we’ll share the latest DecisionWise employee survey research as well as tested best practices and stories from AAA National on how to map a clear DE&I strategy. This webinar qualifies for SHRM and HRCI credit. WebinarDate: Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

Webinar: Wellcoaches - Wellness Coaching

CoreHealth Wellness Technologies

CoreHealth Wellness Partners Events and WebinarsWellcoaches showcases their new Healthy Habits Program focusing on habit collections for Coaching, Behavior Change, Emotional Balance, Burnout Prevention and Transformational Leadership.

Promoting a Culture of Workplace Wellness through Mindfulness, Gratitude and Joy

Speaker: Julie Bruns, Organizational Development and Training Lead, SWC Technology Partners

Whether you are working too much, balancing work and family, or simply want to get more out of each and every day, research proves that practicing simple things like being more mindful, communicating what you are grateful for, and simply injecting more joy into everyday tasks can impact everything from your heart health to forging a better connection with those around you. It’s incredible to learn about the proven scientific evidence that can physiologically change your mind and your body! Learn how to share this in your workplace and build a unique culture of wellness in this webinar by Julie Bruns.

Managing Organizational Change: Webinar Recap

Intoo USA

To be honest, I thought that even when times were bad, we’d handle things pretty well. After that year, I was unemployed like everyone else trying to figure out what I was going to do and it was, again, time to think about, well, what would I do?

Webinar - ZZZZZ.Getting Better Sleep


HR Health & Wellness WebinarWho doesn’t love a good night’s rest? We might all know it’s important and would like a good night’s rest, but is it a priority? Do you do what is needed in order to sleep like a baby?

Compassionate Offboarding: Managing Layoffs – Webinar Recap

Intoo USA

Caroline Vernon, regional director of sales at Intoo, shared insight she has gleaned from conducting more than 300 termination meetings over the course of her career in Intoo’s recent #TalkHR webinar, “Compassionate Offboarding: Managing Layoffs with Empathy and Dignity.”.

Employee Wellness: Give Your Employees Options

HR Bartender

We haven’t updated our furniture in a while – well, except for my Herman Miller office chair – and we think we’re due. I really learned how different office exercise furniture is, and the need to have wellness options, when the good folks at FlexiSpot sent me a Deskcise Pro. And of course, you can use your wellness wearable tracking systems (i.e. Well, it’s harder than it looks. Great for listening to a webinar or meeting.

Five top HR webinars for 2021


HR webinars are playing an important role in highlighting key issues, from diversity to legislative changes – discover five of the best for 2021. While face-to-face training may have suffered due to the pandemic, HR webinars have become an increasingly popular source of HR-related information.

The Next Human Frontier - Total Wellness from Life to Work

Speaker: Janine Truitt, Owner/Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC

As work and life continue to blend and issues like mental health and wellness continue to be elevated as important conversations, those of us in the people operations business ought to be thinking about what this means for the world of work. The nature of how we work and more importantly what our employees want from their employers is becoming less of a smoke signal and more like a blaring alarm. Are we equipped to answer the call? If our employees are healthy, well, and fulfilled we get people who are showing up to work ready to the best they can on behalf of the company. Our biggest challenge is assessing the internal climate for the necessary changes and figuring out what the best modalities are for assisting our employees in a myriad of ways over the life cycle of their careers and lives.

Webinar: The Many Benefits of Volunteering


HR Health & Wellness WebinarSometimes helping others is the fastest way to helping yourself. The benefits of volunteering go beyond just feeling good because you’re doing something nice for someone.

How to Retain Talent in Times of Change – Webinar Recap

Intoo USA

For example, at Full Beauty Brands, Jenn and her team created a two-pronged strategy that involved redesigning the company’s benefits and compensation programs as well as creating new off-boarding policies surrounding severance and outplacement services. Listen to the full webinar here.

Webinar on the Challenge of Creating Effective Work Schedules in California


Live webinar is mobile-optimized for viewing on tablets or smartphones. Creating effective employee work schedules is challenging enough for employers, without also factoring in legal requirements, as well as the difficulties of managing employee requests for time off,” says Erika Frank, co-presenter and CalChamber executive vice president, legal affairs. Live Webinar: Scheduling Employees and Everything in Between. This webinar is approved for 1.5

Webinar - Health Screening Guidelines — Are You Current?


HR Health & Wellness WebinarIn this month’s presentation, we will review the latest guidelines on health screening and the benefits of participating in regular check-ups based on your age, gender and health status.

The Missing Piece of your Employee Engagement Efforts

Speaker: Jason Lauritsen, HR Keynote speaker, author and consultant

When organizations work to improve employee engagement, the focus tends to be on the day to day work experience. Feedback is sought from employees through surveys and focus groups. Recognition programs are created. And career development programs are rolled out. Join Jason Lauritsen, a former Human Resources executive, as he takes a look at one critically important element of a successful engagement effort that almost always gets overlooked: wellness.

Webinar: Managing the Employee Experience While Returning to Work


In this webinar, we’ll share practical ideas and tips to ensure a smooth transition, as well as best practices for implementing surveys to make sure your employees’ concerns are heard and everyone feels safe in these trying times. This webinar qualifies for SHRM and HRCI credit.

Survey 136

Webinar: Health & Wellness Webinar Series: Navigating Wellness in Traumatic Times


August was National Wellness Month. Throughout the month, we featured three webinars featuring insights and best practices on helping HR leaders practice self-care and cope with stress and uncertainty during this time.

Voya Financial Webinar


Voya Financial Webinar: Reimagining How Benefits Work Together. Join us for a free webinar from Voya Employee Benefits on June 17 at 1 p.m. Voya Financial Webinar. Webinars & Events , Upcoming webinars What questions should you ask benefits technology providers?

Employee Engagement Conversations: Bonusly Webinars


Check out these webinar recordings below—and make sure to see what's on tap and register for upcoming events! ??. Upcoming webinars. Webinar recordings. We've been hosting a lot of awesome conversations with HR leaders and other experts in the employee engagement space.

How to Scale Your Workforce from 0 to 100 in Less Than 6 Months

Speaker: Gaurav Valani, Head of Talent, Overstock

Many external Recruiters and internal Talent Acquisition teams build or destroy their careers based on how well they can do this in a competitive market like the one we are in. With the unemployment rates reaching all-time lows, it has undoubtedly become a candidate-driven market.

[WEBINAR] 2021 HR Technology Trends | benefitexpress


Watch our one-hour webinar to hear from foremost industry experts Anne Burkett and Brad Mandacina on the key trends that will impact HR technology in 2021. Our on-demand webinar covers: Exploration of how the employee experience will give way to the family experience as a result of COVID-19.

Webinar | Prioritizing Mental Well-being

EverFi - HR

WEBINAR | MENTAL WELLNESS. Prioritizing Well-Being: Mental Health Strategies for Teachers and Students. WEBINAR AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND. Student well-being is at the top of your list of priorities, and your well-being is at the top of ours.

2020 Year-End Compliance Review Webinar


AccuSource recently hosted a webinar to highlight recent legislation and regulations that continue to shape compliance in employment screening. The webinar also provides an overview of the new California Privacy Rights Act and its impact on affected employers.

The State of Employee Health and Well-being 2021


Our CEO Gene Raymondi discusses holistic wellbeing solutions for a better human experience on Hr.com’s 2021 webinar. These same services must also be truly customized to support and reflect the company culture as well as the specific concerns your employees are facing.

Financial Wellness - What Your Managers Need To Know

Speaker: Miles Robinson, Agile and Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker

As a manager, looking out for the welfare of the team means being aware of the personal life issues that come up and distract or disorient staff. One of the most impactful issues is personal finances. Being the representative of the company can make this issue seem unapproachable - after all, if your company is directly responsible for someone's financial situation, you can end up feeling at fault, even if you have no direct ability to change their circumstances. However, avoiding the conversation isn't helpful for anyone either. Join Miles Robinson, Management consultant, for an open and honest discussion about the journey he took to be able to discuss personal finances in a safe and neutral way with his teams. Learn about the resources he had to gather and develop, and the role HR can play in implementing these resources, and helping managers have difficult conversations with employees.

Upcoming Webinar: How to Use Video Interviewing to Grow your Staffing Business

Spark Hire

Spark Hire has teamed up with integration partner AkkenCloud to bring staffing companies a comprehensive webinar on video interviewing and how to best implement this powerful technology to experience great benefits. The free webinar, “ How to Use Video Interviewing To Grow Your Staffing Business ”, will be on Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 1:00 PM. Video interviewing basics, therefore, even those unfamiliar with the technology can join as well.

Webinar - Intermittent Fasting — What are the Benefits?


HR Health & Wellness WebinarHave you ever went on a food fast before? Recently the practice of intermittent fasting (“A period of eating followed by a period of fasting”) has been getting a lot of attention.

Most Webinars Suck, But Yours Don’t Have To


Most Webinars Suck, But Yours Don’t Have To. Webinars are a top tool for getting prospective customers engaged with your small business. For one, webinars make it easy to showcase your team’s expertise online. Join us live at one of our upcoming webinars.

Small Business in California? This Important Webinar Is for You


In this intensive webinar from 9 a.m. Managing CFRA Leave Requests at Your Small Business Two-Day Intensive Webinar. During this second day, you’ll learn about the paperwork and documentation related to the CFRA as well has how to properly track the leave time.

The Wellness Council of America’s (WELCOA’s) 7 Benchmarks to Building a Results Oriented Wellness Program

Speaker: Ryan Picarella, President, WELCOA

The Seven Benchmarks are an important part of building a results-oriented workplace wellness program. By following this proven methodology in your organization or with your clients, you can provide a credible framework which can be tailored toward organization specific values, mission, vision and goals for wellness. Organizations that are dedicated to the health of their employees are given a structure to help their organizations through the Well Workplace Process.

Watch Webinar on Demand: Leading for Well-Being: Compassion as a Core Competency


At the heart of supporting employee well-being is ensuring your people feel cared about as a person — not just for their work output. But recently, it’s been revealed just how important employee well-being is to employee engagement and performance. THIS WEBINAR COVERS.

Importance of Employee Engagement and Wellness


On Demand Webinar

Health & Wellness Webinar Series: Navigating Wellness in Traumatic Times - 8/20/20 @ 2pm ET


August is National Wellness Month. Throughout the month, we will feature three webinars featuring insights and best practices on helping HR leaders practice self-care and cope with stress and uncertainty during this time.

Webinar | Financial Literacy as Personal Wellness

EverFi - HR

WEBINAR | FINANCIAL LITERACY. Financial Literacy as Personal Wellness. WEBINAR AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND. In this session, we will explore how an understanding of financial skills helps to increase overall wellness. Are You Ready to Learn On?

Recruiting Science - The Truth Behind Analytics and AI for Talent Attraction

Speaker: Andrew Gadomski, Managing Director, Aspen Analytics

In this webinar, Data and Analytics Expert Andrew Gadomski will share the truth about Artificial Intelligence Today, where we can expect it to be tomorrow and and how it impacts talent attraction, recruiting, and employee retention.