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Main | KmWiki AAR » July 11, 2005 Capturing tacit knowledge How do you capture tacit knowledge through interviews prior to retirement?? In many respects conducting interviews to capture important knowledgejust prior to retirement may not be a good approach, why? Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « KM - a political movement ??

The Next Y2K – Talent Management?


By 2008 many baby boomers will be retiring, which will put enormous pressure on the workforce. Got a tip on this interview with a Deloitte HR consultant named Andy Peck on Talent Management / Succession Planning. His Take: The biggest long-term issue is the lack of talent-management strategies and the relationship with changing demographics. One […]. Strategic HR Succession Planning Talent Management


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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Retirement Plan Provider


If only finding a retirement plan to offer your employees were as easy as retiring itself. From Simplified Employee Pension plans to 401(k)s to defined benefit plans, retirement plans come in many forms. A provider that caters to large businesses may only offer big business retirement plans. It’s important that you consider all the costs of your retirement plan. Also, some plans allow employees to withdraw their funds at a reduced rate for early retirement.

401(k) 101: A Benefit for Employers and Employees Alike

HR Daily Advisor

Since 401(k) retirement savings plans first appeared in the early 1980s, they have grown rapidly. Recognizing that it was creating a very attractive tax shelter with a significant potential for abuse, Congress attached numerous “strings” to 401(k) plans to ensure that taxpayers would use them for their intended purpose—saving for retirement—and not for other purposes, such as vaca­tions or a child’s college tuition. To allow employees to supplement their future retirement income.

The Daily Rundown: Retirement Plan Crisis and Coworking Spaces


On today’s agenda: SCORE’s small business retirement infographic and new legislation aimed at helping SBOs provide retirement plans for employees. One-third of SBOs lack retirement plans, new legislation makes small biz saving easier. A new infographic released by SCORE highlights the retirement savings crisis faced by many American small businesses. The first coworking space opened in 2005 and over 14,000 coworking spaces have opened worldwide since then.

Workday Welcomes Larry Fitzgerald and Peyton Manning as Brand Ambassadors


In 2005, he founded The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation, which promotes reading proficiency and technology access for K-12 youth, and supports efforts to prevent and cure breast cancer and help breast cancer survivors. He retired from the game in 2016 with impressive records, including throwing the most career touchdown passes in league history and ranking first all-time in completions and passing yards.

How COBRA Intersects with Medicare and Retiree Health Plans

HR Daily Advisor

Furthermore, the Medicare statutory rules allow employer-sponsored group health plans to reduce or terminate coverage if retired employees become entitled to Medicare. Active employee George retires. Here’s a hypothetical for you: Let’s assume an employer maintains a group health plan for both active employees and retired employees (and their families). But the employer amends the plan to eliminate coverage for retired employees effective January 1, 2017.

HR 2025 Series: How do we achieve a happier, healthier workplace?

NGA Human Resources

As life expectancy continues to rise, so too does the retirement age for many people. To support an ageing population, we will be expected to retire later. 2005).

Recruiting Trends 2020 Report: Predictions for the Year Ahead


“Worktirement” will replace retirement. 90% of Americans over the age of 60 with retirement savings have saved less than $100,000 , and only 3% of companies now offer a pension — a major change from decades ago. Many people are forced to work past retirement age.

All the Reasons You Shouldn’t Work with a PEO


In 2011, an executive in San Antonio, Texas, was accused of failing to pay more than $66 million in payroll taxes and workers’ compensation insurance collected from his PEOs’ clients between 1999 and 2005.

The 1 Factor You Must Have to be an F500 CEO!

The Tim Sackett Project

In 2005 the average age of an F500 CEO was 46 years old. It’s not what you think. Right now you’re sitting there reading this thinking, “I need to know what this is so I can see if I have it or can get it because it’s in my life plan to be an F500 CEO!”

Succession Planning: A Full Guide

Analytics in HR

This succession planning model is an adaptation from Groves (2005) , who proposed an integrated leadership development and succession planning model. Whenever someone occupying a critical role quits or retires, a succession decision should be made.

When an Acquisition Goes Awry It's Usually Because of Culture (i4cp login required)


When the acquisition was consummated in 2005, both Sprint and Nextel had similar market capitalizations of around $30 billion. P&G and Gillette: Getting the best of both Conversely, when Procter & Gamble announced in January 2005 that it would buy Gillette Co.


Modern Workforce: Visibility, Alignment and Optimization

Working Girl

They are competent at the administrivia of pay, benefits, and retirement, but companies increasingly are farming those functions out to contractors who can handle such routine tasks at lower expense. It comes from a Fast Company article penned in August, 2005, by Keith H. Guest Post by Leighanne Levensaler Strong global economic growth is expected this year, and the U.S. economy will see "substantial acceleration" over the next two years, according to Goldman Sachs economists.

SHRM Names Taylor to Post


As many of you know, Society for Human Resource Management CEO Hank Jackson announced his retirement in January, after 12 years at the helm of the world’s largest HR association. Taylor served as SHRM’s board chair in 2005 and 2006. Johnny Taylor. The expectation by some was that the Alexandria, Va.-based based group, with 285,000 members globally, would officially announce his replacement at its annual conference later this month.

The Gig Economy: Distraction from a Real Problem or Disruption to the System?


In fact, a recent study showed the number of Americans benefiting from alternative work arrangements rose by nearly 10 million between 2005 and 2015. Nor can they invest in retirement and/or health care benefits for their families, nor help their kids with the costs of higher education. In fact, of the nearly nine-million-plus new jobs created in America since 2005, nearly all of them have been “gig economy” style employment. Airbnb. TaskRabbit. Fiverr.

My Experience Living Without a Phone

Thrive Global

When the iPhone came out in 2005, I wasn’t among the first in line but I did buy one. Likability : At first my colleagues weren’t exactly overjoyed when I told them I was retiring my Nokia. Just two years ago, to this very day, I celebrated my anniversary without a mobile phone.

Sports Stars Making A Social Impact: “How MLB All-Star Bobby Jenks is helping victims of medical malpractice”

Thrive Global

Bobby Jenks is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox from 2005–2011. He was a two-time All-Star who formerly held the major league record for retiring consecutive batters. At the beginning of 2005, he was claimed by the Chicago White Sox and sent to the club’s Double-A affiliate before being called up to the major leagues on July 5, 2005.

Contagious Joy: Surviving Anxiety During the Pandemic

Thrive Global

Korean researchers concluded in a 2005 study that optimists, and those who laughed more, were less likely to suffer from strokes and therefore outlived those who didn’t laugh as much. Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash.

Forget Business Trips, Today It's All About "Bleisure"

Workplace Diva

In 2005, the average business traveler spent 12.5 In 2005, the average cost per business trip was $785. The "retired grandpa" sitting in the next seat whom you assume must be going to visit the grand kids may, in fact, be jetting off to seal a $100 million-dollar deal with a high-profile client. Do you travel for business, or leisure? Today's business travelers are blending both into a trend called "bleisure," and there's a new report that tells us all about it!

Interview Series – Career Experts – Kevin D Turner from TNT Brand Strategist LLC

Career Metis

Since 2005 I have volunteered to present to 1000’s of Jobseekers on personal branding, networking, job search, and how to use LinkedIn to build your career momentum. . The economy is hot and Baby Boomers are retiring at a rate of around 10,000 a day. In this interview series, we caught up with Kevin D Turner from TNT Brand Strategist , who shares her expertise and insights about the job search, career change, etc. in today’s marketplace.

401(k) Hardship Withdrawal Rules Explained

HR Daily Advisor

For employers, it increases the adminis­trative burden of operating the plan; for employees, making preretirement withdrawals can sig­nificantly drain retirement savings. While administering a hardship distribution program can be complicated, a thorough understanding of the plan document results in fewer mistakes—and employees tend to feel more comfortable building their retirement accounts knowing that their 401(k)s can be put to use in the event of an emergency.

Roberta King of Fidelity Investments: “None is ever more influential than your own parents”

Thrive Global

Generally speaking, a younger person with a longer time horizon until they need the money they are investing could consider a more aggressive investment strategy than someone nearing retirement, for example, and this will impact the sectors and industries in which they might invest.

The Infantilization of the American Workforce

HR Examiner

Though one of the articles was based on an HBR article from 2005. Let’s engineer your 401K contribution forms so they default to the highest deposit level because behavioral economics tells us you’re not mature enough to choose the appropriate level to fund your retirement.

Returning to Work: What Executive Career Gaps Really Mean

Slayton Search Partners

In fact, 40% of American mothers have taken reduced hours or time off to raise a family, but these individuals did not seek an early retirement. Considering that executives have skill sets that are of great value to companies, it’s perhaps no surprise that many who retire are lured back. Looking at the numbers, 33% of retirees do in fact reverse their retirement. Carol described how these programs originated in storied Wall-Street institutions starting in 2005.

How to Find Your Perfect Co-Working Space in Any City?

Career Metis

The term “co-working” dates back to 2005 when Brad Neuberg created the world’s first co-working space in San Francisco. In 2005, no one had heard of the idea of co-working space. The American dream doesn’t include working in a 9-to-5 job from high school until retirement anymore, and the number of people working remotely from home and from co-working spaces around the globe is growing exponentially.

Prescription Drug Prices On California Ballot

ACA Times

They include retired state workers, inmates and some low-income residents in the Medi-Cal insurance program. According to AARP, the retail price for 98 specialty drugs widely used to treat chronic conditions rose dramatically between 2005 and 2013. The annual retail price per drug of a full course of therapy rose from $18,240 in 2005 to $53,384 in 2013.

If You Are Grieving at Christmas

Thrive Global

After we sold our company and retired, George helped me realize my dream. In July 2005, two weeks after I opened my boutique dedicated to the healing and creative arts, George collapsed and was rushed to hospital. Rose Petals. The Little Drama vs. the Big Picture.

ATS 57

Succession Management: 9 Steps For Future Success

Analytics in HR

In 2005, Jim Skinner took on the CEO role in the organization after two former CEOs died within 24 months. ” Skinner retired in 2012 confident that Thompson was ready to take over.

More on Managing Employee Status Changes Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

HR Daily Advisor

We have an employee who retired on August 31, 2016. 1H and 2C and then the dollar amount of the insurance premium the retired employee will pay? Before joining CER in 2005, Ms. By Jennifer Carsen, JD, Senior Legal Editor. Earlier this year, we ran an article on managing employee status changes under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I invited follow-up questions, and you delivered! Here are a few more tricky ACA status change situations (and answers) for you.

Transferring Expertise: The Best Way to Move Tacit Knowledge

Conversation Matters

I’ve seen organizations conduct lengthy exit interviews with retiring experts, as well as, engaging in more scientific attempts to identify and then get down on paper, (or a mind map) that 10% of an expert’s experience which made that expert extraordinary. Think of an employee, maybe a testing engineer, a salesperson, or a facilitator, who is competent, but falls short of having the expertise the company needs to replace those retiring.

“Why you need to surround yourself with people who appreciate you” With Candice Georgiadis & Chelle Neff

Thrive Global

salon industry since founding Urban Betty in 2005. In 2005, Urban Betty opened and now has two locations and almost 60 employees. Once our profits quickly turned around, I was able to retire from doing hair in 2016 and focus solely on managing Urban Betty.

Shep Moyle of Shindigz: “New partnerships are forming between large and small retailers”

Thrive Global

Shep has been active in the Young Presidents Organization for over 27 years and served as the International Chairman of the Board in 2005–06. I joined at 29 and became the International Chairman in 2005. holiday party in a box, retirement party in a box, team celebration in a box?—?all

Black History Month: Inspiration Women Leaders Who Changed the World

HR Digest

Angelou received several honors throughout her career, including two NAACP Image Awards in the outstanding literary work (nonfiction) category, in 2005 and 2009. . in 1965, a post she held until her 1988 retirement. .

U.S. Supreme Court: ‘Church Plan’ Need Not Be Established by a Church to Qualify for ERISA Exemption

HR Daily Advisor

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) generally requires private employers offering pension plans to adhere to a lengthy list of rules designed to ensure plan solvency and protect plan participants. Before joining CER in 2005, Ms. Church plans, however, are exempt from those requirements. designer491 / iStock / Getty Images Plus. But what, exactly, constitutes a “church plan”? The U.S. Supreme Court has just ruled—unanimously—on this issue.